How to Transfer Contacts from Phone to Computer Easily

Copying data to reserve from mobile to computer. a way to protect yourself from all sorts of troubles associated with the loss of information in case of loss of a mobile phone. It doesn’t matter what it is. breakdown of the device, its loss or theft. The result is always the same. If you lose your phone, all the information that was on it is automatically lost.

Modern mobile phones, as a rule, have a CD with software included. It contains programs for working with the phone. for editing music files, for connecting to the Internet, as well as for backing up data from a mobile phone to a computer. But with all the advantages of such programs, they all have one drawback. They are not universal, i.e. are designed to work with a single phone model or a small range of models. Thus, when replacing the phone, you automatically need to change the software to work with it. And this is not very convenient.

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It is much more convenient to work with a universal program that understands any phone.

How to back up your contacts and transfer them to your computer?

On the toolbar, press the button “Save / Export to file” or “Save / Export” from the menu “File”. In the window that opens, select the path to the PC to save the data. Enter the file name and click “Save”. The process takes some time. The backup is ready and saved on your computer’s hard drive. In order to restore the data, select the option in the “File” menu “Open / Import” and the saved file.

Instructions for transferring contacts to MOBILedit are in the “Help” tab.

MOBILedit program

transfer, samsung, contacts

Using the MOBILedit program as an example, let’s look at how to transfer contacts from a phone to a computer. Before downloading this program, establish a connection between the gadget and the PC.

We launch the program. With a pre-established connection, the phone is usually recognized automatically. The program menu is quite convenient and easy to use.

Going to the “Settings” option in the “File” menu, you can select phone models, set the type of connection between the gadget and the computer, select the language, adjust the sound, etc. Here, in the “Applications” option, you can select the path for saving backup files.

Depending on where the contacts are stored. on the SIM card or in the phone, we select the appropriate section. Based on the experience of working with contacts, many users advise to immediately save them to the SIM card. Using the “Phonebook” section, you can delete or put in order contacts, filter out duplicates, change names.

The program allows two-way synchronization of contacts. data on the phone with mail data on the computer.

We use other means

How to transfer contacts from phone to computer using Google service? It’s even easier. Another way to copy contacts from phone to computer is by using the Google cloud service. To do this, enable synchronization with your Google account on your phone. We go to, after which we see all our contacts that can be deleted, edited and some other useful functions.

transfer, samsung, contacts

If for some reason it is impossible to use the phone, for example, it crashed, stolen or lost, then this method of copying contacts and creating a backup is suitable.

Copying contacts from phone

How do I copy contacts from my phone to my computer? This is straightforward. One of the easiest ways to transfer contacts from your phone to your computer. this is an opportunity to use the “Import / Export” option in the mobile itself. We select this option in the “Contacts” menu. Using the “Import” function, contacts previously saved in a file are transferred to the phone book, and the “Export” function creates a backup copy in a file with the vcf extension. We transfer this file to the computer by connecting the phone to the PC. Modern mobile devices have the option of exporting and importing directly to the computer. In this case, only a telephone is needed.

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Transferring the phone book using a disc

How do I transfer the phone book to my computer using a disk? This is another popular method. Let’s consider the option of how to transfer contacts from the phone to the computer using the phone software that came with the kit. If for some reason it’s not there. download software and install. Note. software can be safely downloaded only from official sites.

We connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable or Bluetooth. After pairing a mobile phone with a PC, we start the process of synchronizing all data. It takes a little time. At the end of the synchronization process in the dialog box, open the “Phonebook” section and start copying the phone contacts using the software.

It is convenient, for example, to create a separate text file with which you can recover information. It is also easy to carry out the reverse procedure for transferring data from a computer to a phone.

AirDroid program

Today there are many programs for copying phone numbers to a computer. The way most of these applications work is to create a vcf file. All phone contacts are packed into it. These softwares differ only in the setting, and the result is, in principle, the same. Let’s dwell on one more similar service. AirDroid. This program allows you to control your gadget from a PC remotely.

We create an account in the AirDroid service before transferring contacts from phone to computer. To do this, go to the official website of the service and go through registration, install the AirDroid application on the gadget, enter your account and copy the contacts to the selected folder.

