Update the LG Smart TV TV through a flash drive

In one of my previous articles, I wrote why you need to update the TV firmware. In short, then updating the TV firmware, makes his work more stable, faster, and sometimes adds new functions. In this article I will describe step by step how to update the firmware on LG TVs.

As in most modern TVs, on LG TVs two ways to update the firmware:

1 update of LG TV software from the Internet;

I propose to consider each option step by step.

Update on TV LG from the Internet.

This method, in my opinion, is the simplest and most convenient. It will take only LG TV with access to the Internet, while it does not matter how the Internet is connected using the LAN or Wi-Fi network cable. Next, you need to go to the TV settings, for this, click the “settings” button if you have a regular control panel.

And select the gear icon if you have a remote magic remote control.

Next in the TV menu, select “General”. “Information about the TV”.

Click on the “Check updates” button.

If updates are available, the TV will offer to download and install them. If you want to automate the process of updating the TV, you can put a box “Allow automatic updates”.

If the latest version of the software is installed on the TV, you will see the message “Updates are not found”.

Thus, by pressing several times on the control panel, you can easily update LG firmware.


Flash Player Smart TV is a free software that everyone can download. Loading does not cause much difficulty. The main thing is to provide a reliable Internet connection and buy a USB flash drive. Follow the algorithm:

After installation, click on the word “Ready”.

How to update Flash Player on LG Smart TV TV

Flash player begins to function worse over time. Like all software files, it requires installation of new firmware.

The renewal of the flash player on the LG Smart TV TV is a difficult process. You can perform it in two ways.

Through Wi-Fi

To update through Wi-Fi, follow the algorithm:

  • Connect TV to Internet using a standard cable, Wi-Fi or 3G modem;
  • Open the “Main Menu” on TV and find information about the TV model;
  • In the browser, open the official website of LG and find the current version for the firmware;
  • Download and install a new program.

At the end of updates, reboot the TV.

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Flash drive

When using the flash drive, perform the following actions:

  • Download the pcs softe on PC;
  • On the receiver, create a folder called the program;
  • Perform the file and save the data in it;
  • Insert the flash drive into the TV and turn it off;
  • Wait until the data is highlighted on the screen;
  • After that, follow the instructions and install new settings.

Enjoy watching films and TV shows.

How to download and install a browser on LG Smart TV?

To download and install a web browser, you have to:

LG TV ( Software / Firmware Update )

  • Turn on the TV and open the Smart hab with a list of applications available for download;
  • find the right program in the proposed list;
  • click on a detected web facial, starting the installation;
  • wait for the complete completion of the process.

After the installation is completed, it will remain to enter the main menu, find and start the installed application.

Important: During installation on the equipment, the equipment is prohibited and the Internet is turned off. The program that ignored the Councils will be established incorrectly and will be inaccessible to use. To speed up the search for the desired browser, you should use the search line where the name is made, for example, Yandex Browser or Google Chrome.

How to update a web browser through the LG Smart-TV menu

Having set the program, users should support it in the current condition, updating after the release of fresh firmware. If you do not think about installing an updated version, over time, the web browser will become obsolete, which will affect the quality of his work. As a result, the speed of opening sites will decrease, freezing will f over by, and separate information on open portals will be inaccessible.

There are 2 main ways to update the software installed on the TV:

  • The first is to independently search for the desired firmware and manual loading software;
  • The second allows you to start the process of installing the update in automatic mode.

Both proposed methods allow you to achieve a result, so users are able to choose the one that will seem more convenient.

Automatic method via the Internet

Automatic download of updated software via the Internet is more convenient for manual installation, since it allows you to do without additional actions (search for a program, connecting a memory card). To bring the Web browser to the proper state, you will need:

Important: it is forbidden to interrupt the process of downloading the program and turn off Wi-Fi, since such actions can lead to failures in the operation of the operating system. As a result, a full repair and flashing of the OS will be required.

Manually update using a removable medium

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If the system has not found an updated version of the application on the Internet, and the user is sure that it exists, you will have to install a browser update on the LG Smart-TV TV manually. This will need:

update, smart, flash, drive, difficulties, installing

The previously described option is suitable for installing third.party browsers. If the owner of the TV needs to firm the entire operating system or basic programs, you should visit the official website of LG and download the desired firmware from there. This will require the number of the TV.It is indicated in the TV menu (section “Product Information”).

