Online services for making ringtones

If you want to set a favorite fragment from a song to a ringtone, you need to trim it. You can do this on your computer using the online service.

MP3Cut is a simple and handy tool for cutting songs. With it, you can quickly create yourself an iPhone ringtone. To start working with it, go to the site Before that, download the song from which you want to make a ringtone to your computer.

You can start work from the main page of the service. Click on the “Open File” button. If there is no way to download a track to your computer, then you can use other options offered by the service. Downloading a song via Google Drive, Dropbox or via a link.

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Downloading a Song to MP3Cut

After the track is loaded, its soundtrack will appear. The maximum ringtone length is 3 minutes for all devices. For iOS, there is a limit of 40 seconds, but it is better to limit the interval to 30-32 seconds.

Editing a segment in MP3Cut

To make the segment as accurate as possible, you can use the control arrows on your computer to highlight the segment. One press of the key moves the slider by two tenths of a second. You can also choose a smooth start and end of the ringtone. for this you need to move the corresponding sliders.

After the ringtone is configured, you will need to select the format in which you want to save it. The system offers standard music extensions as well as a ready-made “Ringtone for iPhone” version. Select it so that the ringtone can be set in the smartphone settings. Finally, click the “Crop” button.

Format selection in MP3Cut

The ringtone creation process takes a few seconds. Then you can save it to your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox. The service is free, you can make any number of ringtones without restrictions.

Save Ringtone to MP3Cut

  • Intuitive interface;
  • Fast and convenient operation. playback starts immediately from the set start;
  • The ability to quickly save in the desired format for iOS;
  • Interaction with cloud storage;
  • No fees for using the service.

The MP3Cut service has the right to be called the best tool for creating music for calls not only on the iPhone, but also on other smartphones.

Why is this method the easiest

The simplicity of the method described below is that you do not need to install any special software for cutting songs. Everything happens online, which means that the only thing you need is a computer with Internet access. In addition, you won’t even have to rename the received ringtone to m4r format. The service will do everything by itself.

Setting the melody

After the ringtone is created and uploaded to the smartphone, you need to put it on a call. The question arises as to how to set the ringtone on “iPhone” (5s, 5, 6s, 6). This will require:

  • go to the “Settings” menu;
  • open the “Sounds” section;
  • select the item “Ringtones”;
  • find a custom melody and set it on the call.

It is not difficult to create a ringtone for “iPhone”, the main thing is to choose a suitable program or service and consistently perform all the actions. In addition, do not forget that the duration of the melody must not exceed 30 seconds and the file must have the.m4r resolution, which corresponds to the format of ringtones on the iPhone.

ITunes software

In solving the problem of how to make a ringtone on the iPhone, the iTunes program will help. This will require:

  • run the iTunes utility on your computer;
  • switch to the “Music” tab;
  • select the desired song;
  • right-click to bring up the functional menu;
  • go to the item “Information” or “Information”;
  • in a new window, in the “Parameters” tab, set the start and stop times (the set interval should be no more than 30 seconds);
  • press the “Ok” button;
  • return to the selected composition;
  • select it and select the line “Create version in AAC format” in the functional menu;
  • a track with the same name with a duration of 30 seconds will appear;
  • right-click on the new media file;
  • use the item “show in Windows Explorer”;
  • drag and drop the file onto the computer desktop;
  • delete the created track from the iTunes library;
  • select a copy of the music file on the desktop;
  • call the context menu and select the “Properties” item in it;
  • change the file resolution from.m4a to.m4r;
  • add the received ringtone to your iTunes library;
  • pair iPhone with PC via USB cable;
  • select your device from the top menu;
  • in the “Sounds” tab, check the box next to the “Synchronize sounds” item;
  • press the “Synchronize” button;
  • wait for the sync process to complete.

This is how simple and easy you can solve the problem of how to make a ringtone for “iPhone” using iTunes.

