LG SMART TV Connecting to a computer via Wi-Fi as a monitor

Often as a monitor for a personal computer, users use a TV. If in the case of connecting the usual monitor to the PC, everything is extremely clear, how to connect your TV so that it works as a monitor, not everyone knows. We went even further and in the format of this review, consider how to connect the LG Smart TV TV to the computer via a wireless network.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the TV itself is equipped with a wireless connection module, as actually a personal computer. Also, if there are several network access points in the apartment, then determine the priority for this connection, on which devices will be connected.

Connecting a TV to the PC as a monitor involves a video card connection, that is, it is in this way it is possible to display the image on the TV screen. Usually, this is an exceptionally wired connection, any available cable that supports a video adapter. However, the topic of the article is devoted to the wireless network, so we will consider it precisely the options for action with the router.

How to find out whether Wi-Fi is supported

There is a lot of ways to determine if you can connect to the TV LG, Samsung, Sony Internet via Wi-Fi. The easiest option is to study the technical characteristics that are specified in the accompanying documentation. You can also find them online on the electronics stores. Just enter the TV model name in the search engine.

If next to the “Wi-Fi” item is written “yes” or worth a plus, it means that the TV is capable of taking a wireless Internet signal. In cases where there is no documentation, and there is no possibility to see the characteristics on the Internet, you can simply take the remote control, and go to the settings. If the “Network” tab is missing or there is no item on the wireless connection to the Internet, it means that the Wi-Fi connection can be used only after connecting special adapters.

Computer or laptop

Modern computers and laptops are equipped with Wi-Fi transmitter, that is, they can replace the router. The connection process is not much different from the previous version, although in some TV models it may be necessary to enter additional data, the IP address and DNS server, but usually such technology requires with a wired connection.

Naturally, in order to provide your LG uninterrupted TV, your computer must be permanent included. The same connection option is available using modern smartphones, with competent equipment configuration, Wi-Fi speed will be sufficient to view online channels and movies.

Connect Smart TV to Wi-Fi

Unfortunately, I can show how to do it only on TV LG. The process itself, on other popular TVs such as Samsung, Sony, Philips, Toshiba. is not different.

When you first turn on, the TV itself offers to connect to the network, via Wi-Fi, or cable. But I will show how to do it through the settings, because you most likely missed this item when you first turn on. Or in general, the first time included in the store and without you.

It is interesting: after connecting the TV to the HDMI laptop, there is no sound on the TV. Why sound goes through a laptop (computer columns)?

Turn on the TV and open the settings. On the console for this there is a special button.

Click the Network tab and select Network Connection.

Next we see a small instruction. Click the “Configure Connection” button.

Choose in the list you need, wireless network.

note. If you need to independently set the parameters for connecting, then click on the Manual Setup button. It will be needed for example, to connect to the network with a hidden SSID, specify the static IP, connects using WPS technology and T. D.

Now we need to specify a password for connecting to a wireless network.

If the password you entered right, and your network works well, then you should see a message that the TV is connected to the wireless network. Just click Finish. If you have forgotten the password from your network, then read the HTTPS article: // F1comp.RU / bezopasnost / kak-uznat-parol-ot-svoej-wi-fi-seti /.

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If you are prompted to enter IP and DNS, then leave everything to “automatically”. Also, a network map may be built.

All, you can enjoy all the functions of Smart TV technology! If you enable SMART TV mode, you will see the icon that says that the TV is connected to the Internet.

connect, wi-fi, connection, setup

Connection options

There are several ways to customize the Internet connection on TV. Now it will be about SMART TV models operating on the basis of the WebOS operating system. With a regular TV device, you can also enter the Internet, but for this you need a laptop and HDMI cable.

Any user can use the Internet to configure any special knowledge, skills. Experts allocate three main ways to connect:

  • Wireless. the user connects to the home network (router).
  • Wired. Ethernet cable must be inserted into the TV, namely in the LAN connector.
  • Alternative. the device does not support standard wireless Internet communication, so the user connects a portable Wi-Fi router.

Of course, each of the listed ways to enter the Internet from the LG TV has its strengths and weaknesses that we will talk in detail, but a little later.

You can directly sow web pages from a pre-installed browser, however, you can also download other programs. This aspect has no fundamental importance.

