How to turn on the microphone in Yandex Browser on a smartphone

The ability to search for information on the network using voice and, in fact, voice assistants have become part of the life of an ordinary user with mobile devices. Especially when you consider that on many inexpensive smartphones, the keyboard works out of the ordinary. Voice dialing comes to the rescue, which greatly simplifies interaction with the Internet and a smartphone. The highlight of Yandex Browser is Alice, a voice assistant built on machine learning technology. This can be said to be the first step in integrating AI into applications. But it often happens that when you try to call the assistant, nothing happens. Alice neither hears nor responds. In this article, we will tell you how to unblock access to the microphone in Yandex Browser on Android in order to fully use all the capabilities of a mobile browser.

Why doesn’t Alice answer

Faced with Alice not responding or unable to record a voice message, users begin to reinstall or update the browser. But that doesn’t help as the problem is not with the mobile browser itself. To use all the features of Yandex Browser for Android, you need to enable permissions in the settings of the smartphone itself.

There are times when users incorrectly call the assistant. recall the commands for activating Alice. “Hello Alice”, “Hello Yandex”, “Listen to Alice” and “Listen to Yandex”. She does not respond to other calls.

How to enable microphone permission in Yandex Browser on Android

Usually, access to the microphone in the browser is enabled when you first try to call Alice or in the search bar when you activate voice dialing. But if this does not happen, you can enable the resolution manually. Depending on the model of the device and the version of the operating system, the steps will differ.

  • Open “Parameters” using the corresponding icon on the smartphone screen.
  • Select the section “Applications and notifications”.
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  • Next, we find in the list “Yandex Browser”. tap on it.
  • Open “Permissions”.
  • Switch the marker in the “Microphone” item to the active position.
  • Exit the parameters.
  • Open Yandex Browser and click on the purple icon on the left in the search bar to activate Alice.
  • So that in the future Alice can be activated by voice, even when the smartphone is quietly lying on the table, open the Yandex Browser settings and go to the parameters by clicking on the button in the form of three dots on the right side of the search bar on the main screen.
  • Go to “Settings”. here in the “Voice capabilities” section, check the item “Voice activation”.

By clicking on the “Add to home screen” button, you can add the assistant icon to the desktop as a separate application and interact with it at any time.

How to turn on the microphone in Yandex Browser on Android

To unblock the voice input function in Yandex Browser on Android, you need to perform the following operations:

  • Go to the settings of your gadget (swipe down from top to bottom on the unlocked screen, and click on the gear from the top right);
  • Select the section with applications in the list of settings (“All applications”);
  • Find “Yandex Browser” or “Alice” in the list of programs and tap on it;
  • After entering the application settings, select “Permissions”;
  • Find the “Microphone” option in the list of permissions. Set the indicator of this option to active state (On). Exit the settings;

Activate your microphone in browser settings

  • Launch your Yandex Browser or tap on the activation icon for the Alice assistant;
  • Give the application permission to record audio data, which is necessary for its stable functionality;
  • Try to talk to “Alice” as usual. Usually after that, the assistant recognizes commands well and responds to them.
  • Usually, the following list of steps allows you to access the microphone in Yandex. But what to do if these steps were ineffective?

    Why can’t assistant Alice hear you?

    After installing Yandex Browser with an assistant on a smartphone or tablet, the user may find that he does not hear his commands. Some users may assume that Alice is not specifically adapted to his type of voice, but this is not so. Usually, the cause of the error is the application’s blocked access to the microphone of your gadget at the program level.

    Manipulations with reinstalling the web navigator are usually ineffective in this situation. What to do, and how to unblock private access to the microphone in the Yandex Browser application on your Android? Let’s figure it out.

    Some more tips for unlocking access to voice input

    If Yandex.Alisa still cannot hear you, or hears poorly, we also recommend that you do the following:

    No. Advice Features
    one Check if your gadget has enough free space. Clogged phone memory can cause problems with the assistant.
    2 Make sure you have a stable internet connection. Restart your router if necessary.
    3 See if your Alice has voice activation enabled. To do this, go to the settings of the Yandex Browser application (the button with three horizontal lines). Then select “Settings” and check the “Voice activation” option. It should be in the “On” position. If necessary, activate it and run the assistant.

    Galaxy S20/S20: How to Allow/Deny Permission to Microphone

    How to unblock access to the microphone in Yandex Browser on Android

    Assistant “Alice” is a nice highlight of “Yandex Browser”. The robot will tell you about the latest news, make you laugh with an anecdote and even discuss your personal life with you. But after installing Yandex with Alice on your Android, you may find that the assistant simply cannot hear you. You try to raise your voice, you try to restart your phone, but it’s all in vain. And the cause of the problem is usually the blocked voice input at the software level. Let’s figure out how to open access to the microphone in the Yandex Browser navigator installed on an Android phone. And also what steps will help us in this.

    In our article, we have analyzed how you can unblock access to your microphone in Yandex Browser on Android OS. And also what steps will help us in this. Allow access in the settings of the web navigator, enable voice activation of the assistant. And Alice will be sensitive to your voice commands.

    Activate microphone for selected sites

    Also, you can unblock the microphone only for your favorite sites. Let’s take a closer look at how to do this.

      Open Yandex browser and go to settings. To do this, click on the three mowing lines from above and select the “Settings” line.

    Then click on the “Sites” tab on the left and select “Advanced site settings”.

    Next, scroll down and find the “Access to the microphone” block, in it click on “Site settings”.

