Netis router setting: connecting to the Internet, Wi-Fi network at 2.4 and 5 GHz (for example, a standard model WF2780)

Good day!

Today I want to present a small instructions for setting up Netis routers.

They are far from the most popular in the market, however, they provide quite high.quality uninterrupted access to the Internet have relatively “rare” chips on board (for example, they can block certain domains. t.e. make a white/black list of sites; can work in router/client/repiter, etc.; organize your FTP server; support IPTV; restriction of the passage strip and pr.).

A budget model will act as an experimental device. Netis WF2780 router (you can purchase it in most computers. Online stores. Average price tag: 1700-2700). By the way, purely in my opinion. the device justifies this price.

Note: The instruction is universal, approaches most of the Netis routers, for example, WF2471, WF2471D, WF2710, WF2710D, WF2722, WF2722D, WF2780, WF2780D, WF2891, WF2891D and others.

Connection and configuration of Wi-Fi router Netis

I’ll start with the packaging and configuration of this line of routers from Netis.

In general, everything is standard here: a small box. in which the router itself, the power supply for it, the network cable and operating instructions (warranty card). I did a lot. a photo.

Equipment. Router itself, BP, and instructions

  • Wi-Fi frequencies: 2.5 and 5 GHz (you can v. At the same time, in the firmware there is an option to reduce the signal level);
  • Max. Ethernet/wireless connection speed: 1000/900 Mbps, respectively;
  • Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) // AC1200;
  • Work from the 3G/4G network. no;
  • Number of antennas: 4 (antenna reinforcement coefficient: 5 dbi);
  • Dimensions: 140 x 58 x 41 mm (you can hang on the wall);
  • Transmitter power: 20 DBM;
  • Range of operating temperatures: 0. 40 ° C;
  • Number of LAN ports: 4;
  • Information protection: WPA2, WEP, WPA;
  • Router functionality: filtering by MAC addresses, IP addresses, and URL addresses;
  • Type WAN-connection: L2TP, PPTP, PPPOE, Static IP, IPOE, “Dynamic” IP;
  • Power from the network 220 V. Additional. The characteristics are presented on the packaging.

Netis WF2780. Description and characteristics

Netis WF2780. a router for home use, but it is often taken to small offices. It has four powerful non.vegetable antennas. Two serve the range of 5 GHz, two. 2.4 GHz. This allows you to maintain work on two ranges at the same time. at a speed of 900Mbit/s at a frequency of 5GHz and at a speed of 300Mbit/s at a frequency of 2.4GGC. This technology provides good coverage even in a large private house. Users say that one device is enough for high-quality Wi-Fi in two-story houses with brick walls. So Netis WF2780 is an excellent purchase for large housing with an area of ​​more than 70 square meters.m. In small apartments, its power will not be particularly noticeable.

Simultaneous work on two ranges is provided by two chips that are able to work independently of each other.

The router supports Wi-Fi 802.11AS. This standard operates at a speed of 1,200 Mbps/s. With proper work, it allows you to play online games simultaneously and watch streaming HD-video on devices connected to Wi-Fi, without any delays and hanging.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Netis did not create a quick installation disk

Among the downside of the device, it is worth noting the inexpressible design of the antennas. if desired, it will not work to replace with others. And due to the presence of two chips supporting different frequency ranges at the same time, the Netis body can be very hot. This does not lead to a breakdown, but still an unpleasant drawback. Netis firmware does not imply data for entering. It is convenient from some side, but reduces the safety of the network.

Another point that will be a minus for some users is the lack of Poe support. The router receives power only from the mains, to power it through Ethernet will not work.

It is also worth mentioning a fairly high percentage of marriage. On the network you can find customer reviews who are not lucky to choose a faulty device. However, Netis performs the warranty obligations regularly, and the defective router is quickly changed to a functioning.

Connecting the router

On the side panel of the router is five nests for Ethernet (4 LAN, 1 WAN) and one nest for connecting to power.

First, connect the power supply cable to the nest, label pwr. On the panel it will light up and the inclusion indicator will start flashing. When the device is ready to work, it will begin to shine smoothly. Connect Ethernet cable to the blue nest (WAN), which stretches out of the entrance. This is the cord that the provider conducted you. In private houses, he can also pass from the street or peep out of the wall in the hallway.

