Apple Watch Series 7 support bands from older watches?

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Apple Watch Series 7 aluminum available in five colors

This particular question interested me the most. However, it would be rather strange if Apple did differently. I can imagine the indignation of a huge number of people who have collected a collection of expensive bracelets.

When it comes to the aluminum version of the Apple Watch Series 7, it is available in five colors: space gray, silver, dark green, blue and red (RED). There will also be a couple of steel options and titanium in light and dark versions.

Another important innovation in the customization of smartwatches is the fresh dials that previous models of smartwatches will not receive. They are optimized for the new screen sizes and look very good.

Why doctors are worried about the Apple Watch EKG

Technical features of the new Apple Watch Series 7

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Of course, all the elements of the smartwatch interface have been adapted to the new screen size.

The main thing is fast charging.

Like the previous smartwatch model, the Apple Watch Series 7 battery life reaches 18 hours. In practice, with not the most intensive operation, they, as before, should work for about a day and a half. Norm.

important is the availability of fast charging. Previously, the watch was powered by a proprietary station that connected to a power supply via USB-A. The connector was changed to USB-C with the natural Power Delivery support. Energy transfer accelerated.

The new smartwatch model is better suited for extreme cycling trips. She got control of the falls from him with a message to emergency contacts. I wonder if there will be real tests of this possibility on the net with a lot of abrasions.

Apple Watch Series 7 has become “square” like the iPhone and iPad?

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Apple Watch Series 3 vs. Apple Watch Series 7. the difference in appearance is global

No. The case has remained almost the same.

However, due to the enlarged screen, the device really does not look the same as before. What’s more, the manufacturer claims the Apple Watch Series 7 is the most durable smartwatch it has ever made.

On the one hand, Apple says that the new gadget has a protective glass that should not break on contact with hard objects. On the other hand, the company claims protection against contact with dust according to the IP6X standard.

Small Apple Watch Series 7 increased from 40 to 41 mm, large. from 44 to 45 mm. Yes, this is the biggest smartwatch Apple has ever made. However, it is doubtful that this will somehow be felt on the hand.

What watches will remain on sale and how much is Apple Watch Series 7

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Traditional summary “plate” with the main features of the new model of the gadget

Three models of smart watches remain on sale:

◉ Apple Watch Series 3. 199 in the US ◉ Apple Watch SE. 279 in the US ◉ Apple Watch Series 7. 399 in the US

The watch will go on sale “later this fall.” There are no official Russian at the moment.

Apple Watch Series 7 presented. What’s interesting about the new smartwatch

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One of the most important announcements of Apple‘s first fall presentation was the smartwatch. We have been waiting for a very long time for the redesign of the company’s most personal gadget, the appearance of which has not changed since the Apple Watch Series 4.

Another important point that the presentation was supposed to answer: will the straps from previous generations of watches fit the Apple Watch Series 7. If not, many will have to part with an impressive collection for a tidy sum.

In general, questions many, and the answers to most of them can be found in this material. So, let’s begin:

The main innovation of the Apple Watch Series 7 is the big screen

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Compared to the previous generation, the Apple Watch Series 7 screen actually contains more information.

Despite the numerous rumors that were discussed on the network, the new smartwatches of the beloved company became only an evolutionary continuation of the current line, and not a revolution. They haven’t changed in terms of design, but got a big screen.

Yes, due to the reduction of the frames around the screen, the watch really began to look a little different. over, this made it possible to fit a much larger display into exactly the same case. However, the number of inches was not indicated during the presentation.

It is important to note that the always-on screen of Apple Watch Series 7 is 70% brighter than the previous generation of smartwatches. The bezels around the display are now only 1.7 mm on each side. This is an important step forward.

The most important innovations in Apple Watch Series 7 at a glance

✓ Screen size increased by 20% ✓ Bezels around the screen decreased by 40% ✓ Always-on screen brightness increased by 70% ✓ Added IP6X dust protection ✓ Charging speed increased by 33% ✓ 8 minutes of charging gives 8 hours of sleep tracking

Should you buy an Apple Watch ?

