Installing the software

Some models of webcams, in addition to connecting, also require the installation of special software that comes with the device. Usually the necessary drivers and software are installed automatically from optical media.

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Sometimes it is necessary to download and install suitable software from the manufacturer’s official website:

You can automatically update the drivers for the webcam using DriverPack Solution or DriverMax.

If the specification of your camera does not specify the requirements for software, its installation is not required.


After connecting and installing special software, it is important to check the functionality of the device. We described this process using the example of Windows 7, but the instructions are quite relevant for other OS versions.

Solution of problems

In case of any problems with the operation of the webcam, we have prepared a corresponding article on how to fix them.

In some cases, manual activation of the webcam may be required.


The process of connecting a webcam to a computer is the simplest stage, as it has many similarities to connecting most other peripheral devices. over, the instructions are fully relevant if you are using a laptop.

    If necessary, connect the camera and the supplied USB cable together. In most cases, the wire is embedded.

Without turning off the computer, connect a webcam to the USB port on the back of the system unit.

If necessary, connect the additional “3.5 mm jack” wire to the microphone connector. Usually the port you want is marked in pink and the corresponding icon.

If the connection is successful, you will receive a sound notification and the process can be considered completed.


At the stage of choosing a webcam, you need to find out in advance which USB interfaces are present on your computer and purchase a compatible device.

If your camera is not equipped with a microphone, you will need to purchase and connect an audio recorder separately. Otherwise, the camera will only transmit the video signal.

When connecting a webcam with a built-in microphone, you may need a 3.5 mm jack for the appropriate purpose.

After completing the PC and webcam compatibility check, you can proceed to the connection.

Connecting your webcam to your computer

A webcam correctly connected to a PC allows you to record videos or communicate with other people on the Internet. Within the framework of this article, we will talk about the connection process and the subsequent verification of such a device.


If the webcam, after connecting and checking, does not transmit the image as you would like, you can configure it. To change the parameters, you will need special software, be it the included software or Skype.

Webcam settings are also present in many video recording programs.

Connecting the webcam to a PC

Despite the variety of webcams, the process of their connection and further use is not much different.

Action camera

Just like the previous unit, the action camera is distinguished by its compact dimensions (for example, the dimensions of the HERO5 Black are only 33x62x45 mm). They can be installed not only on the windshield of a car, but also on a helmet, bicycle handlebars, or even on a hand. This is one of the points that makes an action camera different from a DVR, which is fixed either on ZM tape or on a suction cup.

Features of such devices:

  • Manufacturing material. Usually the units are made of aluminum and reinforced plastic to keep the units light and durable.
  • Dust and moisture protection. Devices withstand any tests, they are not afraid of moisture ingress: for example, HERO6 successfully transfers immersion up to 10 meters under water.
  • Shooting quality. The device shoots everything that happens in formats up to Ultra HD.
  • Frame frequency. Here, the rates vary from 24 to 240 fps for different instances. Frequencies of 60 or more fps allow smooth video playback even in slow motion.

Depending on the model, electronic devices may have other features, for example, the ability to edit small videos using the built-in editor. The main thing here is shooting in extreme conditions.

Car cam

Its main task is to record video information with date and time. A camera (e.g. AT 180) records clips of a certain length and stores the data on a memory card.

Using Action Camera as Webcam to Stream on Twitch

  • new data is automatically written instead of old data when the space on the flash drive runs out;
  • the viewing angle of the devices is approximately 100 to 360 degrees;
  • the device starts and stops working when the cigarette lighter is turned on / off;
  • different types of devices can shoot video in different resolutions: from the usual HD to Full HD and even higher.

The units have very compact dimensions (for example, the dimensions of the F117 are 99x49x37 mm).

Useful options for these fixtures:

Action camera or DVR: 10 advantages and disadvantages of using both devices

Both the action camera and the video recorder will 100% cope with the option of capturing what is happening on the way. But can one device be able to successfully replace another? Can the action camera be used as a video recorder? What are the “pitfalls” in the operation of both devices, what can they do and in whose favor to make a choice? The article will help to understand all this.

Is it possible to use an action camera as a video recorder?

Both devices are distinguished by their compact dimensions and the ability to record video. But can an extreme camera (for example, CHDHZ-201) replace a recorder for a car?

  • the ability to record video in high definition;
  • wide viewing angles allow you not to “crop” the picture;
  • shock resistance will be useful in case of accidents on the way;
  • the ability to shoot from 60 fps can also come in handy to see the smallest details in the event of an accident.
  • the cost of devices is higher than that of registrars;
  • there is a possibility of a lack of fastening for a car;
  • each time you have to turn it on manually.

Pros of using a car recorder:

  • it is included in the work itself from the moment the motor starts;
  • ease of installation and dismantling;
  • there are additional modules (G-sensor, antisleep, motion detector).

How to connect action camera to laptop

The disadvantages include significantly less functionality than that of an extreme camera, but all functions are aimed directly at traffic safety and video recording on the way. Also, in some copies of the recorders the viewing angle is “lame”, but the problem is solved very simply. by purchasing a more modern model.

Video recorder or action camera: what to choose in the end? You can further explore the parameters of each device.

Can I use a GoPro, Sony or other brand camera as a DVR? If you go on an extreme Tour of the mountains and steppes, then, of course, you can. For trips around the city, an ordinary vehicle recorder is quite suitable, the cost of which is several times less than that of extreme cameras. At the same time, the latter are more protected and “sophisticated” devices that are perfect for operation in difficult conditions.