Download video editor “video editing

“Video editing”. convenient software for working with video in Russian for Windows. Create awesome clips with screensavers, animation and music for a couple of mouse clicks! Everything you need is to download video editor and install it on PC. You will be pleasantly surprised by the opportunities that will open in front of you for creativity. Let’s get acquainted with them a little closer.

Use the “video formation” to the maximum! Together with the software you will be able to real wonders:

️ Remove more superfluous mouse clicks. You can cut unnecessary scenes from any parts and quickly divide the material on the part, and then use them when installing.

️ Raise the quality. Film lacks paints? Correct this through the activation of the autocorrection option. You can also manually configure all the parameters on special scales or via curves.

️ Use effects. Complete tinting, cinema color correction or simply add the original effect. at your disposal hundreds of styles.

️ Work on the sound. Feel yourself a sound engineer! Having downloaded the video editor in Russian you can completely replace the sound or download background music.

️ Add titles and screensavers. No real film costs without spectacular titles. And your will not be an exception! Use animated slides from the catalog or create your own. with this in the editor will not arise any difficulties and problems.

In version 12.5 opportunities for creativity have become even more! Now you can work with chromasket and replace background. Correct playback speed, use bright feet from the catalog or create epic “live” postcards without much effort.

Try these and other functions by! With the download of the installer on the computer with a good connection to the network, you can cope literally in 2 minutes, because distribution weighs 173 MB. Download the video editor in Russian and install it right now!

4.1 ratings: 550 (yours 🙂

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Download the best video editor for newbies.

with video shops you will start mounted at prof!

To draw up a list of the best we tested 50 video edits. both popular and little-known. To determine which program for editing the video is the best for beginners, we relied on 3 criteria:

The ability of the editor should cover the full cycle of work on video. gluing, trimming, voice acting, adding text, pictures, effects, and t.D.

Management must be as comfortable as possible, the purpose of all buttons is obvious. Therefore, the support of the Russian language plays an important role.

There were free editors in priority, but there were little good among them. Therefore, included in the top several paid, but budget options.

Davinci Resolve

From Davincch I have a dual impression. On the one hand, the set of tools and intees, it is noticeably knocked out against the background of other free programs. the feeling of a really powerful professional video recorder. over, as in the case of VSDC, there are no significant differences between the free version and commercial for 995 (!). On the other hand, Davinci Resolve places high video card requirements, since the application of changes here is implemented in real time. This is definitely impressive of me as a user, but also periodically drops the whole process to not enough powerful computers.

System Requirements: 12 GB of RAM (recommended 16 GB), powerful video card with CUDA technology and recommended memory capacity from 3 GB, monitor with a resolution of 1920×1080 and above.

The biggest accent in the Davinci Resolve video editor is done on the tools of color correction. If you are not a priority for you an ideal Hollywood level, then you may have, like me, not enough patience to figure out the settings. But judging by the tutorials, with the color of Davinci really can work wonders.

  • The stated features besides the basic: professional color correction, cropping, sound mixing, work with text, Support OpenFX plugin to add transition effects.
  • Opens formats: Davinci opens most of the popular video formats, but the preferred worker for it is ProRes, so conversion is recommended before starting.
  • Export formats: AVI, QuickTime, MP4, MOV, APNG
  • The main limitation of the free version: Davici Resolve clearly counts on the audience of video editing professionals, so in the paid version they made such most likely unimportant buns for the usual user as a joint installation, noise reduction and editing of stereoscopic 3D.

Filmora Video Editor

Program description

Filmora Video Editor. Paid Program with Trial Version. After the first launch of the program in the browser, the manual opens to help the new user get used to. Filmora understandable inteeis and great installation opportunities. There is a basic collection of video, audio engines, titers, effects, transitions and animations. You can add your tracks from the computer.

What can be done in the program:

  • Crop video and cut out parts;
  • do dubbing rollers;
  • write video from the laptop screen, cameras;
  • turn off the sound in the videos and replace on your audio track;
  • add titers, screensavers, inscriptions, figures, animation, transitions, filters;
  • combine images and shots in the technology of chromium;
  • Upload photos from Instagram. Flickr;
  • divide the screen into several parts;
  • take pictures frames from video;
  • Stabilize, crop, rotate video, customize brightness, contrast, shade, saturation and speed;
  • separating and drowning audio track with video.
  • Many diverse effects, animations, titles, filters.
  • There is an overlay of mobile graphics, the “picture in the picture” function, the screen splitting.
  • Equalizer presence.
  • Function “Hide face”.
  • Two types of scale. temporary and frame.
  • Adding Effects Add To Favorites.
  • Export roller in many formats.
  • Publication on YouTube. Vimeo, write to a DVD disk.
  • Work with HD video.