The main question posed by a good half of Apple Watch buyers. Like many others, I was very hesitant before buying, reviewed dozens of reviews, re-read dozens of articles. Everyone had different opinions, but everyone’s short conclusion was that the Apple Watch is definitely a cool thing, but probably not for that kind of money. That is, of course, smart watches perform all the declared functions, everything is beautiful and convenient. but initially you expect something more from them. and what exactly is unclear. Like many others, I will repeat the phrase. this is not a substitute for a telephone, but rather an assistant and a functional accessory. Some of the people who bought themselves an Apple Watch after a few months stopped using it.

You get used to smartwatches very quickly and when you wake up in the morning, the first thing your hand reaches out for is the clock. During the day, they will allow you not to miss important notifications, and in the car you can easily turn on music or answer a call without touching the phone at all.

What apps are convenient to use on Apple Watch ?

At first, you will rush to put on the watch all sorts of programs of different directions, but believe me, after a week you will stop using them and most likely will only use what is in the watch initially

How long does the Apple Watch battery hold?

Apple Watch Series 1 needs to be charged every night. For a full day, they are always enough with a huge margin, before going to bed, about 30%.40% of the charge remains. If you want the clock to live longer, you can reduce the brightness, for example.

Can I call and talk on Apple Watch ?

Yes, you can. Another thing is that it is not always convenient to do this. This can help out perfectly while driving, or on the way somewhere. if you need to give a very short answer to a person. It also helps a lot if, for example, you left the phone on the table, but you yourself went to another room and someone called you. you can take a call on the watch, and then walk to the phone while talking and continue the conversation through the iPhone without interrupting the conversation.

How Apple Watch counts steps ?

Yes, in principle, he thinks normally. There is, of course, an error, but in general. I even tried to count them in parallel. in general, everything converges. Of course, your waving hands and so on will also be counted, but on the whole it is tolerable and it is quite possible to navigate by this pedometer. The only thing that really makes you laugh is when the Apple Watch is offered to do you a warm-up, when you are sitting at the computer. you can ignore this message and sit on, but if at this time, for example, you are actively typing, but the Apple Watch will take it as a workout and support you with the words “Well done, keep the pace!”

Duplicate notifications from iPhone to Apple Watch.

Yes, it really helps out, it is convenient and thought out to the smallest detail. All notifications from skype, viber, whatsapp, telegram

and other instant messengers and email clients installed on your

The iPhone will be regularly duplicated on the watch, provided that the phone is locked (after all, a smart watch is exactly an assistant that allows you not to take the phone out of your ). Having received a message, you have the opportunity to quickly respond to it with one button, or dictate a full-fledged answer “in hours”.

Apple Watch FAQ.

Apple Watch can be wet ?

Apple Watch Series 1 is splash-proof, which means you can wash dishes or brush your teeth without removing your watch, but you can’t shower in it.

Apple Watch Series 2 onwards has full protection against water and can be used for swimming, bathing, showering, etc.

Apple Watch and eSim

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The latest models of the popular Smart Watch Apple Watch received from their creators both a beautiful case and full support for eSIM technology. Smart watch manufacturers always want to make their products more compact, so removing a special slot for a regular SIM card from the case seemed to many to be just an excellent choice.

eSIM in the Apple Watch gadget has become quite an expected feature, since the company has already released a number of series of mobile phones with built-in communication modules. Smart watches are often used as a backup device, through which you can receive calls or view and easily answer incoming SMS. The presence of a built-in SIM card in the iPhone was the main reason that Apple Watch also decided to connect to this breakthrough technology.

Support for eSIM technology in the watch is implemented in the form of the ability to work normally with a number of tariff plans on the device. If you link your smartwatch to your smartphone, you can receive incoming messages and incoming calls on it. On the main working display, the user sees not just contact data, but also the icon of the tariff used.

When the smartwatch is located at a certain distance from the mobile phone, but the device is connected to the mobile network, the user will receive incoming calls and messages on the device without any problems. After activating this option, certain problems may appear on the territory of individual states, because today they support a new type of SIM-cards, unfortunately, not all mobile operators.

Therefore, before planning to use eSIM on Apple Watch smartwatches, you must make sure that this technology works normally in your city.

How to register and activate Esim ?