Instructions for Android 9

With the release of new versions of the operating system, the standard interface has changed slightly and some menu items have been arranged differently. we are talking about “pure” Android without themes, firmware and additional add-ons for Samsung Galaxy, Note and third-party mobile series. And yet, you can even find the appropriate buttons manually:

  • Select “Contacts” on the desktop or through the “Phone” section with recent calls and missed calls.
  • Go to “Options” via the ellipsis button at the top of the interface.
  • A list of possible actions will appear in the new context menu. The preferred option of all is “Manage contacts”. The system will immediately offer to move contacts from the SIM card to Samsung.
  • Files with the VCF extension are suitable as source for import, and also data saved on the SIM card.
  • Before transferring the information from the card to the Samsung phone, it remains to decide on the desired list of contacts (the necessary positions are put down with the help of checkboxes opposite the saved entries) and the place of saving. And it’s better to give up the idea of ​​keeping the address book on internal memory. To increase protection and eliminate the chances of losing numbers, names and other statistics, you should take care of synchronization through your Google account. So even with the restoration of contacts in the future, there will be no problems.
  • The import takes place in the background and takes 2 to 5 minutes. The results of the procedure will appear as a short push notification.

How to Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to Samsung Phone: All Android Versions

Hello everyone! The statistics say. each SIM card will involve from 100 to 250 contacts. “Capacity” does not depend on the amount of built-in memory, but on the way telecommunication operators record each number. But, despite such a serious difference, in many situations a SIM card is able to save important information and speed up the process of switching from one smartphone to another. The main thing to figure out is how to transfer contacts from the SIM to the phone on Samsung, without spending a lot of actions and without getting confused in the settings.

How to copy contacts from SIM card to address book

The function of transferring phone numbers, first names and surnames from SIM cards to the memory of Samsung phones has appeared a long time ago. since the release of the Android 4 operating system. Since then, the import and copy procedure has hardly changed. the same sections and menus, a similar order actions and predictable results.

The algorithm hasn’t changed even with the disappearance of the physical buttons and the addition of gestures, and yet, for added precision, extra tips for certain versions of the operating system won’t hurt.

Procedure for Android 5-8

Before the major interface update, the migration was similar, but some buttons looked different, and the navigation relied on differently constructed sections:

  • First, you need to open “Contacts” from the desktop and go to “Options”, located again at the top (but without the usual reference point in the form of three dots).
  • After calling the context menu, select the “Settings” item, and then switch to the selection of the necessary import and export parameters. As in Android 9, support for VCF, recordings from internal memory and external drives, and SIM-cards is provided.

How to Use Samsung Smart Switch (to Transfer Contacts, Messages, Photos, etc, between Smartphones)

  • In the latter case, the list of records to be transferred is first determined. And again, manually placed check marks or the “Select All” button will help.
  • The transfer begins after choosing a place to save. a smartphone or a Google account. Which option to choose depends on the desired result. But there are definitely fewer problems with synchronization. And the next time you don’t have to repeat the actions with the SIM card. the necessary data will be transferred to the phone book automatically.

Transferring information to Android 4

As with other versions of the operating system from Google, all actions begin from the “Contacts” section. The corresponding shortcut on the desktop will help to open the address book again.

Next. call the context menu through the button located directly on the smartphone body, or through the ellipsis appearing on the top right.

transfer, samsung, contacts

A list of possible actions will immediately appear on the screen, centered around preparing new entries, merging contacts, sending messages, settings and import / export. In the latter case, Android offers to “transfer” information from external media, from internal memory and SIM-cards, and also to share data via social networks and email.

A suitable item from the listed options is “Import from SIM-card”. Before starting the procedure, you will have to choose a save location: directly in the smartphone’s memory or in a Google account for further synchronization. Regardless of the choice, Android will offer to determine the necessary contacts: the list is transferred both in its entirety and selectively.

Contacts will be transferred in the background automatically, and will be available without rebooting.

X-Transfer. Share / Backup Files / Contacts / SMS / Calls

High-quality application for transferring mobile numbers to Android. In addition to them, you can also copy many other data.

