Programs for playing video files

Simple player for watching a video on PC, supporting all relevant formats. Contains a set of codecs to play any audio file. Supports subtitles and different sound paths.

Multimedia combine capable of starting any content: music, film, media. The user gets the opportunity to configure the quality of playback, can change the clarity of the picture. Advertising lack during inaction.

Advanced media player to reproduce any visual content: a movie, a series, a video loaded from the network. Allows you to view online video, YouTube, your favorite television channel, loses DVD.

Popular video player with simple use. An important advantage is its own code pack and the ability to install a plugin to expand the functionality. There is a version for Smart-TV.

A good player of a video with plugins support, customization, flash animation. equalizer and set of effects will help to configure and improve sound quality. Available View image in 3D through virtual reality glasses.

Convenient video content viewer in HD/4K. This is installed on each computer with Windows. The developer company equipped him with a set of functions for comfortable viewing video content of any video format.

A program imprisoned under playing DVD video. Management is simple, the viewing mode is available in full screen, adapts to the size of the monitor. The menu and navigation are conveniently implemented, the file name is displayed.

A media player with a powerful engine, having a bright integer and many individual options. The branded technology allows you to reduce the load on the system when viewing a “heavy” video file having a resolution of Full-HD and above.

The player helps to play high.resolution video files, watch amateur videos. The integration has a standard function of sorting multimedia and codecs.

Programs designed to play video are an important assistant to users who love to watch a movie or video, having previously downloaded it to a computer. We offer download programs for watching video for Windows 7 in Russian without registration and SMS. The latest versions of 2022 are presented (32/64 bit).

Windows Media Player

Using the popular Windows Media Player player, you can listen to music, watch videos and open images. Multimedia player supports all modern formats and is part of the latest versions of OS from Microsoft.

  • Rapid playback of multimedia files;
  • A change in the appearance of the player is available;
  • Media content on CDs;
  • There is a 10-round equalizer;
  • A large number of visual effects;
  • The ability to set additional codecs;
  • Work with game consoles, memory of portable devices;
  • Data synchronization with various portable devices;
  • Automatic check of software update from the official website of Microsoft.
  • Creation of playback lists;
  • Adding compositions to favorites;
  • Image opening, video and audio;
  • Support for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Solaris;
  • The ability to choose sound quality;
  • Available by viewing the cover of the album;
  • A pleasant integration in Russian;
  • Built-in online store from Microsoft;
  • Playing digital multimedia. audio, video files in high quality without installed codecs;
  • Acceleration of slowing down the reproduction of media files using functions;
  • Copying information from an optical disk to a computer.

Windows Media Player free download

Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista

Windows Media player. a universal player created by Microsoft. Works with music files, video clips and images. Has a data synchronization function with mobile devices. Makes it possible to download various additions and special plugins from the Internet, and also monitors updates.

The program can play audio in WMA, WAV, MP3, AAC, AMR, VMV, MOV, AVI, MP4, 3GP, H.263, h.264 and pictures JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG. You can quickly create a playback list and use a convenient search function. There is the ability to record data on optical discs.

The multimedia player provides detailed information about the composition (album, genre, performer, year of release, and so on). It has a pleasant Russian.speaking Inte Week, allows you to change its appearance and include a variety of visual effects during the losing clips.

Nothing changes with each new Windows, old media player continues to work and update. I listen to the music through it mainly, but it is better to watch films in other players, for example KMP or MPC-HC.

And this moment will come, as soon as you try the name of the video proportion, bring the image closer in the film played, make subtitles more readable on the screen, or add transparency to them, or at all at the first glitch of the clumsy brainchild from Microsoft.

After all, as practice shows, Windows Media is suitable for watching simple videos or the most ordinary AVI files, but at the same time its capabilities are clearly not enough for a home user watching at least a few modern high.quality films a couple of times a month.

We have prepared for you an overview of the best free video players who will compete with each other in our ranking for the right to take the place of the old Windows Media Player in your system.

General information:

Comboplayer. a program for those who are tired of setting up a bunch of software instead of one light multifunctional tool. This is a player of audio, video files, online TV, radio, stream player, download manager and utility viewing of the image from the IP camera in one bottle. What is nice, the “combine” is completely free, it works quickly even on the weakest devices.

