Which action camera should you choose? TOP 15 best models

Strict requirements are imposed on the performance of action cameras. Therefore, before buying this device, you may have a question: which model to choose? Consider the main parameters, as well as the rating of action cameras from the 15 best models.

action, camera, means

What is this action camera?

The famous skydiver Bob Sinclair wanted to convey to the audience all the beauty of parachute flight. Therefore, to capture his jumps, he came up with a camera that was attached to a football helmet.

We can say that Sinclair became the founder, or discoverers, of the action camera. Its purpose. this is shooting with active movement. Due to its small size, it is suitable for bloggers, athletes, travelers, hunters, fishermen, and just for shooting an unforgettable vacation.

Today, various brands produce a wide variety of action cameras for impressive filming. In the first place in terms of quality and functionality are GoPro models.

Which action camera to choose? Characteristics

An action camera is primarily designed for dynamic shooting. That is why strict requirements are imposed on it. What are the criteria for choosing a gadget? Let’s start with the basic and fundamental parameters.

The matrix

Image quality will depend on:

  • Matrix size. the bigger, the better
  • Range. it determines the camera’s recognition of light and dark tones on the same scene
  • Permissions. number of megapixels

It should be borne in mind that the number of megapixels is not the most important indicator when choosing a camera. Its physical size plays an important role. To fall asleep a video in 4K quality only needs 8 megapixels.


The component that must match the capabilities of the matrix. It happens that the device is equipped with a good productive matrix, but due to a weak processor it has to underestimate its functions in order not to overload the camera.

Video resolution

The standard shooting format for any modern action camera is Full HD (19201080). Select devices are equipped with 4K shooting mode (40962160), which amazes with clarity and deep color reproduction. But not all devices can play videos in this mode. It is worth considering this fact when buying.


The most important organ of any camera. The picture quality depends on the lenses inserted into the lens. But not all firms indicate which lenses are used in production, preferring to consider it a trade secret.

Lens specifications are always indicated. These are the angle of view (the more the better) and the focal length. Here the latter depends on the distortion of perspective in the frame. Here is a table of the types of lenses that exist:.

Frames per second

The more frames per second the camera produces, the smoother the video will play. Top models of action cameras can play from 60 to 120 frames per second. This parameter is indicated in the FPS value.

Image stabilization

Action cameras are designed specifically for outdoor activities. That is why the stabilization parameter is especially important when choosing a device. This criterion will eliminate shaking during video recording, which will give a smooth and clear picture at the output.


Battery power is an important part when choosing an action camera. On average, the device shoots about 40 minutes without interruption before being completely discharged. But there are models who shoot for several hours in a row. Of course, this parameter significantly increases the price of the device, so you will not find such cameras in this review.


Protection from water, drops and dirt during filming is provided by a special box, which can be included in the kit. Some devices do NOT need it, as they are initially protected, for example, from moisture. This allows you to make videos underwater.

Remote control availability

Cameras can be controlled using a special remote control or synchronization with a smartphone. In addition, some models have a voice control function.

GPS sensor

The devices can be equipped with a G-sensor and used as a car DVR. During an impact, the sensor records a segment of video and saves it separately, so that later you DO NOT have to look for the moment of an accident for a long time. GPS function will fix the exact location of the accident on the map.

Wireless connection

Connections such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can help you secure the camera in hard-to-reach places while still taking pictures from your smartphone. Also, the presence of Wi-Fi will allow you to shoot live broadcasts and upload videos and photos to the network directly from the camera itself.

Maximum memory card size

A very important point. After all, it takes hundreds of megabytes to record FullHD or 4K video. often models support micro SD cards, it is better to choose a speed class of 10 and higher.

Appearance characteristics:

Body weight and shape

Action cameras often come in a variety of shapes, from square to cylinder. And this is NOT accidental, because the shape depends on where it is best to use the camera. For example, for cyclists, the shape of the cylinder is more suitable, as it has less air resistance.

Don’t ignore the weight of the device. Extra 100-200 grams on the head or arm can cause wild discomfort when shooting.

The presence of fasteners. Display

But not all models can technically accommodate the display, but still some have it. In fact, in an action camera, the display size is not so important, its presence is much more important. Although, on the other hand, the lack of a screen saves battery power significantly.

Rating of the best action cameras TOP-15 models

Let’s start with budget action cameras that have won the trust of buyers.

Inexpensive and good action cameras up to 5000 rubles. 15th place. Mobius Full HD with wide angle lens

The model is ideal for cyclists and lovers of shooting from R / V flying toys. Since it has a streamlined shape, designed just for less air resistance while driving. The camera is equipped with a loop shooting mode, which allows you to use it as a video recorder in a car.

The shooting quality is not bad, it fully justifies its price. It has a minimal size and is generally made in a minimalist style. There are only three intuitive buttons on the front surface. So there will be no problems with the control, the LEDs will tell you about battery discharge, video recording and turning on / off the camera.

  • Viewing angle: 180 degrees
  • Cyclic mode configurable for 5, 10 and 15 minutes
  • Auto power on
  • Display: none
  • Battery: video recording up to 80 minutes
  • Maximum micro SD support: 32GB
  • Shooting mode: Full HD. 30 frames per second, HD. 30/60 frames per second
  • Interface: USB cable
  • Wireless connections: none
  • Weight: 37 g
  • Size (Approximate): Height: 2.5cm, Length: 5cm, Width: 2.5cm

Cons: the lack of a display, with which control would be much easier, and you will NOT immediately see the photos taken.

Included: camera, mount 1 pc., USB cable, mini screwdriver, instruction.

Video filming Mobius action-camera:

14th place. Eken H9R Ultra

This camera is perfect for a beginner. Firstly, it has a rich package bundle, and secondly, its cost does NOT exceed 60 Reviews about it are mostly positive. Of course, for such a price you will NOT get photos and videos of amazing quality, but initially you should not count on it. But take a closer look and decide whether it is worth buying an expensive gadget in the future.

You can control the camera using the remote control, which is worn on the wrist. This is a huge advantage for outdoor enthusiasts, because the camera can be controlled remotely, wherever it is at a distance of up to 20 meters.

