Computer glasses. how to choose?

Modern life is becoming more and more digital. Work, education, leisure, communication. all this is somehow connected with the screens of monitors. It is difficult to now find a person who spends less than 3-4 hours a day in gadgets. And prolonged use of all these devices has a negative effect on the health of the organs of vision, unpleasant symptoms occur: dryness, fatigue, redness of the eyes, headache, decreased clarity and clouding of the image, rubberization and pain in the eyes, and various eye pathologies may appear. To reduce the increased load on the eyes, preservation of vision and getting rid of pain in the head, the Okulists recommend using special computer glasses.

The quality of vision is greatly affected by the radiation from the screens of TVs, monitors, computers, tablets. In addition, the constant flickering of the screen, an unsuccessful font size, too small details, increased brightness. all these are standard causes that cause discomfort and eye tension. And the so.called blue light is the greatest danger. The harmful rays of blue spectra have a short wavelength and high energy, which is why they are able to penetrate deeply. Blue light radiated by the screens of all kinds of digital devices, not only destructively affects the retina, which causes eye diseases, but also slows down the production of melatonin, which leads to a violation of sleep. It is very difficult for a person to fall asleep, in the morning he experiences a feeling of breakdown, fatigue, there is a constant decrease in performance and poor appearance, in particular a person.

Compliance with some rules when working at a computer helps to reduce the symptoms associated with digital eye overstrain:

  • The distance from the eyes to the display is not less than 50-60cm;
  • During long work. Every 45 minutes you need to take 15-minute breaks, preferably with gymnastics and special exercises for the muscles of the eyes;
  • Sufficient lighting in the working room;
  • Correct monitor settings (brightness, contrast, update frequency);
  • The location of the monitor at the eye level (not higher and not lower);
  • Often blink for normal moisturizing the mucosa;
  • Observe and maintain cleanliness at the workplace.

To ensure guaranteed protection against blue light and create comfortable conditions for work will help computer glasses. Ophthalmologists advise using them to almost everyone who spends more than 3-4 hours a day behind the screens. And these are most people: schoolchildren, students, office workers, designers, programmers, gamers, bloggers, etc.D.

Correct glasses for the computer perform several important functions:

How the computer glasses work? Lens coating has specific BluebLocker filters, which cut off bright and excess blue light emanating from the screens of all gadgets. The benefits of computer glasses and the effect of their wearing are noticeable. the eyes are protected, discomfort from working behind the monitor disappears due to a decrease in the load on the visual nerve, the ability to work is increased. It is important to understand that such an optics does not guarantee the absolute protection of the visual apparatus, but makes everyday work as comfortable as possible, due to which eye fatigue is significantly reduced.

How is the correction of anomaly?

Fruise is an anomaly of refraction. You can solve the problem by wearing points with “plus” diopters. Such optical devices are so refracted by light rays that their focusing does not occur behind the retina, but on it.

The ophthalmologist selects glasses with diophthrics for the patient after a computer examination. It is prohibited to choose lenses yourself. Such actions can lead to a sharp decrease in vision and discomfort while wearing these optical devices. Correction of farsightedness is carried out taking into account such factors:

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3 Ways to Improve Your Eyesight Fast at Home

In some cases, the specialists of our clinic resort to hardware restoration of vision.

In special cases, surgical treatment of hyperopia is carried out. It is necessary for patients who cannot wear glasses or lenses, or they do not give a positive effect. The operation is characterized by its advantages:

With the help of surgery, you can improve the quality of life of patients.

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How the computer glasses work?

Typically, computer optics does not have diopters, but serves as an artificial filter. Such a “barrier” protects the eyes not only from the light emitted by the computer monitor, but also from electromagnetic radiation (even the most modern monitors, this indicator is much higher than that of old TVs).

Usually, when buying an excuse for a computer, you can see that their lenses are rarely colorless.

Protective layers of different colors are applied to the lenses of such a special optics: yellow, greenish, purple.

Thanks to this, these products cut off the light of the blue-violet spectra, which is the main one for monitors, and the user sees the image as clearly and without losing color rendering, but the eyes do not get tired.

