How to fix Samsung Smart TV not connecting to Wi-Fi [8 methods]

Smart TVs are all about giving you the best TV viewing experience. Whether it’s watching TV over a cable network or using the Internet to stream your favorite shows from various streaming services. Samsung has been in the Smart TV market for quite some time, and they have a really good TV because their displays are some of the best. While this is all well and good, there can always be problems with TVs. One of the worst things that can happen to Smart TVs is when they can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network. Here’s how to fix a Samsung TV that won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

This can be a headache, especially when you rely on a Wi-Fi network to stream or watch online content. This can also cause some inconvenience for those people who use their Smart TV as a wireless display for streaming content from their cell phones or PC. Fortunately, there are several solutions you can use to reconnect your Samsung Smart TV to Wi-Fi. Read on to know more about it.

Error code 107 on your Samsung TV for what to fix

In the process of operating a Samsung TV, sometimes problems arise. Samsung TV error codes will pop up on the screen, and the cause of the problem will be determined by these codes. Let’s look at these violations and consider the ways of solving this problem.

Why is there no connection between your Wi-Fi and TV?

To understand why there is no connection between the router and the TV panel, you need to make a diagnosis. The easiest thing to do is to find the simplest causes and fix them yourself. If you can not do it yourself, then resort to the help of the wizard. The most common reasons are listed below:

  • The router signal is not reaching the TV;
  • Incorrect router settings;
  • The built-in Wi-Fi module is not working;
  • there is no payment for the service.

Let’s find out how to connect Wi-Fi on your TV. Going step by step through all the steps, you may be able to identify the problem and solve it immediately.

  • Turn on the router.
  • Select “Network” and then “Network Setup” in the menu of the TV bar.
  • In the window that appears choose the type of connection. We are interested in “Wireless”.
  • If your network is under a password, then enter a unique code.
  • Wait until the synchronization is completed.

As you can see from the instruction above, there is nothing difficult in the setup of Wi-Fi. However, it is possible to enter a wrong password, therefore it is necessary to enter the code carefully.


Router signal does not reach the TV set

The fact that each router has its own signal range, everyone should know. So it is quite possible that the TV doesn’t see the router, if it is far away. For example, this situation is quite common if the unit itself is on the first floor, and the TV receiver on the second. And the signal can spread through the first floor almost without interference, but on the second floor is not enough power. The range of a router depends on many factors. First of all on its technical capabilities. Then you need to consider its location and interference created by furniture and walls. And the thickness of the walls and the material used in construction plays an important role.

To improve the signal, you can try to amplify it. Amplification is done in the settings or with special devices.

  • Change the channel on your router. Networks of your neighbors, which you see when searching, load the channel that uses your network, so the radius becomes less. In the settings of the router set Auto or some static channel.
  • Switch your home network to 802 mode.11N (assuming your router has two antennas and supports this mode). In the wireless settings of the router, find the item “Wireless Mode” and select “N only” from the list.
  • Change the transmission power in the router settings. This is possible if the model supports this function. Usually put the maximum power, but perhaps you have it differently.
  • Installation of a repeater or other router, which will act as an amplifier will help. This method is considered the most reliable and effective. The principle of the repeater is that it allows you to amplify and spread the weak signal of the main device.
  • Change the antennas on your router to a more powerful one, if they are removable on your device. It is advisable to buy powerful ones with 8 dBi gain. However, 2 or more antennas cost almost as much as one repeater, so what is more profitable. you decide.

If there are no plans to improve devices, you can get by with minor, but effective methods. For example, position the router so that the signal reaches all rooms evenly. In other words, the device should stand in the center of the apartment. Among improvised means you can always find foil or a tin can, which can be placed near the device so that the signal is reflected from the foil and directed in the right direction.

Improper router settings

To determine exactly why the TV does not connect to the Internet, you need to check the adjustments of the router. Lack of connection most often occurs due to an incorrect indication of the type of connection used by the provider. It is also necessary to check all the data required to connect to the Internet. Most often these types of connection are used:

The simplest first option, which should work immediately after connecting the wire to the router. If the “No connection” error occurs, you must reset the settings, reboot the device, and if the connection is not restored, then call the provider and find out what’s wrong.

If you use the second connection option, you must additionally know the data provided by your provider. This user name, password, IP address, server name.

The built-in Wi-Fi module is not working

Another common problem that can be found in various TV equipment manufacturers is that the built-in Wi-Fi module refuses to receive the signal. To find out why the module cannot see the network, check all of the following points:

  • Go to the network settings and check if “Wireless connection” is enabled.
  • Go to the screen menu and select “Support”, then “Appeal to TV. If there are zeros or dashes where there should be addresses, it means that the module is not working. If it’s working, reset the settings.
  • Turn on your TV device.
  • Press INFO button, then “Menu” button, then Power.
  • You will access the service menu.
  • Go to Option and press Enter.
  • Go to Factory Reset.
  • Close all menu items and turn off the TV.
  • Turn on the TV-device and make the settings.

