Audio Speed ​​Changer Lite

Want to slow down your music or change the pitch? Audio Speed ​​Changer Lite. is a lightweight and simple pitch changer app that allows you to mark the music area you want to play and instantly change the pitch and tempo. Features of this Pitch Changer:

  • Instantaneous and independent pitch and tempo change
  • Various filters
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Import formats like mp3, m4a, aac, ogg, wav
  • Export to wav and mp3

Best Pitch Changer Apps for iPhone and Android


If you want to make some changes to your audio files, try Audipo. It is a real-time tempo and pitch bending device that allows you to increase or decrease the speed and pitch of the sound while you are listening to it. Features of Audipo:

  • Available for both iPhone and Android users
  • Convenient and intuitive interface
  • The ability to use fun effects when lowering the audio file’s pitch
  • Allowed to change pitch and tempo in real time
  • Advanced audio control for long audio tracks
  • Add marks anywhere in audio tracks


Create and share music with TimePitch. It is an easy-to-use application that also allows you to change the tempo and pitch of an audio file without any complications. TimePitch features include:

  • Lightweight and easy to use even for beginners
  • Free to download and use
  • Pitch and tempo sliders to change pitch and speed
  • Selecting songs from the music library

Liza brown

Do you want to change the pitch while recording a song or playing your instruments? Don’t you understand how you can instantly change the pitch on Android and iPhone? Change the pitch of the song. it’s quite a fun activity.

In fact, you can change the pitch on your phone directly with some apps. In addition to using the online sound changer tools, there are several pitch changer apps for iPhone and Android that can handle this task with ease. In this article, we are going to guide you about the best app to change the pitch on iPhone and Android.

Karaoke Pitch Changer

If you love to sing karaoke then this is a pitch bend app. exactly what you need. It is a real-time platform that allows you to easily change the tempo and pitch of your chosen audio file. Features of Karaoke Pitch Changer:

  • Convert tempo and pitch to mp3 karaoke
  • Pitch tool for both audio and video files
  • Tool for changing the tempo of both audio and video files
  • Karaoke Video Editor
  • Changing the pitch and tempo in real time while playing karaoke

Voice Changer Call Recorder

Walking ahead of voice changer effects, you can look for apps that also add background sound effects to audio recording.

Voice Changer Call Record-er app allows you to do both. Not only can you apply sound effects for a ghost, a robot, a boy and more to your voice, but you can also add “scenario effects” such as snoring, water droplets and showers to it.

voice, changer, iphone

The app’s interface is pretty easy to use and even offers trimming tools to edit recorded audio clips on the fly, which is a nice addition.

However, the main feature should be the ability to add custom effects to the app, which can help you further increase your prankster level.

best voice changer apps for Android and iOS

There are tons of voice changer apps on the Play Store and App Store, so trying all of them to find the perfect one can be a hassle. We’ve checked the apps for you, and here is a list of the 7 best voice changer apps for Android and iOS:

Voice changer plus

If you are looking for a similar alternative for iOS devices, then Voice Changer is probably one of the best options.

This voice changer app has a clean and easy to use user interface with access to a range of different sound effects such as ECHO, robot, mosquito and my beloved Bane.

Yes, masked villain from the dark knight, you can be like him using Voice Changer Plus.

voice, changer, iphone

However, the highlight of this app is that you can trim the recorded clips to make them clearer and more funny, but this feature requires you to 1.99 for the full version.

It will also allow you to make ringtones and add photos or videos to your modulated audio.


Like other popular voice changer apps, VoiceFX also brings you some of the most popular sound effects such as chipmunks, robots, monsters, drunks, and others to keep the experience safe.

The app has no frills and extends the minimalistic user experience with a single screen that hosts both recordings and effects. You can choose to record voice or upload music to sound effects layer.

voice, changer, iphone

However, the main feature of VoiceFX should be the live playback and voice streaming options (available in any browser from the URL) that allow users to hear how the effect will affect the recording.

You can smoothly switch between all the effects to see the magic, which can be improved by unlocking more effects for 2.99

Celebrity Voice Change

Since videos are now more popular than text and audio media, there is a high chance that you are looking for a voice changer app that has video recording features with sound effects.