The main features of Comboplayer:

  • Reproduction of audio and video formats MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, FLV, WMV, MP3, 3GP, WebM and others;
  • Playing.torrent files while downloading;
  • Selection of broadcasting television programs by categories;
  • Listening function of the radio, a large number of available radio stations;
  • Reproduction of streaming videos from a webcam, TV and video surveillance;
  • Synchronization of files, playback lists between different Windows PC through account;
  • Subtle setting of program parameters and user media text;
  • A minimum of settings for yourself for comfortable use is required;
  • The ability to read metadata and subtitles;
  • Integrated media codes to increase performance against analogues.

There is no other free application with similar functionality on the market. Comboplayer has only two small disadvantages: lack of support for Windows XP and the requirement of registration for synchronization of the media text, viewing online TV. At the same time, the payment for using the service and the basic package of channels is not charged.

If you need not just a super-player that will reproduce everything, but also requires a program for viewing TV and listening to radio waves, BS.Player is one of the best players with such capabilities. It gives a feeling of interactivity with the medium of multimedia, allowing you to watch and listen to your favorite programs both analog and broadcast via the Internet. A wonderful tool for lovers of educational and news podcasts, webcaste. One of the most popular programs supporting DIVX.

Important BS features.Player:

  • For installation, the Windows operating system of any modification is suitable. from the old 98, 2000 and ME, to popular among users Vista, 7 and others;
  • The processor and memory of PC uploads at a minimum;
  • Allows you to choose the language of watching the film in the presence of several audio trains;
  • It boasts a huge number of formats played (Divx, AVI, MPEG 1-2-3, XVID, OGM, Matroska, MKV, ASF, WMV, DV, MOV, MP4, SWF, VOB, WAV, MPA, MP1-2-3, OGG, AAC, AIF, WMA, PLS, M3U, Suppine AVCHD and T.D.);
  • The function of identifying codecs that are not enough on the computer;
  • Differs in incredible stability of work;
  • Carries out the capture of media from the TV tuner, cameras, other external devices;
  • Plays and captures video from YouTube.

KMPlayer is one of Windows media players most beloved by users for its convenience. The main advantage of the Korean program is codecs suitable for playing a video of the most popular formats. The program can be configured for yourself, watch films with the original voice acting and subtitles, use special functions for video. Audio, by the way, he also reproduces.

The main functionality of this universal player:

  • Supports many file formats-both now popular and used once (DVD, VCD, AVI, MKV, OGG, 3GP, QuickTime, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, Realmedia);
  • Allows you to save part of the video, sound track or picture from any part of the film on your computer;
  • Support, as well as editing subtitles;
  • Allows you to connect plugins, filters, skins and visualize the appearance;
  • Audio flow selection function (if a translation is used);
  • The presence of specialized functions that allow you to configure videos (scaling, sharpness and blurring, de.interleising, changing the speed of the video, noise reduction and others);

Important advantages of KMPlayer. it does not require many system resources, reliable and fast in work. You can configure the Russian, English and others integration.

Daum Potplayer. Powerful video player from the creators of the world famous KMP. Unlike a famous counterpart, the software less loads the operating system, guaranteeing stable 60 FPS on almost any gland, knows how to record videos from the screen or camera on the laptop, and deprives the need for preliminary installation of codecs for the Windows platform (the necessary are included). In a word, Pot Player is a popular video player with high quality playback of any files (in t.h. broken with the passage of damaged personnel) and the possibility of playing stream audio and video content.

Features and main advantages of Daum PotPlayer:

  • This is an omnivorous video player, all household formats are supported;
  • View 3D rollers and panoramas 360 in several modes;
  • Due to hardware acceleration and a high degree of optimization, you always enjoy the smoothness of playing the video without brakes;
  • A built-in image of the image of the image from the monitor and webcamer is built;
  • A huge number of filters to improve playback quality;
  • Fixed an error with the inability to play broken AVI (the player misses damaged personnel);
  • FPS doubling on the fly. t.n. FPS conversion helps on weak machines;
  • You can enter the proxy settings to obtain a stream from blocked resources;
  • The best video player from Windows XP up to 10 according to Lifehacker;
  • It is only focused on Win. download a video player from DAUM to a smartphone tablet or mac will not work.

