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We use a smartphone camera as a WEB camera

Quite often, technical support asks us whether it is possible to use a smartphone camera (iPhone or Android) as a WEB camera? Yes, it is possible, and very simple. You don’t even need to connect your smartphone to your computer with a cable. Below we will give you step by step instructions.

So, here’s what you need:

  • – Smartphone (iPhone / iPad or Android system) with built-in camera and active WI-FI network connection
  • – AlterCam program for connecting to a smartphone camera

Smartphone camera as a WEB camera. How it works?

The AlterCam program will install a virtual WEB-camera into your system, into which you can broadcast anything. Whether it’s a live webcam video (with real-time effects added!), A desktop video, or even a pre-recorded video file. In our case, the video source for the virtual WEB-camera will be the smartphone’s camera. The AlterCam program will connect to the smartphone camera via IP protocol and will take video from it in real time and broadcast it in a virtual WEB-camera. It may sound complicated, but it’s very easy to set up. Here is a step by step instruction:

The first step is of course to download AlterCam and install it on your computer. It is not difficult and requires only a few mouse clicks. The program will start automatically after installation.

Now we need to install the IP camera application on the smartphone. For Android smartphones Install this application (it’s free). For iPhone / iPad / iPod touch Install iPCamera application. High-End Network Camera. NOT free, but inexpensive, 1 (we did NOT find a free worker).

For Android: Launch the IP Webcam application on your smartphone. There will be a list of settings, usually by default everything is configured in the optimal way, so Scrolling to the very bottom and select the “Run” item

For iPhone / iPad: Launch the iPCamera application. At the first launch, you will need to allow the application to access the camera. Twisting the settings by clicking the Configure button. Optionally (well, at your own peril and risk), by default everything works well.

Launch the AlterCam program on your computer. In the drop-down list “Camera” select the item “Add IP-camera”. Take a closer look further. Responsible step.

We connect to the smartphone camera using the AlterCam program. In the dialog for adding an IP camera, enter “IP camera name”. An arbitrary string. IP camera resolution depends on the camera settings in the smartphone app. If you do not know the exact value, instead of changing this parameter.

Now the main thing. At the bottom of the application on the smartphone, the address is indicated, exactly transfer it to the “IP camera address” parameter in AlterCam and (ATTENTION!) Add “/ live” to it in the case of an iOS device and “/ video” in the case of an Android device as shown in the figure:

Click OK. If everything was done correctly, then the picture from the smartphone camera should appear in the AlterCam program. If the picture does not appear. Check that the previous steps are correct.

Now you need to select the virtual camera AlterCam where you are going to use the smartphone camera. In skype (in settings), in other chats. As you can see, with AlterCam you can use your smartphone camera as a WEB camera. Easy peasy!

By the way, you can overlay a picture from a smartphone camera as an additional one to the main video. That is, you can choose your webcam on your computer as the main video source and your smartphone camera. As an overlay (thumbnail picture of the main floor). Or you can stream your desktop video with your smartphone camera overlaid on top. However, AlterCam will fulfill any of your fantasies 🙂 In order to add video from a smartphone camera over the main video, you need to name it on the “Add IP-camera” button on the “overlays” tab.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Until next time!

How to use your phone as a webcam

In this article, we will consider a rather unusual way to use a mobile phone. If you have situations when you need to organize video communication, and you have webcams at hand, or you just want to find a use for your broken smartphone (for example, with a broken screen), then we will tell you how to do it.

Phone as a webcam

Almost any modern phone can be converted to a webcam (subject to its availability), the main thing. correctly install the necessary software on it. The result is an excellent device with which you can communicate with people close to you through video communication. In the same way, you can broadcast a video image to the network.

The work of all software applications used for this purpose is reduced to synchronizing your phone with a computer via a USB cable or Bluetooth connection. Thanks to this, your PC will use the camera built into the mobile phone like a regular WEB camera.

The image quality will be affected by both the installed program and the resolution of the camera itself. To transfer images from a mobile camera to a PC, such utilities as Cool Camera (WebCamera Plus) or Mobiola WEB Camera are used. The cost of these programs is about the same and is about 20 They run on Symbian platforms (a platform for Nokia phones) and Windows Mobile.

When using these programs, the image from the smartphone camera is transmitted to the computer via Bluetooth or cable and can be used by software messengers in the future. You can also use the microphone of your mobile phone for communication, for example, in Skype.

  • Install and run one of the above programs on a PC;
  • We carry out activation on a smartphone;
  • We connect the computer to the phone using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cable;
  • Launch Skype and select the WEB-camera in the settings.

Phone as a WEB-camera via USB

One way to connect your phone to a computer is via a USB cable. However, not all programs that provide synchronization between PC and phone support this type of connection. This is due to the existence of more modern wireless connection methods. Among the programs that support USB connection are the following: USB Webcam for Android, Mobiola Web Camera and Webcamera Plus. You can find and download program data in the playmarket.

Android phone as a webcam

An Android mobile phone can also be a great Webcam Alternative. After all, this operating system perfectly synchronizes with the PC, and the cameras of many modern phones are in no way inferior to webcams in terms of the main characteristics of video playback. To accomplish this task, there is available and simple software. First you need to install the software on your computer and phone.

To do this, perform the following operations:

  • Download and install a special IP webcam program from the Play Market on your mobile phone;
  • Open this program on your phone and set the quality and resolution settings, enter your username and password;
  • Then press the button “Start broadcasting”, your smartphone is ready to be used as a WEB-camera;
  • Pay attention to the IP address indicated at the bottom of the phone screen, it will be useful to you in the future;
  • Download and install the IPCamAdapter program on your computer;
  • Open the settings of the IPCamAdapter program and enter in the Corresponding fields of IP addresses (in which it was said earlier), the login and password identical to those that you indicated on the phone;
  • Click the “autodetect” button, then “apply”;
  • You can now video chat using your webcam.
  • Iphone as a webcam

    Programs for converting iPhone and iPad into video devices Provide a wide range of settings compared to standard webcams. In addition, you can achieve a reasonably high image quality. You can have both front and rear cameras at your disposal. You can use one of the following programs for synchronization: Cam, Wi-FiCam, EpocCam 1.9.1, Broadcaster, Mobiola Webcamera or Mini WebCam 1.0.2.

    The principle of operation of most of the above programs is very similar and to get started, as a rule, you need to do the following:

    • Install the computer software on a PC;
    • Install the program on the Iphone;
  • Connect both devices via Wi-Fi (or the second method);
  • Enter all the necessary settings;
  • Connect to one of the messengers and use Iphone as a WEB-camera.
  • You will have to be creative to fix your mobile device. Using standard desk stands It is not very convenient as they DO NOT allow you to change the angle of the phone. For such cases, car holders are perfect. With their help, you can attach a mobile phone to the monitor wall and easily change its tilt.

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