Well, the Celebrity Voice Changer app lets you just do it. You can record your videos in the voice of Obama, Trump, Hulk Hogan, Stephen Hawking and many more, as well as watch videos recorded by others.

voice, changer, iphone

This is one of the best voice changer apps I’ve come across lately, but there are a number of limitations.

The app is only available on iOS, not all voice effects are unlocked, and requires a hefty (really!) Subscription.

The most annoying of them all, however, should be the limited usability. You can use the application once every minute when you have not received a subscription.

Voice Changer with Effects

If you are looking for a full featured and functional voice changer app that lets you choose between Batman and Darth Vader then Voice Change with Effects is what you were looking for.

You can simply write down a phrase or sentence and then select the effect you want to apply to it. Not only that, you can even import pre-recorded audio and create a voice using text. which can be very useful.

voice, changer, iphone

This voice changer app includes about 40 different voice effects, from baby or devil to singing chipmunks or drunkard, and I love the variety.

However, you can watch video ads or get the free version of the app to unlock 5 new voice effects.

Modulated recordings can be directly streamed to WhatsApp and. can be with an image to make you laugh.

AndroidRock’s Voice Changer

Well, this voice changer app from AndroidRock developer can shake up the old user interface and is burdened with ads.

You can change your voice to that of a robot, a martian, a giant, as well as underwater and under the influence of helium. You can simply record audio, listen to various effects, and then save or share the ones you like.

voice, changer, iphone

The differentiating factor of this voice changer app should be the combo sound effect. like a robot duck or a robot to accelerate on the offer here.

Some of these combos are locked, but you can check them out by watching a video ad, which is definitely worth it and you don’t have to spend money on the Pro version.

Super Voice

Are you the biggest superhero fan? Or do you watch a lot of animated films? Would you like to sound like one of your favorite characters?

Then Super Voice is the app that should satisfy your cravings. It allows you to film yourself as Marvel’s Avengers, Minions, Baby Groot, Optimus Prime, and more popular animated characters.

voice, changer, iphone

Even though the app is loaded with ads that are sometimes annoying and the voice sounds a little robotic most of the time, it is definitely an enjoyable experience.

You can forward all your messages with Bruce Wayne’s rude voice or The Powerpuff Girls’ timid Bubbles voice.

iPhone application that allows you to change the voice in the video

Surely, many have heard about various pranks with a change in voice.

At one time, such a service was very popular with mobile operators, and now you can do it yourself. using the appropriate software.

As you already guessed, we will talk about changing the voice on video using the application on the iPhone.

voice, changer, iphone

Let’s take a look at how this function can be implemented, and why it is needed at all.

How to change it. all methods

This is a program that can process the audio track in the video.

As a result, on the video you will have a voice like:

  • robot
  • girls
  • chipmunk and more.

voice, changer, iphone

You can also use such software if you want to create an interesting video on YouTube or voice an event.

In any case, the effect will be unforgettable and your creation will definitely not go unnoticed.

There are several ways how to easily change the voice in video on iPhone:

  • Video editing applications. ← There are several programs in the AppStore that allow you to change the voice directly in the video. That is, both during the shooting of the video and in the finished video.
  • Sound recording applications. ← In this case, the program only edits the audio track, but cannot work with video. However, this is not a problem, because you can simply add audio to the video with the desired effect.
  • Third party applications on PC. ← With their help, you can change the voice in the video to funny directly on your computer. It’s also one of the easiest ways to surprise your loved ones.

Top 5 programs

Now let’s get straight to the point and find out which apps can be used on the iPhone to make it as easy as possible to change the voice in a video.

1) Voice Changer App. Smart Voice Recorder

voice, changer, iphone

Voice Changer App will delight you with a simple design and convenient settings, and the main program is distributed free of charge. Besides the basic voice changer functions, you can apply various background effects to make your video unforgettable.

  • work with social networks;
  • additional packages of effects;
  • nice design.

