Anonymous Instagram and Storis

Insta Stalker Storistalker.COM allows you to anonymously watch storis (stories) Instagram, monitor all changes in the profile, new subscriptions, stories (steris), Комментарии и мнения владельцев, likes and posts of any public and public Instagram accounts. Insta Storis will show you even remote posts and user stories, if before deleting you added an account to our service to save data.

You will see advanced information in the form of daily reports on all changes in the Instagram profile that is interesting to you, collected from publicly available public data.

Services for anonymous viewing stories

Anonymous viewing is possible using services, below. the list of the most popular:

Simple service through which you can view stories and photos of the profile, as well as download them on your device. All functions are absolutely free, registration is not required.

How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously


Service for quick viewing steris. For viewing, you just need to add a link or a nickname of the account on Instagram in the field, the stories of which you want to see.


Gramotool. useful tools for Instagram, one of which is an anonymous viewing of stories from a computer or phone. The service has a number of useful tools: an instagram wrap, anonymous viewing “Actual”, downloading photos and videos.


Ingramer. multifunctional service. With it, you can completely anonymously view and download to the phone: Actual story, ordinary stories. over, for this you do not need to register in the service, just enter the profile name and click on the “search”.

Keep in mind that you will not find a story and link to the account of history. Indicate the nickname with the symbol “@”, like this “@nick”. And here there is a generation function #tags. You upload a photo that you want to publish, and Ingramer selects for it: frequent, medium and rare tags (it is combining of various frequency tags that helps to increase photographs). In this regard, the service cools the time.

Keep in mind that there are fake sites masking for popular services. Be sure to check where you enter your account data. All valid links to services are provided in the article.

Open and closed profiles. can you see a closed?

If the user has an open profile, then you can secretly watch it Storis and posts. But if the account is private, then it will be impossible to do it. There is a way out. create a new profile. This is the easiest way to watch the stories of other people without revealing your personality. But this will turn out only if the user accepts a subscription request. There are no other options.

To view Storis anonymously, you need to use special services. The principle of operation is the same for everyone: it is necessary to copy the user’s nickname and enter it into the search.

Reference! Some services find not only relevant, but also early published stories. There is an opportunity to download publications.

Real ways for anonymous viewing Storis:

Some set a special extension for the browser chrome. This is IG Stories for Instagram. Without registration and completely free. Clear and convenient. You can find an extension in the Chrome store. Immediately after installation, the plugin will begin to work and you can start to secretly view the stories.

The easiest and most popular option is to use the online service. It does not need to be downloaded, installed on your device, and there is no registration. There is a top 5 of the best services that can be trusted for all 100 percent.

Holds a leading position, has many advantages:

  • The service is simple and convenient to work.
  • The user is guaranteed complete anonymity.
  • It works for free.
  • You can not only view stories, but also download them.

It is enough to enter the user name or page address in the field. Without SMS! To download someone else’s story, you need to click on the publication you like. Select the corresponding option.


Service for viewing and downloading Storis. Completely affordable and understandable. Pretty easy to use:

  • First you need to authorize.
  • Copy the nickname of the page owner.
  • Paste it into search.
  • And click on the option “Open”.

All stories will open on the site. They can be viewed and downloaded. The most important thing is that no one will know.

Another popular service and without registration. Allows you to view and download the story. Additional functionality is available. a bot for wrapping views.

To see the story of another user secretly, you need to enter his nickname into the search window. Another feature. you can download user avatar in good quality.

Service with a memorable and spectacular design. Available in four languages. Opens relevant and general Storis. Posts can be viewed and downloaded. The principle of operation is the same: enter the user name and get all the information.


This is a multifunctional service. It allows you to completely anonymously view publications and download to the phone. And for this you do not need to register on the service. It is enough to enter the name of a particular user and click on the “search”.

Reference! This service has an interesting function. Tag generation. The photo is uploaded, and Ingramer selects frequent and rare tags. The system saves personal time well.

If you block after watching Storis

If you want to cancel the display of the name after watching the story on Instagram, do the following:

view, storis, anonymously, instagram
  • Open the Instagram application and go to the user profile.
  • Click on the icon of three points, in the upper right corner and click “Blok”.
  • Blocking this account will prevent your name in the list of spectators.