Another feature of Eken h9r is the ability to shoot on the water, as the kit includes a special protective box. It is not recommended to immerse the camera in water more than 2 meters. Plus, there is a Russian-language interface, and you do not have to understand the camera settings for a long time.

  • Processor: Sunplus 6350
  • Matrix: OV4689 12 Mp
  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees
  • Display: LCD 2 inches 320 240 px
  • Battery: 1050MAh
  • Maximum micro SD support: 32GB
  • Shooting mode: 4K. 25 fps, 2.7K. 30 frames per second, Full HD. 60 frames per second, HD. 120 fps
  • Interface: micro USB, HDMI
  • Wireless Connections: Wi-Fi
  • Weight: 64g
  • Size (Approximate): Height 4cm, Length 6cm, Width: 2.5cm

Included: camera, 7 different mounts for all occasions, protective aqua box, charger, USB cable for PC connections, protective glass on the screen, remote control and straps for it, instructions.

Filming from an action camera Eken H9r:

13th place. XIAOMI YI version 4K

Budget Action Camera with Image Stabilizer. Quite affordable price and at the same time serious hardware assembly make this model popular and well-sold. Very often, it is Xiaomi YI 4K that is compared with GoPro HERO4. The models are much alike and in some functions GoPro clearly lags behind the Chinese Xiaomi.

Compare Xiaomi Yi vs GoPro Hero 4

The model is equipped with a 3-axis gyroscope, which provides good stabilization when shooting. The picture does not jump, even if the video was recorded with active movement. The gadget has two stereo microphones that record loud and clear sound.

  • Processor: Ambarella A9SE95
  • Matrix: Sony IMX377 12MP 1 / 2.3
  • Viewing angle: 155 degrees, 7-lens lens
  • Stabilization: 3-axis gyroscope
  • Display: LCD 2.19 inch
  • Battery: 1400MAh
  • Maximum micro SD support: up to 64GB
  • Shooting mode: 4K. 30 frames per second, 2.7K. 60 frames per second, 2.5K. 30 frames per second, Full HD. 30/60/120 fps, HD. 240 fps
  • Interface: USB
  • Wireless Connections: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Synchronization with a mobile application
  • Weight: 88g
  • Size (Approximate): Height: 4.2cm, Length: 6.6cm, Width 3.1cm (with lens)

Package contents: camera, USB cable, manual.


  • NOT rich equipment
  • Not taken into account notches or rubberized inserts, which would prevent the gadget from slipping out of hands
  • When recording in 4K, there is no way to enable stabilization

Tip: if attachments to the camera are important to you, then you should get [urlspan] the original Xiaomi aqua box [/ urlspan]. Without it, unfortunately, the model can only be mounted on a regular tripod or selfie stick. By the way, with protection it becomes possible to shoot under water up to 40 meters deep.

Video shooting in 4K mode from the Xiaomi YI 4K action camera. It should be borne in mind that YouTube compresses video files and often “blurs” the image.

Action camera for shooting in 3D

We have dealt with the standard set, now with regard to the unusual function of panoramic shooting in 360 degrees. The availability of such cameras is also diverse. Let’s try to highlight the best of the best. TOP 3 budget cameras with two lenses.

12th place. Insta 360 Nano. action camera for blogger

This is the most budgetary camera model of this brand. It was made especially for owners of iphone (6 and above) and ipad. The device connects to a smartphone or tablet via the Lightning connector. The camera shoots a panoramic picture in all 360 degrees: top, bottom, front, back, left and right.

The cameras have the ability to shoot streams (live broadcasts) on YouTube or. And if you don’t want to carry it in conjunction with a smartphone, please. Just Shoot it and Record the video as you please, just like on a regular action camera. In this case, the device is equipped with a slot for a memory card.

Cool Insta360 Nano Camera Review:

11th place. Samsung Gear 360 (2017)

This camera is not quite a successful model of the famous electronics brand. But still, it will be included in this review, since it also has some advantages over previous models.

Firstly, this gadget features an existing handle for more convenient shooting. Secondly, the device syncs perfectly with both Apple and Android. And thirdly, the picture quality and noise reduction during video recording will undoubtedly delight the owners of this panoramic camera.

  • Matrix: CMOX, 15 MP
  • Viewing angle: 190 degrees
  • Stabilization: no
  • Display: yes
  • Widescreen mode

    Panoramic shooting 4K 24 frames per second:

    Full HD 60fps shooting:

    10th place. Xiaomi Mijia 360 Panoramic Camera

    Another Chinese, but already performed by a panoramic camera. I must say right away that this model is a big plus. moisture resistance and resistance to low temperatures. Which allows you to use the camera, for example, for winter sports or take pictures even in the rain (not designed for immersion in water!).

    The camera body itself is made of durable aluminum alloy, while the front and back are made of quality plastic. The device is dustproof and can operate from 10 degrees below zero. Panoramic shots from this gadget are simply amazing. With the help of a mobile application, there is a synchronization with a smartphone.

    The camera package is sufficient: the camera itself, a protective case, micro-USB, a small tripod and instructions.

  • Processor: Ambarella A12
  • Matrix: Sony IMX206 16 Mp
  • Viewing angle: 190 degrees
  • Low temperature resistance: 10 to 45 degrees Celsius
  • Stabilization: yes
  • Protection: IP67
  • Display: none
  • Battery: non-removable 1600 MAh
  • Maximum micro SD support: up to 128GB
  • Shooting mode: 3.5K. 30 FPS, 2K. 30/60 FPS
  • Interface: micro-USB
  • Wireless Connections: Wi-Fi
  • Synchronization with mobile application: yes
  • Weight: 109 g
  • Size (Approximate): Height 6.8cm, Length 7.8cm, Width: 2.4cm

Users say that when stitching a video in a special application for this camera (Mi Sphere Camera), the picture quality is very, VERY lost and leaves much to be desired. Plus, do not forget that YouTube also compresses video a lot.

An example of video filming on Xiaomi mijia 360 °, the author of the video shoots the Crimean beauties from Mount Ai-Petri:

The review compares the original of this video and the converted version from YouTube (at 8:57 am):

As you can see, this camera shoots a fairly high-quality and bright picture. And the fact that it is shooting in full 360 degrees makes this model attractive and well-sold.


