If a network error appears in Viber

To get rid of the error, you need to figure out the cause. Check simple points that may have occurred due to inattention:

  • whether there is money on the home Internet account;
  • whether the cable from the computer is loose;
  • if WI-FI is not switched off (if Viber is installed on your laptop).

If everything is in order, you can proceed to the search for the weighty reason why Viber gives a connection error on the PC.

Check your internet speed

Error in Viber no internet connection on your computer is often caused by slow connection speed. In this case, the messenger will work, but the following notification will pop up from time to time.

It’s easy to check the speed of your Internet connection. You can go to the free Speedtest portal and run the free speed test.

How to check the connection speed on your PC:

How to Fix Viber Not Opening on PC (2021)

  • Go to Speedtest.
  • The system will automatically detect your ISP and city and display your IP address.
  • Press GO button to run the test.

Wait until test completes. If speed is less than 3-5 Mbps. this is the reason for unstable Viber work. Ping speed should not exceed 80-100, and ideally should be close to zero.

What to do? If the tests showed low speed or high PING. contact your provider’s support. Ask the operator if any technical work is being carried out, call a specialist to check the equipment.

Restarting the router and PC

Check your internet connection is not difficult. To determine the speed you can use a free service, to test the network is enough to go to any site with a browser.

If the Internet is unstable, the computer often loses the network and Viber writes that there is no connection, follow these steps:

If restarting your computer is easy, just click the Start menu and select the appropriate option, then restarting the router may raise questions. Let’s figure out how to reset the router yourself:

  • Find the power button on the router, press it.
  • All icons should extinguish.
  • Press the power button again after 5-10 minutes.
  • Wait for an internet connection and try to use Viber.

Important. Some routers are not equipped with a disconnect button, in which case, unplug it from the mains.

If it’s not connecting to your network, and your network is fine, it’s not a hardware problem or an ISP error. In this case, you need to check the work of antivirus, firewall and connection settings in Windows.

Messenger is blocked by an antivirus or firewall

The problem is trivial, but occurs frequently. After the update, antivirus has new databases, which added Vyber to the list of applications with threats. In this case, the messenger may not start or access to the network will be suspended.

What to do? To check it, temporarily disable antivirus and launch Viber. If the messenger works and the error of connecting to the Internet disappears. the problem lies in your antivirus. To restore Viber working, add it to the list of exceptions in the antivirus menu.

Windows firewall can also affect messenger performance. It can block access to the Internet, thereby limiting the application. To check, the option must be disabled:

  • Open the Start menu and in the search box, type “Firewall”.
  • Click on the appropriate result.
  • On the left, find the line “Enable and disable the Windows firewall”.
  • Temporarily unprotect and test Viber.

If the action worked, Viber needs to be added to the exclusion list. Turn on the firewall and follow the steps:

  • Click on “Allow a program or component to run through the Windows firewall.
  • Click on the “Allow another program” button.
  • Find Viber in the list and select it.

Now Viber will not be blocked by Windows, and you can use it as normal.

Weber messenger is available for Android, Windows, iOS devices. Your computer will also work, and the following systems are supported: Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

If Viber fails to start right after installation, you should check your device and clean its cache. Errors may be caused by wrong messenger version or insufficient power of your device.

Important. If Viber does not start and does not open, download the latest version of the client through the official website, before installing clean the cache in your smartphone and perform a reboot.

Viber does not start and does not work on the computer how to fix?

A relatively recent version of Viber has appeared that can be installed on a computer without additional software. This point has significantly expanded the capabilities of the messenger, as one synchronized account is displayed on all devices. In some cases you may encounter a problem with Viber not working on your computer. Consider the possible problems, their causes and solutions.

viber, computer, work

Using computers and laptops for entertainment, has become commonplace. Install vyber on your computer is very simple, and you can always communicate via the Internet with your friends, relatives.

But there may be difficulties that the program does not start after installation on your computer. What to do if there is such a malfunction. Read in this article about the causes of Viber malfunction. The user may encounter two situations:

  • When the program does not respond to double-click;
  • the program does not want to open on the computer, as soon as the installation took place.In addition the user is faced with such a problem when the program was working normally. After that software failure occurred. There may also be a problem when Viber Messenger stopped responding after an update of the program.

Common reasons for the program not working can be the following, there are several:

  • Failed to download the update, maybe there was a bad Internet signal during the download. Because of that the downloading failed to work properly.
  • Conflict with the operating system. This happens quite often when the operating system is outdated and does not or only partially does not support most modern programs. In this case only reinstalling Windows will help.
  • outdated driver, this cause is quite rare. This is due to the fact that the program weighs almost nothing, and there’s still no outdated computer that can’t handle Viber. So the main solutions to the problem here are to update the operating system or replace the device with a more modern.

Often, when this situation occurs on the desktop, a box with a description of the problem and its number appears.

How to identify and fix an error

To find out the cause, you need to do a number of checks. The error may be related to the version of the messenger or the operation of the operating system. Viber is supported on older and new computers, and works the same on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Important. Error may be caused by incorrectly uninstalled previous version or incompatibility of received updates. In this case, it is recommended to delete Viber from your computer, clean the system with third-party applications (for example, CCleaner), restart the operating system and download a workable messenger from the official site.

Checking the network connection

If Viber is not working on your computer, what to check first? Check your network connection. To check the signal is simple, just launch any browser and go to the website. If the page does not load and an error appears on the screen. the network connection is unavailable.