If these actions do not bring the desired result, you need to do the following:

  • Switch off DHCP option on the router. Manually change the DNS server value.
  • Press the following buttons one by one: Control, Sub Option, Mute Time and set the time to another channel to 100 ms (in automatic mode it is set to 600 ms).

No fee

The easiest and most common problem is not paid internet on time. If the TV set can’t see the WI-FI-router, then first of all make sure that you have paid the service provider.

Find out if the built-in WI-FI module is malfunctioning

To diagnose the possible cause of the malfunction in the wireless Wi-Fi module element, you need to examine your TV to see if it’s working. However, first of all, make sure that your device supports WI-FI. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to buy an external adapter that is compatible with the user’s TV model. It looks like a small drive or flash drive. If not, you can check the correct functioning of the wireless module as follows (we will take the Samsung TV as an example).

  • First, determine if the TV will see other devices via WI-FI. For this purpose, the phone, which is connected to the wireless. This method will allow the user to determine if the built-in module in this Samsung TV works or not.
  • Go to the main menu, choose the “Support” option, then “Contact Samsung. Scroll down the pages, look at the MAC address line to see the numbers. If the values are in the form of zeros, dashes or the same parameters, then WI-FI module is not functioning.

How to troubleshoot?

Each problem requires an individual approach. Before trying to fix the problem, it’s worth taking a closer look at what’s causing it.

Телевизор Smart TV не подключается к сети Интернет через Wi-Fi? Решение проблемы!

One of the common problems of not being able to connect your TV to Wi-Fi is interference. To prevent their formation, you need to install the adapter away from sources that cause interference. Such sources can be:

The second point worth paying attention to is whether the TV module supports this type of connection. If the device is not equipped with this feature, you may need to purchase an additional network splitter. It is important to select the adapter so that it can be compatible with the TV model.

If everything is OK with compatibility, then it is worth checking the TV device module for malfunctions. The breakage detection scheme may vary, all depending on the TV model.

Let’s consider the procedure on the example of Samsung devices.

  • First you need to find out whether the other devices see Wi-Fi. You can determine this moment, for example, with a phone that has access to a wireless network.
  • If everything is okay with the router, you will need to go to the TV settings and find the “Support” item. Here you need to select “Applying to TV” and look at the symbols in the address column. If the symbols are zeros or dashes, it means that the module does not work.

In this case it is necessary to apply for the help of specialists. If everything is OK with the module, it is recommended to reset the network settings and try to reconnect to the wireless network.

LG TV does not connect to Wi-Fi: the reasons why the TV does not see the router, loses network and poor Wi-Fi reception

Usually it takes almost no effort to connect your LG TV to your router, and you can do it in less than a minute. But there are situations when the TV doesn’t connect to the network, doesn’t see Wi-Fi, or is frequently disconnected from the network.

Let’s look at the cases when LG TV sets can’t see Wi-Fi. The first thing to do is to make sure that this model of LG TV supports Smart TV and it has a built-in Wi-Fi module. You can check the TV model on the LG official site. Possible options:

  • The TV does not have Smart TV. In this case, the TV will not be able to connect to the Internet, neither with a router, nor with a cable. The models without a Smart TV are equipped with a LAN-port, but you need it to connect to the local network and to watch content, for example from a computer.
  • TV with Smart TV, but without built-in Wi-Fi. LG TV is connected to the Internet either by cable or with an additional router (repeater). On the site description of this LG TV set there is an icon next to the Wi-Fi item., No built-in adapter.
  • TV supports Smart TV, but the Internet is only available with a Wi-Fi receiver, which is connected to the USB port. On the website of these models, the Wi-Fi item is either Ready or Optional. This means that the connection is possible through an external LG adapter.
  • LG TV with Smart TV and built-in receiver. There will be a ∙ or the word Yes in front of the Wi-Fi item. Almost all LG TVs with Smart TVs already have a built-in Wi-Fi receiver.

After making sure that the LG TV supports wireless connection, you should check that the TV is within range of the Wi-Fi network. And if the list of networks does not show a particular one, you should find out if the router works, if the signal is good and if this network is available on other devices. If there is internet, reset the Wi-Fi router and TV. In this case, not only turn off the TV, but also disconnect it from the power supply. Turn off the router for at least 20 seconds, so that it has time to complete the previous session. When reconnecting to the Internet, the TV may ask for a password from Wi-Fi, make sure there are no errors and the password is entered correctly. The password can be viewed on the router itself, it is usually listed on the back of the router.

After the performed actions the TV set does not catch Wi-Fi. The reason could be a broken router or outdated software. Will need to contact the service center for repair or replacement.