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Two types of points for working at a computer

Normal vision glasses

Which glasses for working at the computer are better? The answer to this question directly depends on the important point: you have good vision or have deviations? If everything is in order with the health of your eyes, you should only be interested in the following parameters:

Of course, it is best to take the reflective, but these models have their own specifics. Some lenses remove halftones and significantly enhance the contrast of the image. Such models are great for copywriters and other users involved in freelanem, t, respectively, work a lot with texts. Other models that quite clearly save color renders are designed for designers. If your work does not require such specifics, computer invaders with enlightened lenses reflecting glare are perfect for you. You just will work more comfortably.

If you look at the manufacturer, it is better to choose German lenses, Japanese or Swiss. they are better and more durable.

The frame. Durable, durable and with dense lens mount. Typically, when choosing a frame, the “price rule” works well: options worth below 2000 are generally better not to consider. They are fragile, break, they overwhelm them. in the end, their eyes get tired even more, the work turns into continuous torment.

But you can not particularly look at the color of the coating: it can be yellow, green, and transparent, and bluish. this parameter of influence does not exert on the characteristics of the lenses themselves. Choose to your taste.

Coating covers for working for the PC screen

If you already have problems with vision, you need corrective glasses. And everything is simple here: consult an ophthalmologist! There is simply no other way. To go to optics, you will need to take a recipe. a complete description of your vision, its severity, the distance between the pupils, and t. D.

Never, get glasses from a street tray, determining their quality simply by trying on: in the best case, they will have a night’s head, in the worst vision will fall even more in them. Do not save in your eyes.

The price of price is very significant: from 300 for tinted junk (in the sense of an outdated model) to 15-20 thousand and more for optics taken in a good salon.

Tip: If you are not afraid of delivery, you can try to order glasses for AliExpress. Choose a model, send the Chinese their recipe (distances, diopters), in a couple of weeks you get a parcel. However, there are its pitfalls

Ophthalmologists strongly advise using computer glasses if the total duration of work at the computer daily exceeds several hours. This is necessary in order to prevent the development of the so.called computer visual syndrome or minimize the symptoms of its manifestation.

Computer glasses have a special protective coating (spraying), which consists of special filters applied to several layers and allow them:

  • reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and visible light of blue spectra;
  • reduce the number of glare emanating from the screen and negatively affect the optic nerve;
  • reduce the harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation on the lens and retina;
  • make the picture perceived by the eye a more clear.

The useful effect of using computer glasses in general form significantly increases performance, reduces fatigue and fatigue, and also improves well.being and stabilizes the emotional background.

Many people do not believe that computer glasses are able to reduce the harmful effect emanating from the monitor screen, so reviews begin to look on the Internet on whether computer glasses help maintain eye health. In fact, all these fears are in vain, since ophthalmological practice proves the benefit of wearing computer glasses. Thus, those who wear computer glasses note an increase in performance, getting rid of pain in the eyes, dryness, burning, itching and lacrimation.

Do computers cause damage to the eyes? | Optometrist Explains

Do you need computer glasses for those whose vision does not require correction?

