What are virtual reality glasses, how they work and the rating of the best models today

Welcome you, our favorite readers. Virtual reality glasses have become perhaps the most noticeable event in the computer and mobile games industry over the past 10 years. It seemed that nothing fundamentally new is the area of ​​digital entertainment can no longer propose. Improving graphics and the growth of physical size and resolution of displays practically did not affect the gameplay. The output of the first models of glasses intended for the mass market showed that the games can be completely different. not the way we are used to.

The term “virtual reality” has firmly entered everyday life, and sections decorated with the VR logo appeared in the mobile apps of applications. In this article, we will talk about how much BP glasses are, how they differ from each other and with what accessories they can be used.

Let’s start with the simple. models playing the role of the display. The image in them is divided into 2 separate pictures for each eye. Since the screen is in the immediate vicinity of the eyes, the whole image passes through the optical lens to improve the clarity of the picture.

Great inexpensive virtual reality glasses for a smartphone. They work with phones on iOS and Android. They have a focus adjustment and headphones built in the case. Glasses are suitable for phones from 4.7 to 6.2 inches, connected via Bluetooth.

High.quality sound. good bass and pure high frequencies. Glass assembly quality is excellent. The model is convenient to wear, allows you to put them together with glasses for vision correction. The main drawback, which is described in detail by users in reviews: the image is sharp only in the center of the center, and the closer to the edge, the more blurry picture. In addition, the intercessual distance is not regulated, the granularity of the picture is observed. These glasses will be the best solution for those who have a very limited budget and need a device for short.term use. after 20 minutes watching the video in them begins to hurt.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max VR 3D Goggle Glasses Bluetooth Remote Controller!

The principle of operation VR

VR points are based on the stereo effect. The picture is divided into two separate images for the right and left eye (which is why the eyepieces are separated by a partition). The right eye should not see what the left eye sees, and vice versa. The human brain unites both images into a single picture, which as a result of the work of the nervous system volume. Since glasses are at eye level, the immersion effect is enhanced. Even inexpensive VR helmets for smartphones successfully create the 3D effect.

How to determine whether a smartphone is suitable for virtual reality glasses

Despite the widespread opinion that any smartphone is suitable for playing a VR helmet, this is not entirely. Firstly, many people still use phones with a small diagonal, a small amount of RAM, an outdated operating system. Secondly, there are glasses for certain brands of smartphones (for example, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View), poorly compatible or not at all compatible with phones of other manufacturers. As a rule, restrictions are imposed by software.

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However, the main limitation is the characteristics of the smartphone. Even inexpensive, but modern phones usually have no problems using VR headset. At the same time, flagships of past years may be out of work. We will talk about the main parameters affecting compatibility with virtual reality helmets.

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What sensors are needed

The phone should be equipped with three sensors:

Some games may require a GPS receiver, but still this is not a mandatory attribute. The listed sensors are necessary so that the image in the BP of the helmet changes depending on the turns/slopes of the user’s head.

As a rule, all modern telephone models are equipped with a gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer, as they can be used to work ordinary applications and for the operation of the mobile operating system directly.

Do not be discouraged if your phone is not equipped with a gyroscope. The main thing is that at least an accelerometer is present, although without a gyroscope control will not be so convenient and interesting.

Check which sensors are installed using the Sensor Kinetics application. Detailed information is also available on the phone manufacturer’s website.

Operating system

Games and VR support applications are available for Android 4 devices operating.0 and above. As for iOS, you will need a phone on iOS 7.0 (this, for example, iPhone 4) and above.

Let’s tell you how to find out the version of Android. Go to the menu, find the “On the phone” item, inside which open the “Information OD” section. The upper line “Android version” will give you the right information.

With iPhone is still easier. If you have iPhone 4 (iOS 7.one.2) and above, then support is VR support.

Memory and processor

It came to decide on the minimum requirements for the computing power of the phone. Simplified, the more manufacturing the smartphone and the more RAM he has, the better.