Using a patch cord from a configuration or your own cable, connect a PC to the router. You can use any LAN GNEZD (LAN1, LAN2, LAN3 or LAN4).

Netis supports up to four devices with LAN connection

Roter settings

Netis has its own factory firmware. You can get into it from a computer browser:

  • Connect PC to the router using Ethernet cable.
  • Open the browser on PC and enter in the address line or netis.CC.
  • Netis, unlike most other manufacturers, does not suppose to use the login and password to enter the settings. You will immediately let you go to the web-intese window.

how to netis Wi-Fi password sense #short

The web-integse of this manufacturer is quite pleasant in appearance and simple

Setting L2TP

The L2TP protocol provides a protected tunnelized connection. This is the type of VPN, which is the easiest to set up and use, and therefore is popular among providers and users.

When concluding access to the Internet on this protocol, your provider should provide you with a name (username), password for access (Password), IP address or server name. They are usually indicated in the contract. If you have lost paper, just contact a hot fishing line for a trimmer of a provider company. Some personal data will require you (usually the name of the one for whom the contract was drawn up, and the connection address), and dictate the name, password and IP server.

So, having these three combinations before our eyes, let’s start the configuration:

  • Go to the web-integer and open “Advanced” (Advanced).
  • On the left, select the Network menu (Network).
  • Among the falling menu, find the wan item. Click on it.
  • The Wide Area Network Settings Window will open on the right.

There is nothing complicated in the L2TP setting, if you have all the necessary data for the input before your eyes

Setting PPPOE-Divorce

The PPPOE protocol is already considered obsolete. it is not able to provide a stable connection, often flies out and breaks down. Nevertheless, some providers (for example, “still use it. PPPOE setting is not much different from L2TP. You will also need data from the contract with the provider. user name and password (Password). You can configure the PPPOE-Division right in the quick settings window:

  • Go to the web-integer.
  • Switch in the first line the flag on pppoe.

The easiest way is to connect pppoe via “quick setting”

You can configure PPPOE and in the dilated settings mode:

  • Open the web-intake and click “Advanced” (Advanced).
  • In the left menu, click on the “Network” (Network). In the falling list, click on WAN.

Here you can also change the type of connection from automatic to the requested

PPTP setting

PPTP Protocol, like L2TP, provides protected tunneling access. It can be used not only for the Internet, but also for additional protection of the local network. From the provider, as in the case of L2TP, you will need a login (user name, username), password (Password) and IP address of the server or its name. Having prepared all the data, we start work:

  • In the web-integrate, select “Advanced” (Advanced).
  • In the menu on the left, click “Network” (Network).
  • From the fallen points, select Wan.

Setting static IP

When drawing up an agreement for the provision of a static IP address, your provider will provide you with the following data:

You can configure a static IP in Netis using a fast setting page:

  • Open the web-intake.
  • In the first line, install the “Static IP” checkbox (Static IP).

You can also go into advanced settings and install a static IP there:

  • Open the web-intake and click “Advanced” (Advanced).
  • Select on the left point “Network”, below. WAN.
  • Install the desired type of connection WAN. Usually with a static IP providers offer PPTP. If you are not sure, specify in the contract.
  • Set the “Connection Type” flag on “static” (static).
  • Five fields will appear below. They need to be filled with data from the provider. As in fast setting, the second DNS server can not be entered if the provider did not give it to you.
  • Save the settings.

Setting Wi-Fi

By default, Netis begins to distribute wireless access immediately when connecting to the network. The name of the access point (SSID) and the password to it (Password) can be found on the bottom of the router on a special sticker.

Port Ports on Netis

Then we go to the forwarding tab. a virtual server. There we need to create a rule, and fill out several fields:

  • Description: arbitrary name for our rule. I entered there the name of the program for which I made a port of the port.
  • IP address: the address of the computer on which this very program is installed, or game. This is the address we reserved. If you have already forgotten it, then return to the network tab. LAN and look.
  • Protocol: there is an opportunity to choose a protocol that your program uses.
  • External port: here we prescribe a port, or a range of ports from which we will redirect packages. This port can be indicated in the program settings, or in the documentation for it.
  • Inner Port: And this is a port (or range) to which redirected. It is also indicated in the program settings, or in the instructions.

