Rear view camera connection

Whether or not to install a reversing camera is up to each driver himself. In this article, we will tell you how to connect a rear view camera, and it’s up to you whether you need it or not. Connecting a rear view camera requires some knowledge and skills, so not everyone will be able to do it on their own. But if you nevertheless decide that the installation of a regular rear view camera is necessary for you, then use the tips from this article. With a small set of tools and the initial skills to work, take off, you can easily figure out how to connect a rear view camera.

Side mirrors, and your head turned 180 ° will not give the desired effect, some little things, or maybe not little things, you may not notice. And then the showdown with the owner of the scratched car may begin, and this can cost you tens of times more than connecting a reversing camera. Further in the article, we will consider which camera you can choose, whether a Chinese manufacturer is right for you, or if you prefer something more solid. We will also discuss whether it is possible to install a rear view camera with your own hands, and how to properly connect the device you have chosen.

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The adjustment of the operating parameters is carried out through the menu sections. The user activates the signal transmission and then adjusts the picture resolution on the display. It then searches for the balance of brightness and contrast under different ambient lighting conditions. On Pioneer head units, a warning message appears on the screen informing the driver of a possible mirror image. The text is displayed when the camera is off; to disconnect, you will need to adjust the polarity of the connected cable of the reverse indicator.

Used when installing multiple parking cameras, the 2-position toggle switch allows you to display images from the front and rear devices. When the switch is set to receive a signal from the rear camera, the broadcast begins after the gearbox lever is moved to the reverse position. To view the situation in front of the car, you will need to move the lever to a different position. If at the same time try to engage reverse gear, the image will not change.

Wireless model

To install a wireless camera, you need to place a receiver and a signal transmitter. The devices are located in the luggage compartment and near the head unit. For the operation of the transmitting device and the lens illumination, it is necessary to supply power from the reverse gear indicator lamp. With such a connection, between the activation of the reverse gear and the display of the image, it takes 2-4 seconds to initialize the communication channel between the transmitter and the receiver.

Connecting the radio to the rear view camera

The most important thing in connection is to connect the cables correctly. If you are not confident in your abilities, you need to remove the battery and check the system’s performance by assembling it, away from the car. And after the training regime, carry out the assembly in the car. To do this, from the trunk of the car, the cords are pulled to the car radio. It is better that they lie under the carpet, then they will not be visible.

It remains only to connect the camera connectors to the contacts of the radio. The device for video surveillance is powered by reverse signals when the gear is switched on. When all the wires are routed and connected, it is worth checking.

Installation of the camera to the Chinese radio tape recorder is carried out in stages.

  • Find a peephole for observation. in modern cars it is provided, you just have to pull out the plug.
  • If not, drill it.
  • Install the peephole by fixing it with glue.
  • Route the wires from the unit to the trunk.
  • Lead the black cable to the ground of the machine using the bolt.
  • Red cord (plus) power from the rear light cable.
  • Connect the yellow wire to the camera.
  • Use a fuse when connecting the device.
  • Further, after the work with the camera is over, pull the cords from the trunk to the passenger compartment, fixing them with tape. Be careful not to trap the yellow cord under the fasteners. Act according to the scheme, then you definitely will not be mistaken. To connect the meter to the radio tape recorder, about 3-5 meters of wires are required.

All that remains is to check. Put on the battery and start the car. Turn on the reverse gear, an image should appear on the screen of the radio. If it is not there, go to the settings and adjust the “Camera” section.

Checking and configuring the camera

A preliminary check of the equipment is carried out before installation, the user connects the switching wires, and then switches the head unit to the mode of receiving information through the composite input. After connecting the product to a Pioneer device, you need to enter the adjustments section, which contains the Back camera paragraph. The user needs to configure the type of power supply of the equipment via the Battery option (indicates the use of a positive control signal).