Much depends on which applications and games you are going to run. If we are talking about high-quality three-dimensional games at maximum settings, then a smartphone with 2-3 GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 835 level processor is suitable.

Best VR Headsets for Phone in 2020

The popular SNAPDRAGON 660 processor, installed in many models of the average price range, is also suitable for VR games.

For a comfortable game and watching video 360 on iOS, there are enough iPhone 6s capabilities with Apple A9 processor.

As for morally outdated android models, a small amount of RAM can be a limitation for them. Three years ago, 1 GB of RAM were equipped with a middle price range, and this is not enough for a comfortable game.

Screen diagonal, resolution and matrix type

The better the screen, the better the image will be. At the same time, there are no requirements for the type of matrix. It does not matter whether the IPS, Amoled or outdated TFT display is equipped. Since the smartphone is quite rigidly fixed inside the helmet, wide viewing angles are not needed.

Of course, the picture on modern amoled screens will be noticeably better in comparison with the screens on obsolete matrices, but this is unlikely to become an obstacle to the game.

As for the diagonal, the necessary minimum is a 4-inch screen. Most likely, you cannot securely fix 3.5 inch gadget in the of VR glasses.

Devices with 6.5 inch screen is unlikely to fit.

The final quality of the display has an impact on the final quality of the image. Although even a screen with a resolution of 480×800 is suitable, but do not forget that the picture is artificially divided into two halves, becoming half the horizontal (in this case 480×400).

Full HD screens today have become the standard, and they give a picture of normal quality. If a display with a higher WQHD resolution is used, the image will be more clear and detailed.

The dimensions of the smartphone

Most of the manufacturers of BP glasses try to make them compatible with the maximum possible number of smartphone models. The dimensions of the phone directly depend on the size of the screen diagonal. the larger the diagonal, the greater the dimensions of the device.

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By and large, it is worth worrying only to owners of smartphones from 3.5 inch screens and owners of phablets (6.5 inches and more). Phones with 4-6 inch screens are usually placed and fixed in the glass housing without problems.

Finding a mobile phone with non.standard sizes Suitable glasses are not so easy. The best option is to take a phone with you and go shopping with a good assortment of VR devices.

As for the tablets, there are no suitable models for them. Use, for example, Apple iPad, you are unlikely to succeed.

Battery capacity

The type and capacity of the battery has no effect on the gameplay. However, the 3D game demanding of the computing capacities of the phone is capable of discharge the battery in a couple of hours. Therefore, the larger the battery capacity, the longer you can play without a break for recharging.

Carl Zeiss Vr One Gx

Most of the videos where smartphones are used are a housing and a couple of lenses. Carl Zeiss decided to go further (much further) than usual, having built high.quality optics, which gives a feeling of almost complete immersion in virtual reality. This, of course, is not Oculus Rift and similar devices, but close to that.

In addition, the manufacturer built a magnetic touch panel, which allows you to control the application without taking out a smartphone from a plastic tab. It is worth remembering here that if you have an iPhone 6 Plus, then you need not this model, but a larger system. VR One Plus.

As for the price, here it is higher, when compared with all other devices of this type. On Amazon Carl Zeiss Vr One Gx is sold at a price of 120 euros.

Stationary helmets of virtual reality

Despite the smaller volume of representatives, the market of stationary helmets is not limited only to the devices below, but we will only dwell on completely ready.made solutions.

In general terms, stationary decisions, according to many, allow us to experience a “real” BP. This is due to the fact that stationary solutions, in comparison with mobile, make it possible to reproduce content with highly polygonal graphics, have high.quality lenses of a special shape, more FOV (Field-OF-View. viewing angle), displays with a high degree of pixel density and high resolution, which ensures the lack of effect Screen-Door (pixelization effect).

over, some devices allow you to track your position in space, which means that you can physically move in virtual reality!

However, there are also costs here, which are customary to classify by minuses. Stationary solutions are wired and connected to PC Or console. In the case of PC, not everyone is suitable. That is, in addition to an expensive virtual reality device, you will also have to go broke on the top computer. There is already a separate line now PC and laptops with labeling VR-Rady, The range of which is gradually expanding.