Click on the Add button.

You will see the rule we have created in the list. It can be removed, or edited by pressing the corresponding buttons opposite it. You can create one more rule.

Very often antiviruses and firewalls block such compounds. If nothing works after the setting, then try to disable these programs, and if the matter is in them, then you will need to add a connection to the exception.





Не работает vpn Решение!

There is a router, a mobile phone based on Android and the application installed in the ES phone, a new provider providing a dynamic address. Having launched the ES program, the conductor on the phone enable the device control, while the server is created with the address of the Router IP address and port 3721 previously reserved in the settings of the router. According to your instructions, Port 3721. However, access to a mobile phone never received. Prior to this, there was a D-Link615 router with a static IP address and through the FTP server on the EU, a conductor, at the same iron (a mobile phone and laptop with an installed operating system), managed to access and throw the files from the phone on the PC and back. Could you try to make your router the same. and tell, did you have to raise the FTP server with a phone control. The operating system costs Archlinux, so the presence of blocking programs and antiviruses is excluded in advance.

Now there is no way to check it personally. I honestly did not quite understand the scheme of all these settings of your settings. FTP you launch on the phone? It all works via the Internet, or inside the local network, through a router?

I’m easier to throw on a computer. put daddy and in Es the conductor set the server. I pressed the computer icon, opened the folder, or created a new one on PC, and threw everything there from the phone. No need to even approach PC.

Everything works through an internal local network through a router. The scheme is simple. In order not to use the cord to transfer files from the phone to the PC, it starts on the FTP phone server through the Es Acider program. It creates ftp address ftp: // 3721/ via PC I try to enter it (while IP PC It all ends in failure. Prior to this, the scheme worked on the Dlink615 router True IP the provider provided not dynamic but static.

In your case, the IP address of the provider does not matter. The entire connection on the local network. Problem in something else. You have static addresses for Mac for a smartphone and for PC? and, respectively? And yet, if you have everything within the local network, then as far as I know, no ports need to be redirected.

The binding goes to the MAC addresses through the reservation. Addresses like you wrote. I would like to know the problem, nevertheless in the inability of the router or in the settings? Therefore, I asked to promote you such a situation, I’m sure. what your Android device has and install a program through the Play, you can.

Checked. Everything is working. Netis WF2411 router, Lenovo phone, and laptop with Windows 7. Reserved the addresses in the settings of the router for both devices. I did not do ports of ports.

In the ES Explorer program, I went into “Remote Access” and clicked “Turn on”. FTP address appeared. I opened this address in a laptop browser, and gained access to a ftp browsing through a router (see a screenshot).

Prin Responsive to the comment, please click on the “Reply” button. (cm. commenting rules).

Basic setting Netis N4

All device settings are performed through the Web-Inteatheis using URL HTTP: // Netis.CC. or IP address of the Netis N4 router in the local When connecting via Wi-Fi, the network key is possible-Password. Login for the entrance: Guest. Password: guest@. For example, in my case, password. guest@9e16. In any case, this password will be written in a sticker glued on the lower part of the case.

After that, we get to the starting page of the web-intake, which is part-time, is a master of quick settings of the router:

In the upper part of the page are the parameters of the Internet connection. The type of connection is used by defense-dynamic IP. If you use the PPPOE protocol, then you need to select it in the drop.down list and write down the user name and password below. which you were given when concluding an agreement with the provider.

At the bottom of the page there is a wireless network setting on the Netis N4 router. You need to set each range separately, choosing it in the corresponding line. First we look at the range 2.4 GHz. Here we change the name of the Wi-Fi network in the SSID field and in the password field we come up with and prescribe the network security key.

Then, in the line “Range”, select the item “Wi-Fi network 5GHz”. Here you need to do the same. change the name of the network and set a new password instead of the standard “Password”.

Note: The password for Wi-Fi is better to do not shorter than 8-10 characters, consisting of the capital and capital letters of the Latin alphabet, as well as numbers. Do not use words and dates. The more difficult the password will be, the less chance that the hooligans will be selected.