If the radio does not see the connected device or the signal is intermittent, then you need to check the contacts and connect the equipment correctly. Then the image resolution is adjusted and the brightness and color balance are changed. To change the settings, use the menu of the acoustic head unit. In the design of some cameras, it is possible to adjust the lens installation angle, the user adjusts the position of the eyepiece according to the picture on the display of the radio, providing the maximum viewing radius.

A possible mirror image warning appears on some Pioneer radios. If the image does not correspond to reality, then the image is rotated 180 ° by changing the polarity of the reverse gear signaling cable. If an optional front lens is used, then a device switch is introduced into the circuit. When reversing, a picture from the rear lens is automatically displayed on the screen of the radio. To assess the situation in front of the machine, move the switch to another position.

Wired model

The classic scheme for connecting a rear view camera provides for the use of RCA pads located on the back of the car radio. Such a connector is provided only in the part of the head units; information on the presence of a plug is given in the technical documentation. Patch cables are routed from the camera through the passenger compartment; it is recommended to run the cords parallel to the standard wiring. When laying through the hinges of the trunk lid, a reserve of cable length is provided, which eliminates cable tension.

New 1080P Full HD Car Reverse Backup Camera Wiring Connection and Testing

The design of the camera provides for power, which is supplied through a separate cord from the vehicle’s on-board network. The wire marked Reverce must be connected to the contacts of the reversing indicator lamps. A negative signal comes from the car body (for example, from the ground bolt located under the bumper or in the luggage compartment).

When connecting equipment to a Pioneer DIN format 2 radio, you must use the plug marked with the text RC In or Camera In. The mark is applied to the equipment case or in the instruction manual. In the center harness of the radio, there is a separate cable marked Reverse (with a pink insulator), which must be connected to the positive power circuit. To connect the power, reverse gear lamps are used, installed in the aft side marker lights of the car.

Which camera to choose

Experts recommend installing standard devices. However, not all multimedia systems are compatible with the offered cameras. In this case, a universal video device is installed. The standard camera on the UAZ, installed in the place of the license plate lamp, gives an incomplete picture. The upper part is covered by the spare wheel mounted on the tailgate. The eyepiece recessed in the handle will transmit the image tilted to the side, making it difficult to secure parking.

Universal devices are most often installed in the middle of the bumper. In this case, the picture will be symmetrical, without distortion. Popular wireless kits that use a radio channel for image transmission. To select a device that meets the minimum requirements for the quality of the transmitted image, the driver must know the characteristics of the camera and their optimal values:

Installation of Reversing Camera

  • Matrix type. CMOS is a cheap and compact element with a satisfactory image processing speed. CCD. has high image quality in low light conditions, but has a low data processing speed.
  • Resolution. In parking cameras does not exceed 0.3 Mp (640×480 pixels).
  • The size. The larger the diagonal (in inches), the less distorted the picture. Important when working in low light conditions.
  • Video resolution. The value is measured in television lines, should be 480-540 TVL.
  • Picture mode. Direct and mirror image of objects. The second is preferable, since the perception of the image is facilitated.
  • Minimum illumination. The ability of the device to “see” in the dark. The optimal value is 0.1 lx.
  • Viewing angle. Should be between 120-170 °. This range maintains a balance between the field of view and image detail.

It is desirable that the video camera has an IR illumination and is made in a dust and moisture resistant housing. However, image quality does not only depend on the characteristics of the optical system. To get a good picture, you need an appropriate monitor. Therefore, experts recommend buying not individual elements, but a set of parking devices.

Connecting a reversing camera to a Pioneer radio

Now we will specifically talk about how to set up and connect the reversing camera to the Pioneer radio tape recorder. There are small nuances here that mislead everyone. We connect the camera to the reversing light, all the power is on the camera, then the wire through which the video signal will go. In the pioneer, this is a brown tulip not to be confused with yellow. We go into the settings, find the section in the rear view camera menu, put the item on, and switch the polarity to battery mode.