SJCAM Sj8 model comparison

The Chinese company Sjcam has long been a leader in the market. It is the mini cameras of this manufacturer that can fully compete with the GoPro itself. In this review, I would like to consider the newest line of devices. Sj8.

In total, there are three cameras released in this family: from the most budgetary for beginners to the most expensive for professionals. It’s great that this option has a “golden mean” that you can use. So, three models of SjCAM action cameras: Sj8 Air, Sj8 Plus, Sj8 Pro.

Feature comparison:

Now let’s talk about each in more detail. Let’s start with the most affordable model that will work as a beginner’s first action camera.

9th place. Sj8 Air

The first difference that catches your eye. it is the lack of a display on the front side of the camera on the other two models. The gadget has a Russian-language interface and the ability to shoot video in FullHD format with a maximum of 30 frames per second. There is a Wi-Fi connection and the ability to synchronize with a smartphone when downloading the application.

The latest camera models come with an updated connection interface. now replaces the outdated micro-USB with a USB Type-C connector. It is located under a rubber cover that protects against dust and dirt.

  • Processor: Novatek NT96658
  • Matrix: Panasonic MN34112PA 14 MP
  • Viewing angle: 160 degrees, 7 glass lenses
  • Stabilization: none
  • Display: LCD 2.33 inches
  • Battery: 1200 MAh, 130 minutes continuous shooting
  • Maximum micro SD support: up to 128GB
  • Shooting mode: Full HD. 30 FPS, HD. 30 FPS
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Wireless Connections: Wi-Fi
  • Synchronization with mobile application: yes
  • Weight: 80 g
  • Size (Approximate): Height: 4.1cm, Length: 6.3cm, Width 2.9cm

The package bundle can be as minimal: a camera, a charging cable and instructions. And the maximum with a spare battery, various mounts and aqua box. The price will vary approximately. 20 I recommend buying the more advanced version right away. It will be much more profitable than buying accessories separately later.

8th place. Middle position in the new line. Sj8 Plus

The model is made with high quality and would claim to be the flagship if it were not for the Pro version. The body is made of durable and pleasant to the touch plastic. There is a small display on the front of the camera, which can be used to minimize battery consumption.

As you might have guessed, this model is equipped with more serious functions than the previous one. For example, Plus has 3-axis stabilization when shooting Full HD, and also has the ability to shoot 4K video at 30 FPS.

  • Processor: Novatek NT96683
  • Matrix: Sony IMX117 12 Mp
  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees, 7 glass lenses
  • Objective lens diameter: 2.88mm
  • Stabilization: 3-axis gyroscope
  • Display: LCD 2.33 inches
  • Battery: 1200 MAh, 100 minutes of continuous shooting in 4K
  • Maximum micro SD support: up to 128GB
  • Shooting mode: 4K. 30 FPS, Full HD. 60 FPS, HD. 120 FPS
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Wireless Connections: Wi-Fi
  • Synchronization with mobile application: yes
  • Weight: 85g
  • Size (Approximate): Height: 4.1cm, Length: 6.25cm, Width 2.9cm

Daytime 4K Shooting:

The model is also presented in several configuration options.

7th place. Sj8pro. the most expensive camera of the eighth series

It is this device that is the top when choosing a good camera with a 4K 60 frames per second mode and at an affordable price. Of the budget models, only Xiaomi Yi 4K, which we reviewed just above, can compare with it. Still, the Sj8Pro is a more professional camera.

  • Processor: Ambarella H22S85
  • Matrix: Sony IMX377 12 Mp
  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees
  • Objective lens diameter: 2.88mm
  • Stabilization: 3-axis gyroscope
  • Display: OLED touch 2.33 inches
  • Battery: 1200 MAh, 90 minutes of continuous shooting in 4K with the screen off and Wi-fi
  • Maximum micro SD support: up to 128GB
  • Shooting mode: 4K. 30/60 FPS, 2K. 30/60 FPS, Full HD. 60/120 FPS, HD. 240 FPS
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Wireless Connections: Wi-Fi
  • Synchronization with mobile application: yes
  • Weight: 85g
  • Size (Approximate): Height: 4.1cm, Length: 6.25cm, Width 2.9cm

Many noted that with the release of the new Sjcam families, gadgets are only getting better. So the design of sj8 Pro is made with high quality and conscientiously. The body is made of a pleasant soft-touch plastic. Which will prevent the device from slipping out of your hands, even if you are wearing gloves.

The camera, like the previous models, is equipped with a 1/4 “thread for mounting mounts and has several configuration options. Connection only through a single USB Type-C, to which, by the way, you can connect an external microphone. This will be useful for video bloggers.


  • There is no stabilization when shooting 4K 60FPS (4K30FPS only). Although the camera is claiming to be a pro, its processor is not so powerful. As, for example, in GouPro 7, which easily copes with this. But the costs of THESE models vary significantly among themselves.
  • In the previous line, gadgets could be used as a webcam. Sj8pro has no such function

Life, action, backlash. what it is?

recently. about ten years ago. you could make a great story with good voiceover and accurate syncs. Camera on a tripod. The operator shows mainly large (up to 60%), medium (about 30%) and general (10%) plans. Everything is clear, everything is clear.

Let’s imagine that the topic concerns one and all. Let’s add here the appearance of the journalist in the frame at the place where the event takes place. And now, attention: such a plot will be easily rejected if you offer it to federal channels! Even if the topic is interesting and, as they say, “fits” into the layout. At best, they will take several plans if the event is hot, or one or two are synchronous. But the plot will not be shown in full. Why? Because today there is a clear requirement for an information plot: to shoot in a modern way, that is, to use such techniques as backlash, life and action.

Let’s start with the simplest.

Luft (from German Luft. Air). this is the inclusion in the plot of a live picture with live sound without off-screen text.

There is often a backlash at the beginning of a plot, sometimes inside, less often it ends it. As an example, I will give a plot on the theme of the village.