How to update the LG Smart TV TV via the Internet?

LG SMART TV is quite easy to update. Even an inexperienced user will perform such a procedure. The most convenient and simple way is to use the Internet or Wi-Fi. The main condition is a high.quality, speed connection. Install automatic update and TV will do the operation yourself. During it, the device must be disconnected from the power system. For manual obtaining new settings, you need:

  • Using the remote control, click on the “settings” button and run the technical support page;
  • click on the section “Update the operating system”;
  • Check the availability of updates;
  • Confirm the launch;
  • After loading the settings, setting parameters will begin;
  • The technique is deactivated independently.

Now the user can watch videos, films and high.quality series.

How to update the firmware on the LG TV from a flash drive?

How to update the software on the LG Smart TV TV using a flash drive? For this method, you need to load a new version of the firmware using an external medium. Take the usual USB and download the settings on them. After that, insert the flash drive into a special connector. Wait for the launch of the system update. Immediately need to visit the company page. Find the search count and bring the device model there. In the opening window, click on “Technical support”, then on the “Software” button.

In the list of available firmware, select the last. Check it and save the file on the computer.

Do not forget to prepare USB. Clean your memory to zero. Delete unnecessary programs, documents and music. Connect the drive to the device. Form a folder and name it. Transfer the file to it.

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We take out the flash drive from PC and connect to the TV. With the correct execution of all points on the display, the window will open. This is a signal for updating the current software model. Click on the “Perform” button and wait for the end. Clients face interruptions after installing new parameters. If the situation occurs, it is necessary to initialize. Run the TV menu and open the technical support page. Go to the “Initialization” window. Confirm the completion of the procedure.

How to update Philips TV through a flash drive

Let’s start with the method that everyone can do-update by Smart TV on the Philips TV via a USB drive. Installation for access to the latest functions and eliminating problems is quickly. If you perform a similar operation for the first time, then clearly follow the instructions.

Connect an empty USB drive to a computer

Take a regular flash drive and format it in FAT32. To do this, insert it into a PC or laptop, open the “my computer”, click with the right mouse button to call the context menu. There, select “format”, and FAT32 format. It is better to take a 2 flash drive of 2 gigabytes and higher, since new presets on your TV will occupy at least 1 gigabyte of space.

Open the web browser

Go to the official website of the manufacturer Philips. Select there a section with firmware, and find your file, focusing on the model. We focus on the fact that it is very important to correctly compare all the numbers of the model. Since if there is an dispersion, then the installation component will not work for you.

Check the availability of software on the product web page

On the official website, select the Software Updates section. If you haven’t found it, wait a few days, perhaps your model is too new, and there are no new shells on it yet.

Find out the current version of the software on the TV

Check if you entered the model number correctly. Click on the file once to start the download process. Make sure the PC or laptop is connected to the access point.

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Save the opened file on the USB drive

When the load ends, click on the right mouse button to call the context menu, and select the “Extract B” action. When you choose a place, indicate the empty drive that was inserted from the very beginning. Wait for the process of unzipping the process of unit.

Turn on the TV and connect a USB drive to it

Turn on TV, insert the flash drive into the corresponding port on the back cover. Wait until the Connect is confirmed by a short sound signal.

Wait 5-15 minutes

After 15 minutes of inaction, the screen will go out, all background and active processes will turn off. Then the inscription “Instilling system update” will appear. This means that the process of installing new files from the memory card has begun. Wait until it ends without turning off TV. This action usually takes from five to twenty minutes.

How to update a flash player on Philips Smart TV TV

Since the process and new technologies do not stand still, at least once a month your flash player gives a message that it is outdated. For some time you can still use it, but then, if not reinstalled, this player is blocked. The new version will remove all the lags that previously simply annoyed you and prevented you from watching movies. After reinstalling, the integration has improved significantly, and new opportunities will open in the management. There are two options for reinstalling. through a flash drive, or via the Internet.

Via Wi-Fi or Internet

Through the installed browser, go to the official website of the flash player, and make sure there is a new file there. Download it and install it with a remote control and mouse.