2) Voice Changer Plus. maximum effects

Interesting ringtone, prank or funny video. with Voice Changer Plus you can do almost anything.

Just touch it and the voice is recorded automatically. At the same time, you can quickly select the desired effect from the list.

  • more than 55 different effects;
  • you can add a photo;
  • ringtone creation.

3) Creator. create interesting videos

There are practically no restrictions in this application, because you can create the most interesting and funny videos.

Add the voice of a chipmunk or speak like a famous performer. launch the new Creator app on your mobile gadget.

  • about 10 different video effects;
  • video recording up to 30 seconds;
  • you can share interesting entries in

4) Voicemode is your best prank

This application is also simple. After installation, open the program and start recording.

voice, changer, iphone

1) From the list below, you can choose the voice of the character that you like.

2) Now you can safely speak, after which the information will be saved to the playlist.

Here you can subsequently find a sound file and send it to your friends via social networks.

A couple more new products in the AppStore

Despite its simplicity, these new items boast very interesting settings and convenient controls. With their help, you can make a very funny voice in a video, like a chipmunk or someone else’s

In addition, there are additional effects in the form of reverb and more.

Features include:

  • about 6 different effects;
  • automatic saving of the record;
  • slowing down or speeding up your voice;
  • can be shared on social networks.

If you want to change your voice directly in the video, you can install the Splice application on your iPhone.

We also recommend stationary programs:

  • MorphVOX Pro
  • Clownfish
  • Funny voice

which will help you edit the video on your computer.

Voice Changer for Android

Voice Changer. a free Android application that allows you to change the sound of the user’s voice without additional devices, as well as simulate the surrounding background using various special effects. This is great entertainment for those who love jokes and practical jokes.

  • Completely change the sound of your voice in order to play pranks on your family and friends or to remain incognito when communicating with strangers;
  • Make and save your own audio recording or clip using various effects. this application allows you to record sound and image at the same time. So you can get a unique ringtone or SMS message signal;
  • Cheer up any company by recording the voices of friends and changing them to the voices of various characters: dragon, chipmunk, robot, wolf, child, etc., or by applying effects, for example, echo, trembling, helium, etc.;
  • Change voice to male or female.

The voice changer can be installed on a tablet and / or smartphone. The application is Russified, so it is easy and convenient to work with it, and even better to understand the interface, beautiful design and animation help.

Voice Changer in various versions can be downloaded for free. Today there is only one paid version of this application. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro, which is designed for the latest Android software. It updated the graphical interface, added 8 voice models, and increased the duration of the audio recording to five minutes.

Voice Changer with Effects. voice changer with funny effects

Voice Changer With Effects. This is an Android OS application that converts voice. The program itself contains 24 rough, funny and strange sounds. The list of these voices includes: drunk, alien, underwater, in a cave, and others. So you can play a trick on your friends or just have fun. To change the voice in the program, you must first record the conversation. After stopping the recording, you will be offered 24 sounds that can be applied to the audio recording. After listening, you can download the resulting audio file to your smartphone.

The converted sounds can be saved to your phone, set a record for a call or an alarm. Also, all the melodies are saved in the application, which allows you to listen to the recording in the main menu. If you want to download a melody, then just click on the download button, which is located opposite each sound.

Voice Changer With Effects is free, so anyone can download it on Google Play. But the program also has a paid function. this is to disable ads. For 17.99 hryvnia, users can disable ads that sometimes interfere with the process. So you will not waste time watching commercials and will be able to record audio as much as you like.

Ilya is the editor-in-chief of the website. He is the author of several hundred tutorials and articles on setting up Android. For about 15 years, he has been repairing equipment and solving technical problems for iOS and Android. Dealt with almost all more or less popular brands of mobile smartphones and tablets Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, etc. For testing, the iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S21 with the latest firmware version are used.

There are situations when you need to disguise your voice so that the interlocutor does not know with whom he, in fact, communicates. For these, you need a lot of mobile applications that convert the audio signal, that is, the voice, in various versions. We invite you to check out the best of its kind applications.