■ Early morning. The cock is heard like a poet. And here he is, handsome, large, colored. He pulls his head up and gives out a joyful cry. And only after that the voice of the journalist appears behind the scenes (or the journalist appears in the frame, or makes a stand-up. It is not so important in this case). In the middle of the same plot, we are talking about hard peasant labor in conditions when only elderly women were left in the village.

In the classic version, in the appearance of such techniques as backlash, on the journalist’s phrase “there are only women left, they have to do everything themselves,” we see an old woman chopping wood. The use of backlash suggests a different composition. The journalist’s phrase remains, and in the same picture an elderly woman leaves the house and walks to a stack of firewood, but the moment when the ax crashes into a log with a crunch and the grandmother groans is shown live, without any text. ■

Have you introduced yourself to this moment? Your heart sank? And if still a good operator shows a large wrinkled hand with an ax and tired eyes from under a tied scarf. any comment at this moment will be weaker than the effect that for a few seconds (just something!) Shakes the viewer and is remembered by him.

Backlash. this is the ability of a journalist to step aside a little, to give a piece of life as it is. In this case, much greater fidelity is achieved with live sound. And still a backlash. it is more paint, atmosphere than the main plot.

Life (from the English Life. Life). this is a live picture with live sound, which has Fundamental semantic meaning.

■ Let’s go back to the old lady example. The blow and sound of an ax, in principle, can remain Intershum under the texts of a journalist. I have already said that the effect will not be so strong, but for the content of the plot, the difference is not centuries significant. Now imagine that our old woman cannot cut the “unfortunate” log and at the same time says: “When there was a son, I did not cut wood myself. But they killed my son. So I was left alone with the cat. And call someone. you need money for a bottle. And where can I get them? »■

She will never say that if you specifically ask questions and slip your microphone! But these are her words. the most important, key to your plot. Already to them you can add your information that the Russian village is dying out. Here it is. life, that is, “life”. Life as it is. Your camera becomes NOT a subject of shooting, but an almost accidental witness to events. There is a feeling of a hidden camera.

Life has Fundamental meaningful value. In the editing room, when reviewing the material, you must be able to catch and see live moments of shooting and insert them into the plot, after carefully decoding.

It is interesting that due to the need to work in a modern way, it is not journalists who come to the fore when filming a story, but cameramen. If a journalist, out of old habit, rushes about with a microphone around his heroes and pesters them with questions, seeking emotional synchronicities, then it is unlikely that he will have a “piece of life” on film, that is, life. A competent journalist works today a pilot with its operator, it becomes additional eyes and ears with a video camera. You must be able to quietly say: “Come closer to her. Shoot with good sound. She will definitely say something “.

Sometimes a professional journalist deliberately behaves like a bird that leads the hunter away from the nest. With an indifferent air, the journalist moves away from the operator, and his characters involuntarily relax. For people, it is the journalist who is the person who will force them to speak to the camera. Few people know that the camera has a microphone always on, and therefore people react to a camera with an operator without a journalist more calmly and more openly.

It’s great if your operator becomes a real partner and provokes life with a simple request: “Show me how you do it, and I’ll shoot.” The person does, shows, explains. And right on the camera, which is very important. If a journalist comes up to him with a microphone and asks the same thing, he will never get such sincerity and authenticity. Microphone scares people, makes them tense.

It’s funny, but often the eyes of the characters only follow the microphone, and the viewer wonders: where are they looking? Backlash and life, as filming techniques, were not born today and have long been used in documentary films. Marina Goldovskaya, well-known in the world of cinema and television (the author of many sensational documentaries), has long proved, like many of her predecessors and followers, that you can make beautiful portraits of people when the author acts both as a director and as a cameraman. Read her book “Woman with a Movie Camera“. you will find many useful tips and examples.

Now, by the way, many experts talk about a return to the author’s TV, when a creative person finds contact with an interesting hero and refuses the operator’s services, since the appearance of a second person tears the thin and such an important thread of trust between the author and the hero.

Digital technologies with lightweight mobile cameras allow both women and men to work as an operator. Personally, I belong to the category of journalists who prefer a team method of work, and I think that two heads are better than one. Introducing documentary techniques into the television profession requires particularly careful preliminary work with all members of the film crew, including drivers. The feeling of elbowing, the ability to exchange speaking glances, the system of Special signs (the journalist scratched his nose, it means that the operator must immediately turn on the camera or something like that). all this is very important.

Is it possible to build the whole plot on life? Let’s remember the heading “No comment”. This is real life without any comments. Sometimes it can be very interesting because it is reliable. Sometimes it can be sensationally interesting.

■ Once in the “No comment” column I saw how the opposition was jubilant after the overthrow of Georgian President Shevardnadze. The faces of THESE people probably frightened Not only me: the joy was very aggressive, and the question arose: what to expect from THESE people? No comments, no translation. But very interesting and very informative. Subsequent events in Georgia, including military actions against, only confirmed these feelings.

Awesome films without voiceover are shot by documentary director Tofik Shahverdiyev. They only have life. One of his films is about a street child, where viewers are immersed in the world of unfortunate boys, Who sniff glue, beg, fight and build themselves holes in the subway passages. Another film is also about children, but these are different children. They study at the ballet school at the Bolshoi Theater, and every day, drenched in sweat and sometimes in tears, pull their legs and arms into Special machines. And harsh teachers force them to do the same movements hundreds, thousands of times. ■

These two films stand side by side as a dilogy: such different children, such different fates, such different tears.

Shooting life requires special careful work of the operator. It’s not just the details and the image that matter here. Sound is always important here. It is written all at once. When filming a life, an operator becomes an author, director, cameraman and sound engineer in one person. That is why I insist that a journalist should NOT leave his cameraman for a minute. He is simply obliged to help him in everything and NOT to lose him for a second out of sight. I hope you understand what is hidden behind These terms.

Backlash. it’s simple enough. The camera always records live sound, and, believe me, even if you did NOT specifically shoot backlash, it is almost always on your film. Here the worker turns on the machine, a characteristic sound is heard. Leave this sound on for a few seconds, then mute it and begin your commentary offscreen. Several seconds of machine operation. this is already a backlash, but the quality of the filming itself, when there is live sound behind the scenes, should be at the highest level. If the sound of the machine, then at least the machine must be in the frame, otherwise nothing will be clear.