You don’t have to do anything complicated to register and activate eSIM in your Apple Watch. You can use the program to conveniently control your smartwatch, which can be easily installed on a mobile phone, or you can perform operations directly from the Apple Watch menu.

What is required to activate eSIM on a smartwatch:

  • Select the item called “Cellular” in the gadget settings.
  • Select the “SIM card management” tab.
  • Find and select the option to add a new tariff.
  • Choose to add via QR code.
  • Scan the QR code of the selected mobile operator.
  • Once the tariff plan is added, click the OK button.
  • The first tariff plan is activated at the time of the initial setup of the gadget, but later it will be possible to add another tariff plan, which will also become fully operational.
  • To switch between different tariff plans, you can use the smart watch menu or the program on your mobile phone.

eSim in Russia

Currently, domestic mobile operators are not particularly interested in the new technology. After all, they do not receive any big advantages from a possible transition to new SIM-cards. The state is very worried about this type of cards: it is not clear how an eSIM card can be identified. And the simplicity with which the owner of such a SIM card can change the cellular operator is very depressing for everyone, except for the customers themselves.

As a result, the business is progressing with great difficulty. The list of operators that support the technology in Russia is still too small. For Tele2, the introduction of eSIM technology is more of a marketing special move. Would you like to try a modern virtual SIM card? Then be sure to try our favorable rates. Previously, a well-known tour operator called Drimsim made attempts, but nothing came of it.

Everything worked with the mobile operator Tele2 not the first time either. For the first time, the company tried to issue new SIM cards in the spring of 2019. In order not to violate the official rules of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, clients already had to have a regular SIM card, or get it for subsequent exchange for eSIM.

But all this was quickly covered up by the authorities under the guise of completing the recruitment of a test group. The problem was solved within four months. Other major Russian mobile operators have joined the game today. So the process still started.

What is eSim?

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eSim is a new type of well-known SIM-card that can be embedded into the device right during assembly at the factory. This is a special transmitter, through which companies producing tablets and smartphones, video recorders and smart watches in need of communication can completely abandon the manufacture of slots for conventional SIM cards.

The advantage of the technology for ordinary users is that a mobile operator can be quickly assigned or changed. You just need to select a specific tariff plan and send a special request in the pre-installed utility on your mobile phone. eSim is a subscriber identification module with more options than standard SIM cards.

Built-in SIM-cards, due to the absence of constant friction and regular removal from the device, will serve much better and longer than ordinary ones. Absolutely outdated installation of the card with the wrong side and pushing plastic into the wrong slot easily wear out this element, which immediately deteriorates the quality of communication. Going to a mobile operator in order to stand in a long line and get a new card of a different size for the purchased device also does not give much pleasure and takes precious time, which is better spent on something more pleasant and useful.

eSim is an indispensable element of a modern mobile device, which is soldered right during assembly, and which can be easily controlled right from the device. During connection to the network, the card is activated, and then it can be easily and conveniently managed: change mobile operators and various tariffs, as well as delete subscriptions and set limits for incoming messages.

It will be much easier for digital manufacturers to create interesting flexible devices, reduce their weight and add various new slots, getting rid of a special hole for a regular SIM card. This technology will help you save more in roaming than when using two SIM-cards of your own country with a complex control system.

eSim in Apple Watch

The main advantages of the technology

Among the key advantages of eSIM technology are the following:

  • Compactness. Such a card is almost half the size of the most popular nano-SIM in mobile phones. This immediately gives free space for more memory, a larger battery, and other important options.
  • Reliable protection of the device against possible theft. A thief simply cannot just throw away the installed SIM card, so he cannot hide his whereabouts. In addition, to enter the data of the new eSIM profile, he will need to be sure to specify the password for the account that will be deleted.
  • There are fewer holes in the device. This significantly improves its protection against moisture and dust.
  • No need to visit the operator’s office. You can always choose and connect the most suitable starter package online.
  • Stationarity of the card. eSIM is already installed in the board, so the client will not need to constantly rearrange cards to switch to some number. It will be enough just to configure the device to serve different packages.
  • The function of activating the eSIM profile at once on a number of devices. This makes it possible to always be in touch, regardless of which device is being used at the moment. The main thing here is to be aware of which gadgets fully support eSIM today.