Voice Changer. voice changer for Android 4.1

The application is designed to change the voice on phones and tablets. Voice Changer by Aleaf Games will appeal to children and adult prank lovers. The software interface is understandable. even a child can figure it out. The disadvantages of the utility include a fairly large number of advertisements.

  • it copes equally well with two tasks: changes the voice directly during a new recording and converts already recorded files;
  • the developers have provided the opportunity to share the received audio files with friends in social networks, instant messengers and via Bluetooth, set recordings for a ringtone or alarm clock.

The app is free, there are ads and paid content. Disabling ads costs 75 rubles.

You can download the voice changer on Google Play. The software is not suitable for changing the voice during a telephone conversation.

  • Baviux voice changer;
  • AndroidRock voice modulator;
  • Androbaby Voice Changer;
  • Dictaphone Dictaphone Handy Tools Studio;
  • Voice changer 302 Lock Screen.

Voice changer in the application “Voice changer with effects

Voice changer differs from similar programs for changing the voice in the following functions:

  • The ability to share the resulting result with friends. you can send the finished record to e-mail or to popular instant messengers like WhatsApp. In addition, the audio can be combined with the selected image, creating a short video, and then share the result on your page in
  • The application turns text into a voice, which can be immediately processed with any effect from the list. The resulting recording with distorted voice can be set as ringtone or notification sound.
  • The program has a function “Piano”, which allows you to change the tone of the voice in the audio file in real time. just press the desired keys, and then save the result.

The Voice Changer application is distributed free of charge. you can download it on the official page on Google Play:

Additional effects can be unlocked by watching video ads or recommending the app to 5 friends. If both options are not satisfactory, an ad-free version is available, which already includes additional voice distortion methods.

Applications similar to Voice Changer include Voice Modulator and Voice Changer. Both programs have similar functionality, with one difference. the choice of effects in them is much less.

VoiceTooner app. funny “repeat” in your smartphone

You can diversify your activity on social networks using the VoiceTooner program, thanks to which your phrases will be voiced by animated characters.

VoiceTooner is a voice changer. It allows you to record your own voice and use animated characters to voice it. Each of the characters has its own unique voice timbre and facial expressions, so the result is always interesting, causing a smile in children and adults.

  • Lots of animated characters including robots, action movies, zombies, wizards, hamsters, rabbits and even poop with unique voices.
  • Finished records can be saved and loaded on the Internet (WhatsApp, e-mail, etc.).
  • The application works great even on the weakest smartphone: changing the voice does not affect performance.

The program is available for free trial and use through Google Play. At the same time, a small ad unit is displayed on the screen, and clickable banners periodically pop up.

Analogues of the VoiceTooner program can be considered:

  • “Voice changer”. a program previously released by this manufacturer, but with a modest interface and fewer features.
  • “Voice modulator”. has the functionality of imposing sound effects on various audio recordings and voice messages.

The listed programs can be found on Google Play, and download their free versions.

Voice changer

If you are looking for a simple “time killer” that will lift your spirits, then this application is definitely for you. Thanks to Voice Changer, you can change your voice by applying effects. Great entertainment both for one person and for the whole company.

  • Hear what your voice would sound like if you were a robot, chipmunk, alien and many more options. Some of them are quite frightening and unusual. There are also some acoustic effects that create the feeling of being under water; in an open area; under the arches of the old church.
  • Effects can be applied both by recording audio in real time directly in the application, or using already created dictaphone recordings or music tracks from the memory of your phone.
  • Share the most interesting of the resulting recordings with your friends on social networks. Thus, you can make an unusual greeting or congratulation, or play friends and family.

The main advantage of Voice Changer is that it is absolutely free. You can download the application in the Google Play Store. There you can also find other similar programs, for example: VoiceFX, Vocoder, Auto Tune and others.