How to configure IPTV

As I said above, Netis N4 works without problems with interactive television. To set up IPTV, you need to go into the extended router settings and open the network section. IPTV.

Here we select the mode through which the service and the port will work, which includes the TV prefix. In most cases, it is enough to select the mode of the transparent bridge. Bridge. This scheme works in the house.RU, Beeline and TTK.

If your provider is delivered in a separate virtual network and it is required to prescribe its identifier, as in my case, select 802.1Q Tag VLAN. You will need to find out the necessary virtual network number in the technical support of your provider.

turn, netis, router, select, type

As a rule, with such a scheme, Internet traffic is undersized and there is no need to include VLAN tag for the Internet. In the VLAN ID for IPTV field, you need to prescribe the identifier of the virtual network that you learned in technical support. Below, in the VLAN priority field, it is advisable to put the number 4. so that the multicast has a higher priority. It remains only to choose a port in which the TV setup will be included-LAN1 or LAN2. We save the settings.

Attention! On firmware 1.5.611 and 1.5.615 After choosing one port under TV, the other port is also “falling off” from the common group. Through Wi-Fi, everything works fine. The problem is declared technical support. we are waiting for a solution.

If after the above settings you do not work on the console, then try to go into the advanced parameters and in the IGMP section IGMP Proxy. Please note that IGMP Snooping is also turned on.

How to set up a netis wf2409e router

IP address of the router in the local network, you can go to the web-intake both by I-Pi and through hostnem: Netis.CC. At the first entrance to the configurator, you will be met by a quick setting master:

This is the basic configuration of the device-only the connection to the Internet and Wi-Fi, but its capabilities will be enough for almost all users who do not have an interactive television service IPTV. By the way, the appearance of the master is almost completely ripped off from the devices from Tenda.

In the list “Type of Internet connection”, select the one used by your provider.

The two most common are dynamic IP (DHCP). which is set by default, and PPPOE protocol. which is used in most branches and TTK, as well as in the entire area of ​​presence of the house.RU. In this case, you still need to specify the login and password to the Internet connection:

In the “Wireless Mounting Installation” section, you can change the name of the Wi-Fi-SSID network, and the password for connection. If necessary, safety can be disabled by setting the “no” flag opposite the appropriate point, but I would strongly recommend this.

Tuning the Netis router for Beeline (DHCtunnel L2TP) is better through the “Advanced” section.

Extended settings of the router

The first thing you will see by clicking on the “Advanced” button is the status page of the router:

Here is information about the current connection to the provider, the condition of local and wireless networks.

To set up the Internet connection, you must go to the “Network” section. “WAN”:

Select the type of connection used by the provider. In the case of PPPOE and VPN tunnels, it is necessary to prescribe the “user name” and “password” for the connection. For PPPTP and L2TP you need to specify the IP address of the VPN server.

Do not forget to check that the “Connect automatically” checkbox is installed. We save the parameters.

In order to configure Wi-Fi on the Netis WF2409E router, you need to go to the “Wireless Main” menu section. “Wi-Fi settings”:

We check that the state of communication is in the meaning of “.”The parameters” Radio “and” Radio frequency range “are left in meaning by default, as in the picture. In the SSID field, we prescribe the name of the created network. Now we go down the page to security parameters. “Authentication type” is better to set “WPA2-PSK”, or, if necessary, mixed “WPA/WPA2-PSK”. The type of encryption is left selected by default. We come up with and enter the password in the Password field wireless network security key. It should be no shorter than 8 characters and consist of a combination of different characters and numbers. Press the “Save” button.

If you have a digital interactive television service from Beeline or, then for its settings you need to go to the “Network”-“IPTV” section. In most cases, it is enough to select the “bridge” mode and select the LAN port in which the prefix is ​​included:

In some cases (some branches of Tattelecom), it is necessary to specify the VLAN ID identifier. To do this, select the mode “802.1Q Tag VLAN “:

Typically, Internet traffic is undetected, so “VLAN TAG for the Internet” is left in the meaning of “OTL.””. In the “VLAN ID for IPTV” field we introduce a van identifier (it can be found in the technical support of the telecom operator). Below it remains to only select the port in which the STB set will be included and the value of the IPTV opposite it will be included. Click on the “Save” button.

