Background for WEB-camera

Yes, you can put your video in any frame. For example, this one. Turn on your fantasy and make your background!

Avatar Effect

Make your face blue. Remember the movie “Avatar”? Now you can become one of them!

Video recording from WEB-camera

Record video from a WEB-camera with the AlterCam program. Change your voice, apply effects and amaze your friends!

AlterCam. webcam software

Mosaic effect

Another example of a real-time effect for a webcam. Great if you want to hide your face 🙂

In the heart

Yes, you can put your camera video into any shape with backgrounds and overlays. This heart-shaped overlay.

Background example

You can use any picture as a background for your video. For example, a picture of a laptop.

Facecam Recorder. How to record a screen with your face

When you see some youtuber or gamer sharing their screen or gameplay with a webcam, have you ever wondered how they do it? If you’re thinking about this, don’t worry, this is the right place for you. Create videos from your computer screen and your webcam activity will be much more effective and impressive, especially when recording games. Fortunately, there are many reliable recorders out there that can capture your computer screen and webcam at the same time. Below I will tell you about the best dash cam that will let you record your computer screen with Facecam without any problem.

Enter the “DVR”

Download the software on our official website, after installing and running the program on your computer, click “DVR” to enter the window to record your computer screen.

Record your screen and your face with the amazing Facecam Recorder software

Speaking of a VCR, it is actually a recorder that can capture a computer screen and a webcam at the same time. Well, VideoSolo Screen Recorder lets you do just that. This program is a powerful screen recorder that can record any activity on your computer screen, including online video, gameplay, Skype chat, etc. with your real-time response. In addition, you can add your own voice to video with audio input from system sound and microphone. You can make simple video editing and output video with suitable format and high quality.

Let’s take a gameplay recording as an example.

Select recording area

Now you can set a suitable recording area to capture what you need. You can directly customize the dotted frame or change the pattern.

Change audio settings

Here you can enable System Sound and Microphone to record your voice on video. You are allowed to explain what you are doing, or simply add technical tips to win the game. And you can directly increase or decrease the volume as you want.

Turn on the webcam

Now you can turn on your webcam and a window will appear. You can reduce the scale of the webcam window and drag it to the desired position, and then all your actions will be shown on the video.

Note: Please keep the webcam window in the recording area. Otherwise, this program will not be able to capture the webcam.

Background: What is Facecam?

Facecam. This is a camera that’s set to only record your face and shoulder area, which is pretty standard in gameplay recording. It can record your face in an online video as well as your audio story. Facecam allows the camera to capture the player’s reactions, which is more appealing to the audience.

Face cameras can be camcorders or other types of cameras, but most are webcams. So if you want to record your face while recording a gameplay tutorial, business presentation, or online lecture, you need a computer with a webcam and a useful video recorder.

Working with Webcam Recorder

As I said, the program is very simple and it will not be difficult to deal with it even without my given guide 🙂 but nevertheless, I will definitely give some instruction for beginners!

After starting the program in the main window, you need to immediately click “Connect” to activate the WEB-camera:

The program should immediately find your WEB-camera and you can already record by pressing the Record button, but if you chose the wrong one (suddenly you have 2 connected to your computer at once), you can change it in the settings (I’ll write it down below).

To stop recording, respectively, press Stop [1], and to create a screenshot, the button with the image of a fotik [2]:

All recorded videos and captured photos are saved in the folder by default:
C: \ Users \ Username \ Documents \ Free2x \ Webcam Recorder

If you need to quickly open the folder with the saved data, then click on the folder [1], and to change the folder for saving, click on the gear [2] and select the desired.

To go to the settings, click on Settings and on the video and audio tabs you can, if necessary, work with the program settings, for example, change the resolution of the camera, switch between multiple cameras, select the microphone and adjust the sound.

That’s all, the most basic and necessary in the program.

Downloading and Installing Webcam Recorder

The program can be downloaded from the official website at the link:

Click on the “Free Download” button and without any tricks the program will be on your computer in a few seconds (weighs only about 3 MB).

There is nothing complicated in the installation process itself, everything is standard, nothing needs to be configured, except that in the window in the penultimate window I recommend disabling the “Run Program on Srartup” item so that the program does not start itself when the computer is turned on. But it’s up to you 🙂

Otherwise, everything is normal, and after installation, run the program.