And here is the life. this is more difficult. Real life is perceived by the audience as if there was no journalist or cameraman on the set. There is life as it is. But a journalist and a cameraman cannot dissolve in thin air, which means that he must be able to completely switch his attention from himself and the camera to something else that will captivate a person and make him forget about everything. The best way is to switch the hero’s attention. give him the opportunity to do business. Especially if this business is familiar and beloved for him. Then he becomes almost indifferent to the presence of the film crew and the “terrible” camera in the hands of the operator.

■ Once we decided to introduce a new heading into the morning channel Lark on Nizhny Novgorod TV: “Recipes from Baba Gali”. The heroine was found almost by accident after watching the plot of the regional television studio in a wonderful, lively old woman who is always glad to have guests. An idea came up: let this grandmother teach us how to cook

Simple Russian food: pancakes, pancakes, cabbage soup, dumplings, jellied meat, salted cabbage. Baba Galya quickly agreed. What was my horror as a producer when the film crew showed the first working material! Dressed in unthinkable clothes (something black, lacy, obviously, according to the heroine, very smart) with curled and combed hair, Baba Galya in front of the camera involuntarily began to “play Makarevich.” She very long and boringly (unlike the same Makarevich) explained how to choose flour, and then began to cook with unnatural movements. It was a marriage. Baba Galya, as they say, we needed “alive”. But how can this be achieved? The second attempt was successful.

The operator suggested that the heroine knead the dough as she usually does. He deceived her a little, said that he was just rehearsing, not filming, and specially pasted a red light on the camera, which during the first shooting Baba Galya looked at with horror. He told us that when she was kneading the dough, usually a poet, our baba Galya began Murlyk her favorite songs, and along the way, she involuntarily explained directly to the camera why the dough was good and why not. It was wonderful! ■

Sometimes it is enough for a person to exercise his hand to make him relax. And sometimes a journalist has to act by provocation and offer to show something unusual in the house or ask to get an album with photographs and look at them with surprise: “How, is that you? Can not be !? “Having” warmed up “and immersed in memories, a person himself will begin a sheet of the album and tell his life. A technique that I call a “tour guide” usually works very well. Ask your character to show you a favorite resting place, a favorite place in the city, at a table, a favorite book on a shelf. The person himself will begin to speak with vivid details, trying to captivate you with some subject, love for the city or book.

■ It is impossible to forget the story of a street boy, like my student Alexei Semyonov (the youngest winner of the TEFI national award) filmed according to the principle of a “guide”. He invited 10-year-old Mishka to show his Nizhny. What have we seen? The station, “where the police are chasing us,” a hatch, “where you can climb down and warm up a little,” and finally a house “where my uncle lives, who feeds deliciously and buys clothes for“ fucking ”. The plot lasted no more than three minutes and was shown a long time ago, but everyone who watched it remembers it. ■

Each journalist has his own secrets of how to make a successful life. We must search, try. Without this, you cannot succeed on modern television. It is NOT by chance that reality shows have been so popular lately. The viewer wants to see life as it is. He does not need our comments, the viewer is especially interested in how to spy on people who find themselves in a difficult situation: how they react to a problem, cry, or, conversely, withdraw into themselves.

■ The TV show “The Last Hero” has a huge rating not only here, but all over the world. Have you ever thought that all passions and tears are recorded on camera and on the “uninhabited” island next to the heroes there are more than a dozen real and well-fed television operators Who, in close-up, that is, very close, record super-frank dialogues of the heroes. If you are a professional, you should be asking yourself these questions: why are people on the islands not afraid of the camera and do NOT react to it? Personally, I think they are too keen to be distracted by this. Explanation of this. the unusual situation of the island itself, hunger and deprivation, the game and the need to remain the last hero, finally a habit that appears already on the second or third day, because cameras are everywhere. All this is perceived as an indispensable condition and scenery for the game. It seems that few of the participants in the game, being on the island, seriously thought about the television version of events. In addition, cameras shoot a lot, literally everything. It is impossible to guess what will remain of this and what will go away forever (the editor of the project “The Last Hero-1” Irina Kemarskaya told me that the result of three minutes of useful material from one hour of filming was considered a great success).

Of course, you cannot compare the conditions of an expensive show with the shooting of a regular news story. But some of this experience is useful to realize. For example, the fact that the game captivates people completely. Offer your heroes a game and you will see that this is the rule. for all.

■ I once saw a story where a reporter asked the gold miners to swap places with him. It was a game. One man from the brigade, who was called the Most Talkative, tried with a microphone in his hands to tell us how gold is mined. At this time, the correspondent rolled up his sleeves and laundered. in the truest sense of the word. golden sand and shared my impressions. The viewer breathed a sigh of relief when, at the end of the story, everyone took their place and the microphone was again in the hands of the reporter. During the showing of this story at the TEFI-Region festival, the audience applauded, because the idea was good, and the reception, which we call life, turned out by itself. ■

It is especially good to distract children from the camera by playing. Here, as they say, God himself commanded. To finally captivate you with the idea of ​​working in the style of life, I will give you another example.

■ Veterans of the Great Patriotic War talk and shoot a lot. Most often, such Plots appear on May 9, on Victory Day. At other times, war veterans are commonly used as heroes for problem plots in pensions, Dilapidated Fund, and other social issues. In THESE cases, medals and orders of participants and veterans of the war help Journalists Zaostrov problem and show the callousness of officials.

But in this case, I am interested in Victory Day. Are you flinched? You, too, presented yourself with a huge number of the same stories on this topic, which are repeated from year to year? Grandparents with orders and medals on their ceremonial jackets sit against the background of carpets hanging on the wall (this always causes special amazement to foreigners: why are the carpets on the wall?), And over a cup of tea, Which they DO NOT touch, they tell us for the hundredth time in Soldier’s friendship and front-line exploits. In fact, they don’t remember much of this story either. always a repetition of a certain cliche, which was once used, and now, with some variations, is repeated from year to year.

The attempts of the most active and zealous journalists will somehow return the conversation and achieve life are worthy of respect, but, as a rule, they are doomed to failure if this is done for the sake of “live”, and not seriously.

