The Honor 20 houses a 3,750mAh battery. There is a fast charging function using a 22.5 W power adapter. In this case, the battery will be charged by 50% in literally 25 minutes. In a balanced mode of use, the charge will last for a whole day without problems.

Appearance and ergonomics

The Honor 20’s body is made up of multiple glass panels with curved edges and a metal frame in between. The glossy back shines effectively and shimmers in different colors in the light. It houses the brand’s signature logo, as well as a massive vertical block in the upper left corner. This item includes an LED flash and three main camera modules. over, the fourth lens is located literally next to.

The front of the case was occupied by a rather large display with side frames of medium thickness. Instead of a notch, it uses a hole in the upper left area. Conversational speaker is present closer to the top end. There is practically no lower “chin”. As for the location of the navigation buttons, they are fully “moved” to the screen. At the bottom there is a microphone, a USB Type-C connector and a multimedia speaker grill. The upper edge has gotten another microphone, as well as an infrared port. On the right is a thin rectangular area with a built-in fingerprint scanner. It works lightning fast, allowing you to unlock your device in a matter of moments. Here you can also see the volume control button. The left end has only a SIM card slot at its disposal.

It is pleasant to use such a phone, although its slippery surface needs additional protection in the form of a case. Available in Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue and Icelandic White. Dimensions: height. 154.3 mm, width. 74 mm, thickness. 7.9 mm, weight. 174 g.

headphones, honor

Honor 20 is a bright and powerful youth flagship that attracts with a minimal price tag. The device has a stylish design and a fashionable “leaky” screen with rather thin frames. And Sony’s progressive camera lets you capture memorable moments in high quality.

Honor 20 review

The Honor 20 is a flagship smartphone that targets young people. The device has a main camera with four lenses, as well as a large frameless screen with a hole. The presentation of the gadget took place in London on May 21, 2019.


  • Main camera with four modules.
  • Spectacular appearance.
  • Very productive filling.
  • Round hole IPS display.
  • Good sound quality.


The Honor 20 has support for 4G networks (LTE band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 18, 19, 20, 26, 28, 38, 40, 41), as well as 2G and 3G. There is not only Bluetooth 5.0, but also Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac. A wide variety of navigation systems are supported: A-GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO and QZSS. There is an infrared port for controlling home appliances.

Honor 20 sounds very loud and quite high quality thanks to a special audio chip. This applies not only to the multimedia speaker, but also to the sound in wireless headphones. Spectacular sound in a headset without wires is made possible with the aptX HD codec. The spoken speaker is also excellent. It makes it possible to hear the voice of the interlocutor in detail.

How to connect headphones to Honor 20

In the modern world, it is extremely difficult to do without headphones. On the way to work or study, to the supermarket, and just relax at home without disturbing the rest of the household.

The era of wired headphones is coming to an end, saving users from the constant kinking and tangling of wires.

Bluetooth has opened new horizons, today, according to statistics and surveys, about 42% have already abandoned wired headphones.

In-ear, vacuum, droplets, earbuds, overhead. everyone calls them so conveniently. In fact, wireless headphones are divided into 3 types:

  • Vacuum, with rubber pads, they absorb ambient noise, allowing you to enjoy music without being distracted by extraneous sounds.
  • Not vacuum, no rubber pads like Airpods, sound quality is great, but you can still hear everything that is happening around you. Convenient and fairly safe, especially if you are walking across the road or train tracks.
  • Large (computer), great for games, but the average user does not use them as they are bulky.

You can connect absolutely any wireless headphones to Honor 20, including specialized accessories from Apple or Samsung. The misconception that branded accessories work best with a smartphone, Honor 20 connects equally well with Airpods, AirDots and standard obscure headphones (we will connect them).

If you previously used Samsung and love headphones from bluetooth, you can safely use them further.!

The connection process is simple, but if you are far from the world of high technology and modern technology, just follow the instructions with screenshots.

Unlock your phone to open the home screen, it looks like this:

From here open the settings (in the lower right corner). The settings icon always looks like gears, in your smartphone the icon can be located on another screen, just find it and click.

This is how the settings menu looks like, but we are specifically interested in 2 item: connecting the device, click there.