It is impossible not to mention the possible disadvantages of the new technology. First of all, it is the impossibility of connecting eSIM to any device. In addition, the disadvantage is the small number of mobile operators that provide the service.

Which carriers support eSim?

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ESIM technology in Russia was launched quite recently by the mobile operator Tele2. To be more precise, the test version was launched in the spring of last year, but due to certain problems with identification and policy, the pilot group was frozen for a while.

In July, Megafon and VimpelCom (Beeline trademark) began to connect subscribers to eSIM. The head of MTS said that all solutions presented on the market today are trial ones, which involve a mandatory visit to the office of a telecom operator. In turn, the company is going to provide this service in full, when the necessary regulatory and legal framework is fully prepared.

What are the colors of the new watch model?

The watch will go on sale in five new aluminum colors: green, blue, red (PRODUCT RED), white (shining star) and black (dark night).

What kind of new service has appeared in watches for Russia??

In Russia, Apple will launch the Fitness workout app by the end of 2021. The Apple Watch-powered fitness service will have complementary workout routines. Every week, new workouts will appear in it lasting from 5 to 45 minutes to choose from: HIIT, Pilates, strength training, yoga, walking, guided meditation, etc.

The service will integrate the indicators of the owner of the gadget (pulse, blood oxygen saturation, etc.) and music from your favorite performers. Apple Music collection has 75 million tracks. You can also listen to podcasts and audiobooks right from the watch, while burning calories.

Special sensors will track the required workout metrics, and all achievements will be marked on the screen with special effects. Also, a special function SharePlay will allow you to unite up to 32 friends of sports fans in one joint lesson. And Fitness will regularly offer new coaches, new workouts and new meditation sessions to balance the load.

Also, the watch has new features for cyclists, they allow you to automatically pause and resume training time. If you fall off your bike, Apple Watch will determine the severity of the fall.

What is known about the new smart watch Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Series 7 was released in sizes 41 and 45 mm with a larger screen and thinner bezels (they are only 1.7 mm). This increases the viewing area by approximately 20% over Series 6 and more than 50% over Series 3.

The buttons in the watch have become a little larger, so using applications such as “Calculator” and “Timer” has become more convenient. And the display itself now fits 50% more text.

Apple Watch Series 7 has a number of changes compared to previous generations of watches. Owners of the gadget do not have to raise their wrist or touch the display to see the time or other data and extensions on the watch face. the Retina display is always on. In addition, it also glows 70% brighter indoors, in inactive mode, and also when the hand with the clock is below. In addition, the new watch has become more curved, including due to the thick front glass, it is 50% thicker than that of its predecessors. The developers claim that this is the most durable Apple Watch model. Thanks to the new design of the front glass, the watch has increased resistance to cracks, dust and moisture. Apple promises that the new watch can withstand a submersion of 50 meters.

The Apple Watch battery is rated for 18 hours of use and will charge 30% faster than its predecessors. In addition, the charging station now works with a USB-C connector instead of USB-A. Thanks to the new charging components and the fast charging cable, it takes about 45 minutes for the watch to gain energy from 0 to 80%.

In addition to measuring the level of oxygen in the blood using an innovative sensor and an advanced application, the watch can do an ECG, track sleep, check the heart rate. In addition, Apple Watch now has drop detection functionality. If the cyclist falls, the watch will help to call emergency services.

What the new Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch looks like and how much does it cost?

On September 14, the annual presentation of Apple took place in Cupertino, which showed the new iPhone 13, its mini-version and the iPhone 13 Pro in two sizes. Apple employees also demonstrated a new iPad with an A13 Bionic processor and a seventh generation Apple Watch with a reduced bezel.

apple, watch, looks

How much will a new watch cost?

The watch should go on sale this fall. ). For the Russian market, the cost has not yet been announced.

Original or Replica: Verifying Apple Watch upon Purchase

The easiest way to distinguish a Chinese copy of the Apple Watch, which unscrupulous sellers may pass off as original products. Smart watch for iPhone Apple Watch original:

  • devoid of any connectors;
  • magnetic induction technology is used for charging;
  • a SIM or SD card slot is an insult to iWatch.

The products of the famous American brand look completely different: all the details, curves and pixels of the screen are where they should be. Chinese copies are made very roughly: with irregularities and defects in both color and shape.