Import / Export. Computer via USB

This method often helps if you cannot use the Internet and the device does not support memory cards.

On your phone, open the standard contacts application, click on the ellipsis icon at the top right, and select Export and Import. Export in VCF format to a folder convenient for you.

transfer, samsung, contacts

Connect both smartphones to your computer and transfer this file from one device to another.

On the second phone, go to the contact book and open the settings by clicking on the ellipsis in the upper right part. Select the import and export item. Import the file with the path where you copied it.

transfer, samsung, contacts

How to copy contacts from Android to Android. using Google account

You can use Google account synchronization between your current smartphone and a new one. The advantage of this method is that your contacts will always be up-to-date and synchronized between all the phones that you use. The main thing is that they have a working Internet.

Open the settings on your current phone and go to the “Accounts” section. See if an account has been added, if not, and you didn’t do it at all, then create and attach it to the device. How to do this is written in the article. how to create a new Google account.

Open the attached account and check the boxes next to sync contacts. Don’t forget to click on the sync button.

transfer, samsung, contacts

On the second phone, also go to settings, add the same account and click on the sync button.

transfer, samsung, contacts

Contacts will be transferred all and completely. this is the easiest way to keep your devices in sync.

If you do not want to connect your Google account to another smartphone, and export simply does not work, you can use special applications. read about this below.

Transfer contacts from Android to Android

By import / export. by other means

Also, this file can be transferred via: Bluetooth, mail, on a USB flash drive, Viber, WhatsApp, or any other option convenient for you.

In any case, first you export the phone book, and then transfer it to another smartphone, where you just import it. The file itself can be transferred from the file manager.

How to transfer contacts from android to android (Samsung)

By import / export. over the Internet

The simplest option is to simply import and export contacts from phone to phone. Everything is extremely simple.

Open the standard contacts app on your device. Click on the icon with three dots or stripes at the top right to open the control menu. Select the import and export item there.

If a window appears asking about the format. choose VCF, if not. then just save the book to a memory card or phone, the main thing is that later you can transfer the resulting file to another smartphone. It is not worth transferring to the SIM card, tk. there is limited memory and everything will not fit.

transfer, samsung, contacts

Transfer this file to a new phone, you can transfer it via USB, you can drop it by mail or in any way convenient for you. Go to it also in “Contacts”, open their settings by clicking on the ellipsis and select the import and export item. Import the file specifying the path to it.

transfer, samsung, contacts

The data will be copied. They can be changed a little, because this function can sometimes handle names incorrectly. The applications that will be described below work on the same principle.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android: Best Ways

There are several simple ways to transfer contacts from Android to another Android phone. This is a really important topic, especially for those looking to update their smartphone.

In this material, you can look at examples with pictures of how this can be done in the fastest and easiest way, and choose the one that suits you best.

The previous article was about an interesting feature of AMOLED screens. always on display, today you can learn how to transfer contacts from Android to Android correctly and quickly.

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

The official application from Samsung for transferring data between two devices of their company. The most simple interface and convenient management. Try it first.

  • Will transfer any data between two Samsungs
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Synchronization
  • Working tech support
  • Can even transfer SMS

How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung: In Detail

You can transfer contacts from Samsung phone to Samsung very quickly using a few simple methods and without even installing third-party applications.

It is quite important to know how to do this, because if you change the phone or, in general, lose it, the phone book will be required on the new device.

From the past, you learned how to clear memory on a Samsung phone. Now we will take a closer look at how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung with detailed explanatory pictures.

Interesting! The methods that are suitable for other models of smartphones on Android, we have disassembled in the material. transferring contacts from Android to Android.

Smart Transfer

Another good option to complete the task. If other methods do not help, then you should try Smart Transfer. The program is quite easy to use.

How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Phone to Samsung Phone. Apps

Special applications from Google Play will help those who have an old version of Android, or who do not have some items in the menu. Plus they have advanced transfer features.