If the TV does not see any network and writes that Wi-Fi is off and the switch is off and inactive, most likely the problem is in the Wi-Fi module of the TV. And it will be necessary to address in LG service center for consultation on the further actions.

In some cases, after selecting the network and entering a password, the following message appears: Failed to connect to the network. Try rebooting the TV and the router with the power off for 20 seconds. If it did not work and the TV did not see the network, or the LG brand TV gave error 106 when trying to connect to the network, you should check if the DNS address is correct:

  • Go to LG TV Settings
  • Next, select the Network section
  • Go to the Wi-Fi connection menu
  • Select the Advanced Settings line
  • Click the Edit button
  • Uncheck Automatically
  • Type 8 on the DNS line.8.8.8
  • Click the Connect button

After the mentioned actions error 106 must disappear and your Internet connection will be restored.

Sometimes the cause can be found in the router settings:

  • In subsection DHCP it is necessary to make sure that near the server icon is lighted Enabled, if not then this function must be turned on, as it automatically assigns IP addresses to devices. Sometimes you may face a situation that DHCP-server is enabled, but not working, then you can assign an IP-address manually, the available local addresses are in the administrative panel of the router.
  • In the Security Block, make sure that the MAC address filter is disabled. And we recommend to add the MAC-address of your TV to the white list, devices from this list will not be automatically blocked when you try to connect. You can see the MAC address of your TV under Settings, then select Support and Product Info.
  • Check the settings of your router for correctness. Security type must be WPA2-PSK (Personal). Network name must be in English letters. Set the networking mode to Mixed b/g/n or Only n. Channel Auto. Channel width Auto. Try manually changing the router settings by changing the channel, its width and network mode (for example: channel.11, 20MHz width, 802 operating mode.11n).

Save the settings and reboot the router. You must reboot after each change you make. Otherwise, the router will revert to the old settings.

If the LG TV often disconnects from the network or the signal speed drops, but all other devices connected to Wi-Fi work correctly, then you should look for the cause in the TV:

  • Try disabling Wi-Fi Direct is a standard based on Wi-Fi, which allows devices to exchange data without using a Wi-Fi access point. This technology has a fairly large range and can connect more than two devices simultaneously (TV, projector, mouse, keyboard, camera, etc.).д.).
  • You can also disable Miracast, a wireless video transmission technology. You can use it to display the image from your smartphone, tablet or laptop screen to your LG TV screen. You can turn off Hearing Mode in the Screen Share settings. This feature can affect network performance and stability of the connection, so by default it is always on, so smartphones and laptops can find the TV and connect to it to display the image at any time.
  • You can temporarily turn off the auto update software, as it can reset the network when you boot up.
  • Switch to 5 GHz frequency for more stable network operation. It is necessary to contact LG technical support to find out if the LG TV supports the 802 standard.11ac. If your TV supports the 802 standard.11ac, and the router supports 5 GHz Wi-Fi network distribution (not just 2.4 GHz), you must manually change the channel. In the router’s settings, select the Wireless mode section and Wireless mode settings specifically for the 5 GHz band, in the Channel line you need to select one of the values: 36, 40, 44 or 48.
  • Supplement the hardware with a repeater to strengthen the signal. Because if the distance between the router and TV is too long, the signal will be weakened, and the streaming video will start to be interrupted under heavy load.
  • Connecting LG TV to the network with a cable to eliminate Wi-Fi network congestion from the mass connection of various devices. It will also help to eliminate interference from household devices (such as a microwave oven or refrigerator).

Another solution to the problem when the TV does not see the network is to reset the Smart TV settings to the factory settings. Before resetting, take a picture or write down important settings, they will not be saved after resetting: sound, power saving and picture. To perform a reset, you need to:

Setting up your TV is not as complicated as it sounds. Almost all causes of incorrect operation of Wi-Fi on LG TV sets can be corrected by your own without the help of LG service center specialists. And, most often, you can return the stable operation by simultaneously resetting the router and TV.

What to do if you have a network on your TV without internet access?

The TV writes “Network without Internet access” more often than we would like. Everyone can encounter this problem, regardless of the device model, connection method or operating system, which makes our instruction especially valuable. To aggravate the problem, the number of causes, and thus ways to fix it, is very large. We’ll figure out why it happens, what “network without internet access” means and how to fix the problem on Samsung, TCL, Sony, Haier, Xiaomi, Kivi and other TVs.

What to do if the Samsung TV does not connect to Wi-Fi??

Modern Smart-TV receivers not only let you watch TV broadcasts, but also surf the Internet. As a consequence, TV sets have become multifunctional devices. To make full use of Smart-TV receivers, you need a WAN connection. The easiest way to get internet access is via router. Usually it’s not a problem. But it can happen that the TV receiver can’t connect to Wi-Fi. For the most part, this problem can be solved with your own efforts. The main thing is to find the cause of the problem and fix it.