Flash drive

Here the algorithm is simple, but beginners should strictly adhere to it:

  • On the official Philips website, download the latest version;
  • Throw the file on a clean flash drive;
  • uninstall;
  • Turn off TV;
  • Insert the flash drive into the slot and start.

After turning on, start the installation process, and wait for the completion.

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How to update Smart TV on LG TV

The firmware plays an important role in modern Smart TVs and to eliminate errors in the operation of equipment, it must be periodically updated. Today step by step will analyze the question of how to update Smart TV LG.

Firmware on the LG Smart TV TV can be done in several ways, while each of them has its own positive qualities.

The entire firmware process occurs in three stages:

In the case of choosing an update through a flash drive, it is important to know the TV model, which can be viewed in its settings and see the installed version of the update.

  • Press the Settings button on the TV remote control;
  • In a pop.up menu, press “support”;
  • select in it the item “Information about the product/service”;
  • After that, the window is opened where you can see the Smart TV model and the condition of the current firmware version;
update, smart, flash, drive, difficulties, installing

The information received should be saved, for example, to take a photo on a mobile phone.

In the process of firmware, you need:

  • Do not turn off the equipment;
  • In the case of a flash drive, you need to download the software from the manufacturer’s website, which is exactly suitable for the Smart TV model;
  • In the process of installing the firmware, it is unacceptable to pull the flash drive with TV, press the buttons and pull the plugs.

How to update Smart TV LG

If you did everything correctly, the TV software does not fly off.

LG TV update directly via the Internet

Updating LG Smart TV in this method is devoid of any difficulties, since only the Internet and TV are needed to use it. It should be borne in mind that the new version of the update will occupy up to 500 mgb.

  • by Wi-Fi, as this wireless connection has high speed and provides the ability to download update on TV from a laptop or computer;
  • 4G modem-is not so practical, however, it provides a connection;
  • Also, to install the firmware, you can use the network wire to transmit the Internet.

It is important that the Internet connection is not interrupted, since in this case the firmware process is violated.

Now you can proceed to the main process:

  • At the beginning of the installation, you need to find the main menu and press the Settings button, through the control panel;
  • In the absence of this button, it is available to use the “Input” key that provides access to update 3231lta2 without extraneous tools;
  • If there is a “Remote Magic” remote control, it is available to use a hexagonal icon;
  • After choosing the option of starting work with the program, you must go to the “General” item and follow the link “General information about TV”;
  • Next, select the line “Check the update” from the list and press it;
  • if the existing software is outdated.

If you have a program available to the installation, everything you need is to click on OK. In order for applications to be updated to LG in the future, it is necessary to configure them through the point “allow automatic update”.

In the same way, you can perform firmware on smart Philips. just open the Smart TV menu and click on “install”.

USB flash drive update

This option is suitable if there is no constant connection with the Internet, in this case there is a lack of fear that the connection at the wrong time will disappear.

Before using the flash drive, you need to go to the official website of the company LG and download the corresponding version.

Important: such an update SMART TV will provide excellent operation of the TV, which previously malfunction, may even improve the Internet if there were problems.

After checking the compliance of software using the Settings settings button, you need to connect the flash drive to the TV:

  • format it on the device, it will not be found in another way;
  • Create a LG_DTV folder (only under the name);
  • Next, open the file with firmware and copy the contents to the flash drive;
  • Run the process of updating from the flash drive through the “update” button.

In order for the browser on the LG TV to work without failures, it is necessary to initialize the application in the “Initialization of the Appendix” folder in the “Support” tab.

Wait a few minutes while the TV will be updated independently.

To make sure of the quality of Smart TV, you can go to IPTV digital TV or check how headphones work.

Installing update from the firmware file

  • Connect the carrier to the computer.
  • Open my computer and press the flash drive on the flash drive with the right mouse button.
  • Choose “properties” and go to the “General” tab. The line “File System” should be written FAT if it is, then go to the step if not, then go to the next step, having previously closed the properties window.
  • Copy all the information from the flash drive to another medium, since formatting will erase it.
  • Click on the icon of the flash drive of the PKM and choose “format”.
  • In the formatting window in the drop.down list “File System”, select FAT
  • Click “Start” and wait for a message about the completion of the procedure. Click “Close”.
  • “Settings” = “installations” = “factory settings”.
  • “Settings” = “extended” = “general” = “reset of settings”.
  • “Settings” = “All settings” = “General” = “Reset of settings”.