Note: In some cases, it is necessary to include IGMP Snooping on a subscriber router. In the case of the WF2409E neitis, this can be done in the “Expanded” section. “IGMP”:

Change of administrator password

To protect your router from unauthorized access, I strongly recommend changing the password to the entrance to the settings. To do this, go to the “System”-“password” section:

Indicate the user name. admin and twice enter a new password. Do not forget to save the device settings.

Helped? Advise your friends!

Cool router for a large private house (6 rooms, 1st floor). Everything is working. Speed ​​does not cut by “waffle”. The television goes well. For Ukraine, Menmenus without Russian and Ukrainian languages. After 3 brick walls the signal almost did not weaken. Thunders, high-definition video via wi-fi without brakes. I use 2 months. Settings via PPTP occupied already)))) as long as 1.5 minutes with an English inteue. The router is very light for weight. But assembled reliably, without creaks, backlash. There is a fastening wall from below. The legs are small, plastic. Until he hangs, does not bask, does not make noise.

He cuts the speed strongly. With a tariff of 90 Mbps through Netis, a cable is 70 Mbps, through Wi-Fi.30-34 Mbps \ C. I changed the channels, turned off the encryption, updated the firmware. it did not help. The reset of settings did not help. I also changed the frequency, there are no neighboring networks (everyone has only a cable Internet). NETIS support does not answer. Without a router speed. 88 Mbps \ s. There are no viruses. How to raise speed by Wi-Fi ?

I bought a router without Russian, old firmware. Reveal from the Netis website easily and fast! Everything in Russian, everything is clear. Thanks to the manufacturer for the easy availability of new programs. The new version is 2.6,38774.

how you managed to put a new version of 2.6.38774.

with of.the site was updated by English.Firmware, if not hard to throw me Russian. Here FJodor.69@

Cuts speed by Wi-Fi, limits at 45 Mbps level.

How to set up a television is it clear without a site.

But how to configure the IP tv in it so as not to pay anything to the provider? )) That’s still a mystery! )))

In most cases. nothing. The provider also does not work for fools and try to block all the loopholes as much as possible.

Good day. I have such a problem with this router. I have it connected to the Airgrid M5 antenna. Every couple of minutes it breaks the connection with the provider and requests the login and password. You have to constantly go, from PC, to the provider’s website, to undergo authorization, so that the Internet is renewed. Without a router, the Internet works without interruptions. What could be the reason? how to set up to stop breaking up the connection with the provider?

Petya. and what kind of login and password you have requested? With proper tuning, these parameters are prescribed in the router and it lifts the connection itself.

Assesses authorization, login and password, provider. Through DHCP, the connection with the provider constantly breaks and the authorization page flies out again. I have to go to the browser on PC, there, on the provider’s website, I enter a password, login. And again a connection with the Internet appears. I tried to configure through pppoE, with the prescription of the login and password of the provider. Not authorized.

Petya. and the provider, what type of connection uses. dynamic IP or PPPOE?!

Bought the same WF2409E router is the firmware 2016 is the oldest. It does not work stable. Trying to update gives a malfunction of 7 percent who can help. (I do everything right at the update account, not a beginner downloaded all updates from 2016 to 2018 from different sites there is no sense) version of the router V3.3.40537 Who can help or how to turn to developers online or I don’t call the Russian support workshop not an option) By the way, such a problem was not only looking for me in Net and found several complaints of the same failure by 7%. I would be grateful for the help

No, I did not experience problems with the update. everything went without problems.

Basic setting Netis WF2409E

In the local network, the Netis router has an IP address, the entrance to the configurator can be made by hostname: Netis.CC. By defending, as a starting page, a quick-setting master of the router is used:

Here you can put up only the Internet connection and Wi-Fi wireless network, which will be enough in more than 60% of cases.

Everything is done very simple. In the list “Type of Internet connection” you need to select the type that is used by your communication operator. Two types are most often used:

Dynamic IP (DHCP). This option is set by default and does not require any additional actions.