Our camera works, you can check this by going to the main menu and select the camera icon, but it will not turn on automatically. This can be corrected by connecting the purple wire to the taillight (where the camera is). As a result, when the reverse gear is turned on, the lamp lights up, the camera is powered, and the radio tape recorder understands that it is necessary to switch to reverse gear.
The whole connection diagram of a rear-view camera is quite simple, and therefore most drivers often cope with its installation on their own. In cars equipped with automatic transmission, accidental activation of the rear view camera may occur.

To eliminate this trouble, you need to install an additional sensor for the delay in turning on the camera. In each car model, the installation of the camera may be different, but in the details, the principles of connection are similar. The connection process is more complicated for video cameras that transmit a signal via radio communication, but they have the advantage that several such cameras can be connected. There are more and more cars on the streets of the city, so a rear view camera is already a necessity. It will not only help you park correctly, but will also preserve evidence of your innocence in the event of a collision.

Malfunctions and repairs

The main defects of the camera are associated with depressurization of the case and failure of the matrix. Malfunctions appear in the form of a poor-quality image or the inability to turn on the device.

If the defect is associated with the ingress of moisture into the case, but the matrix is ​​functional, then the malfunction can be eliminated.

First of all, the power board fails, which is better to be repaired in the workshop. If there is a breakdown in the matrix board, then the product cannot be repaired.

Self-elimination of the defect consists in wiping and drying the internal elements and sealing the device body.

How to install OEM or universal rear view camera on UAZ Patriot

Installation of the product

Installing a factory-mounted element is straightforward. After all, all that is required is to drill holes and secure the device. Then put the cable under the upholstery, routing it to the display on the panel. But we will consider another option for mounting a rear view camera. a conventional device that we will place behind the glass of the Patriot door.

So, a regular camera does not have any mounts, so the first thing to do is to make a bracket. To do this, you need to take a steel plate about 15-20 cm long and 2-3 cm wide.On one side, you need to fix the camera, and on the other, make holes for fixing the plate. The photo below shows an example of such a steel plate, which serves as a bracket for securing the device.

After the product is ready, we proceed to its installation on the door. The plate is fastened with two bolted joints, usually at the location of the stop follower. The photo below shows how the installed device will look like on the rear window.

This completes the independent manufacture of the bracket and the installation of a conventional lens on the rear door of an SUV. The advantage of this arrangement is that the product has a large viewing angle, and it is also hidden from prying eyes and hands.

Summing up, it should be noted that for such a voluminous car, the presence of a rear-view camera is not at all a luxury. Thus, the driver is concerned about his safety as well as the integrity of his vehicle.

How to choose a camera

The modern electronics market, and especially China, is overflowing with a variety of cameras, and this makes the choice of the right thing more complicated. In order to make your job easier, decide on your priorities, which worries you more. price or quality. Not everyone needs high definition cameras, or cameras that can show even in low light. For some drivers, an inexpensive rear-view camera for a radio tape recorder is enough.

  • In what resolution the camera writes, the higher the video resolution, the better the recording quality. And high definition of the image is not always needed.
  • The next point is the sensitivity of the camera to lighting. In cheaper models, recording quality in low light can be very poor. Therefore, if, due to circumstances, you often use the car at night, then you should pay attention to this moment.
  • If you have already decided where to put the rear view camera before buying, then you need to pay attention to the installation method of this particular model.
  • The next point is this angle of view that captures the camera lens. Usually it is in the range from 120 to 180 degrees. It is better to take something in between these two indicators so that you have a good rearview view, but there is no panorama, because it distorts reality.
  • Selection of the monitor on which the camera will display the image. But if you already have a radio with a screen in your car, then you just need to think about how to connect a rear view camera to the radio.
  • Let’s summarize

    This completes the manufacturing process and installation in the UAZ Patriot car. Connecting a camera is not a complicated process. The main advantage of this option is that the camera is endowed with a large viewing angle and is hidden from the effects of natural factors and intruders, and installation and connection will not take much time.

    As you can see, the rear view camera is a useful device that allows you to increase the safety of the UAZ Patriot driver and his car while driving, not only in reverse, but also maneuvering in the parking lot.

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