  • Trello is an app for organizing work. A very useful thing both for office management and for yourself. Helps to set tasks, plan deadlines, and so on. For fun, you can create a family board and add different plans to it.
  • Gmail. Google mail without which nowhere. Much more convenient than the iPhone’s built-in mail. Therefore, we advise, like the Google Chrome browser.
  • Canva is an app for creating presentations, interesting stories, quirky postcards, and more. It will be useful for those who want to be creative.
  • Google Translate. you will always need a translator, and although Apple has developed its own built-in translator, it’s still better to stock up on Google. languages ​​and translation options.
  • Dogo is a dog training app. A very cool and useful thing if you want to teach your pet new tricks.
  • Planner 5D. will be useful for those who are building their own house or want to slightly change the layout of the house. There are paid and free items, many different settings and options for viewing the plan.
  • Sketch AR. an application that will allow you to learn how to draw using augmented reality.
  • Widgetsmith. an application for designing the iOS 14 home screen. It will help you create unusual widgets, add photos to your desktop, calendar and time.
  • Night Sky is an application for tracking stars, comets and other celestial bodies. Allows you to add events like eclipse or starfall to your calendar.
  • . an app for inspiration, finding cool ideas for photos, videos and just an hour of sticking.
  • Piano 3D is a paid application, but very unusual. Allows you to learn how to play the piano in augmented reality. Very nice effects and simple explanations.
  • CoinKeeper is an application for working with finances. Will help you track expenses, view your budget in the form of charts.
  • . the application allows you to save, which can then be read offline. It can be useful if you come across an interesting article and do not have time to read it at work. You can save to yourself and then read before going to bed.
  • XMind is an application that allows you to create an action plan or map. It is also convenient to draw diagrams in it for a clear demonstration and visualization of your goals.
  • Habit is a habit-forming app for building good habits. You can also set goals for yourself that you want to achieve and celebrate your progress every day.

We have a large selection of apps for photographers, but here are some more interesting options.

  • Tezza is a photo editing application similar to the popular VSCO. There are free and paid filters, optimal and HSL settings.
  • Fyuse is an application for creating and processing 3D photos, which can then be shared with friends. One of my favorite applications, the most adequate of those that I have used with a similar effect.
  • Feed Preview and Garny are Instagram feed scheduling apps. Both are free and easy to use.
  • PicsArt. I use this application when I need to create some stickers, draw something on the canvas, add cool effects, or just work with the layers of a photo. Works like ” photoshop”.
  • Polarr is also one of my favorite photo editing apps because there are many different effects available for free. Plus, you can find the effect code in and download it for free.
  • VN is a video editing application. Very simple and quite versatile. And also. free.
  • InShot. I think everyone knows about this application, it allows you to make simple videos, mix music tracks, record voice, zoom video, resize and so on.
  • Snapseed is a photo retouching application. Allows you to adjust brightness / sharpness, add colors, edit the background and remove unnecessary small elements.
  • Lightroom. Also a big name photo editing app that I use more for photography. Allows you to set ISO settings, shutter speed on iPhone.
  • ProCam is a shooting app. As an addition to the standard iPhone camera with manual settings.
  • MoviePro is another advanced shooting alternative to the iPhone’s built-in camcorder. Convenient for shooting both short vlogs and long films.

A selection of useful free iPhone applications for work, photo / video processing, as well as your TOP games on the iPhone. Recommended by the iLounge editors!

IPhone apps are like a part of you. Very often, by them (and the design of the iOS 14 home screen), you can even determine which person is in front of you. We have collected the most useful applications and games that are installed on iPhones in our employees. We hope you find it useful!

Oddly enough, in our editorial office there were very few fans to play games, but nevertheless we have collected a selection of suitable toys on the iPhone for you.

