How to enable the built-in camera on your hp pavilion laptop

Apparently (once here) you recently purchased a mini computer and you have a little difficulty, namely how to turn on the camera on an hp laptop. Do not worry.

After reading to the end of this article, you will definitely solve your problem, regardless of whether it is hp pavilion g6, dv6, 4535s, dv7, 4530s, g62, 635, g7 or some other.

To enable the built-in WEB-camera on your hp pavilion laptop, you need to understand a few fundamental points from the very beginning.

First, a lot depends on what operating system you have. This does not mean windows 7, XP, Windows 8 or vista, but pre-installed or self-installed.

The thing is that if you installed the operating system on your hp pavilion laptop yourself, there is a high probability that in order to enable the built-in WEB-camera, you will also need to manually install the drivers (below you will find out how and where to get them).

If it is preinstalled on a laptop, then turning on the camera is as easy as it gets. To do this, press the Fn key and look for a button with a drawn camera or camera.

If you don’t find one, try trial and error: hold down the fn key and press the rest.

Since there are a lot of hp pavilion laptops, I cannot say which button is responsible for turning on the built-in camera.

over, not everyone has it. If this method did not help you, but do not worry, turn it on without fail, it is written about it (read) below.

Now let’s consider the second option (when Windows was installed on its own). In such cases, drivers are usually crooked.

Almost always, every hp pavilion laptop (g6, 4535s, dv6, 635, dv7, 4530s, g62, g7) comes with a driver disk.

If you don’t have one, no problem. The main thing is to have the Internet. I hope there is. Then in the search we write hp support and follow the link, as shown in the figure below.

This is the official website for hp laptops. But if you are a beginner, it will be difficult for you to figure it out. I’ll help you a little. When you enter the site, click the icon as shown.

Now follow the link Laptops and Tablet PCs.

Next select laptops.

I will not show further. Choose your model and follow the links until you find drivers for your laptop’s WEB-camera.

We will assume that you completed the main task and at the same time learned a lot.

Universal way to turn on the camera on hp laptop

Now one more thing. In order to turn on the WEB-camera on your laptop, a special program must be installed.

If Windows is installed on your own, you will never find it. it is there, so you cannot turn on the camera.

Also, please note that it may not be in the preinstalled Windows, which means that turning on the camera on your hp laptop will also fail.

Don’t worry. By clicking on this link, you will not only download it, but also read the detailed instructions on how to use it.

After installing the program on your laptop (driver for the camera must be required), you can turn on the built-in WEB-camera by simply launching it (program). That’s all.

In a word, if you have this program and drivers (this is all that is needed and you can install it yourself completely for free), then you will never have problems with turning on the camera on an hp laptop. Good luck.

Enabling the camera on an HP laptop: why you need it?

In order to turn on the webcam on your laptop, you need to know where it is. At the moment, there is an unspoken rule to place this device at the top of the screen, almost clearly in the center. This allows you to develop the feeling of a living presence, as if the interlocutors are sitting opposite each other.

At the same time, this device greatly simplifies the life of an ordinary user. After all, now there is no need for additional spending on the purchase of an external webcam, as is the case with a desktop computer. You can communicate with friends and colleagues with the help from a cozy cafe, a coffee table in your apartment, on a bench near the university.

Hewlett-Packard laptops: how to turn on the webcam?

Today, all laptop manufacturers equIP their devices with built-in cameras. Hewlett-Packard remains one of the flagshIPs and main innovators in this. And many happy owners of these gadgets are concerned about the question: how to set up a camera on an HP laptop?

How to turn on the camera on an HP laptop

The developers of operating systems (Windows 7 and others) have worked on the complete automation of many problems that arise in users in order to simplify the work of the computer. Following Ways to Enable a Webcam on a Laptop HP Shouldn’t Give You Serious Difficulty for the Average User.

  • Try to press the FnF2 key combination, and then go to My computer and find the webcam shortcut among the listed devices, double-click on it.
  • If the first method does NOT give results, then restart the laptop. Do not forget to press the F9 key in time to enter the BIOS. Find the webcam in the list of devices and, if necessary, enable it (Enabled state). Save settings, reboot and check the device is working.
  • If, even after the steps taken, it is not possible to turn on the camera on the HP laptop, then right-click on the My Computer icon. Select Management in the context menu of the term, and in the window that opens, on the left side, click the Task Manager menu item. We find the time frame for the Image processing device and click on the cross-shaped icon located next to it. A menu will drop out and there we right-click the USBvideodevice term, select the Enable item.

Laptop HP does not see the webcam

If the device shortcut is not displayed in the My Computer window (or on the desktop), then the problem is most likely in the drivers. The operating system installs them automatically in most cases. But it is possible that the available drivers somehow did NOT fit this device or a system failure occurred.

In this case, you need to remove the existing drivers (this can be done in the Device Manager) and install new ones, which you need to download on the official website of the manufacturer Hewlett-Packard. Then restart laptop.

To test the webcam, you can use the built-in HP MediaSmart application, or Third-party software (Skype, ICQ, ).

As you can see, almost everyone can turn on the webcam on an HP laptop. This means that nothing can interfere with the joy of communicating with important people. But if nothing worked, you shouldn’t be upset, the service center specialists will be happy to help you.