Even if the copies of smart watches are outwardly indistinguishable from the original Apple Watch, which is almost impossible upon close inspection, the internal filling of the fakes will surely put an end to this dispute. Instead of proprietary iOS with a great design and high-quality language translation, copies are used:

  • adapted version of Android;
  • Chinese version of unknown firmware.

In addition to the above information, it will be useful to read an article on the topic, what are the differences between ROSTEST and EUROTEST for Apple Watch at the specified link.

How to find your Apple Watch series

By the model, which can be found in the phone settings “About the device”, on the official Apple website, you can find out the watch series (

Pros and cons of Chinese smartwatches compared to the original Apple Watch

The very dubious advantages include:

  • Inexpensive cost of the gadget.
  • The ability to insert a SIM card and make a call directly from the smartwatch.
  • No need to take care of the safety of the gadget. it’s not a pity to break or lose it.

There are undoubtedly more disadvantages of such analogs:

  • Body. cheap plastic.
  • The replica is much heavier than the original.
  • Chinese watch straps are made of leatherette, unlike real iWatch.
  • Clasp made of plastic or silumin. quickly deteriorates.
  • No protection against moisture and dust penetration.
  • The screen simply does not show signs of life, completely ignoring the user’s touch.
  • The service life of an outright fake rarely exceeds 10-12 months.

Apple Watch is the leader in the smartwatch market, as every gadget is premium quality. Therefore, even an inexperienced user can distinguish a fake from a genuine iWatch. When choosing such an accessory, you should not compromise in favor of a low cost, because a Chinese replica will bring one disappointment.

How to find your Apple Watch serial number or IMEI?

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The serial number is written in the “Settings” of the mobile device. To find it, go to the “General” item and select the “About this device” section. You may need to scroll down the menu bars to read the information you need.

The IMEI / MEID number can be written on the SIM card tray on the back of the phone. It depends on the device model. Sometimes a serial number is also located in these places. Also, information can be found in the instructions for the device or on the box.

Apple Serial Number Authentication

You can find out about the activation status of the device by IMEI or check the watch by the number indicated on the package on the official website Checking Apple Watch by serial number will show activation status information:

  • not activated;
  • activated;
  • locked.

How to check your Apple Watch serial number

How to check a watch: new or used

The fact is that some Russian businessmen buy original products not from Tim Cook’s company, but from third parties, from whom the stolen products are reflashed and sealed again in the original packaging. Therefore, it is important to check if the Apple Watch is a replica.

IMEI or serial number of the iPhone and iWatch bundle. One of the ways to check on the website if the watch is original.

How to check Apple Watch for authenticity upon purchase?

The innovative iWatch watch will cost the buyer a round sum, so when buying such a gadget from hands or from unofficial representatives of the company, you can stumble upon:

  • stolen product;
  • Chinese copy.

Therefore, buyers often face the question of how to verify the authenticity of the Apple Watch.?

How to distinguish an original iWatch from a fake?

Even a cursory external inspection will allow you to find a number of differences that will leave no doubt that you have a fake in front of you:

  • Huge bezels on the sides of the screen. The screen itself is too small and grainy, and most importantly, the connector for charging a micro-USB device on the side, which gives out a fake headlong. But the most unpleasant thing is that you have to swipe the screen several times for the Touchpad to work, which, frankly, is annoying.
  • Chinese iWatch replicas are larger and thicker. Putting such a gadget on your hand, you immediately want to take it off. Fakes are downright heavy, uncomfortable and unpleasant in everyday use.
  • Chinese iWatch are designed to work independently from smartphones, so they have a SIM card slot. If you have an original iPhone Apple Watch, then separate watch work is impossible.

Are the new housings much different from the old ones?

apple, watch, looks

From the outside, there are probably no differences than there are. With a cursory glance at the Series 7, or without having a watch before, you won’t notice the difference.

Both cases of previous generations, 40 and 44 mm, added in size literally by a millimeter, but not evenly in relation to each other:

45 mm model: 38 mm wide, no change. Length (height). 45 mm versus 44 mm.

