Gopro as a DVR

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Gopro is by far one of the most popular gadgets among fans of active recreation and sports. With this mobile, comfortable and functional camera, you can capture unique images that cannot be captured with any other device. Over time, motorists began to ask a completely natural question: is it possible to use a GoPro as a video recorder??

Of course you can. And not only in the car, but also on second vehicles, for example, by fixing the camera on a bicycle, motorcycle, etc. There are both advantages and disadvantages when using the camera as such.


  • High quality shooting;
  • Wide viewing angle;
  • The ability to perform Looping Video (loop recording);
  • Convenient and reliable fastening mechanism;
  • Many options for mounting the camera (on the windshield, on the panel, outside the car, on the driver himself).


  • Absence of time and date on the recorded material;
  • Lack of GPS coordinates recording;
  • Lack of built-in viewfinder.

In principle, the indicated than are not critical, in most cases the extra information on the screen rather interferes than is useful. Such data can only be needed in court, as evidence. There is a second way to solve this problem. For example, I installed the camera in such a way that the hood of a car or other part of a particular vehicle was partially visible in the video. In the event of an accident in the protocol, you should record the brand of the registrar and attach a flash drive with a copy of the video. over, the binding to the time and date can be determined by the date of the file recording (if this data has been configured in the GoPro).

As for tilt adjustment, you can use a smartphone configured via the GoPro App or the optional BacPac LCD Touch display.

In order to use your GoPro as a DVR, first of all, it is important to choose the right place and securely mount the camera. The best place to attach is the windshield behind the rear-view mirror. We recommend using the Suction Cup for this. Thus, the most complete and panoramic view of the filmed view is provided. You can also attach your GoPro directly to the panel. This can be done with adhesive mounts. Finally, the camera can be attached to the outside of the vehicle. For this you can use the same Suction Cup.

The camera is powered by a built-in battery, an optional BacPac, or (as we recommend) charging the camera from a cigarette lighter using a car charger. In the latter case (to connect the cable to the camera), you will need a case with slots or The Frame.

GoPro recording can be done in automatic mode. Looping Video loop recording, or manually, for example, turning on and off shooting with a smartphone using the GoPro App or the remote control.

How to enable and configure Looping Video mode see the instructions.

How to turn on the WEB-camera in the video chat

Chat roulette is an Internet service that allows you to keep in touch between users. Of course, chatroulette has its own characteristics that distinguish it, for example, from Skype. You can work in the chatroulette without registration and completely free of charge, the choice of the interlocutor is made completely by chance, and the video communication is established automatically, without the consent of the parties (then, of course, the web chat can be instantly terminated by any of the interlocutors). As you can see from the above, the essence of the chat roll. this is video communication, so the service often has a different name. video conference. This means that there must be a camera. In principle, you can go to webchat without it (or after turning it off). But hardly anyone will support the video chat for a long time in this case.

Below we will tell you how to turn on the camera in chat roulette. This is easy to do. It is necessary in the left window, click on the settings icon (“gears”) and select the “Confidentiality” parameter in the appeared plate, and in it it will put a bird in front of “Allow” (if it was not there). If everything is in order with the webcam, it will broadcast your image to the interlocutor.

What if the screen is still black? How to enable video in chat roulette in this case? You need to check the functionality of your camera.

This can be done as follows: 1. Check whether your PC sees or does not see the camera. To do this, click on the “Computer” icon and see if there is a camera icon in the window that opens. 2. Check if any other application is using your camera. skype and the like. If the camera is busy, It will not be able to broadcast the image in the chat roulette (WEB-camera supports only one communication channel). To do this, you can use the Process Explorer program. In it, by clicking on the search icon (“Binoculars”), in the search bar, enter #vid and click Search. The program will show the application using the webcam. After that, turn off the application. 3. Try upgrading to the most recent version of your flash chat roulette player and browser. 4. Update your webcam driver to the latest version.

In 95% of cases, one of the above options should help. The remaining 5% is to blame for the hardware failure of the webcam. What if you have multiple webcams? For example, you have a laptop and a built-in camera, and you also bought a plug-in model with a large extension, but the image from the built-in device is broadcast to the roulette chat. How do I change the camera? To do this, in the window where the image from your camera should be displayed, they will be named “gears”, in the appeared plate they will be named after the camera icon, and then select the one you need from the list. If, after all attempts, you still have problems with the video and you do not know how to turn on the camera in the chat roulette, please contact our technical support. But for this you need to Register in chat roulette (see step-by-step instructions for registering in chat roulette) and create an account.

