Some keys on the laptop keyboard stopped working

They are divided into software and hardware. The first includes settings:

  • Faulty speakers or headphones.
  • The speakers on the computer itself broke.
  • It is necessary to update or reinstall the drivers.
  • The sound card “flew”.

In the latter case, it will not work to solve the problem yourself. The equipment must be attributed to repair so that it is watched by experienced specialists.

Program failure

If the keyboard does not work on the laptop, try to reboot the device and when it starts it, press the Delete key to get into BIOS. If the BIOS integse appears on the screen and you can use the shooter to move along the menu items, then the software failure is eliminated. you can go to the account and use the keyboard.

Note: the BIOS entry key can be different. F2, F10, ESC, etc.D. The right key can be viewed in the instructions or on the starting window when loading the laptop.

The second way to check the keyboard is to load in safe mode. In Windows XP and Windows 7, for this, you need to restart the laptop and immediately after starting, press the F8 button several times until the menu of additional boot options appear. Here you need to select the item “Safe mode”.

In Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 to get into a safe mode is a little harder:

  • Click Winr to call the menu “Perform”.
  • Enter the MSCONFIG command and click OK.

Note: For the usual download of Windows 10, you need to perform the same actions by removing the mark from the “Safe Regim” item.

If the keyboard works fine in a safe mode, then the problem is in Windows configuration. Try to complete the recovery of the system by rolling back to an earlier state when the keyboard worked fine.

Sound tips

Most often, the reason for the failure lies in the incorrect setting of the management service. You can verify this in the following ways:

  • Using the function “Personalization”. We find the “Sound” tab in it and see what settings are set there. You can also look at which playback scheme is used by your laptop, what audio applications in it have other settings.
  • Having checked the volume level in the notification section. In the lower right corner of the screen is the dynamics icon. Pull the cursor on it and click. The sound volume control will appear using which you can check whether the sound is disconnected at all, and adjust its volume with a runner.
  • Turning to the settings of the media player used. opening the applied applications you have installed for listening or viewing files, look for the reason for the lack of sound in it.

Automatic connection

If the sound is turned on, but the buttons still do not work, check if the automatic access to Hid is installed:

  • In search of a laptop, enter the phrase “View Local Services” and go there.
  • Find the “Service” tab and select “Access to the HID device”.
  • Look if the service is included. If not, click “Launch”.
  • Select the Properties tab and activate the “common” automatic launch type in the column. Save it by clicking on “OK”.

Volume setting from the field of notifications

First of all, make sure there was a random press of the Mute key, because she transfers the computer into a soundless mode. In an active state, it looks like a volume icon with a cross.

Hot keys are very part of the loss of sound laptop. Fortunately, to restore sound, press one button. Regardless of whether you use the modern Microsoft Windows 10 or an outdated XP, click on the loudspeaker icon in the triad (right at the bottom of the screen, next to the date and time) and check the volume controllers. Move the slider to maximum value.

Fix Asus Laptop Has No Sound Windows 11. [6 Solutions 2022]

Pay attention to the mechanical buttons of the sound adjustment “Volume”, “Volume-“. Their location can depend on a specific laptop model, for example, on computer technology HP, ASUS, Acer, Dell and Lenovo they are on the top panel. If it is not possible to change the volume level, try to click the FN button buttons with the image of the speakers.

Volume keys do not work on the ASUS laptop

Hello. Not everyone knows that the usual desktop keyboard is slightly different from the one that is located on the laptop. The latter has several specific buttons that allow you to control the functionality of PC. In this publication, I will tell you what to do when the FN button on the ASUS laptop and other models does not work.

You can learn about where this button is located from my previous publication. here is the link. If this key stops working, then there may be many difficulties for the user. Sometimes there is a reverse situation. FN is constantly turned on. How to deal with this, you can find out here.

What is FN for?

With this keyboard element, you can:

  • turn on/disable adapters of the wireless Wi-Fi, Bluetooth wireless network;
  • control the levels of brightness and volume of sound;
  • send postal messages;
  • deactivate the touchpad;
  • laptop into sleep mode.

Where is the FN button on the keyboard? Here is a visual illustration:

How to turn on the FN button on a laptop?

There are several ways. I think it is worth starting with the simplest. Try to click at the same time “Numlock FN”. The location of these elements is written here.