Tofig Shahverdiyev went the second way. He learned that on the eve of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Victory Day, participants of that very first Victory March, which took place in May 1945, were invited to Moscow. Elderly people come to Moscow from different parts of the country, and they are settled in a country holiday home and drilled for three days in order to achieve harmony in the column. I think that such information is unlikely to greatly interest many TV journalists and documentary filmmakers. What’s so special about that? What’s so interesting? But Shakhverdiev urgently bought a small digital camera Canon for his last money. And they did not lose. The result is a touching and heartbreaking film “March of Victory”. Actually, the march of our veterans in Red Square itself takes no more than 20 seconds in this film. The same amount. military chronicle with the explosion and death of soldiers. The same amount. 1945 Victory March. Also a chronicle and also 20 seconds, which together only one minute.

But the length of the film. 45 minutes. What is its basis? Why do viewers cry and, holding their breath, catch every word of those very grandparents, Who speak sluggishly and standardly in our news stories? The answer is simple: the film gives a feeling of complete authenticity and tragicomic nature of the situation. Laughter and tears. This is not only Gogol, this is the highest bar of any work of art.

We see our old men marching diligently in the rain. A close-up of the camera shows their cheap boots, old-fashioned shoes, Which confidently pace at the command of a gray-haired instructor like them. Left hand, right shoulder. he commands, and they confuse everything, collide, apologize and again diligently march through wet Moscow, risk catching a cold, which may be the last. And in the evening they dance in the rest house. And how they dance! Putting all my soul into it, gracefully, gallantly, passionately and innocently at the same time. And then they choose their costumes for the march and make fun of each other: “Hide your belly, close your bald head.” The key words of this film were two phrases, which literally escaped the mouth of an old man with a bad Cossack mustache: “Why should we march in front of them? They should be marching before us. ” ■

Well, what can I add? A small semi-household camera, bought at the last moment by a wonderful director, made both the audience and the director rich. The film was crowned with many awards, including international ones. It turned out to be a portrait of a generation, because the characters, the location and the principle of filming were definitely chosen. Watch this movie, and then you will not need to explain what life is.

Action (from the English. Action. Action). unexpected action that is filmed from start to finish in real time.

The simplest and clearest example. when you are filming a criminal event, and an official approaches the operator and covers the camera with his hand, forbidding you to shoot. Here it is, an unexpected and vivid action, filmed from start to finish.

It’s terrible when a plane or a helicopter crashes during exhibitions or shows, but our profession is quite cynical. That operator, who filmed the helicopter crash from start to finish, has a chance to become famous. I’m sure a professional cameraman has some special flair for action. He slightly anticipates the event. Only in this case he will be able to film this event and film it correctly.

Action. it is not always blood, death and crime. In the program “Your Own Director” on the Rossiya TV channel, many home filmmakers demonstrate wonderful action-style filming options. Here someone sits down past a chair, here the partner drops the ballerina, but the dog rushes over the cat, but contrary to our expectations, he caught up and starts to diligently lick her ears. Remember action. it is always a surprise. In Hollywood, this is usually a gun or a shot that lies in wait for a peaceful couple. And in life this is an event that evokes vivid emotions: laughter, horror, delight, indignation. And the better it will be filmed and the more unexpected it will be for the viewer, the higher the price of success.

I do not recommend specifically chasing action, but you must always be ready to shoot it.

Single-column wooden support and ways to strengthen the corner supports: Overhead line supports. Structures designed to support wires at the required height above ground, water.

What is Action Camera?

What is Action Camera? Relaxing weekend on a cozy sofa. not your profile? Are you one of those madmen who spend their holidays not in the comfortable beach of an all-inclusive hotel, but in the fight against the elements and common sense? Then a simple camcorder is not for you.

You need a device that can capture every nanosecond of the extreme without interfering with the process. Action Camera (Action Camera), which can work in extreme conditions and is able to shoot autonomously to the maximum. This is an indispensable gadget for outdoor enthusiasts, because the scope of Action Camera is much wider than usual.

Agree. it is difficult to shoot while skiing downhill or climbing a vertical cliff. These are the moments when a person challenges nature and must be 100% mobilized. There is no time for photos and videos. But you really want someone else to appreciate the charm of this crazy raid, to feel the mad speed, to see the breathtaking height. Action Camera gives you this opportunity. This miniature device is hands-free, operates automatically, and delivers image quality far better than conventional standards.

Therefore, the question of where Action Camera is used can be answered simply: yes, almost everywhere! Rugged, rugged video recorders are designed to work in a wide temperature range, can withstand a strong impact or fall from a height of several kilometers, and waterproof options can easily capture a diver’s adventures in the underwater world.

Faster, better, wider: Action Cameras versus conventional models

Our subject of research. a professional gadget, its abilities are very different from the characteristics of electronics that we use in everyday life.

DIMENSIONS, WEIGHT. Extreme rest can hardly be called a rest. Every minute counts, every gram of excess weight is important, which can play not in favor. At a party, at a matinee in kindergarten or school, it doesn’t really matter. the gadget weighs 500 or 800 g. And if you have a tripod. so even though two or three kilos, no difference. But sports. a serious matter. Here, weight is calculated with cosmic care. Therefore, Action Camera weighs as little as it is constructively possible today: a maximum of 200 g, and often even less. The same goes for dimensions. in size it does not exceed a pack of cigarettes, which allows you to fix it almost anywhere, while it will not interfere and will no longer block the view.

Protection against moisture and mechanical damage. Considering that the use of such a DVR is expected in conditions far from calm and comfort, its protection is well-developed. First of all. impact resistance. The body of the device is made of light metals (mainly aluminum-based alloys) and high-strength plastic. The modern technological process makes it possible to withstand the blows of fate of the extreme owner with honor. The operating temperature is designed for both hellish heat and severe cold. Where conventional electronics refuse to function, our heroine will proudly continue to work without interruptions and errors. The same applies to precipitation: reliable protection against moisture. mandatory item in the device dossier. It can be used in rain and snow, and a model designed for “water procedures” can easily be drowned at a depth of several tens of meters.