How to record video from a WEB-camera in Windows 7

This system is already a thing of the past, it is increasingly being replaced by a modern, more advanced 10-ka, so some functions in the 7th are missing and the developers will no longer add them, since they have long since switched to the latest version of the system.

This also applies to the WEB-camera. If during its installation you did not install the appropriate software along with it, which allows you to turn on the WEB-camera and record videos from it, or for some reason it simply does not install or does not work, then you will have to install third-party software, because there is no built-in software to work with no webcam in the seven.

When one person asked me a question while working on Windows 7 “How can I record a video from a WEB-camera in Windows 7”, at first I thought that everything was elementary, right now in 5 minutes I will find the necessary software on the Internet, but figs!

How to Make Your Webcam Footage Look Better | Filmmaker Explains

The goal was to find exactly free software and so that without unnecessary functionality, i.e. It is clear that powerful video editors like Camtasia are able to capture video from webcams, but firstly, almost all of them are paid or with inappropriate restrictions, and secondly, they are useless when the goal is. just shoot a video from the camera.

And so I killed more than an hour to find a suitable software, until I came across the Webcam Recorder program from the Free2X development. It is really free, simple, you can immediately figure it out and most importantly. works in Windows 7 (well, in 10th too, if anyone needs it).

Now a little about downloading and installing it on your computer.

Capturing webcam video on Windows 10

This system is the easiest to use, because a special free application “Camera” is already built into it, which allows you to record video from any webcam. To open it, just type in “Camera” in the search box and select the appropriate result:

How to use search in different versions of Windows, there is a separate article here “

The application will open, in which (item number = number in the screenshot):

Video recording. That is, if you want to shoot a video from a WEB-camera, click here and then on the record button;

Program settings, where you can change, for example, shooting resolution, photo quality.

As you can see, the application is elementary, without problems, there is only the most necessary. But Windows 7 users are much less fortunate.

Recording video from a WEB-camera | Free software for Windows 10 and 7

A beginner who is not yet a very experienced computer user may have a problem when the question arises about the need to make a video recording from his webcam, because simply connecting the camera is not enough and you also need to find it on the computer, run, and sometimes configure the necessary program for capturing video from the webcam and if everything is quite simple in Windows 10, then with Windows 7 there can be really serious difficulties.

I myself recently received a question on about how to record a video from a webcam bypassing all sorts of “heavy” video editors such as Camtasia, Vegas and others, because the editor itself is not needed, you just need to record videos from the webcam.

And it seems, I think, everything is simple, but with Windows 7, I myself had a parking lot, I did not even expect that I would spend more than an hour with this question in this operating system in search of a suitable program! But I found it, thank God 🙂

WEB-camera (also often called webcam). a thing, of course, very useful, with the help of which someone communicates via video communication via Skype, someone simply records a video for themselves, someone for a YouTube channel or their blog on the Internet, and since the issue of recording from it is relevant, I decided to share information and with you: I will explain how to record video from a WEB-camera on a computer with Windows 10 and Windows 7, which free software to use for this.

Together with the drivers for the correct operation of the WEB-camera, a special application can be installed just for recording video through it. I will not consider this option in the article, because if this application was installed, it works fine, then I probably would not have turned to this article. And since they applied, it means that either it was not installed with the webcam, or it is buggy or generally does not work correctly.

Thus, for recording video from a WEB-camera for both the latest Windows systems, 7th and 10th, there are simple programs. Of course, for a dozen, you don’t even have to install anything, but in a seven it will hardly take more than 20 minutes to download and install a simple Webcam Recorder program.

By the way, if the computer is not the most decrepit and pulls Windows 10 according to the configuration, I recommend switching to it, the system is actually much better, even if it even has more functionality and compatibility with modern programs!

If you have any questions, wishes or just have something to say, leave comments, I will answer everyone! 😉

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How to record video from a webcam: the most relevant and demanded software (including those with effects: underwater, in the forest, change the face, etc.)

Today all laptops and every second PC have a webcam! The same conversation in Skype is much more pleasant to conduct when you see the interlocutor and can complement the sound with images.

But in some cases, it is necessary to record video from a webcam (for example, if you do not have an alternative camera, or you want to make some kind of appeal, or.).

And I must admit that in Windows (except perhaps dozens.) There is no built-in tool for working with a webcam (note: colloquial name).

Actually, this article will be about how and what to record such a video for its further processing in a video editor or uploading to the network. I think that information will be useful to many and will save a fraction of time.