VLC Media Player player. It is suitable not only for Windows 7 and other versions of this shell, but also for Mac. In terms of performance and small demands on the system resources, free media player is at the same level with KMPlayer. The main features of the program are streaming video and extreme stability.

  • Playing almost all multimedia files from the most popular HD and Blury to FLV and RMBV;
  • A minimalist integration with many subtle settings, but simple and understandable;
  • Support for Android gadgets and all popular PC and laptops;
  • You can lose fragments of files (therefore it is convenient to use it for pre.examination);
  • Allows you to view streaming videos from the network and online television channels, which other players do not always cope with. This is convenient for fans of National Geographic, Reuters and other channels;
  • Makes it possible to create and conveniently edit playback lists;
  • You can connect modules to expand functionality;
  • Supports playing audio files accompanied by an equalizer;
  • Supports subtitles. just throw a SRT file into the video folder with a video.

The player for the computer plays media thanks to modern codes, plugins. Creates a list of playing, adds subtitles, improves sound, picture quality and content.

Free video player provides cloud storage technology of media files, launches high.resolution videos, allows you to add any number of files to the playlist list.

The media player for the laptop maintains text control for subtitles when starting films. Increases the speed of playback of various types of files, has a tuner for setting up broadcasting and searching for channels.

The program will help watch video files of any resolution and quality of modern formats. It is useful in creating unique content for imported network resources.

The famous application that launches the video is audio in a well.known extension on a personal computer. Allows you to add subtitles, offers standard templates and special effects to improve the quality of the video.

Pc Problem | Fix Video Player Choose Default Program & Change Video Play Program In Computer

The utility launches media files from filming carriers, optical discs, hard drives and network resources. Improves the quality of elements, provides several types of credits for convenient viewing.

The media player makes it possible to view videos in FLV, SWF, 3GP, AVI, MOV, MPEG formats. For high.quality elements, the user receives special codecs that eliminate errors.

The player allows you to play the discs BLU RAY, DVD, works with 3D quality and provides working tools for editing. Rapid playback and high.quality sound are the main advantages of the product.

The program provides a high.quality modern graphic engine to play video files on the device. It converts any video format into another extension for convenience. Lose View DVD Blu, Ray, FLV Graphic, SWF, 3D, 3GP AVI, MPEG, video format MOV media player.

Software makes it possible to create, edit, launch, delete videos, audio files and other objects on the device. It offers a huge set of working tools for better watching films, listening to music. We offer download video players for Windows 7 in Russian without registration and SMS. The latest versions of 2022 are presented (32/64 bit).

What to do is not

As for how to correctly update Adobe Flash Player, you should definitely not use resources for this. There is an official site, and install a flash player only from it.

Why is it so? Basically, for the simple reason that attackers often use disguise for Adobe Flash Player the latest version to abandon the virus to your computer.

In general, on the Internet, on different sites you can find a lot of buttons and links that do not lead anywhere, but simply serve to download the virus for your operating system.

But the number of malicious links associated with Adobe Flash Player simply rolls over!

Also, do not look for this on the Internet, just go to The fact is that any search engine will offer you a huge number of options, but all of them are unlikely to be what you need.

In most cases, you just download the virus. The most harmless thing can happen is the loading of an old and non-working version, because of which the video in Flash Player will not be lost, like another multimedia content.

Adobe Flash Player update video instruction on how to update Adobe Flash Player on a computer

Codecs for Windows. Review of the best

Often users when playing audio video files have many problems associated with decoding. Almost all of them are decided by the installation of codecs or their packages. What to give preference and the most popular of them are presented in today’s selection.

When nothing happens when you try to reproduce the video, the first thing that comes to mind is not the right codec. Most use a standard player, which means that codecs for Windows Media Player are suitable as possible.

K-Lite Codec Pack. The most common option for obtaining maximum comfort when watching and converting video. Has different versions and therefore will allow you to configure everything for certain needs.