Here is a menu of all connection methods, we choose directly Bluetoоth.

To connect headphones, you need to turn them on. This is what our wireless ears look like.

I deliberately do not take branded and expensive headphones to clearly show that any wireless headphones are suitable for use.

Press and hold the button on the headphones until it lights up and starts flashing (there is an instruction in the box with any ears).

Now turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone, for this you need to click on the button.

If the Bluetooth function is turned on, then everything looks like in the screenshot above.

All Bluetooth enabled devices will be found automatically.

Wait until the end of the search and then select the desired device from the list.

If in doubt, look at the name of the headphones on the box, so they will be called, also pay attention to the icon, the system automatically detects the type of device.

настройка honor 20 e | топ 10 настроек хонор 20 е

At the end of pairing, the phone will notify you about it.

It looks like this. Now you can make calls with headphones to enjoy music, you need additional settings.

Click on the gear opposite the name of the headphones to get into the access and permissions menu.

put the settings you need and that’s it, you can use!

This is how easy and simple you can connect wireless headphones to the Honor 20 smartphone.

Now you can watch videos, listen to music, talk on the phone and give commands to the voice assistant.

You can watch the video and not disturb others, very convenient.

The main thing is, do not forget to put on the charge and headphones together with Honor 20.:

Earphones-Review presents a ranking of the best wireless earbuds of 2021! This includes the best top models of 2019-2021. How did we pick the best of the best of so many wireless earbuds??

The wireless headset market is divided into three categories. Firstly, these are true wireless (TWS) like Airpods, Airpods and many other models. There are also Sony and Marshall full-size wireless noise canceling headphones. And finally, there are budget wireless headsets that dominate the bestseller list. there are many people who can’t afford premium models but want a headset that delivers quality performance.

Of course, with such a large selection of options, it is difficult to collect the TOP and rating of the best wireless headphones of 2021, especially since it is impossible to consider every model on the market. But I will try to do it. That being said, keep in mind that in 2021 we expect to see a flood of new models, many of which were unveiled at CES in January. Therefore, we will update the rating as new wireless headphones are released.

Earphones-Review recommends choosing wireless headphones depending on the type of use:

  • Listening to music at home or outdoors. “Ears” that fit tightly in the ears are suitable here: Bowers Wilkins PX7, Marshall Monitor II A.N.C., JBL Tune 750BTNC and so on. For these purposes, you can look at gadgets in our TOP of the best wireless plugs, as well as in the Rating of musical gadgets.
  • Sports and active lifestyle. For these purposes, earbuds, earplugs, true wireless, neckband and overhead sports gadgets are better suited. Jabra Elite Active 75t, Beats powerbeats 4, Sennheiser Momentum TW2, Huawei Freebuds 3 and many more wireless headsets. You can see more in the ratings of the TOP 5 best running headphones and TOP 7 best swimming headphones.
  • PC, work and play. Full-size headphones with an excellent microphone are suitable for gaming. Earphones-Review can highlight the most optimal ones: Sony WH-1000XM3, HyperX Cloud Flight S, HyperX Cloud Alpha S. Special attention should be paid to the quality of the microphone, you can study the gaming models in more detail in the ratings of the TOP best for gaming and TOP-5: Best headphones for stream.
  • Headphones for phone and conversation. Here, perhaps all options will do. featured below in our ranking of the best wireless earbuds of 2021!

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Review. Excellent Wireless Headphones of 2021.

Our ranking of the best wireless headphones of 2021 opens with the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 (135) headset. This year, the manufacturer Anker has demonstrated a unique, 100% wireless (True Wireless) Soundcore Liberty Air 2. The main feature of the gadget is dynamic diamond-coated drivers.

According to the company, the innovation made it possible to increase the frequency range by 20%! And thanks to the polyurethane from thermoplastic it was possible to get deep bass.

Unpacking and packaging

The packaging is made in the standard color for Honor, but the MOECEN inscription confused me. Because of what at first I thought that the wrong headphones were sent to me.

However, the following Earbuds X1 and the console at the corner of Honor put everything in its place.

In the kit we have a manual, Type C cable for charging the case and a set of silicone ear pads of different sizes.