So that the TV in the process of updating the firmware does not turn into a “brick” you need:

The last 2 restrictions apply to the installation of firmware via the Internet.

Installing update via the Internet

The process of obtaining updates via the Internet can be made automatic. To do this, open the section “Check updates” of the settings and put a check in the item “Allow automatic updates”.

How to update the firmware automatically?

There is a simple way to install the latest firmware version on the TV. automatic download of the right files. The advantages are obvious: you do not need to independently look for the software for a particular model, the device will download them from an official source without the participation of the user. In addition, there is much less risk of randomly load viral programs into the TV or make other mistakes. For updating, the TV must be connected to the Internet with a stable connection. To connect to the network, you can use a cable or Wi-Fi router, you can control the process using a remote control control. In the process of updating by manual or automatically, the device cannot be turned off. this can cause its incorrect operation. To start the automatic update process, you need to do the following:

  • Using the remote control, go to the main menu.
  • In the menu, select the “Settings” section, and in this section go to the tab with the name “Support”.
  • This window will indicate the current version of the installed software. If its new version is available, click the “Update” button. TV firmware will begin to be updated automatically, it remains only to wait for the process to complete the process.

It may take a lot of time to download files, as each of them reaches 500 MB. During the update process, the user should not include the device, but he can calmly view the program of the program as usual as usual. As soon as the installation is completed by the TV independently starts rebooting. After the restart, the new version of the software will enter into force, and all its possibilities will be available to the user.

Automatic update. via the Internet

If your TV has an Internet connection, and you have no task to roll back the firmware version, I would use a standard automatic update by air. Personally, I have never had problems with him. I recommend you.

By default, the TV only offers updates, but does not automatically do it. If you want to do a manual check, come here:

How update lg smart TV software

Settings. support. update on

And here we are already clicking on the “Check the availability” button “. You can put a tick of automatic update TV, but I do not do this. what if a crooked official update will come, it is better to wait a few days, if everything works well.

You can’t think of it anymore here. I really hope that I was useful to you. If that. write Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will try to answer in my free time.

Safety instructions

Updating any device requires attentiveness and serious attitude.

update, smart, flash, drive, difficulties, installing
  • turn off the TV while installing updates from power supply;
  • remove the drive from the TV connector until the update is completed;
  • press the remote control buttons or take any actions until the updates are fully installed.

In addition, when downloading a new firmware option only from the official site, you need to choose a version precisely for the specified TV marking. Never use updates to download by third.party resources. If the technique has not been updated for a long time, you will have to make changes sequentially several times to achieve the functionality of the latest improvements.

It is easy to update the TV firmware yourself. Remember the safety rules. One incorrectly perfect action can lead to a violation of the operability of the TV. If there are doubts about the possibility of updating the LG Smart TV TV, it is best to contact professionals.

It is recommended to regularly check the availability of software updates. In the case of a timely installation of a new version, the user receives a maximum of capabilities.

Automation and important rules

As you can see from everything that was said earlier, you do not need to do anything super.complex to reflash your LG Smart TV. download, copy, insert a flash drive into the tuner and wait. Nevertheless, there is an easier way to change the current version if there is a stable support for access to the Internet. automatic.

To do this, you do not need to have a TV or laptop at hand, you do not need removable drives, it is enough to have an Internet cable with a good data transfer speed or Wi-Fi, to which the TV is connected, and remote control panel. At the same time, it is important to remember some rules that cannot be violated:

After starting the update to its complete completion, it is strictly forbidden to turn off the TV and remove the flash drive if it is used;

You can not turn off the TV from the power supply network until the window appears on the screen about the completion of the firmware;

Updating the current version is necessary only from smaller to more to avoid technical malfunctions.

Automatic firmware update is carried out by a special micro.opram. From the remote control, you need to enter the menu, select the settings section (settings), then the support tab. In the window that opens, it is necessary to click on the software update, where its current version will immediately display. Press the test of updates, if available, click up to update.

It is worth recalling once again, during the update the TV cannot be turned off, but you can view the TV channels. Downloading and installing a new version takes some time, since the average file weight is about 500 MB. At the end of the automatic process, the TV itself will be rebooted (it will turn off and then turn on immediately).