Programs for recording video from the screen

Today we will consider the highest quality and functional programs for recording video from the screen from eminent developers. Any novice blogger, PC service specialist or private user will find a suitable tool here. Read carefully, compare by the table and try.

The program is a multifunctional solution for video capture in any quality and from any source, cutting it, processing using effects, video editing and converting for various devices or for loading on YouTube, in social networks. The component of Screen Capture is responsible for obtaining the image, which is also supplied separately. But if you compare the cost of a license for a full complex and a screen shooting program, it becomes clear that it is better to immediately purchase the first.

In fact, for 400 you “buy” the installation and editing program, equal in capabilities of professional tools from Adobe, Sony, but adapted for the needs of an ordinary user. Here, even a beginner will be able to “make” a whole film, with credits and other film attacks! About flights, video tutorials, clips, broadcasts of the webinar do not have to speak. Writing a computer screen with sound is easily and relaxed.

  • The ability to create high.quality video “From scratch” using an extensive arsenal of funds;
  • Capture from the screen, camera, digital receivers and even VHS;
  • Sound channel tuning and input device;
  • Adjustment of the quality and resolution of the screen during the recording;
  • Instrumentation of nonlinear installation;
  • Functions of processing and conversion;
  • The possibility of direct export of the result in web, on mob. device or CD/DVD;
  • Easy in management;
  • A large number of reference materials in Russian.

OBS Studio

A free multifunctional program that allows you to record and broadcast a network (if necessary) not only all actions on the screen, but also a video with others. devices (for example, with webcams).

over, for several clicks of the mouse, you can quickly adjust the sizes and position of the windows, indicate the degree of compression, codecs, etc. (very useful if you are capturing from several devices at once).

Capture of the desktop and games at the same time!

By the way, these are by (recently) manufacturers of some audio and video devices began to be indicated as basic for working with their equipment (for example, capture, video cameras, and pr.).

  • free with a large number of options and settings;
  • allows you to capture from several sources at once: from the desktop, from the webcam (or other. devices), from the game, etc.D.;
  • the ability not only to record the video, but also to broadcast it to the network;
  • The ability to save the video in different formats: MP4, FLV, MKV, etc.;
  • hot keys support;
  • the presence of a sufficiently large number of plugins;
  • works on Windows, Linux, MacOS (supports Russian!).

Function “Recording of the screen

A native function is available on Apple mobile devices, with which you can record the contents of the screen without a computer and programs. Ready entries are stored in the standard “Photo” application, where they can be edited.

How to record a video from the iPhone or iPad screen using a function

  • Make a swipe from the edge of the display to open the control point.
  • If a icon in the form of a circle enclosed in a ring appears on the screen, proceed to the next step. If it is not there, close the control point and go to the “Settings” section → “Management Point” → “Reference Mount Elements”. Click plus near the “Writing” button and open the control point again.
  • To start the recording without an external sound, click on the icon in the form of a circle enclosed in a ring.
  • To start a record with an external sound, delay touch on the above icon, click on the microphone button and select “Start Record”.
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Writing screen using online services

For a quick video clock and browser tab, you can switch to special web platforms. They do not require installation, but some resources limit the shooting time. Also, to work with sites, you need a stable Internet.

Free Online Screen Recorder

Language: English OC: Windows, Linux, MacOS License: Free what is suitable for: creating webinars, instructions and video courses

Allow you to shoot any section of your display and add sound accompaniment from a microphone or speakers. You can also apply pictures from the webcam, indicate the output video format, codec and quality of the material.

How To Record Computer and Laptop Screen For Free ? Computer screen record kaise kare in hindi

  • Pros:
  • the introduction of their hot keys;
  • Support for popular codecs h h.264 and MPEG-4, which will make it possible to reproduce vijeroics in all players;
  • Loading the results in cloud storage.
  • Minuses:
  • It is required to download the launcher;
  • not translated into Russian;
  • periodically the sound lags behind the visual series.

How to make a video clip using Free Online Screen Recorder

  • Open the service. Download the launcher, pressing the “Start Recording” button.
  • Use the Region option to select a site.
  • To turn on the video from the computer screen use the REC command.
  • Click on the red square to turn off.

Windows 7 hidden screen recorder


Language: English OC: Windows, MacOS License: Conditionally paid for what is suitable for small videos with sound accompaniment

Contains the screon tools. In ScreenCast-O-Matic, you can connect to several audio sources, choose resolution and draw on top of the picture.