PPPOE-this protocol is most often used by large Internet providers, in particular the and TTK. Its use implies the input of the login and password for authorization by the provider. This data was provided to you when connecting:

Next, you need to configure wi-fi. To do this, in the “Wireless Communications Installation” section, it is necessary to prescribe the name of the created network-SSID, as well as the security key, that is, the password on Wi-Fi. It is most optimal to use an arbitrary set of letters and numbers, no shorter than 8 characters. Click on the “Save” button and that’s it, you can work.

For advanced setting up the Netis WF2419 router, for example, for Beeline, where the L2TP DHCCPTONEL type is used, you need to use advanced capabilities by clicking on the Advanced button “.

Hard.up settings of the router

The standard Wi-Fi web-interpreters Netis looks like this:

We are the first to meet the status page of the device, where all the information is located about the existing connections of the device. external, internal and wireless networks.

To configure the connection with the provider, you need to go to the “Network” section. “WAN”:

In the list of “type of connection of WAN” you need to select the protocol used by VAYMS as a provider. For the house.RU, TTK and most branches of PAO need to choose the option “PPPOE” and write down the “user name” and “password” for the connection below. In the case of Beeline, the L2TP VPNNNEL is used and you will need to additionally specify the VPN server address: Pay attention to this. In order for the router to automatically connect to the Internet when turning on and reconnected when rupture, it is necessary that the checkbox stands to “connect automatically”. Click on the “Save” button.

Setting a wireless network on Netis WF2419E is located in the menu section “Wireless mode”. “Wi-Fi settings”:

Be sure to check that the “state of communication” line is “v.»The name of the created Wi-Fi network is indicated in the” SSID “field. They can be any word in Latin. In the subsection “Access Safety Paragraphs”, “Authentication Type” must be set. It is best to set the meaning-“WPA2-PSK” or, as an option, ”“ WPA/WPA2-PSK ”. The type of encryption is left in the default value. Further, in the Password field you need to come up with and enter the password that will be used when connecting to your wi-fi. It is best that it consists of a mixed sequence of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet, and no shorter than 8 signs. We leave all other parameters in meaning by default, without changing. Press the “Save” button.

IPTV digital television

In order to configure interactive television from any of the providers of a large three: or Beeline, you need to go to the “Network”-“IPTV” subsection.

In the field, the mode must be selected “bridge”, and the list “portv port” is selected from the LAN port list, which includes STB prefix.

In some branches, for the operation of digital TV, the VLAN identifier must be additionally indicated. In this case, in the “mode” field, it is necessary to put the mode “802.1Q Tag VLAN “:

After that, additional configuration parameters will appear. Since most often online traffic is in a non-metered form, the “VLAN TAG for the Internet” line must be put “ONE.””. Then you need to prescribe the VLAN ID identifier for the IPTV in the VLAN ID field for IPTV, which must first be clarified in technical support for the provider. In the list of ports, select the one in which the STB set will be included and in the drop-down list opposite it, we put the value of “IPTV”. Click on the “Save” button.

If you need to enable IGMP to work on the NETIS router to work on, then go to the “Expanded” menu section. IgMP and put the “v.”:

Installation of an administrator password

By default, a standard login and password Admin is used to access the router to set up the router. The same details are used on most other similar devices. From the point of view of network security, you cannot leave this. Therefore, we go to the section “System”-“Password”:

In the “New User Name” field, enter “Admin”, and below we enter a new password for input. Press the “Save” button.

Helped? Advise your friends!

Yes. what kind of crap, everything was dressed up if I were at Netis.C.C. (or I got into the settings of the router, as it were, I read the mantra that all the best transmitted.

No “basic settings” table only tips and commentators! We need an answer: “How to go to the table without stopping before the factory settings?”(Netis 2419)

So you have a problem in what exactly? The password is incorrect?

Victoria. what exactly did not help you?

Good afternoon. help me please. Router Netis WF2419E. What you need to change in the settings to connect the third (fourth, fifth) device to Wi-Fi? Only two are connected. For example: if you connect the laptop and the phone, the second phone does not connect if you connect the laptop and the second phone. the first phone does not connect. What is it?

Tatyana. and the error at the same time what is issued?

And I have 2419E, it will not get to Beeline according to L2TP, although the console works, and the support does not see the router in time What to do is incomprehensible.