The problem is that as soon as you unlock this person, your profile will automatically appear in the list of stories viewers. Therefore, leave it locked until it passes 24 hours after publication.

To unlock someone on Instagram, go to profile, click the gear icon (iOS) or (Android) and in the “Account” section, go to blocked users. Select a specific user, and then click “Unlock”.

In addition to the desire to monitor the former or check the second halves, there are a number of reasons why people need to anonymously watch Instagram the history of another account.

Brands and marketers conduct an anonymous study before contacting an influential person in the company. and this includes an anonymous study.

An influential person may want to secretly check another account and other people’s storiz, if he has suspicions that someone is stealing or copying his content.

And if someone notices that another person is publicly mocking or trying to slander him, he has the right to preserve evidence of offensive content, without warning the owner of the account.

Knowing how anonymously view Stories on Instagram is a useful skill at least for these reasons. Therefore, we advise you to carefully study all the available options for anonymous viewing of Insta Storis and already be prepared if you need to put them in practice. Good luck!

Anonymous viewing ctead on Instagram online

Previously, for anonymous viewing, Storiz needed to start a new page and view the disappearing posts through it. Now there are many more convenient and quick solutions on the network. Consider those that you can use online. such tools do not require installation and registration/authorization.

This bot is perhaps the most convenient, since everything you need. This is to send a nickname or a link to the user Instagram, and in response he will issue a list of his story.

There is also the opportunity to subscribe to a person and receive all new storis as soon as they appear.

To start using just follow the link https: // t.Me/Anonimsavebot


The easiest and most convenient way to watch steris.

You can be sure that the anonymity of the service does not pump up. Developers use special methods for connecting to a social network.

Among the advantages of the service you can add more beautiful design, fast loading speed and the availability of a mobile version.


This service makes it possible to view ordinary posts and stories. It also allows anonymously downloading the story you like. To view the storiz incognito, go to the Gramster website.

In the social network itself, open the page on which you want to see the disappearing post.

Copy the nickname of the author of the account and insert into the search for an online service. Then click on “Open”.

A block with stories of this profile will open. Each story can be seen separately without fear of being noticed.

Please note! Like the rest of the services, Gramster is only suitable for public profiles. Stories from closed pages or stories published for “best friends”, you cannot see.

Similar services

In addition to Gramster for anonymous viewing storiz, you can use the following online services:

  • Gramotool. Service can be used with both PC and mobile device. Allows you to watch stories anonymously, download them, like and leave a comment.
  • InstaStories. intended only for viewing the story published in the last 24 hours. Storiz can be downloaded to your PC. There is a special utility for mobile users.
  • Storiesig. Service is suitable for anonymous viewing story.
  • Storyinsta. to view ordinary and relevant storiz. They can be downloaded by pressing “Download”.

Applications for smartphones

Developers actively create applications that allow you to view the stories of users from Instagram absolutely anonymous. You just just download your favorite application, install it on a smartphone, open and enter the profile data in the column “Search”.

Free application for android and iOS. Very convenient, you can download stories and share with friends. List of the chosen, search, sorting. Night mode.

This application allows: searching for an unlimited number of stories, download stories on your phone. There are paid versions. Does not allow you to watch closed accounts. In fact, the creation of a fake page and a subscription to the profile of interest will help to view a closed account.

Free application for anonymous viewing and downloading storis, posts, watch live broadcasts from any open user. The application is specifically for you if you want to be unnoticed by viewing stories, download the context from Instagram in better quality.

The most popular ways to view Stories and go unnoticed

In 2016, a large update occurred on Instagram. There was an opportunity to publish photos and videos with the possibility of tracking those who watched them. Storis gave bloggers new opportunities:

But the desire to view the record often borders on the search for the opportunity to remain anonymous. So secretly want to look at Storis on the account of old friends and friends, former lovers, colleagues or enemies. Options how to secretly see Storis on Instagram:

The fastest and safest way. You can both create a “dummy” and buy for a penny.

Will have to regularly switch between accounts. So by mistake you can look at the original profile.

You can not only see the current Stories, but also download. Registration is not required.