Of course, the most recognizable among all helmets is Oculus Rift. This is a very light, convenient device to use, with high quality pictures, without a pixel grid (SDE effect), with your project store. in general, completely ready to use. Many are trying to compare it with development versions (DK1, DK2), But thanks to all the characteristics described above, the most comfortable and high.quality immersion is ensured, which is nothing to use Developer Kit versions.

Oculus Connects to a stationary PC. Mac not yet supported, and most PC laptops. alas. too. This restriction is associated with the high requirements for computer characteristics.

One of the attractive features Oculus is the built.in possibility of using 3D Audio. Sound is not just heard from headphones, but in the literal sense surrounds you, which creates a unique effect of complete immersion.

By the end of the year, the manufacturer promises to release joysticks, which, however, are looking forward to now, t.to. Similar solutions are already represented by competitors.

virtual, reality, glasses, smartphone

Direct competitor Oculus. The device also connects to PC. However, compared to Oculus, It has a greater possibility of tracking user movements thanks to technology Lighthouse. 2 sensors will allow you to freely move in a 4 × 4 m space. Also an advantage HTC There are their controllers that are already actively used in different projects for this platform.

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With Vive You can literally walk around the house or look around the corner, draw a virtual picture with your hands and much more.

Price. 800 for the entire set: helmet, traffic sensors, 2 controller.

This device, first of all, is focused on the owners of the prefix PlayStation 4 or on those who are going to purchase them. This is an undoubted plus, since there is no need to buy any special computer. If there is a console, it remains only to buy a PlayStation VR, which will cost 400, with a set of controllers. at 500.

The number of owners of PlayStation 4 is extremely large, and Sony makes rather optimistic plans for the sale of several million BP devices after the start, which seems quite real, since the price threshold of the entrance is much lower than competitors. It is for this reason that they can be classified as one of the most anticipated VR releases in 2016.

Detail characteristics Sony PlayStation Vr. The main list ends on this, but the market is constantly updated with something new, new projects, VR cameras and devices are released every day. Of course, the more actively the BP will develop, the faster the classifications are tired, and the easier and more understandable the choice.

We have brought our vision, which allows us to clearly realize the differences and functionality of platforms and devices. I hope this material will help you.

Thanks to Tase Nagina and Yegor Berdnikov Berdnikov for help in preparing the material.

Place. Samsung HMD Odyssey. from 45 500

The gadget is glasses for immersion in a virtual reality for PC, which have gained great popularity among users of Windows Mixed Reality Headset. The device has an AMOLED screen technology, which contributes to a good image detail and a feeling of complete immersion.


  • Screen technology. Amoled
  • Headphones in the kit
  • Quick connection
  • The presence of a microphone
  • Adjustment of the intercar distance

Customer reviews

I purchased the device more recently, I use it for about 1 month, and in general, the device is very good, high image quality, convenient control, but the price of these VR points for PC is high for games, but this is my personal opinion, you can with it with it disagree. I put 7/10.

place.VR Box 2.0. from 428

The unconditional winner in the nomination of the highest quality and cheap VR glasses. The device has a special approach to the creation and study of all the smallest details that contribute to the complete immersion in virtual reality. The VR Box device is a well.deserved leader in the world market.


  • Compatibility. Android, iOS
  • Adjustment of interspecting vision. from 58 to 72mm
  • Focus adjustment in the range from 65 to 72 mm
  • Viewing angle. 100 degrees
  • Lens diameter. 42mm
  • Screen diagonal 4.5. 6 inches
  • Weight. 350 grams.


  • Control panel in the kit
  • Support 3D images
  • High quality picture
  • Good isolation from light
  • Convenient straps for fastening to the head
  • Reliable fastening of a smartphone

Customer reviews

I searched for a long time for myself, and finally met with this model. I am very happy with the purchase, I use it almost daily and I did not notice any shortcomings. The device is definitely worth its money. Very simple and convenient to use, I recommend it to everyone. 10/10.

Kirill Zykov, student.