1) On how to process video (editing for beginners in simple step-by-step examples).

2) If your camera is showing nothing (or just a black screen is displayed).

Programs for recording video from a webcam

ManyCam. in addition to recording, a significant expansion of opportunities

A very popular program for working with a webcam. more than 100 million users around the world have already appreciated its capabilities!

The program is free, allows you to record video from a webcam, take a photo, transform your face beyond recognition (for this, its arsenal has dozens of different effects, including 3D!).

  • low load on the system allows you to simultaneously record video and broadcast it to the network (there are no brakes even on relatively weak PCs);
  • the program allows you to broadcast videos both for serious negotiations and for comic and funny streams;
  • a bunch of different effects: changing the face, background, applying effects, etc.
  • there are effects for the microphone: you can change your voice simultaneously with the picture;
  • you can add your own watermark to the video.

If you have a modern Windows 10 operating system installed on your PC, then in its arsenal there is a special program “Camera” (to start it, open the START menu and find all programs with the letter “K”). See screenshot below.

Although this program does not have a wide variety of functions in its arsenal, however, it copes perfectly with the task of taking photos and videos from a webcam! To start recording. just press the big button with the camera on the right side of the window (see example above ).

One of the most functional webcam software. Judge for yourself, in addition to the classic video and photo recording, you can change your appearance in the camera almost beyond recognition!

  • thousands of different fantastic effects: you can place yourself, for example, in the ocean (as in the example below being under water). to the forest, to the library, etc. There is an opportunity to change your face, add animations, apply filters and much more (I think the program will appeal to all creative people);
  • recorded video (with effects) can be uploaded to any popular video hosting;
  • by imposing various effects on your image in the webcam. you can broadcast it in this form, talking, for example, on Skype;
  • the program supports all popular instant messengers and programs for communicating on the Internet: Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Paltalk, Camfrog, YouTube, Ustream and much more.

Minus: the program is paid, and if you use the free option, then your videos will have a small logo (you can put up with it.).

Compact, handy and simple program for working with a webcam. After installing it, a virtual camera appears in the system. This new camera in your system can be connected to any other applications, and broadcast video with the effects you need.

  • there is a function of transferring video to several programs at once: i.e. the program is able to “split” the video so that there are no errors anywhere, that the camera is busy, whether a black screen would be shown;
  • there are various effects and overlays (see crin above);
  • the ability to change the voice;
  • the ability to add animation and other pictures to the “live” broadcast video.

A very interesting program that allows you to not only record from the camera in real time, but also replace some of the objects in the image: for example, “edit” your face (), add some funny animations, replace the background (instead of your wallpaper there will be something mysterious.), etc.

  • a bunch of all kinds of filters: both for changing the face, and for the general plan;
  • the ability to broadcast the processed video to Skype, Zoom and other similar applications;
  • the application is completely free, compatible with Windows 7/8/10.

This application allows you to capture video from your webcam or computer screen (universal program!). In addition to video, the application can also record sound from the speakers (headphones) of the microphone in parallel.

Supported video formats AVI and MP4. I will note the presence of a sufficiently large number of settings for recording.

  • the ability to record not the entire picture from the webcam, but only part of it;
  • synchronization of video and audio;
  • simultaneous recording from a microphone, audio output and video images;
  • the interface is made in the style of minimalism;
  • the ability to take notes on the video.

Of the minuses: in this program, of course, you will not be able to change your image from the webcam as much as in the previous versions (i.e., place yourself, for example, in the depths of the ocean. It will not work).

I also recommend that you read the article on the best programs for capturing video from a computer screen (many of them can also capture video from a webcam).

How to make a webcam video

Justin Sabrina Updated on January 08, 2019

[Conclusion]: Need to know how to capture a webcam? Then take a look at this quick guide and we’ll show you how to capture stable and high resolution webcam video with UkeySoft Screen Recorder.

“I found myself creating daily webcam videos. it’s cool and I started doing it. However, I am a beginner and I have no experience or gadgets to do this. So I google “how to take a webcam video” and understand that it will be easy to record a webcam video using any screen recorder. Is there a professional software to help me easily record and shoot webcam videos? “

Nowadays, making webcam videos is commonplace because when you save these high definition streaming videos, you can share memory, such as teaching, learning, and chatting with family and friends wherever they are. If you want the perfect recording experience, use a powerful program to help you hassle-free. Since recording video from a webcam with a good program, this is the program presented to you below.