  • MovieFan is a game for fans of movies and TV series. The trick is that you need to build a cinema. But you can only build it if you participate in a kind of quiz based on films / TV series. There are annoying ads, but overall the game is very cool.
  • BlockuDoku is a classic game for those who are often bored. Similar to vintage Tetris, you need to collect cubes in a row to pump your progress.
  • Stack AR is also a very simple game in which you have to stack blocks one on top of the other until you have a whole tower. For the points received, you can unlock new effects and backgrounds.
  • Harry Potter is a game for fans of the Harry Potter franchise. Allows you to create your own avatar of a wizard or sorceress and immerse yourself in the world of Potteriana. There are interesting quests and tasks that can be completed, gaining experience and points.
  • AR Dragon is a tamagotchi in the form of a dragon. The funny thing is, it’s in augmented reality. You can play, train, feed, take pictures with the dragon. For fans of “Game of Thrones” will definitely fit to feel like the Mother of Dragons for a while.
  • Gwent is a card game set in the Witcher universe. Unlike poker or classic cards, the point is to form your deck of magic cards with different properties, fight real opponents and participate in tournaments.
  • Future Fight is a game with MARVEL characters. You need to create your own team of 3 characters, and then participate in fights with rivals. There is a mode of hunting for a boss, a joint game. A lot of cool characters rendered with “Hurray”. At one time I played this game almost every day.

We hope you found our selection of applications interesting. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what other applications or topics you are interested in!

Voice changer app for iPhone

voice, changer, iphone

voice, changer, iphone

voice, changer, iphone

voice, changer, iphone

voice, changer, iphone

voice, changer, iphone

voice, changer, iphone

voice, changer, iphone

voice, changer, iphone

voice, changer, iphone

voice, changer, iphone

Do you not like the way your voice sounds on this or that recording? Need to change your voice to surprise you? Or do you have a great plan to play a trick on your friends? In fact, nothing is impossible with our online voice generator.

How can you change your voice online? You can change the voice in 2 ways: an audio file or using a voice recorder.

Press the microphone button and give your speech. After recording your message, tap the microphone icon again. The timer you see indicates the length of your track. All changes can be applied while recording.

Sometimes the idea to play a trick on someone comes to our minds fleetingly, and it is very important to have a service that can help without preparation. Surprises made on site are often funnier and more genuine than off-the-shelf ideas.

Try as many times as you like, then download the best one to your computer or tablet.

Try our voice simulator with previously recorded speech or music. Everything is pretty simple here. Just upload the file you have and enjoy how the robot or demon sounds.

Only your imagination. this is the limit! Our free voice changer offers 6 options for creating fake voices.

Add some mystery to your words with a cave effect. Try and see how simple sentences sound mysterious.

Has someone offended you? Our voice assistant can be used for discord. Tell your offenders what you think of them in a devilish voice.

You can apply as many effects as you like and choose the one that suits you best. Those who are experienced enough can mix several pitches and play great! Your audience will burst out laughing!

Want more sound effects? Our developers are already working to create the best voice changer ever.!

Follow us on social media to receive the latest news and updates about our voice editor and new effects.

Call Voice Changer. IntCall

IntCall is a great phone prank solution that changes your voice in real time. To make calls, VOIP technology is used, so a stable Internet connection is required for the application to work stable. Voice modes are adjustable in pitch: very low, low, high, very high. Additional sound effects are present: birthday music, popular lines of cartoon characters, animal sounds, etc.

voice, changer, iphone

When you download the app for the first time, the user gets a few free minutes, which can be used for a limited period, after which they will disappear. There are internal purchases that allow you to purchase additional minutes. So, two minutes of conversation via IntCall will cost 75 rubles. There is no Russian translation.

Voice changer when calling

voice, changer, iphone

Sometimes, for one reason or another, it may be necessary to change your voice for a call so that the interlocutor cannot recognize you. Special applications for Android and iOS will help to do this, which we will consider further.

Free Voice Changer App iOS/Android. How To Change Voice On iPhone & Android ( No Jailbreak/Root)

MagicCall. Voice Changer App

voice, changer, iphone

The application has an affiliate program that allows you to use it for free if you bring friends. Translation into Russian is not provided. MagicCall is free to download from the Market, but comes with in-app purchases and ads.


There are many applications on the Google Play Store that allow you to change your voice. Some of them can only handle dictaphone recordings and do not work in real time (during a call). Those that offer this option require a paid subscription.

Callbacker: Calling App SMS

Callbacker is a set of useful utilities that you may need when making calls on your phone. Initially, the application is intended for making international or roaming calls at a lower cost. However, it also has additional functions that make it easier to use the device for communication. During a conversation through the application in question, you can change the voice in real time and add background noises. Unfortunately, there are not many modes and effects available, but this will be enough for most.