Our respondents gave a positive answer to this question. Here is what Vladimir Zolotarev said about this: “While working at the computer, glasses to protect the eyes are recommended not only to people with poor vision, but also to those who have one hundred percent. The first such glasses are shown to prevent vision deterioration. This is especially true for people with myopia, because due to constant eye tension, myopia can progress. The second category of users points are necessary to maintain good vision and prevent ametropy development. Most people believe that ordinary corrigating glasses already protect their eyes from the negative effects of electronic devices, but this is not so: they miss harmful blue-violet light, radiated by the screens of the monitors of such gadgets, and are not able to reduce the eye stress. Therefore, when selecting glasses, those who use the indicated devices need to choose lenses that will combine the corrective and protective properties ”. Several products are responsible for protecting the eyes of computers and digital electronic devices in the assortment of Essilor Group. Eyezen lenses support accommodation and provide protection against harmful blue light. Today in this category, Eyezen Lite and Crizal Eyezen lenses are available, in the production of which two versions of eye protection technology from blue light are used: respectively, due to its absorption by the material of the lens and due to its reflection of the coating. Light Scan technology, implemented in the manufacture of Crizal Eyezen, is also used in the production of well.known Crizal Prevencia lenses. As a result, these lenses work as an electoral filter, reflecting dangerous blue-violet light and allowing a useful blue-blue light through them, which affects the biorhythms and cognitive functions of a person. “When the patient is contacting the optics, it is necessary to check his accommodation status, since the state of accommodation may not correspond to visual stresses of the eye, which requires the appointment of point lenses not only with a special coating, but also with accommodation support,” Tatyana Kargopolova recommended that Tatyana Kargopolova recommended. In the assortment of Hoya Vision Care, these are Sync III lenses with BlueControl coating, which are suitable for users aged 13 to 45 years. This coating improves the contrast of the image on the screens of the monitors of digital devices, cutting off part of the shorter-wave blue-violet light and missing a longer-wave blue light, which helps maintain normal biorhythms. Due to the fact that the Sync III lenses are embodied by a special function of maintaining accommodation, the visual work of glasses of glasses at close range becomes more comfortable and excessive eye tension is eliminated. An additional important argument in favor of computer glasses for non.lackers was brought by Tatyana Kushel: “Blue light suppresses the production of hormone melatonin, which plays a large role in ensuring a change in periods of sleep and wakefulness. Experiments on laboratory animals showed that with a lack of melatonin caused by the removal of the receptors that produced it, the animals began to age faster: the menopause before began, free radical damage to cells accumulated, insulin sensitivity decreased, and obesity developed. Detaining the radiation in the short.wave blue part of Spectra, lenses with special coatings counteract the suppression of melatonin production ”. Active users of computers and digital electronic devices, whose vision does not need correction, can choose any product of Rodenstock to protect their eyes. from classic to completely individual. with the Mono Plus option to support the accommodation and with the Solitaire Protect Balance 2. In the assortment of the French company BBGR for protecting the eyes from blue light of high energy, Neva Max Blue UV and special material Bluv Expert are responsible. People can choose this protection for the lenses of their glasses both with abnormalities of refraction and good vision. Lencor Vision of the SPEC LINE Lines Lines Lines also offers products with solutions to protect against the influence of the harmful component of blue light, including the Star NRG coating and Bluv material.

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“First of all, children need to avoid any digital devices. But, unfortunately, not all parents are aware of this or can keep children from their use and pernicious influence, ”Tatyana Kargopolova expressed her opinion. “Now generation of children is growing, who know how to handle various gadgets from the diapers. The vision of children is in the process of formation, therefore, when using electronic devices, children’s eyes are more exposed to dangerous blue-violet light than the eyes of adults. Accordingly, the risk of visual impairment in the future has much higher. Therefore, we recommend children with CRIZAL Prevencia lenses, which not only neutralize blue-violet light, but also reduce the eye stress, ”continued Vladimir Zolotarev.

Tatyana Kushel had a similar opinion. She emphasized that the children should use computer glasses in the framework of therapy and vision correction, which the ophthalmologist offers, and added: “In relation to children, one must be especially careful, since the complete blocking of blue light in childhood can negatively affect the color perception of the child and on the formation of its color vision in general. It is necessary to choose those lenses, the specialized coating of which reduces, but does not completely block the light transmission in the short.wave part of Spectra. This approach is precisely implemented by Rodenstock, whose Solitaire Protect Balance 2 coverage is reduced, but does not block the blue component of the light where it is necessary, that is, approximately at the wavelength of 440 nanometers “.

Computer glasses, for which lenses are developed taking into account serious scientific studies of vision physiology, as well as innovations in the field of coating technologies, is what every active user of the computer and digital electronic devices today need today. And we hope that information on this will be useful to you.