How to make ringtone on iPhone

“IPhone” as a multifunctional smartphone from the well-known Apple company is widely popular among lovers of apple gadgets. When purchasing an iPhone, each user wants to customize it for himself, make it unique and inimitable, for example, set his own ringtone on a call. However, it is not possible to simply select a music file in the audio library and use it as a ringtone. The question arises, how to make a ringtone on “iPhone” (5, 5s, 6, 6s). There are several ways to do this.

How to Trim MP3 Song Online and Make Ringtone on iPhone or Android?!

Several years ago, in order to make a ringtone for my phone, I had to install a special semi-professional application for working with MP3 files like CoolEdit or Sound Forge. Then, having got used to it a little, I had to cut the song to a call on the computer. This, of course, did not work out quickly. In addition, in the end, in order to make a “call” on the iPhone, it was also necessary to use the mp3 to m4r converter, which is used in the iPhone. Long, boring, boring. Fortunately, over time, everything has changed for the better and now the program for cutting mp3 on a computer has been replaced by an online service. I’ll tell you about one of them now.

I want to introduce you to a very convenient and fast tool that allows you to quickly and easily cut a song online or merge several songs into one. With it, to make a ringtone on my iPhone or Android smartphone, I need to spend only a few minutes. How is this done? Very simple.

Go to the site and click the big blue Open file button:

Select the file with the mp3 song, click OK and wait until the file is uploaded to the server. By the way, the service allows you to download music from Dropbox, Google Drive and even from the social network.

After the download is successful, we see the following picture:

This is our song from which we will cut. let’s take a closer look at it:

First, use the left border 1 to set the ringtone start point. It is from this point that it will begin. Then, using the slider 2, the end point is shifted to which the “call” will last. To make it start with a smooth sound increase. turn on the “Soft start” function. 3. And to fade out smoothly at the end, turn on “Fade out”. 4.

By default, the “call” will remain in the MP3 format, which is used on Android and simple mobile phones. But if you need to convert to M4R for iPhone. do not forget to click the “Ringtone for iPhone” button.

Click the Crop button.

We are waiting for the end of cutting an MP3 song into a ringtone. If everything went well, we get the “Download” link:

That’s all. you can upload it to your phone.

Now you can cut music online for iPhone or Android right on the site without the need to install additional programs.

Note: To merge music into one track. use the “Merge songs” tab. You can combine several tracks of different formats into one mix to make your own, unique ringtone.

Trimming the ringtone on the Ringer website

This resource was noted for strong compression: if you cut a ringtone for iPhone online using it, you can get a bitrate of 60 kb / s. In other words, it is 6 times more compact than in the previous version, although the sound will be slightly different. Also, there are only 2 formats available for download. mp3 and m4r.

First, download the original sound. either by clicking on the download button, or by dragging and dropping onto a special field on the page.

After that, a sound diagram with controls will appear. The principle is the same: drag the sliders and thereby select how exactly to trim the ringtone on the iPhone online. You can also enter the desired values ​​for the beginning and end of the fragment.

It remains to change the mp3 at the bottom to m4r and start processing.

Done, you can download. Saving is provided only to the device.

How to cut a song online to ringtone for iPhone

If you want to change the sound signals on your Apple smartphone, but there is no computer nearby, the simplest way out is to cut the song online for iPhone for a call. There are enough services for this, we will consider the following options:

  • trimming with;
  • preparation on org;
  • using a dedicated page at

Each of the sites allows you to download your favorite song and trim the song to your iPhone online for free. The output will be an m4r file of the desired duration, which will then need to be set as a signal. The main difference is in the quality level of the final record and, accordingly, in its size.

In addition, it is much easier than following the instructions on how to trim a song on iPhone via iTunes.

Trimming music on Inettools

In this tool the average bitrate will be 128 kb / s. Otherwise, it also allows you to trim a song on the iPhone without a computer, like other services.