How to ban a person in video chat

Where there is communication, conflicts are possible, and chat roulette. not an exception. A situation may arise that this or that person in the chatroulette is unpleasant to you or annoys you with obscene conversations or gestures. Is it possible to make the webchat ban this person? Yes, there is such an opportunity in video chat.

Chat Roulette 18 for adults

Our life is sometimes unpredictable and full of surprises. When in search of your happiness you have lost all hope of success, fate gives you another chance to become happy.!

How to connect a phone camera to a computer via Wi-Fi and convert it to a webcam

Hello! One of these days, it was necessary to urgently connect the camera to the laptop, since the native “webcam” burned out on it. I decided to use the phone camera as a second video camera, and as practice showed, I still managed to do it. So next I will try to tell you in as much detail as possible: how to connect and use a smartphone as a webcam via WI-FI.

Droidcam Wireless Webcam

  • I decided to try the first program I came across. It can be downloaded from Google Play. Download link.
  • You need to download a similar program for Windows. Download link. We just choose your platform: Windows or Linux. Next, you will be taken to a separate page. download the program and install it on your PC.
  • We need to enable one feature on the smartphone. And so you need to go to the section “About the phone”, I have this item on the path: “Settings”. “System”. then select “About phone”. Version Information. Now we scroll to the very bottom and you need to click several times on the “Build number” term, until a message appears that you have already become a developer. Now go back to the “System” menu item and a new section “For Developers” will appear there. go there. Scroll down a bit and enable “USB Debugging”.
  • Before proceeding with the setup, make sure the handset and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. By the way, you can connect your laptop or computer via cable to the router. differences in connection comments. Next, we launch the application on the smartphone. We agree with everything and at the end you are offered to update the program to the paid version. we refuse.

NOTE! You can also use the connection of the smartphone to the computer not from Wi-Fi, but via USB or Bluetooth.

  • At the very end, you will see the information you need to connect. If you want to watch the Camry from a browser, then we use the address starting with http. But we are interested in IP addresses.
  • Turn on the program on PC.
  • If you have connected via USB to a computer, then when starting the program on a PC, select the second icon. If you connected via Wi-Fi, then select the first icon, drive in the same IP addresses, which was highlighted on the phone and then click “Start”. Be sure to Make sure the checkboxes for “Video” and “Audio”.
  • After that, in the same window, you should see the image from the smartphone camera. This camera can be safely used in any available program like Skype. let’s try to do it.
  • We go to the Skype settings, then go to the “Sound and Video” section and put the camera in the “DroidCam Source 2” mode, and the “DroidCam Virtual Audio” microphone.

Click on the speaker in the lower right corner and go to the “Playback Devices” section.

If there is a “” sound interface, then right-click on the free space and then click “Show Disabled Devices”.

Find “DroidCam Virtual Audio” right click and turn it on. Next, select the same interface in skype.

Now you know. how to use your phone as a webcam. But if you have any difficulties with connecting via a local network, then try connecting via USB. As practice shows, not all Android smartphones work wirelessly.

IP Webcam

The program works exclusively when connected to a local network: wired or wireless. Works in principle the same as the previous application, so some actions will be similar.

  • Download and Install the IP Webcam program from Google Play to your phone, and a similar program for your computer.
  • Connect your smartphone and computer to the same router network.
  • Next, we launch the application on two devices.
  • The image from the camera can be viewed from a regular Web browser, for this we go to the application on the smartphone and copy the IP addresses with the port and drive the full address into the address bar of the browser.
  • Then, your smartphone quickly turns into a wireless webcam.

How to connect to someone else’s webcam: Step-by-step description, recommendations and features

Today, technical progress has reached such a level that sometimes you just want to play God. Of course, we still cannot create people, but it is quite possible to interact with units of technology. This article will discuss the theoretical connectivity to various webcams. Please note that the content of this article is for informational purposes only, so remember that intrusion into the Personal Space of a second person, especially in this way, is punishable by law.

general information

Many people fear that a camera built into their laptops or connected to a computer may snoop and eavesdrop. It should be noted that NOT in vain. over, this can be done Not only by them, but also by mobile devices, televisions and even household appliances like irons (there was a scandal with them in the Russian Federation several years ago). And now we will look at how to connect to someone else’s webcam.