The nozzles here are milky in color with a cut core and for me personally they did not sit down at all. I tried it from another set. small ones. The usual ones are big, they don’t fit into the case. I confess, I never expected this from Honor.

CHINA STOP! �� Honor Earbuds 2 LITE Bt6.2 WIRELESS HEADPHONES 10 Hours Honor Earbuds 2 SE ��

Design / Ergonomics

The headphone case is plastic, the design is borrowed from Apple Airpods Pro.

I did not find a compensation hole for a 7 mm dynamic driver.

But there are as many as 2 microphones on each cup. One for recording and one for noise reduction. By the way, the microphone writes quite well.

It is controlled via a sensor on the back of the case. Two presses. pause, hold. rewind, three. calls the voice assistant. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the volume here. The ears are mated to each other and one of them is connected to a smartphone. Separately, they also work. It is stated that everyone can connect independently, but I don’t have that. Possibly an old smartphone.

SBC and AAC are available from codecs. The signal quality is simply gorgeous, there were never any breaks or stuttering at all. Latency is also minimal.

The case is small, plastic. Fits comfortably in the side of your pants.

The loop is tight. It closes nicely. The lid and headphones inside are fixed on rather powerful magnets. At the bottom of the depressions, 2 nutritional cloves are visible.

There is only one status LED, but it is colored. That is, red means that it is time to charge, and green means the battery is full. The operating time on a single charge is about 6 hours at 50% volume. Which, taking into account the case, turns into 24 with a penny.

And don’t forget the IP54 protection. Of course, you can wet these ears, but only splash protection is guaranteed.


Measurements show good fast impulse and THD distortion up to 0.5%. What’s a record among TWS.

In terms of frequency response, we have a rise of 10 dB in the bass area, an almost flat middle and a pit to remove pain and sibilants. Well, after 15 kHz, a sharp drop to zero. That is, the sound of the headphones is bass and at the same time quite even in the rest of the range.

The Honor Earbuds X1 sound very similar to Tronsmart Onyx Free. But frankly, I like Onyx a little more. I was expecting some super detail and mega elaboration of the scene, as it was in the older Huawei headphones. But the Earbuds X1 sound good for their money. This is, of course, quite good. All Haylou nervously smoke in the hallway, but somehow I expected more.

The headphone feed is solid, with good massive bass and midrange development to the high end. At the same time, the high frequencies themselves are soft and slightly warm. That is, you will not be able to cut, drill and whistle anything. Vocals sound comfortable and natural, like various strings and acoustic instruments themselves.

It’s really nice to listen to. Of course, there is no audiophilia here. But the absolute majority of music lovers of Honor Earbuds X1 will surely like it madly. Especially after the crooked sound of Apple marketers. There is a feeling that it is they who are engaged in the sound there. Here is brightness, space and depth. There are no restrictions on the style. Sounds great jazz, acoustics, electronics and metal.


  • Bluetooth: v5
  • Codec: SBC, AAC
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm
  • Driver: dynamic 7mm.
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz. 20 kHz
  • Protection: IP54
  • Working hours: 5 hours (up to 24 hours with a case)
  • Earphone capacity: 55mAh
  • Case capacity: 500mAh
  • Earphone weight: 4.3g
  • Case weight: 38 g

Honor Earbuds X1 headphones: almost like Apple Airpods Pro

The desire to get Apple Airpods Pro among the people is so strong that they are ready to buy even a completely gloomy basement. If only it was cheap and outwardly it was similar. Such demand, of course, just needs to be answered by quality manufacturers like Honor. And that is exactly what they did with the release of the Earbuds X1. Here we will consider it today.


As a result, the ears turned out to be really decent. The assembly is excellent, Honor always fulfills its money 100%. The sound is pleasant, juicy and very natural. However, the complete ear pads did not fit me here at all, which means that I personally cannot use them. It’s a pity, a very fashionable form factor today. It’s definitely worth taking for 36 bucks.