The second method requires special attentiveness, since we will have to go into the settings of the base / output base system (BIOS). There should be no difficulties, however, I recommend that you follow all the steps of the instructions:

  • Reload the computer and at the time of starting (immediately after turning on), press F2 or ESC or Del. Why so many options? It all depends on the device. Usually the desired button is displayed in the message when loading. For example, Press del to Enter Setup. You can indicate the laptop model in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and I will tell you the right solution.
  • When a blue or gray settings window appears, go using the shooter to the SystemConfiguration section, and find the “Action Keys Mode” item in it.
  • Change the value to “inclus” (Enabled) by pressing Enter and choosing the desired option from the list.

What to do if the FN keyboard on the keyboard of a laptop or a netbook of ASUS does not work.

The FN button on the beech or the ASUS will not turn on after installing the driver, but after installing a special program.

If the volume keys do not work on PC

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  • Now you need to press ESC once to get into the main menu. We select “Exit” arrows and save all the changes made (Save Exit Setup).
  • After rebooting PC, we check the performance of FN.

The keyboard driver

It may seem strange that for a laptop you need to install a keyboard driver. But this also happens when you use a “pirate” copy of Windows or some “crooked repack”, which was made by a not-so-adequate person.

We’ll have to go to the official website of the manufacturer of your PC and look for the desired file for the input device there. And we continue to look for the answer to the question: how to enable the FN key on the ASUS laptop and devices of other brands.

Branded utilities

If the FN key does not work and all of the above methods do not help, then you should use special programs. They are often recorded on the disk that comes with the laptop. But if this DVD is lost, you will have to download software from the Internet.

volume, keys, work, asus
  • For Samsung you need the EasyDisplay Manager application;
  • For Toshiba. Hotkey Utility or Flashcards Support Utility;
  • Sony may require SonySharedLibrary and / or VAIIOCONTROLCENTER;
  • Universal Utility. Magickeyboard. Works on almost all models.

Cleaning the keyboard

FN keys do not work on the ASUS laptop. or maybe the reason is so banal that you just need to clean the “clavat”? In the worst case, there was a mechanical damage or fluid hit. Will have to use the services of service engineers. But before that, try to solve the problem yourself. Inoperative buttons need to be carefully removed (without making great efforts), eliminate the “garbage” and put the element in place.

I really hope that my article helped you understand, the FN button on the keyboard how to turn it on on an ASUS laptop and not only. If the defect is not eliminated, write me a message in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this post. I will try to answer promptly!

Audio service

How to disable the keyboard signal on the keyboard in Android

The situation is also with Android devices. Many smartphones have sound accompaniment when pressing the keys with factory settings. But it is far from always convenient and appropriate. For example, you need to urgently dial and send a message while lectures in a quiet audience. But it will be difficult for you to muffle the sounds that your smartphone spreads. There is only one way out. turn off the sound of virtual keys.

  • In Android, this can also be done in the settings. Open the main menu and find the gear icon;
  • Then select “Language and Entering”;

Keyboard sound settings

Now you can enjoy the “quiet” input of the text in any program. If you only need to turn off the input sound for a while, press the volume reduction button. You need to keep the button until there is a warning about the Vibro or without sound mode. But this method, like in the iPhone, turns off the signal for all messages, notifications and actions on the smartphone. To return everything back, you just need to increase the volume by the regulator.

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How to fix Asus Laptop Keyboard not working

Product problems

Select any of the following headings to display additional information:

Open round brackets “(“, closed round brackets ”” and the key sign “=” on my Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard keyboard keyboard keyboard keyboard

To solve this problem, first determine which version of the software is installed on your keyboard. To do this, install and start the control center of the mouse and keyboard. In the menu for supporting the Mouse and Keyboard Center, select the device about the device. Find the list for your ergonomic Microsoft keyboard and find the version of the software indicated in the list. Then follow the instructions for your version below.

Leave the Mouse Control Center and the keyboard installed. In the center of the mouse and keyboard version 13 or later versions, the software will automatically eliminate the problem and optimize the keyboard work.

When using a digital keyboard on Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard, it may be necessary to switch to the English.language input method so that when entering open brackets “(“ closed brackets ”” and an equal sign “=” appear on the screen as they are entered as they are entered. For this:

Enter English, select English (USA), click on, then install.

Click. To switch to English (USA).

If necessary, use the keys on the digital panel.

Microsoft Modern Keyboard keyboard settings with prints identifier

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