You can send a track by dragging it or through the usual open dialog (opens by clicking in the field or on “Select”).

When it loads, a chart with sliders will appear. You can also enter data yourself with an accuracy of 0.1 s.

It remains only to turn on the m4r format and cut the music for iPhone to the call with the corresponding button.

The processed ringtone can be obtained in three ways: by the download button, the link under the fragment, and through the menu with three dots.

Cut song online for iPhone via mp3cut service

This site combines user-friendliness, simplicity and, at the same time, a delicate attitude to the source. For example, if the original track was in stereo with a bitrate of 320 kb / s, then the output will be exactly the same. music lovers will appreciate it. At the same time, you can cut a song to an iPhone ringtone in just a minute.

First you need to transfer the file to the site. You can use both music and video files. the service itself will extract audio from them. Download from cloud platforms (e.g. Google Drive) is also supported.

Free AUDIO EDITOR for iPhone/iPad. Lexis Audio Editor

After that, the sound is recognized and displayed in a convenient graphical form. If you know the composition well, then the right place can be found even visually.

Drag the start and end sliders to trim the song online for iPhone m4r at your desired locations.

Switch the type under the diagram, mark smooth start and end if necessary, then cut the selected fragment.

After processing, it remains to save the final file to your smartphone.

An alternative option allows saving to the cloud, if you suddenly want to send the result to a friend too.

Setting iPhone ringtone

It remains to figure out how to put ringtone on iPhone without iTunes. You can use the GarageBand app for this.

Start preparing by clicking on the plus sign and creating a new draft.

Go to track mode and add your ringtone by clicking on the loop.

In the menu, use the item for sharing through “My songs”.

Then save it as a ringtone, you can immediately for a specific contact.

How to Trim Song for iPhone Ringtone (Easiest Way)

It’s very simple, but not everyone knows.

Many Apple smartphone users call the method of creating iPhone ringtones using iTunes inconvenient. It’s hard to argue with them, since the process of creating a ringtone in iTunes cannot be called intuitive. Fortunately, there are many other ways to create iPhone ringtones. We described the simplest of them in this manual.

How to Trim Song for iPhone Ringtone (Easiest Way)

Go to the mp3cut service website.

Click “Open File” and select the song you want to create a ringtone from. You can also add a song via a direct link, from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Select the beginning and end of the ringtone by moving the blue sliders. You can set a more precise interval using the arrows on the keyboard.

Note: if you want the ringtone to start smoothly, gradually increasing in volume, slide the “Smooth Start” switch to the active position. The “Fade out” parameter works in the same way, but for the end of the ringtone.

Select the “Ringtone for iPhone” format.

After the creation of the ringtone is complete, click “Trim”. A big plus of this service is that the trimmed song is loaded directly, without the need, for example, to view ads.

Done! The ringtone has already been downloaded to your computer in the.m4r format. All that remains is to add it to iTunes and sync with iPhone.

Why is this method the easiest

The simplicity of the method described below is that you do not need to install any special software for cutting songs. Everything happens online, which means that the only thing you need is a computer with Internet access. In addition, you won’t even have to rename the received ringtone to m4r format. The service will do everything by itself.

Trim Music on iPhone. Junk Kouture

How to Download Ringtone to iPhone

Launch iTunes, connect iPhone to computer and select smartphone.

Select the “Sounds” section in the “On my device” column.

Drag the created ringtone to iTunes window to download it to iPhone.

In such a simple way, you can quickly create a ringtone and download it to your iPhone. Agree, it’s much easier than cutting a song using iTunes and manually renaming the file to the desired format.

With Audacity

  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS (up to Catalina).
  • Input Formats: WAV, WMA, AC3, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, AC3, AAC, AMR and others.
  • Output Formats: WAV, WMA, AC3, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, AC3, AAC, AMR and others.