What the Honor 20 is good at is in terms of performance, because this is the most affordable smartphone at the moment on the flagship SOC Kirin 980, and this is, albeit not the fastest chipset, which is noticeable only in games, but the speed of work in everyday tasks is not at all twice as low as more expensive smartphones. What I would like more is RAM. its volume is 6 GB and if there are many applications and tabs open in the browser, then something will be unloaded from memory. Although, this is more of a nitpick. In benchmarks, the smartphone demonstrates a good result.

Heavy games, which is standard for the Kirin 980 SOC, can sometimes freeze at maximum settings. In general, there are more productive smartphones for game lovers.

Design and ease of use

The Honor 20 smartphone comes in an unobtrusive white box made of thick cardboard with an atmospheric image of the device itself on the front side. The kit comes with a charger, cable and adapter from USB C to 3.5 mm Mini Jack, the presence of which is especially pleasing.

The front side of this smartphone is the trend of this season. There are minimal frames and a modest cutout for the camera on the side, above the screen on the border with the frame is the speaker grill, and there is nothing else here. Cool, isn’t it? I think yes. Especially if Honor has wallpapers in its arsenal that can skillfully and effectively disguise the camera.

I must say right away that the Honor 20 is available in two colors. blue and black. A black smartphone came to our review, and what I want to say: perhaps this is the most successful option, which has recently been in our editorial office. Yes, it is, one might say, standard. holographic, but the color it is cool.

Let’s take a closer look at the functional elements. On the left side there is a slot for installing 2 SIM-cards, but there is no support for a memory card, it will not be possible to install it. On the left, you can find the volume rocker and the lock key, into which the fingerprint scanner is integrated.

At the bottom there is a USB C connector, a grill behind which the main speaker is hidden, and a microphone to the left. On the top there is a noise canceling microphone and a proximity sensor, not an infrared port, as you might think.


What can I say, Honor 20 is good-looking, whatever one may say. It is well assembled, all the elements are well thought out and are in “convenient” places, but the bend of the back cover in Honor 20 Pro looks more impressive, and I admit, it sits better in the hand.


For the autonomy of the Honor 20, there is a non-removable battery with a capacity of 3750 mAh, which is 250 mAh less than that of the Honor 20 Pro, but there is probably no difference in autonomy. Honor 20 will confidently live with you a busy working day from morning to late evening, and this is with active use.

For extreme cases, when you need more autonomy and you can sacrifice part of the applications, you can activate power saving modes. Also, fast charging is supported, with which you can charge your smartphone from zero to 50% in about 30 minutes.

As befits a smartphone of this price category, it has no problems with the speaker and microphone, as they hear you well, and you hear the interlocutor well. The main speaker, albeit one, does not work in stereo speakers, but the sound is pleasant, although it is “flat”.

What seemed like a strange decision to me is the lack of a 3.5 mm jack. Of course, there is a complete USB C adapter, of course, you can buy wireless headphones, but since there is no protection against water and the battery is not of a record capacity, I will not forgive the absence of a mini-jack. Although I will not deny that even in the absence of a dedicated DAC and an operational amplifier, the sound in the headphones is not perfectly clear, but the smartphone is able to swing headphones with high impedance. Apparently, it is much easier to supply power over USB C.

Display: “two from the box” but the calibration is different

At first glance, the display of Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro should be identical, because the characteristics are the same: IPS, 6.26 inches, resolution 2340 × 1080, the number of pixels per inch is 412. But I had the opportunity to rotate smartphones in one hand and, on in fact, the color reproduction of the displays, although quite close, is different. Honor 20 loses in this comparison, this is especially noticeable when considering photos with many bright elements. In general, the display can hardly be attributed to the strengths of Honor 20. But even so, one cannot but take into account the advantages of the IPS matrix in the form of wide viewing angles without color distortion.

If the color rendition “out of the box” does not suit you, then you can always adjust it a little in the settings by shifting the color temperature or by choosing one of the two preset profiles. Also, there is a vision protection mode for lovers of night reading or surfing “on these your Internet”


It’s time to rename this section of the review to “cameras”, since the latter are in smartphones every year, and more, and more In Honor 20 we have them, not a lot, not a few, 5 pieces: 1 front and 4 main.

Front camera. 32 MP module with artificial intelligence support. And the photos are very good, with good detail, with decent bokeh. The decoration mode also works adequately and you can get a good photo.