41mm model: 35mm wide versus 34mm previously. Length (height). 41 mm versus 40 mm earlier.

apple, watch, looks

Apple took a curious path; it is not the glass that has increased, but the case itself. It has become a little wider and longer, and also rounder.

The metal bezels on the front are now slightly more visible than before. if you look at the display strictly from above and at the same time compare with last year’s model. As if the clock stretched out, grasping the edges.

The speaker grill has changed a little more. Previously, it was split into two separate chunks. Now this is one solid strip.

apple, watch, looks

The front glass, when viewed from above, takes up exactly the same amount of space as before. over, it protrudes slightly less from the case, which is compensated by the increased height of the aluminum case.

I have not yet had time to compare the 44 and 45 mm models as thoroughly. But between the 40 and 41 mm models, the glass thickness is indeed slightly less precisely in the Series 7.

apple, watch, looks

This gap through the glass of a watch was not there before.

By the way, I don’t quite understand how to explain a phenomenon that was not on any previous Apple Watch. If you put the watch perpendicular to the light source, then the joint between the aluminum case and the glass shines through. You can cover the watch from the opposite side with your finger, and then the gap will cease to be noticeable.

The lumen has absolutely no effect on anything. You will not be able to see it when using it. no one ever looks at a watch from such an angle and in such circumstances. He just is. And why he is, I do not know and have no theories. Asked Apple a question and got the same surprise at the fact. If there is a response from the engineers, I will supplement the review here.

apple, watch, looks

This is NOT an Apple Watch

On the reverse side, both the ceramic panel and the range of sensors remain the same, which is logical: there are no changes in the functionality of the sensors in this generation.

The only difference is the laser-printed name. Series 7 instead of Series 6.

If you don’t peer for hours (yes, that’s me on purpose), Series 7 with the display off looks exactly the same as before. Less than 2% difference is negligible.

But you just have to tap on the screen, and you will instantly distinguish the new generation from the old.

Battery life, charging and new cable

apple, watch, looks

I have been using the small 41 mm model for two days, whose battery life is on average 25% shorter than that of the large version.

The rhythm of using my watch is uniform, with rare workouts per week. Absolutely all functions that “additionally” drain the battery are included: noise level control, ECG and heart rate auto-metering, activity tracking, fall notifications. The brightness of the screen is the highest possible, the always-on screen is activated, I do not use airplane mode.

I took off the watch from a full charge at about 9:30 am and then checked the charge level at 9 pm, that is, after 12 hours.

Rs.1,500 Apple Watch 6 Vs Rs.40,000 Apple Watch 6 | Real Vs Fake ⚡ OH MY GOD ��

results so far incomplete, but encouraging. Series 7 discharged to about 55% in 12 hours, meaning that there was still 12 hours of battery life left, or a total of 24 hours from charge to charge. Very, very worthy with an always active display and all possible functions.

Apple has not stated that the battery capacity in the Series 7 has changed in any way. Therefore, from experience with Series 6, if you train every day using the appropriate app (and increased sensor activity), you will achieve about 16 hours of work from the “small” model.

You can also turn off noise control and slightly lower the maximum brightness. Then the operating time increases by 20 percent. So, plus with passive use (only reading notifications), from the clock it will turn out to be a day and a half of work.

apple, watch, looks

A new feature of Apple Watch Series 7 is support for ultra-fast charging. 45 minutes is enough for them to charge from 0 to 80 percent! This is an important plus: now only half an hour is enough to “fill” the clock for the whole day from morning to evening. Not even that, there are two pluses. If you use sleep tracking (which, alas, still does not capture phases), the Series 7 only needs 8 minutes on the “puck” for the “vochi” to work for 8 hours in the “Sleep” mode.

A full charge takes about one hour and ten minutes.

When I come home, the first thing I do is throw my watch on to charge, it’s in my aisle. And I already noticed that I do not have time to really change clothes in the evening after work and flop down on the chair before the iPhone sends a notification that Series 7 is fully charged.

For fast charging to work, you need the included USB-C cable. Previous cables, including those with the same Apple plug, are not suitable. The company has already removed the old versions from sale. A logical question: how to distinguish an old cable from a new one?