RECORDING SPEED. Normal shooting does not require extraordinary speed. And if fast-moving objects fall into the lens, household shooting equipment will result in blurry frames or video from a jerk. The fact is that standard video recording electronics work “slowly and sadly” by the standards of extreme sportsmen. at a speed of 25-30 frames per second. But the action version is designed for high-speed shooting. about 60 frames per second. This function ensures that both the session photography and the video will be reproduced with high quality, without “daub”, bitch and Hitch.

SHOOTING QUALITY. Proud Full HD that huge Smart TVs usually show off. by no means exclusive to the giants. A modest action camera also boasts a frame resolution of 1289×720 or 1920×1080 pixels. Although, to save space on the memory card, a lower quality mode is available in all models (if you suddenly want to take a break and shoot static landscapes, a resolution of thousands of pixels is enough for this). Another important quality is the viewing angle. Considering that the device will have to work independently, without any directorial adjustments on your part, it is better that the field of view is as wide as possible. then not a single interesting moment will be missed. Therefore, the survey is up to 170 o. maximum coverage with minimum dead zones.

Guide to Action: How to Shoot Lossless Action Camera for Yourself and Videos

Any active action. training, jogging, driving, climbing to the top of the mountain, descending the river require full concentration of attention. You physically do not have the opportunity to practice even one hand or be distracted by looking into the lens. Therefore, our “extreme” has a set of mounts for any occasion: it will fit comfortably on the helmet, bike handlebars and even on the flat surface of the hood and will film all adventures from the first to the last frame.

The same applies to the management function. it is unlikely that you will have the time and opportunity to click buttons during the process, so the camera works as autonomously as possible, you will program everything you need before shooting, and if necessary, the remote control will help out.

TOP-5: five reasons to use an extreme camera instead of a regular one

So, we made sure that a regular video is NOT suitable for an active pastime. Let’s once again weigh the pros and cons, and briefly summarizing the top five indisputable advantages of a professional technique.

Dimensions and weight: the action “baby” will not lie on your head as a heavy stone, will not close a vital view, it will be invisible, but at the same time it will do its job perfectly.

Protect: protection on all fronts. from shock, falling, moisture, vibration. Waterproof models withstand hours of continuous operation at a depth of about 30 m.

Frame Rate: Double the number of frames per second, delivers crisp images at high speeds.

Resolution and FOV: Pixel-quality photos and videos are designed for wide-angle, long-range motion shots under adverse conditions. with so many working minuses Full HD. what you need! A wide format. additional assurance that the video captures all the details of the adventure, narrow-cut cropping can hopelessly ruin the effect. instead of a whole picture, there will be torn frames of content that is understandable only to the owner of the technique.

Mount: taking into account the fact that Hands Free. a prerequisite for EXTREME shooting, the presence of variations of fastening on the helmet, on the steering wheel, hood or any other place you need. priceless.

Sun, air and water, speed, adrenaline and danger. best friends of extreme fans. The professional video may not convey the fantastic emotions of the athlete, but it will bring you closer to these feelings. Don’t take away the chance to see the world through the eyes of an extreme!

Modern video technology mainly develops in the characteristics of the internal “filling” and its functionality. Improved properties of matrix modules, processors and lenses allow obtaining materials of a qualitatively new level. However, the peculiarities of the operation of digital technology in extreme conditions led to the formation of a whole segment of devices of a different type. This is how a compact and at the same time easy-to-use action camera appeared. What is it from the point of view of a direct consumer? First of all, a wide range of protective equipment that protects the structure from external influences of various kinds. But the features of models of this type DO NOT end there.

General information about action cameras

Most of the models are small cameras enclosed in a robust and dirt-resistant housing. By the way, a wide range of insulating coatings and casings, even in budget models, allows you to protect the device’s filling also from water and small dust particles. There are also differences in the mounting system, which already in the basic configuration complements the standard action camera. What are these devices? On the one hand, these are typical devices for attaching the case to various parts of structures and even clothing. With another. damper, lens vibration dampening.

An important design feature is the equipment with an ultra-wide-angle lens, which is distinguished by a high degree of sharpness. Such a device also eliminates the need for autofocus, which itself is sensitive to vibration. By the way, manufacturers and supply of fisheye lens models practice. For example, the third generation GoPro action camera allows shooting with a 170 ° field of view.

Recording Features

The recording process is carried out at high speed. in this aspect, this is the main difference between such camcorders and conventional models. Almost all devices of this class operate at 60 frames / sec, while the traditional line is characterized by a speed of 25-30 frames / sec. What is especially important, the recording format and matrix resolution are practically NOT inferior to Traditional devices. The modern Sony action camera, in particular, supports not only the Full HD recording mode, but also the modern 4K technology. Another thing is that the operating conditions of such models still leave their mark on the final quality of the video material, which sometimes radically differs from shooting in normal mode. This is a characteristic shaking, vibration and vibration. Damping devices are aimed at eliminating such negative effects, but their function is often insufficient.

In particular, most owners of such models note high-quality stabilization, which eliminates the very vibrations and vibrations. In the complete elimination of such interference, it is not necessary, but serious x minimization has already become a confirmed fact. The Sony action camera is NOT spared from the drawbacks that prevented the company from firmly establishing itself at the top of this class. Again, according to users, the disadvantage is the low quality of color reproduction and materials shot under water.

Stabilization systems, fixings and other auxiliary accessories are implemented at the most advanced technological level. At the same time, the GoPro action camera actively absorbs the latest functionality. The owners note both the thoughtful implementation of wireless modules, and capacious video storage cards, as well as battery packs that ensure long-term operation without interruption.

How much does an action camera cost?

The most affordable action cameras can be purchased for 5-7 thousand rubles. These are models with a minimal set of options, which also demonstrate not the best structural ergonomics. This is followed by a segment for 10-12 thousand, which presents a technically better, but still poor in functionality, action camera. What does this mean in practice? In terms of shooting, such a device is significantly inferior to more expensive premium versions, but in terms of reliability of the element base, it is quite suitable for a variety of conditions of use. The upper segment, in turn, demonstrates in all respects attractive cameras like the latest generations of GoPro costing about 20 thousand.

