Best answer: Can iPhone be used as a modem?

You can connect to the device in modem mode via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. And devices with iOS 13 or later versions connected using the modem mode retain the connection, even if the screen is blocked, which allows you to receive notifications and messages.

Open “Settings”. “Modem mode” (pre.check whether cell data is included) in the window opened to activate the modem mode. Choose a connection, wireless connection (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) or USB.

Connection via Wi-Fi

The easiest option. To start the distribution of the LTE, 3G or 4G network with the iPhone, you need to go into the modem mode mode. All manipulations are carried out from settings or lower menu, which is called on the screen with a swipe from the bottom up. The Wi-Fi access point for other devices is opened according to the following instructions:

It remains on a device that must be connected to mobile traffic, launch Wi-Fi, activate the detection of available networks and enter a password.

If you intend to use the iPhone as a modem, do not forget about traffic. Use economical offers from your operator and switch to an unlimited tariff.

How to connect iPhone to a computer as a modem?

How to use iPhone as a modem

  • Connect iPhone to a computer
  • Go to the control panel. Network and Internet. Viewing the condition of the network and tasks and make sure that the connection was activated
  • If this is not displayed, reboot the computer and connect the iPhone again.


How to give the Internet from the iPhone via USB, it is told in the following

To connect the iPhone in modem mode via USB, connect it via Lightning to PC and select an affirmative answer to the question “Trust this computer”? Next, the computer will set up a network adapter, find a new network and connect to it. Also, through the new local network, the PC will receive Internet access.

Share internet from iPhone 5, 6, 6s, 7, 7 Plus to PC with USB Cable

If this does not happen automatically, select your iPhone in network settings and connect to it manually.

If your iPhone does not turn on the modem mode, you are here.

How to connect iPhone to a computer as a USB modem via iTunes?

To connect a computer to the Internet, you can configure the iPhone as a Wi-Fi adapter by USB cable. But for this, the established ITUNES program is a prerequisite. To activate the modem mode, just connect the iPhone to the USB port of your computer or laptop. The manufacturer, of course, checks to use the original cable, since otherwise the connection may not be established, but everything worked for me and with Chinese for 100 from Auchan.

If you do this for the first time, then the question will be on the screen whether to trust this computer. we agree

After that, the Internet through the iPhone should earn. to make sure of this, in Windows we go to the “Center for Networks and General Access Management”

And then we click on the link “Change of adapter parameters”. in the list of connections we will see the network via Apple.

iPhone as Wi-Fi Bluetooth adapter for Windows computer

A way when the Internet is heard from the iPhone to a laptop or computer using Bluetooth connection is the most sophisticated. And I don’t know if someone will ever use it. Not because not all laptops, and even more computers, have support for the “blue tooth”, but because I’m afraid, iPhone with the simultaneously turned on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will live less than an hour

Well, okay, since there is such a function, we must show.

  • So, turn on the wireless module on the phone and computer
  • After that, in Windows 7, go to the “Control Panel. Devices and Printers” and click on the “Adding device”

In Windows 10, just turn on the Bluetooth and the search for the modem will begin to automatically

Now you can also look at Windows, whether the modem is connected. this information is located in the “View Bluetooth” section

We have sorted out two ways how to enable the modem mode on the iPhone. choose anyone and use!

How to distribute the Internet with iPhone

IPhone will be able to distribute the Internet to other devices, which is equipped with a cell module and has a connection to a mobile Internet. If you have an unlimited or inexpensive tariff plan, then you are not threatened with problems. Very often, tariffing is carried out according to the downloaded and transmitted volume of information, which will quickly lead your balance in the zero state. To use the iPhone as a modem, you must first make sure that the functions of “cell data” and “turn on 3G/4G LTE” are included. To do this, we enter the “Settings” tab and select “Sotnaya Communication”. Next, go to the option “Modem mode” and include this function. The system may ask for this to activate Bluetooth. A message about the work of the function “Modem mode” will appear on the phone screen. It remains only to indicate the Wi-Fi connection password and start distributing the Internet. It is recommended that the password contain at least 8 characters. It can be large and small English letters, numbers and punctuation marks. Using these simple actions, you can connect to the Internet from a computer or other devices that are based on Windows, Android or Linux. The Wi-Fi function is automatically turned off if you disconnect all connected devices from the access point.