Answer: very easy. First, the new cable has a really huge, elongated part with a USB-C plug. twice the size of the previous one. And secondly, the “puck” itself has visually changed. Now it is not made of glossy white plastic. The outside is wrapped in brushed aluminum. And the contact area where the watch is placed has also become matte.

To be honest, I’m glad there are now USB-C cables in the box. The time for USB-A is over.

I would like to call them Series 6s

apple, watch, looks

My review further focuses only on the really new features of the Series 7. In many ways, this generation of Apple Watch completely repeats the Series 6 (my review last year). For example:

▪️ the sensors and sensors are the same ▪️ autonomous operation has not changed: up to one and a half days ▪️ there is an ECG, measurement of oxygen in the blood ▪️ there is a COMPASS and an altimeter ▪️ the same sports functions and capabilities ▪️ protection against water. again according to the W50 standard ▪️ the same speaker and microphone

All new watchOS 8 features, with the exception of zoom settings, are also available on Series 6.

So, if not for the new display, this generation could be called the Series 6s. I don’t see anything wrong with that, we don’t expect revolutions every year.

Unboxing your Apple Watch Series 7. What’s in the box

Apple’s packaging hasn’t changed since the last generation. The only difference is that now the watch box is sealed in the same way as the iPhone 13, that is, with two of the same adhesive strips.

Inside the box are a watch and a charging cable with a magnetic washer. There is no charger again, but I’m sure no one is surprised at this.

Please note that the new cable included with Series 7 has a USB-C connector, not USB-A as it used to be. Accordingly, you need a charger with a USB-C port. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to get one.

I will talk about my impressions of the 41mm model in the Shining Star case. And later Pasha will share his impressions of the 45 mm version in blue.

The new display makes it easier to work with watchOS. STRONGLY.

apple, watch, looks

I realized I didn’t want to go back to Series 6 when I first unlocked Series 7.

As everyone knows, the watch has a passcode that must be entered every time you take off your watch. Or when they “move away” from the wrist, because you do not like to fasten the strap tight (like me).

Therefore, depending on your settings and rhythm of use, you have to enter this password either 2-3 times a day, or 25 times a day (like me).

I really disliked entering the Apple Watch unlock password on my 38 mm watch of the very first generation, and even on the enlarged 40 mm model, the situation did not change much. The numeric keypad is still small, and you can miss not only on the go, but even while standing straight (like me, every day, all the time, even if I cut off my fingers).

So, what am I talking about? Thanks to the larger screen, the Series 7 also has a larger lock screen numeric keypad. And it increased mentally. so much so that I stopped missing.

This means that I knocked on these buttons for the first time. And somehow my soul felt good. I blocked the clock on purpose and knocked it a second time. Then again and again. Finally, he handed it to the whole office “oh-oh-oh DAAAA” and neatly folded the Series 6 into a box.

apple, watch, looks
apple, watch, looks
apple, watch, looks

On the new 41mm watch, as well as the 45mm case, watchOS 8 literally expanded.

The buttons have become larger everywhere, and it has become easier to get into them with your finger. Small details, like the numbers in the stopwatch, are easier to see. Graphics apps like Apple Maps are now noticeably easier to use, even on a small watch.

Even texting through Series 7 is easier because more text fits on the screen. And specifically for the new model, Apple added two additional, large font sizes. most for vision problems or for older users.

apple, watch, looks

The rest does not pretend to be an expert opinion, but personally I consider the small Apple Watch to be the only smartwatch on the market that looks at least a little like a watch on the hand, and not a gadget or TV with a strap.

Therefore, I hope that, thanks to the increase in the interface along with the display, more people will choose 41 mm instead of 45 mm and appreciate such a good balance of the gadget and the accessory with me. Big AW owners, nothing personal!

The Series 7 display is very good (and glows like never before)

apple, watch, looks

An improved OLED screen is the most powerful reason to upgrade to a new watch and the biggest surprise after getting to know the device.

The first upgrade, the most obvious one. Series 7 has reduced bezels by 40%, which is great because the effective display area has increased by 20% compared to Series 4, 5 and 6.

The difference, especially at first, is not obvious on all dials. Still, many of them have a black background that blends in with the borders. So the first thing I did, just after finishing the initial setup, was adding dozens of different dials to a new watch and sat comparing with Series 6.