Features of each version of the package:

  • The easiest K-Lite Codec Pack Basic is suitable for use both on X64 and X32 systems, which will be very useful for owners of various operating systems. Has a minimum set for decoding most of the most popular formats loaded from the Internet;
  • K-Lite Codec Standart has a more advanced package of decoders for various formats and is suitable for users involved in video processing on simple programs;
  • K-Lite Codec Pack Full has all the necessary codes for viewing and encoding in special programs. Will become an indispensable and reliable assistant for both a beginner in the installation and a professional;
  • K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is a powerful tool that allows you to engage in professional installation and view any type of file that has a video road.

A feature of this codec of Pak among others is its highest degree of optimization and decoding of sound and video files without any conflict. That is why Klight for Windows is the best possible.

Most users of “weak” PCs have often noticed a jerk of image or braking during watches of films or uploaded video. This may be due to the fact that the video adapter does not cope with the speed of video, which Russian Divx can help.

Divx Codec Pack. will accurately speed up the extension of the frames and normalize their flow, as a result of which the picture will be smooth and neat. If you are looking for reliable codecs for Windows 7 64 Bit, then this option is best. In addition, you can translate videos through game consoles, increasing its overall quality. With the divix, even Media Player will lose everything that you “put” in it and at the same time the high clarity of the picture, the smoothness of the transitions and video traffic as a whole will remain.

Distinctive features:

  • Can read such types of files as MKV and Divx in different media players, browsers;
  • Not demanding on PC resources;
  • Support for additional media roads and subtitles;
  • The ability to download for free.

This decoding tool, as mentioned earlier, helps in solving problems related to performance, so if there are rather weak equipment, then Divx Codec Pack will certainly help in this matter, accelerating the playback on the software level and giving it smoothness.

Now, when installing most packets with codes, you can see parallelly installed players and unnecessary tools that only occupy PC resources during operation or, even worse, be in the downtime mode. To solve this problem, such a tool as Advanced Codecs serves. They are designed for better compatibility of many video formats.

You can also download and install GOM Player, which has it in its composition and allows you to expand the boundaries of review regarding reproduction. Initially, this codec package was designed to work in systems with the architecture of the X32 processor, however, when installing the expansion, it will work no less adequately on versions of X64. If you only engage in watching videos and do not need additional tools, then this release of codecs will certainly become useful and relevant for you.

Differences compared to others:

  • Accelerates the processing of streaming videos in any browser;
  • Not able to independently change standard associations with file types;
  • Multi.language, in t. h. supports the Russian language;
  • No problems suitable for Windows Media Player Classic.

These features allow you to become a codec with a very useful addition when working with different videos and view popular formats without loss of quality and even with its improvement. Paid decisions of this kind are quite expensive, and this method is not only free, but also unusually fast.

Now many use DIVX or XVID format codecs, but they don’t even think about trying the X264 Video Codec written in 2003. Despite his age, normal software for it was developed relatively recently, not to mention the hardware. X264 Video Codec. Designed to compress the video in high quality at high speed. Used in modern editors for installation and conversion. Also very popular on the YouTube platform. Its use will help to achieve the best quality when processing video for YouTube or other hosting.

Characteristics X264 Video Codec:

  • High compression speed;
  • Quality is better than encoding using K-Lite Codec;
  • High degree of compression of the final video format;
  • Processing compatibility using GPU;
  • Video encoding with several streams;
  • Regulation of video flow rate;
  • Much better than a standard set of codecs.

When using it, the greatest speed of the system is achieved through the use of several hardware devices at once. Compression using this codec will help to achieve the best picture, but the processing rate will significantly decrease. Thus, we can safely say that the used processing in format h.264 Video is suitable for professional editors of the video.

Media Player Codec Pack. A set of tools that include both decoding tools and codes for Windows 7, 8 x32/x64 Bit with video encoding function. With them you can reproduce popular formats, including those that are extremely rare. This package is a wonderful replacement for the good old decoder K-Lite Codec formats. It must certainly be a key tool in working with files MKV OGG, MKV MP4, MP3 OGG, FLV OGM MPEG, MP4 FLV, AVI MKV and other less common. Large resolution and frame rate is also not a hindrance for the speed of processing by this package of codecs. In addition, a large amount of information about the configuration of sound video formats will make it possible to delve into the course as quickly as possible.