Error UkeySoft Screen Recorder records and captures video from almost any source. from your webcam, external devices, computer screens, streaming video and gameplay videos. For any version of Windows like Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 this works well. With a powerful library of program function parameters, the program offers many amazing functions:

Video recording in formats FLV, MP4, AVI and WMV and others.
Record video with or without sound.
Support for capturing the entire screen, one window, or any selected part.
Edit recorded video to add any effects like music, watermark and subtitles.

It now allows you to capture webcam video with UkeySoft Screen Recorder by downloading the trial for free to get a good experience by following these simple steps:

Guide to Record Webcam Video on PC with UkeySoft Screen Recorder

Install UkeySoft Screen Recorder

First of all, download UkeySoft Screen Recorder from the Download site icon, install and run it. After you enter the main interface, select the “Screen Recorder” function and continue.

Customize the webcam recording window

In this section, you can configure the area of ​​the recorded video with three options, including Full Screen, Custom (customizable recording area) or Cam-era @ (webcam recording).

Select audio input channel

The program is based on 4 types of audio recording channels: “Computer sounds and microphone”, “Computer sounds”, “Microphone” and “No” for people with different video needs. Please confirm the recording of the parameters of the webcam you need.

Flexible settings for video output formats

UkeySoft Screen Recorder offers a variety of video formats including FLV, MP4, AVI and WMV. Before recording webcam video, just click the Video icon at the top of the program bar and you will see the menu later and you can choose one of them.

Using hotkeys for recording

In any case, when the recording process begins, you may rarely use your mouse to control the recording. Luckily, you can use software hotkeys to help you control the recording and allow you to change the hotkeys you prefer to set.

Start recording webcam video

Make sure you followed the steps above correctly, then click Record to start recording webcam video. Don’t forget to save the video by clicking “Save” in the lower right corner.

Preview and edit recorded video

Finally, you can preview the recorded webcam video. If you want to edit the recorded videos to make them more complete, go back to the first step and select the Video Toolbar module, which will edit your video with a variety of functions such as cut, merge, trim, crop and rotate, as well as add effects. music, watermark and subtitles to the recorded video.

Privacy protection

Clipchamp never has access to your videos (unlike any other online converter). Video files always remain on your computer unless you use one of our built-in download options.

USB webcam b external microphone

You can select an external camera and / or microphone as the source for your video and audio input. This works with USB webcams. which have built-in microphones as well as stand-alone microphones.


Recording straight from your browser means you no longer have to worry about downloading content from your phone or camera to your desktop. It’s lightning fast, completely private, and you can start sharing, compressing or editing webcam recordings much faster.

How it works

Click “Webcam Recording” in Clipchamp Create and allow access to your microphone and camera.

Record a webcam video and it will automatically appear in your media library in the editor.

Drag your clip to the timeline and edit it by cutting, adding animated motion titles and more.

Finally, you can export the result to YouTube or save it to your computer.

How do I record a video using Clipchamp?

Click “Record Video Now” on this page, register for a free account and start recording webcam videos.

Online webcam recorder

Record permissions

You can record videos at 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p. Most webcams have a maximum resolution of 720p, so 1080p is only possible if your webcam supports it.

Video editing settings

We’ve included several video editing tools right in the webcam video recorder. Edit the video after the end of the recording, after saving the original, or skip this step altogether.

Program for recording video from a webcam

Do you want to leave a video message to a loved one or are you going to blog on YouTube? To shoot and edit videos with high quality, you need a good program for recording video from a webcam. This is exactly what VideoSHOW is. From the article you will learn how to create an excellent video using this editor on your own.

Getting ready to shoot

Make sure the camera on your PC is working properly. In the start window of the program, click “New project”. The main work area of ​​the editor will appear in front of you. Click “Slide” in the top menu and in the drop-down list select “Webcam recording”.

Recording video

Click Enable Camera. Define a device for recording video and audio, adjust the desired frame size and click “Enable”. You will see the image captured by the camera. If the quality is not satisfactory, the program for recording video via a WEB-camera allows you to adjust the settings:

Click “Save” when you set the desired values. Now click on the “Start Recording” button. The camera starts recording and continues to shoot until you decide to stop the process. After that, it will be possible to add the resulting recording to the project, save it to a folder, or reshoot it again if something went wrong.