Viber will not work if there is no internet connection. All online options in the messenger will be suspended. It will not be possible to send SMS or call a friend.

To solve your Internet connection problem, call your operator.

Checking the video card

Viber often fails to work due to video adapter problems. Error appears as follows: Viber either does not start or hangs on attempt to make a video call.

When the camera is connected, the video adapter is engaged, which does not support the option, so an error occurs in the messenger. To solve it, you need to find drivers on the Internet yourself or open the control panel, look for updates through the menu.

Restart your computer

Viber stopped working on a computer running Windows 7 or another operating system? Try to reboot your PC. Usually this simple procedure solves most problems. During restarting, unnecessary applications that consume RAM are closed, and the system cache is cleared.

If Viber still does not work after restarting, then there is a problem with the application, and you need to keep looking for an error.

Updating Viber

Problems may occur due to an outdated version of the application. Viber usually looks for updates and offers to install them at startup. If the message arrives, do not refuse to perform the operation and click “Refresh”.

You can see the version through the settings:

  • Click on the “Help” button and then click on the “About Viber” line.
  • The installed messenger version appears on the screen. Click on “Visit the site”, compare your version with the one offered on the official portal, if Viber is outdated, update it.

Viber does not start? Error may be related to an outdated build. Do not give up automatic updates to eliminate bugs and increase performance.

Configure anti-virus and Windows firewall

If Viber fails to open on your computer, it may be caused by your anti-virus or Windows firewall. Temporarily suspend the antivirus, if Viber works, add it to the list of exceptions, you can do this through the menu.

If Viber is blocked by a firewall, it will not work. You can fix the error using the following steps:

  • Click on the “Start” menu, click on the “Control Panel” button.
  • Select “System and Security” in the window that opens.
  • Open the “Windows Firewall” panel.
  • On the left, find the “Enable and Disable Firewall” line.
  • Turn off the firewall, try to start Viber.

Important. After the configuration, restart your computer.

If Viber works, add it to the firewall permissions list again. If Viber does not start, the cause of the error may be due to incompatibility with the operating system, in which case you need to check the requirements for the messenger to work.

Not installed on PC

recently, developers have allowed you to install Viber on PC, synchronizing it with the mobile version of the messenger. Below in the text, consider how to fix the problem on Windows and MacBook.


Installation error occurs due to several factors:

The PC has a limited amount of free space in memory;

To install the messenger on your computer, you will need to add it to the list of exceptions in the Weiber firewall and repeat the installation.


If the messenger stopped working on the MacBook, the need to download the previous version of Viber, on which everything ran. In addition, you need to perform operations:

Login to “Users” %User Name% Libraries Application Support Viber PC data stickers icons 45_white, delete the file “Icon_400.png”

Climb up, right click/tap with two fingers on the 45_white Properties folder, check the “Protect” checkbox.

Go to Programs, right-click or double-tap on Viber Show the contents of the Mac OS Contents package and delete the “Sound” folder.

When you download Viber to your MacBook for the first time, you need to perform a number of operations:

Install Viber on your smartphone. 2. Download the installation file https://downloads-viber.com/viber-for-mac-OS.html and click on the “Install” button.

After the download is complete, select the file named “Viber. dmg”.

Choose the installation path, “Application” or “Applications.

Use the file manager to find Viber.

Click on the file and start installation.

Confirm that Viber is installed on your phone.

It remains to bind the phone number to the account and specify the country of actual residence.

Syncing problems

The described error in Viber can also appear when the user tries to synchronize the program on the phone and computer. If the problem described above is not corrected, you can lose personal data, important contacts and messages.

To solve the situation, proceed as follows:

  • Different versions of the messenger are installed on your devices. To eliminate the error, you just need to update the application on each of your gadgets.
  • Unstable Internet connection. The problem can affect both one and two devices.
  • Failure due to temporary files. Reboot the program itself first. If it does not help, turn on and turn on your device.

Restarting the device is the easiest, but most effective way to resolve problems with the messenger

How to activate Viber without an SMS message?

If you are abroad, and your phone is using the “Roaming” mode, or for other reasons the smartphone does not receive a confirmation, you can activate it by making a call.

To do this, after entering the number, select the “Request a call” function. You should receive a call from the support team in a few seconds.

Some versions can be activated by clicking on the following link. In this case, the code is entered automatically and after a few seconds the application is ready to use.

You can also start after scanning the picture without the previous message. This is done for synchronization across multiple devices.

As you can see, there are many reasons why vyber may not activate. But the lion’s share of them you can solve yourself. It is only necessary to contact Support in the latter case.

Useful tips


If you can not install Viber on your device, it is recommended:

  • Check for free memory. It is possible that the remaining space is not enough. To free up space, delete unnecessary applications, transfer photos and videos to the flash drive.
  • Messenger may not be installed because the smartphone specifications do not meet the minimum requirements of the developers.
  • Download installation file from official sources. appropriate application stores (Google Play/App Store/Microsoft or from developers’ site.


Sometimes it happens that some Viber functions “fly off” after an update is installed. The problem can be caused by incorrect installation or bugs in the program. To restore the functionality try to reinstall the program, or contact the developers for help through the feedback form.


In order to fight spammers, developers have set a limit of login/registration attempts. In a hurry, the user may make a mistake when entering the account data, reaching the limit of attempts. Incorrect activity will result in blocking your account for 24 hours. Be careful when typing. If blocking happens, you must wait 24 hours.