To the network cable stretching through the entire apartment did not deliver extra inconvenience, it is necessary to plan a connection in advance. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is Wi-Fi technology that uses the greatest popularity. Therefore, it is from her and start.

Via wi-fi

Wireless connection TV-device to the Internet via router. the simplest and practical option. First, the user will spend a minimum of free time. Secondly, there is no need to hide Ethernet cable. To simplify the authorization procedure and speed up equipment synchronization, use WPS technology.

To connect the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi you do not have to pull the twisted pair across the apartment or house. Acquire any accessories also do not need. Just connect the Smart TV to the marchutizer. Naturally, you must first connect the router to the network and adjust it accordingly.

Another way to connect a TV to Wi-Fi network. using ad-hoc technology. To create such a network you will not need a router. First, the user connects to the PC TV using the local DLNA server. You can not enter the Internet via LG TV, you can not, but you can broadcast playable files from a computer to a large TV screen. It is very comfortable.

Now let’s talk a little about setting up Waifa on Lz. In the process of the first launch of the TV device, the WebOS operating system requests the user permission to automatically connect to the Internet. As a rule, the owners often ignore this requirement because they believe that this is “unnecessary” function. Consequently, they immediately break to the search channels.

If the automatic setting has not been carried out, then the procedure for the subsequent connection to the Internet will be carried out manually. To do this, you need to stick to a simple step-by-step instruction:

  • Run TV, go to the “Settings” section by clicking on the “Settings” button on the remote control.
  • Open the “Network” subsection (icon in the form of the planet) and go to the Network Connection tab.
  • Select the source of the signal. in our case it is Wi-Fi. To connect through the cable, click on “LAN”.
  • Run the automatic setting, as a result you will need to just specify the password from the router. Alternative way. Pressing the WPS button at the time, Cord system will ask for password.

As you might notice, there is nothing difficult in it. As a result, the TV device will be connected to the Internet, which means that the user will be able to play the media content in online mode.

If you need to specify additional parameters for connecting to the global network (IP address or SSID), then the automatic configuration will not be exactly right for you.

Via LAN cable

Preferably, users believe that it is a less convenient way, especially in comparison with Wi-Fi. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the installation works will be carried out in advance: at home, apartments.

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If the marchutizer is connected to the Internet, then an additional source will be required because the Ethernet channel sends a signal exclusively to one device. However, you can always connect the LG TV to the network via router.

Another disadvantage of the method under consideration is considered to be the fact that even the latest LG television equipment models provide support for not all popular network standards, in accordance with which domestic providers work. For example, compatibility issues will arise if the Internet is connected according to the L2T or PPPoE standard. TV trite will not detect the cable inserted into the connector.

How to set up the Internet on a TV in such a situation? Use the router and connect the PPPoE server through it. It is not necessary to scare before, practice shows that this is a truly effective way to solve problems.

If your device is not equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, you can always purchase a LG TV router.

Wi-Fi LG TV Adapter

As mentioned earlier, not all SMART TV models support the wireless Internet connection. In this case, enter the Internet from the TV after connecting an Ethernet cable in the LAN port or as a result of the acquisition of the Wi-Fi adapter.

External network module (optimal solution. Corporate Device from LG AN-WF100). Such an accessory is connected via USB. There are alternative ways for older models. PCMCIA Card or C1. Synchronization is automatically carried out. Any problems will not arise.

Internet connection

The first condition of the SMART TV is the presence of an Internet in your home. And the Internet must be wired, or the method of connecting it must provide Wi-Fi router. Thus, simple USB modems of cellular operators do not fit here, so the first thing you need to spend the Internet.

There are 2 ways to connect the TV to the Internet to use technology:

  • Through the cable. in the event that you are conveniently inserted to the TV to the TV, as well as you can either have a home network Wi-Fi and there is no desire / possibility to configure it, or there is no built-in Wi-Fi adapter and there is no desire / possibility to buy it external.
  • Via wireless Wi-Fi network.

What method to use is to solve you, works tv perfectly in both options, the difference in the setting will be only in the first and last step.

If through cable

In this case, you need to connect the internet network cable in the LAN connector on the rear panel of the TV. If only one computer is connected to the Internet in the house, then for the simultaneous work of the Internet on it and TV you need to buy a special splitter (it is called a swish or hub) and connect the Internet cable to it. Then one of its output LAN 1 connect the network cable with a computer, and the second LAN 2 is connected to TV.