  • Pros:
  • planning publication on the network at the exact date;
  • collection with 50 audio engineers;
  • Unloading on Google Drive and Classroom.
  • Minuses:
  • It is necessary to install the launcher;
  • menu in English;
  • In the starting bag you can remove only 15 minutes;
  • Cost. from 4 per month.

How to make a video from the screen in ScreenCast-O-Matic

  • Open the platform and install the launcher.
  • In the SIZE field, indicate the resolution.
  • To start starting, click on “REC”.
  • Click on “PAUSE”, and then on “Done”.

Online Screen Recorder

Language: English OC: Windows, Linux, MacOS License: Conditionally paid for what is suitable: quick video shooting in full screen mode

Captures all the actions on the display, a voice from a recording device, a melody from the speakers or from the browser. The service creates the Webm video and gives it to share it in the social.networks.

  • combination of the screece with the image from the webcam;
  • shooting the entire desktop;
  • indication of the tab or open software;
  • Storage on the inner web server.
  • Pros:
  • Conclusion in HD;
  • No watermarks;
  • does not require registration or downloading launches.
  • Minuses:
  • You cannot change the output format;
  • You can only take it off for free for 15 minutes;
  • In the basic tariff, you can perform less than 10 videos.

How to create a scamming in Online Screen Recorder

  • Open the Web Recordr and click “Get Started”.
  • In the list, select the type of video and audio source.
  • Click “Share Your Screen”. Confirm the action.
  • Launch the process by pressing Start Recording.
  • Apply the function again and export the result to the disk.
video, recording, application, computer, screen

Online screen recording

Language: Russian OC: Windows, Linux, MacOS License: Free for what is suitable: video screenshots design

Designed to capture the entire display or separate browser tab without sound. On the site you can create a video clip of format mp4.

  • selection of a video of video capture;
  • works on all devices;
  • provides high data protection;
  • View before downloading.
  • Pros:
  • good quality of the visual series;
  • simple Russian.speaking Inte Week;
  • All functionality is available for free.
  • Minuses:
  • cannot perform an audio recording from a microphone or speakers;
  • export only to MP4;
  • You cannot suspend the process.

How to capture a video in the service

  • On the resource page, click on the blue button.
  • Choose a type of broadcast.
  • To get started, click on the camera icon.
  • To complete, click on Stop.
  • Save using a yellow button.

Bandicam download

Software allows you to capture actions translated on the screen to create a screenshot or video recording, convert the material into compact files, configure sound quality and video, codecs for proper operation and saving ways. Gangs are very popular among gamers, as it helps to easily record the game’s play, save it in popular formats or publish it on YouTube. The user can pause a pause, stop at the indicated minute or activate the computer shutdown at the end of the process. The trial version records only 10-minute videos.

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At the beginning of the selection, we consider programs for recording videos from a computer screen with sound with a completely free distribution model.

One of the simplest utilities to capture a video in our review. The application intenses consists of just one window. In it you can indicate the exciting monitor, the permission of the picture, the codec and the number of frames. It is also possible to highlight the clicks and the choice of the directory to preserve. The functions of the utility end on this. when recording, you can not even suspend the process for a while.

This utility also cannot boast of its functionality. In fact, from Rylstim Screen Recorder, it is distinguished by the possibility of capturing a certain part of the screen and the function of temporary suspension of the recording process. Camstudio supports the SWF flash format, it was previously very popular in the Web industry, but with the transition to the HTML5 standard, this type of animated rollers is outdated.

Among the shortcomings of the application, we note its “shit”. Sometimes it saves the file to the wrong directory.

Initially, the application was created for screenshots, it even has a simple editor and the ability to add text blocks and footnotes. In addition, the program can record five-minute videos in SWF format and quickly export them to various cloud containers. We note a pleasant “sunny” utility integration, which, unfortunately, is not localized.

We recommend Jing if you need to share short.lived videos with remote users.

This software for recording a video can highlight the path of moving the cursor and even voice clicks. A simple audio editor is integrated into it, it is possible to instantly export work on YouTube. The recorded videos are superimposed on the Time Leska for the trimmer, they can be viewed before export. It is a pity that the format for preserving the videos is only one, and that is not particularly modern. wmv.