Choosing a tool

The necessary tools can be presented by the fourth version of the.NET Framework and VS2010. Also DirectDraw and MSDN technologies are suitable for connection. But to solve the problem, the article will focus on Video For Windows (VFW) technology. At the same time, WinAPI functions are widely used. Of course, these are not all the available technologies with which you can get access to the camera. But they are the most elaborated and perfect of the widely known and available to people.


So how do you connect to someone else’s webcam? Initially, it should be borne in mind that the device may have several devices for capturing images and sound. Therefore, you should take care of the possibility of choosing a tool with which you will work. To solve this problem, we use the capGetDriverDescription function.

It can take five parameters:

  • Wdriverindex. this is the index of the video capture driver. It can perceive values ​​from zero to nine.
  • Lpszname. the parameter points to a buffer containing the corresponding driver name.
  • Cbname is used to specify the size in bytes of the lpszName buffer.
  • Lpszver contains a pointer to a buffer where a description of a specific driver can be found.
  • Cbver. this is the size in bytes of the buffer where the driver description is stored.

How to connect to someone else’s webcam? Ipb image can give out camera activation. Therefore, it is necessary to work on this as well. You can, of course, write a little code here that allows you to connect and control the operation of the device, but since this is an invasion of privacy, only a description will be provided. You can use C # to create the required program.

When working, you must specify the name of the function that is connected, as well as write the name of the DLL where it is defined. To compose all SEPARATE developments, use the class.

What to do next?

We continue to figure out how to connect to the webcam of someone else’s computer. To a specialist, the code may seem very simple to implement. What should be done? It was written above in the first parameter of the capGetDriverDescription function, which can acquire a value from zero to nine. Therefore, it should start a cycle, which will purposefully work in this range to find the value you need. So, we have a list of devices. Now you need to take care of the transmission of the video stream. The capCreateCaptureWindow function, the main purpose of which, will help with this. is to create a capture window. What should be done in this case? Everything sounds trite. you only need to send messages to the capture window. The well-known SendMessage function will help with this. But Back to capCreateCaptureWindow.

Capturing the image

The capCreateCaptureWindow function has arguments of interest to us:

  • Lpszwindowname. it is a null-terminated string that contains the name of the capture window;
  • X. location of the X coordinate;
  • B. location of coordinate B;
  • Nwidth. window width;
  • Nheight. window height;
  • Dwstyle. window style;
  • Hwnd. referring to parent windows;
  • Nid. window id.

As a result of the function execution, NULL will be received (in case of an error) or the connection will be successfully created. But Considering that since it belongs to WinAPI, you need to import it. With all This data, you can already start the camera initialization process. Immediately after creating the window, you can already try to send a message. If the result is nonzero, it means that the attempt was successful. Then you need to define and send messages on which a number of operations depend. So, it follows in turn:

  • Connect with a device driver that provides video capture;
  • Carry out a break;
  • Copy frame to clipboard;
  • If necessary, enable the preview mode;
  • If necessary, activate the overlap;
  • If necessary, adjust the speed of the preview;
  • If necessary, enable scaling;
  • If necessary, set the call function for preview;
  • Get a single frame from the video capture driver;
  • Save the frame received from the camera to a file.

Well, in general, that’s all.

What about other devices?

There are not only computers in the world. If you are interested in how to connect to the webcam of someone else’s laptop, then the described method is perfect for this purpose as well. Of course, if the operating system “Windows” is installed there. Lovers of “penguins” This will not work. After all, there, as a rule, user permission is required for any action. And if there is a desire to connect to Linux, then you will have to ask the person to be allowed to follow him.

Of course, purely theoretically, he can resolve it out of stupidity or accident. But in reality there is no hope for this. If the question is about how to connect to someone else’s iPhone or Android webcam, then a lot depends on the operating system used. And he says, even in general terms, it is very difficult because of their wide variety.

But nothing is impossible if you set yourself a goal and work hard to achieve it. Take the iPhone, for example. Phones of this series are considered well protected. And it is impossible to hack them programmatically (at least officially). But in practice, you can find time. The main thing is to search well. Let’s say we make an application that feeds the video to us. And under the guise of something we will force the user to download and install it. In this case, they will prescribe the creation of a secret copy, which will not be displayed in the registers. And that’s all. Let users even delete the application, we will still follow it.