Most of them look almost the same as on the previous model, except that the scale has become a little larger. But those that have colored background fill in one form or another look categorically much better on Series 7.

apple, watch, looks

Series 7 Exclusive Module (Dual) Dial.

By the way, the new watch has two exclusive dials. Module (double) and Contour.

The first one, where you can add two large extensions with detailed data, has not yet hooked me personally. I hate it when the clock looks like a space station control room.

apple, watch, looks

Series 7 exclusive contour dial.

But the outline is excellent! Looks great. I think I’m with him and will walk for the next 12 months.

There are many colors in the settings. you can adjust the numbers for any strap, including filling the background.

apple, watch, looks

With Outline, you tell everyone around you that you are wearing Series 7 on your wrist. Although, let’s be realistic, it doesn’t really matter.

In watchOS, the difference is even more significant than in watch faces, but I will mention this separately a little later.

apple, watch, looks

Reducing the matrix frames with the same glass size brought a nice refraction effect. The image seems to be bent behind glass. Looks cool!

At the same time, the refraction is not as powerful as shown in ads or on Apple’s website. In real conditions, it is almost always hidden by the reflections of the ambient light, “sliding” along the edges of the watch.

apple, watch, looks

The second upgrade, but no less important. Series 7 display 70% brighter than Series 6 indoors and wrist down, Apple says.

From my experience, Apple was even a little shy about it.

The Series 7 display is absolutely always brighter than the Series 6 indoors. Absolutely. The hand is down, the hand is up, the watch is on the charger or just on the table, the dial is darkened or not. the new ones are always brighter than the old ones. Sometimes it seems like twice.

If you go out into the sun or take a flashlight and shine it on the old and new watches, then yes, there will be no difference in brightness. The maximum brightness for both generations is the same and amounts to 1000 cd / m². But indoors, the Series 7 instantly wins the crown from all previous Apple watches.

Sometimes you look at them without lifting your wrist to the end, and you don’t always understand if the dial is darkened, or has already flared up.

apple, watch, looks

Increasing the brightness of the always-on screen adds meaning to the deep personalization of watch faces, as they are now instantly visible to everyone and from afar. Even at night. Even when your hand is down.

It seems to me that the brightness level of the new watch in rest mode exceeds the brightness of the first generation Watch, which in itself is an indicator.

The third upgrade is utilitarian. The glass of the new Watch is the toughest glass in the history of the product. At least according to Apple. It should break less often. In theory.

For 7 years I have never struck a clock, but I know people who succeeded several times a year.

How the improved crack protection works in reality, we will find out later, how the watch will go on sale. For now, I’ll take Apple‘s word for it and don’t want to check.

It is a pity that the scuffs will appear over time in the same way as before. In this regard, nothing has changed. Steel Apple Watch is better than aluminum here, because it has a sapphire crystal, which is almost impossible to scratch.

Eh. Someday they will be sold again in Russia. We hope we believe.

Old belts fit. It’s fine

apple, watch, looks

Nike Sport Band, new 2021. Right. Series 7 Dark Night case.

Yes, with Series 7, you can use bracelets from the same size models from previous generations: 38 and 40 mm for 41 mm, 42 and 44 mm for 45 mm. I will say more: I calmly inserted my favorite leather bracelet from the first generation AW into the new watch, and it fit perfectly. He is in some photos in the review.

Along with the new watch, Apple launched an updated line of well-known straps, including monobralets introduced a year ago. Mostly there are just new colors.

Sports straps (which are with Velcro) are now dyed in “halves”. And on the Nike sports strap, the black model of which is in the photo above, the logo and brand name are embroidered. Looks unexpectedly great, liked it very much!

I want to praise Apple from the bottom of my heart for striving to preserve the compatibility of old bracelets after as many as 7 (in an amicable way, even 8) watch generations.

For many, this is the most critical factor of loyalty to the device. No other smartwatch manufacturer even comes close to having such a gigantic selection of bracelets and certainly cannot boast of a multi-year cycle of their support from model to model.

The strap personalizes the watch more than the color of the case. Over the years of operation, I myself have accumulated a lot of straps of various types and I do not want to part with them. You don’t have to do this with Series 7.