Personal experience

I liked the program. I had to get used to the inteeis for some time, but then I figured out and received real pleasure from work. If in previous programs, the effects and transitions were superimposed in a strictly defined place (it was necessary to cut the track from the video), then in Filmora Titres, filters, moving figures can be dragged on any video segment and put on each other.

Danar: Three different rollers, audio file. Task. trim rollers, connect to one, add effects.

Very subtle breakdown by frames. It allows you to cut frames as much as possible. Many different effects, animations, transitions, filters. There is a collection of filters for instagram. Titres are flexibly edited. the color, fonts, distance between letters and rows, location varies.

Filmora Video Editor. a program with wide basic capabilities and various functions. Use it to record video from a computer, dubbing to rollers, processing and overlaying special effects.

Video edits Freeware category

Below are the pros and cons of editors in free distribution.

one. Davinci Resolve gives access to color correction and nonlinear installation tools. It will even come true for professionals. However, the Russian-speaking user may have difficulties due to the English menu. All learning literature on the official website is also not translated into Russian. In addition, due to the abundance of functions, it will take time to get used in the menu.

Davinci Resolve is suitable for professionals with knowledge of English

VSDC. professional software offering great installation opportunities. Here you can cut, crown material, work with sound, put special effects. However, the inteeis is quite complicated, it is unlikely to understand immediately, not even speaking new things. If you were looking for free video edits for installation, and it’s not a pity to master the time, you can try this software.

VSDC. Multifunctional, but sophisticated editor

Avidemux is quite simple for functionality. With it, it is easy to divide the video file into several parts, apply a few simple filters. He will suit those who need elementary tools for fast processing. If a more creative approach is desirable, it is better to use another editor.

Avidemux has not too many functions, but to use it just

VirtualDub is one of the most popular editors with a minimum of functions. But it is clear and simple. It allows you to make video capture, trim and glue fragments, apply filters, add sound. However, the toolkit does not compare with more advanced counterparts.

VirtualDub Comfortable Software with minimum features

Do not want to download and install on computer? Then you will be interested in WEVIDEO. This is a web application for browser. The service allows you to edit the video, add effects and smoothing animation. you only need to register an account.

WEVIDEO will not suit the preparation of complex projects that weigh a lot. It will also be too comfortable at slow vessels of the home Internet.

WEVIDEO allows you to work through the browser, but requires you to connect to the Internet

video, processing, programs, computer

Movavi Video Editor

This editor is more powerful than the previous one. Its advantage in more functions and formats including even mobile. There are cool effects of filters and transitions. Also, the program can capture video, for example, from the desktop screen, some program or cameras. It is possible to embed sound. There are formats for YouTube.

Inteeis programs are also very simple. It is clear that what button answers. In the software you can figure it out on your own in 20 minutes.

At the moment, a version of the version of the Windows version that supports all versions of the Windows operating system has been posted on the official site, as well as Mac OS.

Movavi Video Editor can be downloaded from the official site. There are two versions. free and paid, in which there are much more functions. Which ones? Go to the site and look at the comparison of the paid and free version.

What to pay attention to when choosing a video editor

Repel solely from their needs. Therefore, it is necessary to study, first of all, the characteristics of applications and opportunities. Be sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • Price. There are free programs with basic functions that are suitable for everyday use: add effects, impose audio, text, cut superfluous. this may be quite enough.
  • Comfortable inteeis. Easy use. not in last place. If before starting work, you will have to spend a few hours to study the benefits, it is better to use this time to search for a more understandable video editor.
  • The purpose of video. If you need to create or edit, for example, a commercial, then not every video editor is suitable. This applies to the legislation regarding the volume of its sound and other parameters, to comply with special tools.

Editor’s Choice

Movavi Video Editor Plus

System Requirements: 64-bit processor with clock frequency 1.5 GHz; 2 GB of RAM for Windows and 256 RAM for MacOS; Intel HD Graphics 2000 Video Card.

Description: He heads our cool source rating for editing bright films, clips and videos on social networks and YouTube. Multifunctionality in combination with a simple control panel allow you to work with Movavi Video Editor Plus not only by novice, but also more experienced users. With this program you will forever get rid of the need to download something else.

➕ Wide selection of titers, filters and transitions;

➕ Plugin “Picture in the picture”, combining different frames in one;

➕ Built-in audio detachment with a library of free tracks and advanced tools for working with sound;

➖ When exporting a roller in a trial version remains a watermark.

For blog readers, a special discount is 10% on promotion Superblog!


System requirements: multi-core processor with 64-bit support; 4 GB RAM (16 GB recommended); minimum 500 MB of free disk space;

Description: Absolutely free video editor on open source PC. The toolbar remotely resembles Adobe Premiere Pro. But OpenShot has a more modest functionality that is suitable for novice mounting. it will be easier to understand.

➕ Allows you to divide one video file into several parts for 2-3 mouse clicks;

➕ Unlimited number of tracks and layers;

➕ You can create rollers with subtitles and headlines;

➕ Ability to work with vector images;

➖ Some Windows users complain about unstable application operation;

➖ The mechanism of work differs from similar programs. you will have to spend a little more time for training.