Some kind of hat in general. Internet on PC through a router works, but through a Beeline program with a password. That is, the router passes it simply as a switch, but I can’t get into the router’s settings at the Netis address.CC. not in, through the phone on Wi-Fi, he does not see him. what is the problem?

You turn off the Beeline cable from the router, drop the reception and try to go.

And how to set up the Internet PPOE with VLAN, and the IPTV bridge? Connected to the media converter and is just so tuned for my provider. In their equipment, you can configure this way, but here I will not give a mind Or tag all or nothing.

In the IPTV settings, it is possible to specify VLAN ID for the Internet

Yes, but then everything turns out to be tag and the Internet and TV. By separateness, not like. In kinetics and in custom routers from the RT, you can do exactly. Here it turns out that no.

And you have a neti.tagged television chtoli?

How can you distribute the speed of download and distribution between the ports. I have 100 MB and 4 ports of 25 per each. So that when one runs does not take on all speed.

help me please! I have the type of connection of DHCP (since there is no data in the contract), I try to configure the router, there is the Internet from the cable of the provider, and when you insert it into the router, he does not distribute the Internet, set up on the advice of standard configuration, nothing helped (before somehow It turned out to configure how to check what type of connection I have and how to set up a router?

Internet setting on Netis WF2411

Open any browser (the manufacturer recommends Chrome or Internet Explorer). I set up through the opera. In the address line, dial address, or http: // netis.CC, and follow it. A page with the settings of the router will open. I have prepared a separate instruction on the entrance to the Netis settings.

If you want, you can update your router firmware before setting. You can do this according to the instructions in which I wrote about the firmware of the netis routers. You can update the software after setting.

You will see a page with quick settings. On it you can configure the connection to the Internet provider, and Wi-Fi. But first of all, I advise you to change the language of the control panel to Russian, and by clicking on the Advanced button, go to advanced settings. There we will all set up.

Next, we move to the left to the Network tab. Wan. There are very important settings here, if they are set incorrectly, then the Netis WF2411 router will not be able to connect to the Internet and distribute it. What type of connection does your Internet provider use, you need to specify the provider himself. It can be: dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPOE, L2TP, PPTP. If your type is not a dynamic IP, then you should also have parameters for connecting: user name, password, and possibly IP address. This data is issued by the provider.

In the drop.down menu, the type of connection type select our type of connection, and if necessary, set the necessary parameters.

For example, setting up a popular PPPOE connection (Beeline, House.Ru) on the Netis router will look like this:

To save the settings, click on the button to save. If you need to set any special parameters, for example: clone the MAC address, set DNS addresses, server name, and t. D., then click on the button expanded, and additional settings will open.

The main goal of these settings is that the Internet would start working through the router. If you are connected to the router and the Internet is already working, and there is no status “without access to the Internet”, then everything is fine. Save the settings and follow this instructions. If it is not possible to configure the Internet connection, then the advice of check the settings again, clarify them with the provider, and read this article.

Wi-Fi setting, and installing a password on the Netis WF2411 router

Under the tuning of a wireless network, I will introduce a change in the name of this very network. If the standard name does not suit you. And of course, I advise you to protect your Wi-Fi network with a good password.

To do this, go to the wireless mode tab-Wi-Fi settings (if necessary, select Network 2.4G, or 5G, if the router is On this page we are interested in the SSID field, where we prescribe the name of our wireless network.

To install a password, in the falling menu type of authentication, select WPA2-PSK. And in the password field, invent and write down the password that will be used to connect to your Wi-Fi. The password should be at least 8 characters, English letters and numbers.

The remaining parameters are better not to change. Click the Save button. After that, you will need to connect to Wi-Fi with a new password that we installed. Try not to forget it, and if you forget it, then this article will come in handy.

If you have changed only the password, then computers that have already been connected to this network may appear: “Windows could not connect to”, or “network parameters saved on this computer, do not meet the requirements of this network”. In this case, you just need to delete the network on the computer, and will connect again.

We set the password to protect the settings

Everyone who will connect to your router will be able to access his settings. Therefore, I advise you to set a password whose request will appear at the entrance to the control panel. To do this, go in the settings for the System tab. password. Indicate the user name, recommend Admin, and specify the password twice. This password will need to be entered only at the entrance to the settings. Click the Save button.