In the considered solution, there are two types of subscriptions: calls to international phone numbers and unlimited to certain countries. The cost is calculated individually in the application itself, and without purchasing at least one of the services, you will not be able to make calls and change your voice. Callbacker works even without the Internet, and uses HD-Voice codecs to improve the quality of calls. The interface is translated into Russian.

Voice modulator

The following application has more modest functionality as it does not allow real-time voice changes. It is focused on audio recordings and their processing, but no one forbids using the received sounds during a conversation in the future. The main menu contains four sections: Record Audio, Open Audio, Save Recording, and Thus, at first the user records a normal voice, after which he applies sound effects, of which there can be several pieces, and saves the resulting file to the phone. The following voice modes are available: robot, chipmunk, child, old man, martian, chorus, bee, alien, nervous, drunk, underwater, etc.

voice, changer, iphone

It should be noted that not only recordings from a voice recorder, but also any other sound files, for example, musical compositions, can be processed using the Voice Modulator. Each received audio file is endowed with metadata: the name, creation date, the name of the applied effects, the storage location in the phone’s memory, as well as the size and duration are indicated. The app is free and does not offer in-app purchases, but it does display ads.

FunCalls. Voice Changer Call Recording

Let’s start with FunCalls, a pretty funny application that allows you to make voice-changer calls to any number in the world. Sound effects are applied both during a call and when recording to a voice recorder. The calls themselves are also saved in a separate file so that you can share them in the future. There are five options for changing the voice: “Helium”, “Funny”, “Human”, “Scary”, “Normal”. Each of them has its own frequency and timbre, and you can change them directly during a conversation.

It should be noted the presence of additional sound effects superimposed on top of the voice. Among them are dog barking, cat meowing, bunches, etc. Calls to landline and mobile phones from about 150 countries of the world are supported. It is impossible not to talk about two main drawbacks: firstly, the application is not translated into Russian and can cause difficulties for novice users, and secondly, only one call is available for free. For each subsequent one you will have to pay at a fixed rate specified in FunCalls.

Voice changer

The latest Android solution, like Voice Modulator, does not change voice during a call in real time. The “converter” uses a dictaphone, and then allows to process the resulting recording. The base of voice effects includes the following: dragon, giant, robot, zombie, drunk, squirrel, alien, backwards, under a helium balloon, etc.

voice, changer, iphone

The resulting recording can be shared on social networks, sent by e-mail or saved in the phone’s memory. It is also possible to set it as a ringtone or notification sound directly from the main menu. It is not at all necessary to use your voice as the source. An algorithm has been implemented that automatically converts the desired text into the voice of the selected character. The app has in-app purchases and ads, and the interface is translated into Russian.

TOP Best iPhone Voice Changer Apps

Voice changer software for iPhone allows you to change your voice both after recording and in real time.

There are no tools built into the iOS operating system that can change the voice in real time, or correct pre-recorded dictaphone recordings.

The instruments that correctly change the voice can be counted on the fingers:

Call voice changer

A simple program for iPhone to change your voice. If you are already tired of working with sound editors, and you need to “hear” the result of changing the voice in real time, then the tool from TeleStar LTD will appeal to everyone. The main purpose of Call Voice Changer is to change the voice when making calls through instant messengers, social networks or a SIM card.

Of the advantages. free distribution, nested instructions for setting up and controlling the voice in real time (again, templates and variable parameters are available, with the help of which completely “non-standard pronunciation” is easily assembled).

Of the minuses. advertising and restrictions imposed by developers for the purpose of financial enrichment. Therefore, there are fewer available sound effects than we would like. And you will have to pay for all the “additional” ones. over, the amounts are serious.

Voice changer plus

The program is the chief sound editor of the App Store, eclipsing the competition for several years. And the main reason for this is the unbridled developers from the Arf Software studio, who are constantly improving the functionality, adding new languages ​​and translations, helping newcomers (there are instructions for literally every occasion!), And do not forget about updates regarding the number of pre-installed sound templates.