Audacity is one of the best free music editing software for your computer. It is cross-platform, fast and highly functional. You may be put off by the outdated interface with an abundance of settings, but trimming any track in Audacity is a matter for a couple of minutes.

After starting the program, drag the music file into its window. Select the desired fragment of the song with the mouse and click “Stop”. Then click on the Waveform Tool “Trim Audio Out Selected” or press Ctrl T. After trimming, click on the double-headed arrow or press F5 and drag the remaining piece to the beginning of the timeline.

When done, click “File” → “Export”, select a format and save the result to your computer. service

The tool located on the specified resource allows you to cut a song online absolutely free of charge. Here you can upload a file by clicking on the “Upload” button, or drag it there with the mouse.

Wait a little while the file is loaded and let’s get to work.

After that, select the desired fragment in the music and press the “Trim” button. No magic. By the way, before cropping, you can choose two formats. MP4R for iPhone and MP3 for all other devices. After trimming, the file will be downloaded automatically.

If you like the service, you can share it on social networks, but this is not necessary.

Mp3DirectCut Utility

This tool needs to be downloaded and installed on your PC. Russian language is supported, so there will be no problems.

Load the song into the program by dragging and dropping or through the “File” context menu. Then select a fragment, this can be done with numbers, arrows on the keyboard and the mouse. After that, click on the “Edit” tab and select the “Trim” option.

After that, click on the “File” menu and select “Save Selection”.

Cut song online

Audio Trimmer is a simple online tool that lets you trim audio files in seconds. Select the file and click “Upload” to get started!

Downloaded files are stored in a temporary folder and are automatically deleted from the server within two hours.

Create ringtones

Create recurring sounds, ringtones, alarm tones and sound notifications online. You can also apply simple fade-in or fade-out effects to achieve smoother audio transitions.

Trim song with Audacity

The well-known tool for working with musical compositions Audacity allows you to trim music. I already mentioned it in my articles, doing a review on Audacity, but this is not about that now.

Drop the file into the main program window or load it through the “File” menu. Then a music file with a frequency band appears. Select the area with the mouse. It stands out something like this: click on the beginning of the fragment with the left mouse button and, without releasing, pull to the right and stop where you need.

After selecting the section of the song, click the trim option, which is shown on the toolbar in the form of scissors. That’s all. The song is cut and nothing complicated.

How to trim a song online or using programs

Probably, many have come across a situation when it is necessary to cut a song. Someone in this way creates a ringtone for a call, and someone just liked the moment or chorus from the track, so they decided to save it. Whatever it was, today we will look at how to trim a song online, or using software.

Adapted for mobile devices

Designed to work on most modern devices including tablets and mobile phones. Trim songs and audio recordings directly in the browser of your mobile device.

No need to install third-party apps or programs!

Create ringtones

Create recurring sounds, ringtones, alarm tones and sound notifications online. You can also apply simple fade-in or fade-out effects to achieve smoother sound transitions.

Ease of use

Completely free and easy to use! Upload the audio file, select the part you want to trim and click the Trim button. Your audio file will be ready in a few seconds!

If you’re looking for a full-featured audio editor, you can try Audacity. open source downloadable program.

Trim music online

Trim mp3 tracks and other audio files on your device online without installing complicated software. Do you want to cut a fragment from your favorite song?

Perhaps you need to delete part of an audio recording you have recorded? If so, our free online audio cutter. that’s all you need!

Cut song online

Audio Trimmer. a simple online tool that lets you trim audio files in seconds. Select the file and click “Upload” to get started!

Downloaded files are stored in a temporary folder and are automatically deleted from the server within two hours.

How to cut a song online

The process of trimming a song in Audio Trimmer is very simple:

  • Choose mp3 or any other audio file on your computer.
  • The sound will start playing immediately if your browser supports this feature. Otherwise click “Download”.
  • Drag the handles to select the part you want to remove and click Crop.
  • Everything! Now you can download the resulting audio file.