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In addition to vision, from prolonged use of a computer and various electronic digital devices, the neck, back and shoulders of users also often suffer. Blue light is a visible radiation in the shorter wavelength range of wavelengths. 380-500 nm, in which it has the highest energy. The name “Blue Light” is simplified, since it implies visible radiation starting from the violet range (380–420 nm) and until the blue itself (420-500 nm).

Whether computer glasses distort the image and colors on the monitor?

Since the glasses for working at the computer are designed to block part of the light spectra, they do not have 100% light transmission. Because of this, the color on the screen can be slightly distorted, but these distortions are insignificant. This does not create discomfort when working with graphic images or photos.

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Any person who spends a lot of time behind a computer or phone can wear special glasses for working at a computer. At risk are office employees, students, schoolchildren, people whose work is related to a long stay at the computer.

It is worth noting that glasses for working at a computer are designed for people with poor vision and for those who have no problems with vision.

Features of the selection of lenses

In order for the use of glasses with progressive lenses to be as comfortable as possible, they should be correctly selected. First of all, visual acuity in the distance will be determined. The distance is determined. As for external design, today you can choose a frame depending on your taste and install progressive lenses on it. Next, the corridor for addidation will be calculated.

Glasses made individually will be especially convenient. Such lenses are more accurate, since the selection takes into account all the individual characteristics of a person:

Given all the pros and cons of progressive lenses, we can conclude that with the proper selection of point correction and a thorough determination of the patient’s individual characteristics, such glasses will be an ideal option that allows you to feel comfortable and see clearly at all distances.

The only thing remains to add that progressive lenses, despite a large number of positive characteristics, have their own contraindications.

First of all, it is Diagnosed anisometropy, when visual acuity is different in front. It is also impossible to use such glasses to people with strabismus due to the impossibility of maintaining the parallelism of the movement of the pupil according to the zones of progression.

Progressive lenses for patients with cataracts due to clouding of the lens and nystagmus are not suitable due to the fact that the pathology violates the focus and does not provide the direction of the view to the desired area.

Also, progressive lenses are contraindicated in people who are diagnosed glaucoma and Maculodistrophy. Of the general diseases, contraindications are: diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease, osteochondrosis with severe vegetative disorder.

  • Who needs to have several pairs of glasses at the same time (in the distance and in the near);
  • Who has good vision at one of the distances: into the distance or in close, and does not want to take off and take off the points when changing the nature of the activity.

The main feature of progressive lenses is that they allow you to see well at all distances: you can easily drive a car at the same time and look into the map, read and watch what is happening around, play sports, work at the computer, see the whole surrounding world. And all this is in glasses!

We have been working with progressive lenses for 20 years and have accumulated vast experience in this area. Progressive, or, as they are often called now, multifocal lenses are invented taking into account the characteristics of the human eye. Therefore, several things are required for their comfortable use. The first is motivation, your desire to use such glasses in your life. The second is the work of our optometrist or ophthalmologist. This factor plays perhaps the most important role. The third. the work of a consultant aimed at a thorough and accurate choice of frame. In the case when all three points are worked out to the smallest detail, you go home satisfied, in comfortable and comfortable glasses.

You only need to get a little patience from you. The procedure for selecting glasses will take a little more time than usual, so it is best to allocate 1 hour of your time and trust professionals from your favorite salon. You can make an appointment for a specific time by link.

Multifocal lenses will also have to wait. the deadline for their manufacture takes from one week to a month. As a rule, they are made specifically for you according to certain parameters, and make them in laboratories located in Europe.

At the end of this difficult path, high.quality glasses await you, which take into account all the nuances of your vision and lifestyle. In them you will feel comfortable and confident in any situation!

Pus in the eyes of a child is an unpleasant phenomenon indicating the presence of a disease. This condition is accompanied by numerous symptoms. eyes hurt, watery and itch. It must be treated at the initial stage, under the supervision of doctors, so that difficult complications do not appear.

Many people today wear contact lenses invisible to an extraneous eye or glasses. Someone on the contrary-rejoices 100% vision and is sure that it will not let you down in the future. But doctors advise each person to periodically check visual acuity.

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