TOP-5 free players Choice of editors

Choosing media players, we relied on indicators such as the presence of the Russian language, a convenient integration and additional functions. Below is the top of the best options according to the editorial office of the site.






  • Supports more than 100 formats,
  • Video conversion for more than 300 devices, including Android and iPhone,
  • Video conversion for YouTube, Vimeo,

best video players for Windows

When choosing an application for films, users are repelled from personal preferences: someone needs a modern mediacubine, and someone needs to open a clip in a rare format. Presenting a review of simple and powerful video players for any tasks.

How to Change Default Video Player App on Windows 11 PC or Laptop

VLC Media Player

Supported formats: 3GP, ASF, AVI, DVR-MS, FLV, MKV, Quicktime File File Format, MP4, MPEG-2 AIFF, VOB, RM, DVD-Video, VCD, DVB, etc.

VLC Media Player is very popular among Windows users, and not in vain. It is completely free and supports almost all formats without the need to download additional codecs. The player can optimize video and audio playback for the selected device, allows you to change the display settings while watching films and can be expanded using loaded plugins.

The function of the playback list allows you to show several clips one after another. This is convenient if you uploaded a film in several parts or want to watch a few videos in a row. VLC supports flow gear and can play media files as loading. You can also play zip files without unpacking them.

  • Reproduces video files from any media;
  • Recognizes almost all formats without the formation of codecs;
  • It works quickly with the resolution of HD, 4K and 8K, 360.


Supported formats: DVD, Blu-Ray, VCD, AVI, MKV, OGG Thera, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, Realmedia, QuickTime

KMPlayer is a multifunctional program with a large number of options and settings. In fact, this is one of the problems that some users may encounter. it is not as simple and understandable as other popular applications. Because of this, you will have to spend some time on the development of settings, but as soon as you pass it, you can safely abandon other alternatives.

The application can decode 4K, 3D, Ultra HD and loses films with DVD and Blue-Ray. Viewing the link with YouTube is available, while you can simply view the video or completely download to the computer. Among the numerous settings there are screenshots, premises, settings of subtitles and capture of the screen in video or graphics.

  • Knows how to play damaged video files correctly;
  • Allows you to view videos with YouTube with or without preservation;
  • Installations to improve playing: sharpness, noise reduction, deinet, etc.

Video players

Excellent video player with open source codes. Convenient interaction, understandable management, mass functions, codecs and filters.

VLC Media Player. free video player. Open and possessing. Download.

PotPlayer is a powerful video player that supports the playback of a wide spectra video formats. Includes codecs.

Popular video player. Includes the necessary functions and is suitable for a wide range of users.

Gom Player is a popular video player with a convenient integral and set of video codecs. Download video player.

Great player for video. Fork of the popular Media Player Classic Home Cinema video player. Download.

Kodi. Home Cinema. a program for cataloging, reproducing and distributing multimedia content.

Free, multi.platform video player, built on the basis of open source code of MPlayer/MPlayer2 projects.

PLEX is a powerful complex that allows you to create a media server from a home computer or other device, including NAS.

5kplayer is a simple video player with the most minimum of settings and support for AirPlay from Apple.

BS.Player is a popular media player with supporting video playing in popular formats.

MPV.NET is a graphic integration for MPV. a popular player built on the basis of LIBMPV.

MPV-Easy Player is an integration for a powerful, omnivorous and fantastically productive MPV.

SMPlayer. completely free and very functional video player. Built on the basis of a well.known free project mplayer.

Light Allloy. a popular video player from a domestic developer. Convenient and functional.

Zoom Player is a media player supporting all popular video format. Sharpened for viewing DVD and Blu-Ray.

MPlayer. Contain video player. Is the love of videos and linuxoids; often acts as the basis for creating many video players.

Simple video player with a minimum of settings focused on playing HD-video. Download player.

Splayer. simple, convenient and completely free video player. Download video player for free.

Automatic update

    We start the player again and click PCM on any intense panel. Choose “Service”, and then click on “Options”.

Forced update

This method should be used only if the previous two did not help.

    Download Media Feature Pack for “Seven”.

Now you know all the methods that help update the Windows Media Player player.

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