You can also use your own iPhone to distribute the Internet using a USB cable. In this case, the loss of Internet speed is excluded, and the phone is not discharged. To do this, connect the iPhone to the computer and go to the “control panel”. Here we choose the function “Network and the Internet” and further “Viewing the condition of the network and tasks”. The connection should be activated, if not, then we produce this manipulation. Sometimes to display the connection, it is necessary to restart the computer. In the function “Modem mode” you need to switch the option to “only USB”.

How to use iPhone as a modem via USB?

Open “Settings”. “Modem mode” (pre.check whether cell data is included) in the window opened to activate the modem mode. Choose a connection, wireless connection (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) or USB.

Inclusion of synchronization over the Wi-Fi network

  • Connect the device to the computer
  • In the iTunes application on PC, click the device button in the upper left part of the iTunes window.
  • Click “Review”.
  • Install the “Synchronize with this [device] on Wi-Fi”.
  • Press the “Apply” button.

How to give the Internet via USB cable

You can also give the Internet from iPhone to a computer via USB cable. This option will be useful if the computer is not equipped with Wi-Fi adapter.

In order to successfully distribute the Internet over the USB cable on the computer, the latest version of iTunes must be installed. Therefore, before starting setting, go to the official ITUNES website, download the installer and install it on your computer.

After that, open the iPhone settings, draw in the “modem mode” section and activate this mode.

If a message appears on the screen with a proposal to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, then reject it by clicking on the “only USB” button.

After that, connect the iPhone to the computer. A blue strip should appear on top of the screen with a message about the number of connections.

If a window appears with a request “Trust this computer”, then click on the “Trust” button.

After that, a new connection should appear in the network connections of the computer, which will serve the Internet distribution from the iPhone to the computer. In the Windows operating system, you can check the list of network connections by pressing the Windows-R keyboard combination and executing the NCPA command.CPL “.

iphone, modem

Using your phone as WiFi Adapter/Dongle sharing internet to your desktop PC

If the connection is present and works, then you can check the Internet.

iphone, modem

If it doesn’t work out

First you should check if there is the Internet on the iPhone itself. If it is not, make a balance request and accessible Internet traffic. Check if the login, password, APN parameters are specified for modem mode.

  • If the iPhone does not distribute Wi-Fi, check if Wi-Fi is connected on both devices and whether a new connection has appeared on the list on the computer. If there is a connection, you can go into its settings. Sometimes the problem of the absence of the Internet can be solved by setting DNS 8 values.eight.eight.eight. This is relevant for all connection options.
  • If it is impossible to connect via Bluetooth, it is recommended to check the availability and relevance of the Bluetooth Drivers of the module installed on the PC.
  • The problem with the fact that the iPhone is not seen in the list of USB devices is most often solved by installing iTunes and rebooting a computer.

Is the mobile operator to prohibit the use of the phone as an access point? Technically, it is impossible to track the inclusion of this mode. But on the side of the provider, the traffic non-specific for mobile devices is clearly visible, including updating for operating systems or downloading from torrent trackers.

However, such control was relevant in those happy but short.distance times when almost every operator had unlimited tariffs that users quickly learned to use for all devices. Now you are paying for the amount of gigabyte per month determined by the tariff. And how do you use them. on one device or on several. your personal business.

And, of course, in case of malfunctions, it is not worth excluding hardware problems in a distributing or receiving device. But before carrying the iPhone or laptop to the service, you need to make sure that all the connection instructions were completed.