Good software, combining the role of a screon and screenshoter. Its integration is traditional for such programs, there is a mini-console of control in which you can set the area and other capture parameters. There is the possibility of installing an additional browser panel. A undoubted plus of Free screen video recorder. the possibility of choosing codecs, video resolution, as well as support for modern MP4 format.

Specialized tool for creating training video presentations and slide shows. The program contains a good editor of audio and video traffic, allows you to apply effects and text blocks. The possibility of recording the gameplay is supported, but in practice, when capturing some 3D games, there was a “black screen”.

This video removal program allows you to quickly upload videos on YouTube for free. the ability to export to a local PC is absent. In this case, right in the intese, you can specify metathegs for video content.

This program is quite popular among PC users. It not only supports different formats for export, but also allows you to indicate the quality of the record and other technical parameters of the file. In addition, in the application you will find a simple editor and the possibility of adding geometric shapes and text blocks, which automatically expands the scope of application.

video, recording, application, computer, screen

Note the compatibility of Debut Video Capture with external capture devices (for example, Web-frame).

The functionality of the editor depends on the version. There is a completely free version of the program, and the price of a license, taking into account discounts, starts from 15.

video, recording, application, computer, screen

Now we will get acquainted with software, which without buying a license offers limited functionality or limited export opportunities.

Multi.format screcster from a domestic developer, it allows you to export the recorded data not only to the video file, but also a self.propagating archive with an integrated video player.

Without buying a license, you cannot use an integrated image editor, apply text blocks and geometric shapes. Also in the Free version is not available the function of online rising. The price of a license key is about 20.

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A good screenshot/screenshunker, includes tools for quickly unloading the shot materials on the Internet and the ability to generate a unique URL for access to content. The program can be used to record Online Translation on schedule.

After the acquisition of a license key worth 30, restrictions on the recording time and the number of formats proposed for export will be removed. Also, a problem planner will be available to you.

Initially, this software was created to generate screenshots and unload them into a “cloud” storage. The volume of the virtual container depends on the selected version. The application is highlighted by a pleasant integer and the presence of many tools for post-processing.

The maximum pro-version of the program, in addition to removing the screen images, can also record rollers in AVI format. However, the cost of an annual subscription of such an output at the level of 30 with a projection for the possibilities of the screenshots cannot be called loyal.

A quick multifunctional screter that is suitable for creating any type of videos-from recording games and generating GIF-OK to the work of “training” and content for Web sites. The program can save a video on a local car or export it to popular cloud services.

The main limits of the free version-it does not have an editor, the duration of one video is limited to 15 minutes, and a watermark is superimposed on all the end entries. The price of licensed subscription. from 450.5 to 4 monthly.

The functionality of the program depends on the selected version. The basic free version contains only tools to capture the picture and can maintain content in WMV format. Plus version worth 39 supports more video formats, includes funds for creating training content. The maximum Pro output contains a universal editor, can save projects in the form of a presentation or executable file. The price of a license for a Pro version is almost 90 dollars.

One of the most famous video recording programs from the screen or connected capture devices. The application has gained particular popularity among gamers. the program can not only write a picture from “heavy” games, but practically does not consume PC resources. In this case, you can turn on the FPS counter and monitor the smoothness of the picture in numbers. With all the advantages of the application, unfortunately, it does not have a editor.


Free program for recording a screen with audio compensation and data from speakers. In Camstudio, you can highlight the video site, display or hide the cursor, indicate the suitable file format and add annotations.

  • Automatic stopping of the video clip;
  • placement of the logo from the hard drive;
  • design of inscriptions and subtitles;
  • The choice of video road quality.


  • When installing, advertising products are loaded, for example, browsers and antiviruses;
  • The integration is not translated into Russian;
  • Officially there is no support for Windows 10 and 8.

Let’s summarize

Video recording programs can differ in a set of functions, the quality of the recording, the number of computer resources consumed, because of this, to say with confidence which program is best, it is impossible. Some kind of program is free, some is not, in one there is an editor, in the other it is absent. Each user needs these utilities for completely different tasks, therefore, the best program for each has their own. This list was created not to determine which utility is the most convenient and functional, but in order to offer options and describe their weaknesses and strengths. Analyze the pros and cons and choose the program that you need exactly!

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев which program you chose and whether it is good for your tasks. Perhaps it will be useful to other visitors who are looking for a suitable program. Yes, and we are just always happy to see your Комментарии и мнения владельцев and discussions.