Next, consider the TV setup process for both cable connection methods. Using the remote, you need to do the following:

Go to the menu for this, on the remote, press the HOME button.

Select the “Settings” menu item and go to the “Network” section, select the “Network Connection” item.

Select the “Configure Connection” button, then the list of networks.

On the next screen, to connect the Internet through the cable. go to the “Wired Network” item if you select your Wi-Fi Wireless Network from the list. Next, click “update” and expect. If a password is installed on your Wi-Fi network, you will additionally need to enter it in the window that appears.

After a short expectation, you will see a message about the successful connection of the device to the network, click “Ready”. Congratulations! You have just successfully configured your TV to enter the Internet.

We configure the distribution of Wi-Fi from the TV

Go to the TV settings. This can be done by a special button settings on the remote.

Go to the Network tab and select the Wi-Fi access point (when you bring the cursor to it, then information about this function will appear).

Another window will appear. Repeat the cursor to the Point Wi-Fi Access Point and press the right button, or left. What would the status be incl. (at the time of the inclusion, my menu faded for a couple of seconds).

In fact, the TV is already distributing the Internet by Wi-Fi. But we still need a password for connecting to our network. Password is specified in the same window, opposite the protective key.

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connect, wi-fi, connection, setup

It’s interesting: via Wi-Fi router not played video, programs cannot enter the Internet, some sites do not open

You can change it, just click the Edit button and specify the new.

Now, this window can be closed and connect the necessary devices to the Internet. TV will distribute Wi-Fi not only in Smart TV mode, but also when watching TV channels. Also, immediately after turning off / enable, the network will start automatically until you turn off the “Wi-Fi access point” function in the settings.

How to set up digital TV on “Smart TV

For owners of “smart technology” is available free viewing of many channels that are broadcast by cable television. Did not know about such a bonus? We tell how to configure the channels to “Smart TV” using the software module for IP TV.

To watch channels that are broadcast on cable television without payment, the following conditions are needed:

If you know how to use the app store, you can safely start setting up. You need to perform the following sequence of operations:

  • Enter the online store and install a free SS IPTV program.
  • Enter the settings by clicking on the corresponding icon.
  • Add Play List.
  • Select the desired channel to view.

When you first connect Play sheets you need to fill out. You should either manually prescribe addresses in the TV receiver settings, or connect the computer, and already use it to fill the playlists. The second way is undoubtedly more convenient.

Play sheets can be found on the SS IPTV website or on the resources of other providers. The number of external playlists is not limited. Inner play list only in a single copy.

To download an external playback list, you need to enter the “Content” tab, find the “external” category and click on “Add”. You should specify the name of the list and its URL.

To add an internal play list, you need to go to the “General” directory and click the “Getting” item. The list is valid during the day or to generate the next coding combination. Symbols should be entered into the Play-sheet editor on SS IPTV website.

There are other programs for working with IP TV: Peerstv, Vintera.TV or ForkPlayer.

For smart “SAMSUNG TVs 5 or 6 series issued later than 2010, a convenient way to connect to digital broadcasting is available. How to configure channels to “Smart TV” “samsung” in this case? Follow simple instructions:

  • Download the NStreamLMod program.
  • Activate the SMART HUB function.
  • Press the A. button.
  • Log in to the “Create Account” tab. Enter the username (default is Develop) and password (default costs 123456).
  • Click on the “Create Account” icon.
  • Re-enter login and password.
  • Click the Tools button on the console and select the “Settings” directory.
  • In the list of commands, select “Develop”.
  • Specify the IP address of the server in the “Setup Address” field. Now IPTV service is installed on your TV.
  • Log in to the “Application Synchronization” tab and press ENTER.
  • Find and run the NStreamLMod program.
  • In the PlayList URL box 1, enter the desired address.

After performing this simple algorithm to “Samsung” with the “SMART” function, digital TV will be configured.

On the SMART TV you can view and public channels. How to set up a TV through “Smart TV”? Nothing difficult. Enough to perform simple actions:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select the category “Channels”.
  • Log in to the “Automatic Search” subcategory.
  • Specify an antenna or cable as a signal source.
  • In the “Supplier” tab, select “Other”.
  • Denote border frequency.
  • Activate “Search for digital and analog channels”.
  • Wait until the system has completed the search.

This feature will be needed to be a few users, but in the regions, local television is sometimes broadcast only in analog format.

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