  • Done, you are taken to the menu for selecting sites for which the microphone will be available. Here you can also prohibit the use of the microphone.
  • Reinstall or new program

    This method is suitable for beginners who do not want to dig into the settings of their smartphone or have been using the phone recently. Install the program to which you want to grant access. If the program is already installed, delete it and download it again from the Play Store or Yandex.Store. Further:

    • Run the program.
    • After the first launch, the program will ask you to give it permission for certain actions.
    • When the message “Allow the application to record audio” appears, select “Allow”.
  • Checking the operation of the microphone in the program.
  • If you don’t want to reinstall the application or the method didn’t work, go to the second instruction.

    Activation on demand

    Activation on demand in a Yandex browser means that when you enter a site that supports the function of voice messages, you will be prompted that you need to connect a microphone. That is, you will need to allow access to your microphone. It looks like this:

    Android Nougat : How to Enable or Disable Microphone apps permissions on Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8

    As you can see in the figure, after you go to a search site and click search with a microphone, the browser automatically makes an access request. After agreeing to access, you can use the microphone in the browser at any time.

    Activating microphone in Windows 10

    To launch the microphone in the browser, you need to open the settings and allow access to the microphone. To do this, open the computer settings using the “WinI” key combination (the Win key is located in the lower right and left parts of the keyboard, which depicts the Windows logo). Then click on the “Microphone” item on the left side of the settings and set “On” in the item “Allow applications to access the microphone”.

    How to deny access to data?

    Sometimes it becomes necessary, on the contrary, to close access to certain data on your smartphone. For example, you downloaded and installed a toy from the Internet. Once launched, it requests access to your location and contacts. This looks at least suspicious, and some applications collect and receive your personal information in this way:

    • Your phone number and email address.
    • Your messages, address and photos (if access to the gallery was provided).
    • Contacts and addresses from your phone book.

    If you are not sure about the application, after the first launch, do not give it any permissions. Such applications are potentially dangerous, and if you want to use them, do the opposite. Select the application, go to its properties and turn off access to smartphone data.

    How to activate a microphone in a Yandex browser

    In this article, we will look at what methods of connecting a microphone exist in a Yandex browser on a computer and phone, and also learn how to activate a microphone for selected sites.

    How to change microphone in Yandex browser

    Next, go to the sites tab and click on “Advanced site setup”.

    Then we find the block “Access to the microphone”. In it, you can change the microphone that will be used in the Yandex browser.

    How to Unlock Microphone in Samsung Phone

    Let’s show you how to turn on the microphone on Samsung in Yandex. To do this, open the settings. It’s almost always a gear icon.

    Next, we find the section “Confidentiality”. Touch it.

    Now select the first item “Permission Manager”.

    Here find the “Microphone” option and click on it.

    Now go down and tap the app for which you want to enable it. I choose the Yandex browser.

    Now we either put the checkbox in front of “Allow during use”, or grant all permissions.

    That’s all. Congratulations. You managed to turn on the microphone on Samsung. What to do if it doesn’t work.

    How to turn on microphone on Samsung Galaxy tablet and phone

    There is no need to turn on the microphone on the Android tablet or smartphone Samsung Galaxy a51, a50, a10, a31 in WhatsApp, Yandex and other applications.

    This is for the reason that it is not disabled there, but blocked, therefore you only need to unblock the microphone.

    In other words, you need to give the application permission to access the microphone in Samsung, as, for example, in Yandex it does not exist.

    Likewise, there may be no permission in others, such as WhatsApp, although they usually ask for access during installation.

    Reasons for microphone problems on Samsung

    The microphone of my Samsung phone is not working for various reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them.

    Sound interference. Check for obstructions in the microphone. (There may be a build-up of dirt. When was the last time you cleaned your phone)

    Fixing the problem is surprisingly easy. Taking the following steps can save you a lot of time and money and avoid paying for a technician.

    • Do a quick restart. To fix the problem on your Samsung, try this simple trick first! If you haven’t rebooted your phone in a long time, now is the right time.

    Restarting your smartphone removes all open apps and may possibly be a quick fix to your problem. Turn off your phone and wait about 10-30 seconds before turning it back on.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge : How to Enable or Disable Microphone permissions applications

    The process will update your system. Check if the issue is resolved. Restarting your phone can fix problems.

    • Clean the microphone with a pin. It is a simple yet very useful solution to fix microphone on your Android Samsung phone. Dirt builds up on your phone from prolonged use.

    Mobile phones are vulnerable to dust or debris and can get caught in small openings on your phone.

    You may not know this, but tiny pieces of fabric can get stuck, especially if you always carry them in your

    Gently piercing the microphone on your phone and cleaning it can fix the problem. Your microphone is a small hole next to the USB connector.

    You can blow directly into it, or take a small pin or fine needle and carefully poke the hole to remove any dirt inside.

    • Disable noise cancellation. Some versions of Android phones have a great feature called noise canceling / noise canceling. It reduces background noise when you are on a phone call or recording video. However, this may be the reason why your microphone is not working.

    Go to Settings. Select Call Options. Find the noise canceling option and turn it off. Restart your phone and check if the problem is resolved.

    • Uninstall third party apps. Some applications may cause your phone to malfunction. Sometimes they can interfere with your phone and users may experience slight deviations and this could be the root cause of the problem.

    Start your phone in Safe Mode to temporarily disable all third-party apps. Try making a test call or use a voice recorder to check.

    If it works fine, then your apps are to blame. You can check the apps that are using it by going to Settings. “Applications”. Application Permissions. Microphone Permissions.

    You can try to test each application one by one, but it may take time.

    If you need a quick fix, you can back up your phone to keep all important information and perform a factory reset.

    • Install the Phone Doctor Plus app. Phone Doctor Plus has a set of tools that will allow you to test your headphones and other components.

    It holds several patents and contains real system information, functions, and can test about 30 pieces of smartphone equipment.

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