Preparing a video for viewing

Finished your project? Now you need to prepare it for viewing. To do this, click the “Create” button. A list of options will appear: create videos for PC and mobile devices, for burning to DVD, or for publishing on social networks and Internet sites. Choose the most suitable format for your purposes.

Set the desired settings for the future video: type of compression codec, frame size, quality, file weight. Wait for the conversion process to complete.

How to record video in the “VideoSHOW” program

The first step is to download “Video SHOW” from our site. Run the downloaded distribution kit and follow the instructions of the “Installation Wizard”. Then double-click on the “VideoSHOW” shortcut on the desktop to start working in the editor.

Making the video more effective

“Video SHOW” will help not only record video from a WEB-camera on a computer, but also improve the finished material.

Add your footage to the timeline and click the pencil button. Crop, rotate, stretch or change the background with the chroma key. You can also overlay a photo on the video sequence, and then add animation to make the picture smoothly pop up or appear on the screen.

In addition, with the help of numerous video editor tools, anyone can turn the most ordinary recording into a full-fledged movie. You are offered the following options:

Shoot clips with pleasure together with “VideoSHOW

Now it will not be difficult for you to make a video from videos recorded from a webcam. The process will become simple and enjoyable, and the quality of the finished material will be excellent. Create stunning video blogs, record streams or lessons, create pleasant messages for loved ones. with “VideoSHOW” any original idea becomes feasible. You just need to download the program to record video from a WEB-camera. Shoot, improve, create!

Download video editor VideoSHOW

And immerse yourself in an immersive world with limitless
filmmaking capabilities!

Top 10 best webcam models with effects

A4Tech PK-836F

One of the most affordable models in our review, however, the functionality of this product is quite wide and is in no way inferior to premium-class devices. It was originally designed to work with laptops, so the connection cord is not too long. The resolution without interpolation is 640×480 pixels, but with its application it increases several times and with sufficient Internet speed or during shooting it can reach HD quality. A CD with drivers is supplied with the device, in addition, there are several useful applications that allow you to add various effects such as frames to a picture, replace the background with a more interesting one, and so on.

The body of the device is made of hard plastic and has a matte finish. The mount is simple, but very reliable. Unfortunately, the camera cannot be rotated along its axis, it is only possible to tilt it back and forth. It works stably, no delays in the communication process or when users were recording videos. The viewing angle is 66 degrees. quite enough for home use. The microphone is built-in here, has a high sensitivity. the interlocutor will be able to hear even a faint whisper. It has an automatic noise suppression system. Focusing automatic.

  • Inexpensive products with wide functionality;
  • The software comes bundled. no need to search for applications on the Internet;
  • No delays were detected when using messengers or video recording.

How To Make A Webcam Look Like A DSLR

  • It is difficult to use on a personal stationary computer due to the insufficient length of the cord;
  • The camera is not equipped with a swivel joint;
  • If connected to a laptop all the time, it starts to heat up.

How to choose a webcam with effects?

Some not too experienced users pay attention solely to the appearance of products, which is why they are very disappointed in the future. The design of the gadget is very important, there is no doubt about it and there can be no, but one should not forget about the capabilities of the equipment either. The main working element of the device is a special light-sensitive matrix, with the help of which the light rays are converted into electrical signals. Webcams are equipped with CMOS and CCD matrices. The first is equipped with not too expensive devices, such a matrix is ​​useful for those who expect an acceptable picture from the camera when making video calls. The second type is installed on more expensive models. Such products will come in handy for people who regularly use a webcam for professional purposes. for filming streaming, holding conferences, and so on. Thanks to it, you can get a very clear picture.

Be sure to take into account the resolution of the camera: this parameter directly affects the quality of the picture. Resolution is the number of pixels that are included in the matrix. The higher the number, the smaller the pixel size, hence the image comes out pretty decent. There are even low-cost, high-resolution models on sale. However, the speed of the Internet connection should also be taken into account, as the camera will automatically adjust the image quality and therefore its size to the data transfer rate. If the resolution is high, and the Internet is slow, then the interlocutor will not be able to see any clear picture.