The main camera. here we have a “bouquet”. The first module is 16 megapixels, wide-angle, the next one under it is 48 megapixels. our main camera for shooting “pointed and took off.” Below is a 2MP lens for measuring depth of field, and an inconspicuous camera on the right is a macro lens. All together and each separately, they allow you to get a decent photo, depending on the task, shooting mode, preset settings, imagination, in the end. Also, a variety of modules allows you to take pictures with a 2x zoom without losing quality.

Examples of photos on the main module Honor 20.

The only thing is that in conditions of difficult or insufficient light, the “Portrait” mode eats up detail and the picture becomes a little “rubbery”.

Video recording is carried out at a maximum of 4K 30 fps with electronic stabilization. An example video is shown below, but I can say that the video quality is decent.


The display, as I already said, is made using IPS technology, which does not allow installing a fingerprint scanner under the screen, so Honor decided to move it from its usual place on the back of the smartphone to the unlock key, which will take some getting used to. What you don’t need to get used to is the response speed. everything happens instantly and much faster than smartphones with a fingerprint sensor in the screen.

Also implemented the ability to unlock using face recognition, which, thanks to the excellent front camera, works very quickly, regardless of day or night.

Honor 20 smartphone review

Most recently, Honor 20 Pro visited our editorial office, a review of which is available at the link, and now it’s time to look at the more affordable Honor 20 and figure out whether it is worth overpaying for the flagship or staying on the younger model.


In terms of software, everything is fine in Honor 20: a fresh version of Android 9, with a proprietary Magic UI 2.1 shell. In turn, the Magic UI is not that much different from the EMUI used in Huawei smartphones, which means that many will be comfortable working with it. In general, Magic UI gives us enough opportunities to customize the interface, it is easy to customize and works quickly. Well, one cannot fail to notice the many Honor branded applications from the “Smartphone Manager” to an application that will help monitor your activity.

Huawei Honor 20 Cases

Let’s take a closer look at the popular types of covers:

  • Silicone Case
  • shockproof
  • cover book
  • pad
  • bumper

The silicone cases on the Honor 20 are a practical protection solution with nothing superfluous. The product is elastic and thin, due to this it fits the body of the device, exactly repeating its shape details. The cover is smooth and pleasant to the touch. The accessory prevents the gadget from sliding in the hands, increases stability on inclined surfaces. The presence of the case on the case will not affect the usual work with the smartphone. Corresponding holes are left for the camera, external ports and connectors.

The shockproof case for Huawei Honor 20 will provide reliable armor for your smartphone. For its manufacture shock-resistant materials such as polycarbonate and TPU are used. Often these covers are made up of two components: a bumper and an overlay. The bumper, made of plastic, stiffens the cover, protects the ends, corners and longitudinal edges of the case. Firmer pad, protects the back panel, absorbs frontal shocks. The surface is predominantly embossed and has a rubberized texture. This prevents the smartphone from sliding in the hand and increases its stability. Some models have a folding leg that allows you to use the case as a stand for a smartphone. This type of accessory is useful for people involved in sports who prefer extreme recreation.

The option to put the smartphone in a book case looks attractive. The product protects all sides and edges of the case. The accessory is covered with leather, which gives it respectability and emphasizes the business style. At the heart of such a cover is a silicone or plastic bumper, where a smartphone is placed. All active elements remain openly accessible thanks to the holes. In addition to all-round protection, the accessory can act as a stand for a smartphone, and if there is a cardholder, it can replace a wallet. Luxurious appearance, absolute protection and versatility are the main advantages of this accessory.

If you do not want to make changes to the design of the case, pay attention to the Bumper on Huawei Honor 20. The protector goes around the perimeter of the case, protecting its most traumatic places: corners, longitudinal and transverse edges. Holes are provided for all active elements. When installed, the bumper forms a rim over the screen and rear panel, protecting them from contact with surfaces. By complementing the bumper with a protective glass on the screen, the smartphone will be well protected and retain its aesthetics.

The Honor 20 Cover is a convenient and practical accessory. The case is thrown over the back panel and snaps into the tori, tightly fitting to the walls of the case. The product prevents dust, liquid ingress. Reduces the appearance of scratches and abrasions associated with active use. With a moderate impact, the smartphone will get off with a slight shock. Overlays are also popular due to the variability in colors, patterns and prints, allowing you to experiment with the design of the gadget.