Now, at the entrance to the settings of your Netis WF2411, a request from the user and password will appear.

That’s all, now the settings of our router are reliably protected. The main thing is not to forget this password, otherwise you have to reset the settings.

I showed the main settings after which you can connect to the router and use the Internet. He is completely ready to work. Such instructions as: IPTV setting, customer blocking, port testing, and t. D., I will prepare in separate articles.

If you have questions about Netis WF2411 settings, then leave them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Describe your case well and I will try to help advice.



IPTV setup

The setting process will depend on the provider. Here you need to contact your contract again: according to which mode, the TV signal is submitted, whether VLAN identifiers are spelled out in the contract. After that, go to debugging:

    We go to the “Network”. We open the block for IPTV. Select the mode.

With automatic IPTV, nothing needs to be tuned

Local network LAN and DHCP

LAN is a home network created by your router Netis. Its participants are all devices connected to the “wi-fi”. What settings are available for “Locals”:

    In the menu with network parameters we go to the LAN block. In the first part of it, we indicate, if necessary, a new IP address for a router. Keep in mind that if you change the address, you will have to cross the “accounting” with settings, as it will move to another address automatically. We save the settings.

In the settings “Locals” you can change the IP router

Just click on the “restart” so that the router turns off, and then immediately turns on

Reviews of those who used Netis WF2419E

Advantages: 300MBPS support, support for individual guest networks, hidden SSID, price, simplicity of settings. Disadvantages: on the native last firmware Wi-Fi is not stable, the antennas are inconspicuous, the guarantee could be more. For 4 weeks of operation, more or less stable work on all devices (4 laptops and 1 tablet) was revealed as a whole). There were never “falls and complete dumping” Wi-Fi, there were a couple of times the shift of the router himself, it was necessary to restart it. At first there were thoughts to change the firmware, but it turned out to be the last available on the official website, so so far I left it. I liked the opportunity to configure up to 3 separate guest networks. Conclusion. A good cheap router with quite wide possibilities and relatively stable work.


https: // otzovik.COM/ReView_3679612.HTML

Pros: a worthy ratio of price and quality. Cons: they simply are not. Review: I have this router for the third month, it works properly, the signal is stable, many devices are connected, while the router does not dull. Five out of five!

Pushchin Gleb

http: //

Pros: Price/ Cons: bugs and glitches in everything that you would not touch in the settings. Review: When you set up the device, you can use it. But do not bring you the Lord then change something in the settings. The least nervous way to change them is a complete discharge, and then the whole setting from scratch. In general, this is a typical extremely low.quality Chinese device on the Realtec Chip. Lousy software is an integral property of such chips, and the manufacturer seems to have not tried much to improve it. Add a thousand and buy “asus”.

Coconus Artem

http: //

Advantages: Internet distributes. Disadvantages: case, assembly to reboot, you need to remove the power cord. I bought this model of the Netis brand router in early December 2017. Connected and configured it. There were problems with setting up (but perhaps the problem is not in the router). From that moment in two months I rebooted a couple of times, as I stopped loading the Internet.


https: // otzovik.COM/ReView_6013873.HTML

To the minuses: 1. Lack of firmware from the word, completely. They put Realtek to the joy of those who wanted to put a non.standard firmware. There is no support for these processors at all. 2. Standard firmware. The firmware is disgusting. If you open an 80-port from the local network on one of the devices, the router of the router begins, even if you have changed the port and address from About the pluses: 1. Ports. LAN ports are quite operational. It works well. 2. Support for many connections. PPPOE and L2TP are one of the popular Internet connections. In general, ordinary people should buy, those who want to do something at home that use ports, for example, a web server with access to external Internet.


https: // otzovik.COM/ReView_650264.HTML

It is quite easy to configure Netis WF2419E: connecting a router and PC via a cable in the kit, go to the page at the browser. Next, the type of connection is installed depending on the provider and the access point is created (its name and complex password are indicated). If you are a novice user, use a quick setup master. But if you have a connection via L2TP or PPTP protocol, you will have to go into advanced settings.