Not all accounts are connected, some stories disappear or do not download.

Conveniently use from the phone. Extended functionality.

A waste of time for downloading, registration. Not safe when entering personal data.

Quick search, download and viewing stories. There is an opportunity for anonymous viewing.

If the browser enters the profile, then it does not always work correctly.

Can be used from the phone and computer. Instant response, there is the possibility of downloading.

Anonymous viewing of stories is possible using several options. often they choose one that will help promptly spy on the activities of another person, without the cost of downloading and registration.

“Left” profile

The easiest way is to look at Storis-to create an additional “dummy” profile. It may take time for registration, mobile phone number. But with the help of special sites, you can buy a cheap account.

Important! The method will not work if the profile is hidden by the privacy settings.

This method will be visible both from the phone through the application and from the computer. It is not necessary to fill out the profile with information. The application will simultaneously use the authorization function for several accounts. The disadvantages include viewing from a personal profile due to inattention.

Services spies

Online services will allow you to watch, without opening in the application, the stories of the right account. The advantages of the method include:

  • the possibility of downloading;
  • viewing both active stories and those that are actual;
  • View hashtags, geolocation and text.

It can incorrectly work with profiles in which privacy settings are activated. Different services have different functionality. Often subject to blocking, so it is better to have several options in stock.

view, storis, anonymously, instagram

When watching online, an empty page icon can be displayed in the author of the story, when downloading you can hide views. If the topicalstarter has more than twelve stories, then it is possible, both complete and partial download due to service errors.

Mobile applications

Applications for hidden viewing. a dubious way. They do not always make it possible to remain invisible. If the phone has already entered the profile, then it is often viewed from it. Two applications are considered the most reliable:

Applications for viewing other people’s stories are less reliable and convenient than online services. But if the browser works incorrectly, but there is no access to the computer, then this is one of the working options. Errors are possible when trying to interact with a closed profile.

Expansion for the browser

Such an extension, which will allow you to open stories without displaying viewing, is installed on Google Chrome. Advantages “Chrome IG Story”:

  • free, correctly working expansion;
  • anonymous viewing and searching for records;
  • download streams;
  • Work with open and closed accounts.

It works only on a computer, installing and using the extension on the smartphone will not work. Near the list of stories you can click on the eye icon and activate “Anonymous Viewing Enabled”. The author will not see who looked at the record, as Instagram does not count such views.

Important! Possible selective download due to errors of service, interrupted Internet connection.

How To See Instagram Story Anonymously Without Seen | Without Them Knowing

Users note that expansion can spontaneously disconnect when rebooting a computer or browser. So you can accidentally view the story from an activated profile, and not hidden. Therefore, after launching the browser, it is useful to check whether the extension is actively for anonymous viewing.

Telegram bots

Hide your own visit to the account, you can see the story imperceptibly using a bot in telegram. Registration in the application and search for a bot will be required. The disadvantages include the fact that the viewing is not invisible.

view, storis, anonymously, instagram

Working with the bot comes down to the algorithm:

  • Download and install telegrams on the phone, computer;
  • In the search to find @igspybot;
  • Send a message with the name of the account;
  • The bot will send stories in the format of the video file, which can be downloaded.

There is another bot @instasave_bot. It is more mobile, has a different functionality. Before downloading and viewing, you can choose the stories of interest. Errors are possible when downloading and viewing closed accounts.

The use of telegram bots has disadvantages. So, with incorrect operation of the service, malfunctions are possible, the issuance of only part of the Stories. In rare cases, the bot can send the content of the wrong blogger to whom the request was received.

Problems arise when working with closed profiles, a large number of Stories (from 10 pieces). When blocking an account-bout, it is necessary to wait for the restoration of its performance.

Watch the Instagram account anonymous

Tracking the guests of the page contradicts the confidentiality policy of Instagram. The user can find out how many people looked through his profile through the statistics of a business account. But he cannot see the pages or at least nicknames of visitors to his profile.

Nevertheless, there are many services and applications offering a fee to show guests of the page. Some of them were created by scammers, others collect information about barking, commenting and watching Storis and show them as guests.

view, storis, anonymously, instagram

To be guaranteed to watch Instagram anonymously, it is better to do it through services.