Cover materials

For the optimal choice of the cover, it is worth paying attention to the materials of manufacture. Let’s consider the most popular ones:

  • silicone
  • TPU
  • leather
  • plastic

Made of silicone, the transparent case on Huawei Honor 20 retains the natural look of the case, making it stronger. Due to the plasticity that silicone possesses, the case precisely takes the shape of the case, repeating its bends in details. The material is also resilient, which allows the case to effectively absorb impacts. The surface in such a case is smooth, but does not allow the smartphone to slide in the hand. The product is easy to clean from dirt and moisture, just wipe it with a napkin.

The TPU Cover on the Honor 20 is made from the increasingly popular TPU. The material has heat resistance, wear resistance and durability, which makes it possible to produce high-quality protective accessories. TPU cases are light and thin, although slightly stiffer than silicone cases. It is convenient to use the accessory, it can be easily put on the body, precisely takes its shape. The smartphone is also comfortable to hold in the hand. The material itself is soft, does not irritate the skin. In terms of external design, the material is quite flexible, the accessory can be transparent, colored, with patterns or prints.

Another variant of the silicone protector is the matte case for the Honor 20. The case is softer and more pleasant to the touch. Traces of contact, stains do not linger on the surface, it can be easily cleaned from dust and moisture. The rubberized coating prevents the gadget from sliding in the hands, increases its stability on inclined surfaces. The product does not shine in the sun. Painted in matte colors, the accessory looks stylish and minimalistic.

Leather Case combines business and classic style. Leather is a durable material, highly resistant to wear and tear, durable. After long-term use, the accessory does not stretch and retains its color. With careful operation, it will serve the owner for more than one year, at the same time extending the service of the smartphone. The texture of the material is soft and pleasant to the touch. Leather goods are always in fashion, the phone in a case will look stylish and solid.

The plastic bumper of Huawei Honor 20 is made of polycarbonate. The material is tougher than silicone or TPU, but interacts effectively with them. Plastic has a high impact resistance, which is very important for a high-quality case. The products do not require careful maintenance, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth or microfiber to clean it from dirt. It is easy to apply a print or pattern on a plastic case, so these models have a wide range of styles.

Honor 20 Cases & Accessories

Honor 20 is a flagship from Huawei’s sub-brand. It combines powerful technical characteristics and minimalistic design, which has helped it to conquer a large circle of fans of digital technology. If you are determined to purchase this gadget or have already purchased it, you should pay attention to protective accessories. Indeed, for all their manufacturability, smartphones are rather fragile things. In this review, we will consider which Honor 20 case to choose for specific needs and which Honor 20 glass will provide reliable screen protection.

Screen protection

The Honor 20 Tempered Glass is necessary to protect the screen, which is easily subject to wear and tear and is at high risk of serious damage. Having glued the glass to the screen, you will hardly notice its presence, as it is thin and transparent. The glossy finish provides a pleasant tactile feel when sliding. Oleophobic layer allows you to easily get rid of dirt.

3D / 5D Glass protects not only the screen, but also the entire front panel of the case. This requires the tread to be fully matched to the specified smartphone. In such glass, the proportions and shape of the screen are observed exactly, holes and cutouts are provided. The edges are smoothly rounded along the contour, and the colored border mimics the design of the panel. Due to this, the glass literally merges with the factory panel, protecting it from dirt, liquid, cracks and chips.

Honor 20’s screen protector does not affect the volume and appearance of the bezel. A thin layer of polymer will protect the display from spills, dirt, and slipping marks. The protector will protect the screen after a light hit. The film can be changed frequently, it is easy to install and remove without leaving marks.

Having taken care of the protection of the gadget, you can pay attention to accessories that can expand the capabilities of the smartphone. Thus, the device installed in the holder can act as a navigator in the car. Portable speakers allow you to have a party at any time and place. Sports covers are targeted at users with an active lifestyle. Selfie monopod will help you find the right angle for the frame. Available cables, adapters, headphones, power banks.