If a year ago the menu offered to activate ECHO and add “applause”, then later voices of Batman and Joker, and robots from “Star Wars” and even divers at the bottom of the ocean appeared.

The variety in Voice Changer Plus is even more than necessary, and therefore it will be possible to experiment with options from morning until late at night. By the way, working with the editor is extremely easy. you just need to open the section with the “New entry”, then. work with the settings (you can select the bitrate, format, name and even the directory for saving. internal memory or cloud storage), and then select the template you like. Then it remains to click on the green “Play” button and start recording.

The voice is picked up accurately and without noise. Also, you can’t find ads and constant annoying notifications that take a lot of time.

Voice Changer App

A tool for changing the voice with an intuitive interface, excellent technical implementation (right after launch, you can forget about problems with optimization, crashes or reset progress while saving the track or audio recording after editing), and simple interaction with templates and effects.

The main advantage of the Voice Changer App is the interface. The developers took care of the appearance of each individual button, background, information blocks (the artists gave it 100% and not a percent less!), And the procedure. There is no time to wander around the menu. Each new action is guessed from the very first seconds and immediately leads to the desired result.

The Russian language in this application on the iPhone is not available, as well as advertising. Therefore, you can safely experiment and achieve the desired results without interruption.

TOP 6 Apps for Complete Voice Changer on iPhone

You can record important information in audio format on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using the voice recorder built into the iOS operating system. It is easy to interact with the received recordings, but only from the position of the track (no one bothers to cut off unnecessary fragments, partially change the overall quality). the voice will not allow changing the recorder.

Voice Changer. Prank

voice, changer, iphone

A companion designed to replace boring voice recorders and present voice work from a non-standard perspective. The developers offer to save recordings, apply unexpected special effects, change the playback speed of tracks, and then directly share the resulting work with friends using social networks and instant messengers.

The Voice Changer program works for free. all the functionality is available immediately, and the only thing you have to get used to is advertising that appears completely out of place.

“Voice Changing Effects

voice, changer, iphone

An experimental development that helps to change the voice in the tracks recorded on the dictaphone using special algorithms. The advantages of the application are full access to the equalizer, the ability to superficially adjust recordings, work on the result in different formats, the presence of detailed instructions for beginners, which tell important aspects of working on a voice.

Voice changer with special effects

voice, changer, iphone

A novelty with a self-explanatory name, a predictable set of actions and an elaborate interface to the smallest detail. Here, each button is in sight, the records are changed at the very first click, and are saved on the internal memory, in cloud storage or in social networks.

Among the shortcomings of the application, it is worth noting only a small number of effects (at the start there were about 10, after a number of updates. a little more than 15), and a colossal amount of advertising. Otherwise, the free tool will help you with changing your voice, and it won’t even take a lot of time.

Call voice changer

voice, changer, iphone

A paid service designed to change the voice not in the local mode in the editor, but in real time. when making calls by phone. From the pros: visual design, almost devoid of words. Images are responsible for all changes here. If there is an owl or a wolf on the screen, then Комментарии и мнения владельцев are unnecessary, right?

How to Get A Voice Changer on Mobile (iPhone/Android) Install Voice Changer On iOS 2021 for FREE

Sound effects and audio recording

voice, changer, iphone

A multifunctional tool with a fanciful design (strange stylistics, inconvenient navigation and completely unpredictable colors that are impossible to get used to), a convenient platform for interacting with existing recordings and those that will still be created, and an impressive collection of effects that transform everyone, then into beasts, then into monsters.

It is easy to work with the tool, but at the start you will have to deal with some additional sections, and at the same time. skip some colossal amount of advertising. And, if such restrictions do not become a problem, then impressive results await ahead.

Voice Changer App

voice, changer, iphone

An experimental voice recorder application for iPhone with effects applied in different ways. either on the entire recording at once, or on separate fragments. Like most competitors, the Voce Changer App focuses specifically on local voice adjustments. changes cannot be used live.

But there are a lot of effects here. you can apply ECHO, transfer the sound to the left or right “ear”, add the sound of rain and thunder, and also change the musical accompaniment.