Despite all the differences from traditional video cameras, action models also show an example of the dynamic development of a separate industry in the field of digital technology. Advanced control systems, smart sensors, wireless data transmission channels. these and other technological innovations have long been absorbed by the action camera. What does this give the end user? First of all, freedom of action in the process of creating video content. Clamp kits not only allow you to securely mount the camera, but also DO NOT degrade the quality of the shooting. In addition, the latest technical ideas have saved action camera operators from solving many secondary tasks associated with data transmission in the dial-up network mode.

Action camera: what it is and how to choose the right one?

The modern rhythm of life makes a progressive person is in continuous movement, development. Modern technological developments make it possible to save Numerous interesting life events. sporting achievements, active rest, special events. Therefore, new technical solutions and devices are entering the electronics market, one of which is an action camera.

Choice Features and Accessories for Action Camera

How to choose a quality Action Camera? The answer to this question should be dealt with with all care, relying on your preferences: camera lightness, compactness, video and photo quality, battery life without recharging, etc. Below are the main criteria according to which this equipment is selected. Each of the characteristics below is helpful to be familiar with before purchasing.

State of the art cameras support HD 1080. High quality shooting mode Required to obtain high quality images. However, one should hope that any Action Camera supporting this shooting mode is capable of producing a high-quality “picture” at the output. Thus, before choosing a particular model, it is worth watching a video filmed by it and posted on the Internet. So you will be able to get the highest quality presentation in the desired acquisition.

Frame rate (fps). an important parameter affecting the choice of the camera. It should be noted that the higher the parameter under consideration, the smoother and smoother the video is. However, in this case, keep in mind that frame rate affects battery health, and the higher this number, the faster the battery will drain, so choose what is your priority. the accuracy of the received video or battery condition?

It is interesting that tourists and fans of an active lifestyle prefer high-quality shooting, believing that it is better to purchase a spare battery for the device. High-quality devices can have up to 120 frames per second, but cameras with half the number will be quite high-quality. about 60 per second.

Video format. another notable characteristic to consider before purchasing a device. MP4, MOV, AVI. The most famous and common video formats readable by most hardware. High quality recording requires H.264 support.

About fixing the camera

Head Mount Action Camera.


Virtually every Mini Action Camera records to a removable memory card. Thus, the larger the memory card has, the more footage it can fit. As a rule, a memory card is included with the camera kit, but you cannot count on a large volume. So, many people prefer to additionally purchase an SD card, so that if the main card is full, insert an additional one into the slot. It should be said that 32 GB of memory is enough to get high-quality video recording.

Battery charge

Action Camera is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. A good lithium battery is capable of PROVIDING continuous shooting for two hours. In addition to an additional memory card, experienced tourists prefer to buy a second battery, which, if the first battery is discharged, could replace it in the absence of an electrical network.

Remote control

Many modern compact cameras are equipped with a wireless controller. (DS), through the participation of which in the shooting process it becomes possible to quickly turn on and off the recording, take still pictures. In addition to everything, the models of leading manufacturers are equipped with a wireless interface, so that the user can control the device using his smartphone. This quality gives the camera and its user favorable conditions, additional features.

  • Action Camera Sony HDR-AS30 with wireless remote control. To read.
  • Polaroid xs100i. Action Camera with a shooting duration of 180 minutes.

Important parameters

Many cameras are equipped with a G-sensor, during which the device starts recording with minimal movement of the object being filmed, or camera movement. The presence of GPS in the device allows the collection of the accumulated information in the location of the camera, in addition, the use of the camera as a GPS tracker is allowed. In addition to the above, the design of the device may have additional technical options, including an LCD display, a remote control joystick, a laser target pointer and other functions. Of course, the cost of the device for the consumer will depend on the technical equipment of the device in question.

Before buying a camera, you need to take into account the scope of its application, that is, try to answer the question, where will the camera be used? If you are choosing an Action Camera for hunting, then before buying, you should consult with a competent specialist at the outlet. It should also be determined with the purchase budget, taking into account the cost of a memory card, mounts, batteries and other accessories, including a tripod for Action Cameras, monopods for Action Cameras, etc. It will not be superfluous to study information, reviews, videos, photos, articles and comments on forums related to the device in question.

In the price

A modern Action Camera that is too expensive. not always a quality attribute of a tourist. Thus, by purchasing an expensive model, you do NOT get protection against counterfeiting or low-quality products at all. Of course, with the high cost of the device, the likelihood of getting a fake or a low-quality product is significantly reduced, but a high level of cost, cost does not always serve as an indicator of quality.

Camera rental

For those who cannot afford buying a new device, a modern service is always available. Action Camera rental. Renting equipment is beneficial, first of all, for those people who are going to use the device in question one or several times, and therefore the purchase and solid waste are considered inappropriate. There are a number of objective circumstances due to which the rental of the devices in question is beneficial.

  • Your hobbies. extreme sports, but you don’t have an Action Camera;
  • You have an Action Camera, but this is not enough for you, and you are going to shoot videos from different angles;
  • If you need to shoot underwater and you need a waterproof action camera;
  • If you liked a certain camera model, but you do not want to trust the choice of other people’s opinions, but want to personally test the device with your own hands
  • Your profession. operator, and you want to expand the filming process, attracting more cameras, more technical capabilities, interesting angles;
  • You can be a wedding cameraman with creative thinking, want to diversify the process of shooting special moments;
  • You need a video camera for one or more times.

It should be noted that the rental rules for devices of this type are often the same in rental organizations. So, the minimum rental period will most likely be a day, and in the event of a breakdown or loss of one of the related accessories, you will need to pay the cost. When renting equipment, an organization providing such services wants to receive guarantees from the recipient of the service, and therefore the full amount of the cost of the rented device is paid at the time of registration of the procedure.

Equipment is returned with a time error of several hours, and if the action camera is returned several hours late, you have to pay for an additional day of rental. It is also worth knowing that in case of loss or breakdown without the possibility of recovery, the security amount is NOT refunded. The calculation of the amount of equipment rental is carried out depending on the parameters, including the service life, brand, design and cost of equipment.

If you want to get a great vacation experience, while preserving them for home or public viewing, do not need to skimp on a high-quality device for video and photography.