VSDC Free Video Editor

License: free with some restrictions

System requirements: Intel and AMD processor with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz, 512 MB of RAM; Video card with DIRECTX 9 support.0c

Description: A good video editor that will satisfy your set of functions of almost any user: from a beginner to an experienced blogger. Availability of tools for working with audio recordings gives VSDC Free Video Editor Advantage compared to many other programs.

➕ The built-in Motion Tracking module allows you to impose one object on the trajectory of movement of another object on video;

➕ Reads almost all popular permissions and codecs: AVI, MP4. MKV, MPG, WMV, 3GP, FLV;

➕ Function capture pictures from external devices. for example, from a webcam;

➕ Export of mounted rollers in 4K and HD;

➖ advanced features are available only in the licensed version;

4. Wondershare Filmora

License: free of charge (full version of the program is available)

System requirements: Intel i5 processor, 2 GHz; 4 GB of RAM on Windows and 8 GB on Mac; 10 GB of a free disk space; Video Card Intel HD Graphics 5000, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or AMD RADEON R5.

Description: Conditionally free video editor. which you can upgrade to a full version. The set of built-in functions is not inferior to other more powerful and professional software. but only when purchasing a license.

➕ Built-in hardware acceleration allows you to increase the video file processing speed;

➕ Online assistant fully in Russian;

➕ You can immediately burn a ready movie or a movie on a DVD disk;

video, processing, programs, computer

➕ There is a simplified mode. for beginners, and full-featured. for professionals;

➕ Own library of filters and transitions;

➕ Function of the full replacement of the audio track.

➖ Not suitable for mounting on weak computers.


System Requirements: MacOS 10.fifteen.6 or newer, 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended), a graphics card with OpenCL support and a screen with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels or above

Description: Apple’s official video editor in which there are all the necessary tools for working with audio and video files. Synchronization via Apple ID allows you to continue editing on your phone or tablet.

➕ Own templates for creating cinematic rollers;

➕ Synchronization with other Apple devices.

Adobe Premiere Pro

System Requirements: Intel processors of the 6th generation or newer; 8 GB of RAM and 2 GB of memory on the video card.

Description: The most popular video editor among operators, videographers and yutubers. Thanks to the trial version, you can familiarize yourself with the capabilities that Adobe Premiere provides.

➕ Ability to add plugins with VST mode;

➕ Most operations can be performed using hot keys;

➕ Trimming function for accurate frame fit when gluing segments;

➕ Preview modes in real time;

➕ Automatic change in the format of audio recordings;

➖ will have to spend a lot of time to master the program;

Davinci Resolve

License: Free in the basic version

System Requirements: Intel Core I5 ​​or AMD Ryzen 5, 16 GB RAM, Graphic Processor with OpenCl 1.2

Description: The cult program for installation that can be improved to the Pro version with more advanced tools. But even in the basic assembly there are those functions that other free video edits on PC do not boast.

Top 20 best programs for editing and editing video

Overview and comparison of the best programs for editing and editing video in 2021. Do not choose at random. find out the pros and cons of the most popular editors and stop at what you are right.

Anyone who starts to shoot videos, understands how important programs for working with video. With their help, you can trim bad fragments, and successful. process and glue into one film. But the choice in the editors market is very large. what kind of ideal it is? We made up top programs worthy of attention. After reading the characteristics, you can choose and download the best program to work with video.

Soft provides even the king function, t.E. replacement background on video. Available Add music from the program library or with PC. Treatment and conversion Even Full HD roller occur as fast as possible, and even on not the most powerful computers.

Video installation program that has conquered world popularity with its capacity and processing quality. Thanks to the extensive set of track tools, you can edit surgical accuracy: trim, shift, glue exactly how you need. All work is happening thanks to the hot keys. newbies will have difficulties in their memorization, but over time the editor will open in all its glory.

It is impossible not to note the excellent opportunities for video and audio correction, work with vector graphics. But these tools do not master without long study. In general, the lack of opportunity for newbies start the installation from the first day of use is the main problem of all serious editors.

Another problem can be called the price. for Annual Adobe Premiere Pro license you pay from 16000. In addition, on the weak PC, the program simply will not be able to reveal to the full force. But if you are ready to spend money and time. this software will provide you with the most high-quality installation even in a home studio. Especially if you add its functionality by numerous plugins that can be found on the Internet.

The most popular video editing program used by specialists of film studios and major bloggers. The functionality amazes even more than Adobe Premier, first of all. the number and quality of multiple special effects and the fineness of their settings. Here is the creation of 3D animations, transitions, filters and many other things. If there are expensive equipment suitable for the requirements, the program will render high-quality projects in resolution up to 4096×4096. The sound will also be saved as much as possible quality.