Another key parameter is the sensitivity of the product. this factor determines the indicator of the minimum illumination at which the camera will produce a picture of satisfactory quality. The presence of additional effects is not entirely necessary, but with them it will be possible to make an even more favorable impression on the interlocutor. In particular, there are models on sale that allow you to remove the background, overlaying some colorful and interesting picture instead. In this case, the communicating person will continue to be in the frame. Another effect is the ability to superimpose some funny ears, noses in the foreground, there are models with the function of deliberately distorting the face.

Logitech B910HD

One of the key distinguishing points associated with this device is the presence of two microphones working in stereo mode, like the previous model, there is a protective cover here to protect the optics from dust and dirt. It’s easy to connect, you don’t have to install drivers to work with basic functions (photography, video communication, video shooting). To access the advanced settings, you still have to install the driver. They allow, together with the corresponding application, to make the image quality just perfect, adjust it to the existing lighting conditions, apply various kinds of effects, of which there are quite a few. The body is plastic, has a matte finish. dust will not accumulate on it, the front side is glossy, which gives the camera additional style. Light sensitivity is excellent, even in low light conditions, the picture will retain its clarity, no noise occurs.

The lens is wide-angle, the viewing angles are decent. 78 degrees. The focusing system is automatic, and it can catch an object located in the immediate vicinity of the lens. at a distance of 1 cm. The quality of the shooting is excellent, and the resolution can be changed if necessary. Powerful microphones with automatic noise cancellation.

  • Beautiful appearance;
  • The presence of a stereo microphone;
  • Wide angle lens;
  • A large number of fine settings, and you can reset them to standard by pressing one button in the application.
  • Not too comfortable mount;
  • Decent overall dimensions;
  • The glossy front panel will simply attract dust and leave fingerprints on it.

TOP 10 best webcams with effects, choose a webcam

If you want to buy yourself a really optimal webcam that will meet all your requests and needs, then this article is for you. We decided to dedicate it to the best effects webcams. Let’s just first look at what points you should pay attention to when buying.

Microsoft LifeCam Studio

It is produced on the basis of high-quality components placed in a case made of aluminum alloy, thanks to which a fairly strong and reliable product has turned out. A special rubber cap is supplied with it, which allows you to close the lens if necessary and additionally protect it from various physical damage. The overall dimensions are decent. 113×40 mm. With its help, you can get high-quality pictures and videos. the format corresponds to the HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It works on the basis of a set of high-precision sensors that accurately detect the foreground and background. Due to them, it is possible to achieve a bright and highly detailed image. There is a built-in microphone with noise suppression function, so you can use this camera not only in an apartment or office, but also on the streets of a big city. Products are connected to a computer using a standard USB 2.0 interface. There are two buttons on the surface of the camera. one allows you to get a high-quality instant photo, the second allows you to access the official Windows Live service.

The mount is flexible, but quite reliable. it will firmly hold the device on a personal computer monitor or laptop display, preventing the camera from sliding off. The lens is made of specially cleaned glass for high clarity and natural color rendition. The function of natural background replacement is provided, but in order to use it, you need to install drivers and special software. you can download it on the official website of the manufacturer.

  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy housing;
  • A high resolution;
  • Natural display of effects.
video, web-camera, effects

Canyon CNE-CWC1

Quite easy to install and use products, which are characterized by small overall dimensions. The design is stylish and quite strict. the manufacturers were guided by the principle of “nothing more”. The body is made of high quality plastic with a matte finish. A weighting agent is not provided here. the mount is quite reliable even without it, the product does not slide off the edge of the monitor or laptop. The camera itself is connected to the mount using a reliable and fairly rigid and tight hinge, with which it can rotate around its own axis. The maximum resolution during video communication or video recording reaches 1600×1200 pixels. it corresponds to the Full HD format, with which not all products on the market are capable of working. The recording rate is stable. 25-30 frames per second. Color rendition is also at a very high level, no distortions or other picture defects were found. If the Internet speed is stable and high, then the picture is transmitted instantly with full quality preservation.

For its cost, the device has a sufficiently high-quality microphone that copes well with noise and at the same time does not distort the voice at all, but still there is a predominance of low frequencies. The camera has a fixed focus, automatic adjustment is not provided here at all. It operates on the basis of a CMOS matrix with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. There is also a quick photo key here.

  • Very high build quality;
  • Microphone with reliable noise reduction system;
  • Fixation is universal with the possibility of rotation around its own axis;
  • The shooting frequency is 30 frames per second;
  • Good value for money product.
  • Bass sounds too high when working with a microphone.