How to Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to Phone on Samsung

Everything is done as in the first method. Open the Contacts app on your phone and tap the three-dot icon on the top right (or the three bars on the top left). Next, open the control center.

transfer, samsung, contacts

Go to the import and export section and specify what you want to import from the SIM card, and on the next window what you need to save on the phone.

transfer, samsung, contacts

Via phonebook via internet, Bluetooth or USB

First of all, we will use the built-in import / export function. Open the phone book. Contacts application. Click on the icon in the form of three vertical dots in the upper right (or three stripes in the upper left, depending on the version of Android) and go to “Manage contacts“.

transfer, samsung, contacts

Open the import and export section and click on the “Export” button. Save the VCF file in memory and transfer it to another Samsung smartphone via Bluetooth, mail, USB or, in general, just send it via vibe.

transfer, samsung, contacts

On the second smartphone, also go to the phone book, open the contact management section, go to the import and export section. Only this time, click on the “Import” button.

transfer, samsung, contacts

Specify the location of the file and on the next screen indicate that you want to import everything to your smartphone. After you press the “IMPORT” button. the phone book will be saved.

Move Contacts Transfer / Backup

A quality application specifically designed to transfer numbers from one device to another. With the most user-friendly interface.

  • Supports all Android devices
  • Can even transfer to iPhone
  • Easy to use via Bluetooth

Dr.fone-Switch is a convenient program for transferring information from the Samsung phone book

Dr.fone. Switch makes transferring contacts from an old Samsung smartphone to a new Samsung quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is connect both gadgets to your PC, launch dr.fone and transfer the desired contacts to your new phone. The functionality of the program also allows you to completely erase old data from the recipient’s smartphone before transferring contacts to it.

  • Install the program on your PC and run it;
  • In the opened menu of the program, click on “Switch”;

Click on “Switch” in the program menu

  • Once the following program window opens, connect your phones to your PC using a USB cable. Wait until the program detects both of your devices;
  • Old (Source) and New (Destination) phones will be located on the left and right. If they are not defined correctly, click on “Flip” and swap them;
  • From the list of content in the center, check the “Contact” box;
  • Click on “Start Transfer” to start the transfer procedure.
  • Transferring contacts to Samsung via Google account

    A fairly simple way to transfer contacts from one phone to another is to use the functionality of your Google account. And although the implementation of the steps described below is slightly different on different Samsung phones, the mechanism as a whole is quite efficient and is available on different models.

    • If you don’t have a Google account on your old phone, then register it. If there is (as is usually the case), then move on;
    • Copy your phone contacts to your Google account. To do this, open the “Contacts” application, tap on the settings icon with three horizontal lines. Next, click on “Manage contacts”. “Move contacts from phone”. “Google”. It remains to click on “Move”;
    • Now you need to configure the saving of new subscribers in your Google account. Open the Contacts application again;
    • Then tap on the “Settings” button in the form of three horizontal lines;
    • Then select “Manage contacts”. “Default storage location”;
    • Select your Google account;

    Select your google account
    Check the storage of your data in Google using the link;

    Check for migrated contacts in your Google account

  • It will remain to enter your profile on the new gadget, and you will see all your transferred contacts there.
  • Method to transfer contacts to phone using Bluetooth

    You can transfer phonebook data from one Samsung to another Samsung smartphone using Bluetooth technology.

    • Activate Bluetooth on both phones by clicking on the corresponding icon;
    • Take the Samsung phone with the contacts you want to transfer, then go to Phone. Contacts. Menu. Import / Export. Send namecard via (Send a business card through);
    • Next, a list of subscribers will be displayed. Tap on “Select All Contacts“;
    • Then select “Bluetooth”, find a new Samsung phone in the list of available devices and select it;
    • A small data file called vCard or vcf will be transferred from the old phone to the new one;
    • All you need to do now is accept data transfer on your new Samsung phone.

    Apowersoft Phone Transfer software to copy data from Samsung

    The easiest and fastest way to transfer contacts between Samsung phones is to use Apowersoft Phone Transfer.

    Application Benefits: Explanation:
    Transfer of different data. In addition to transferring contacts, this application can be used to transfer various files such as audio, video, images, music, applications, call logs, SMS, and the like.
    Support for different devices. The tool supports most well-known smartphones brands “Samsung”, “Apple”, “HTC” and so on.
    Creating a backup. Program to backup and restore smartphone data.

    To transfer data using this program, follow these steps:

    • Download and install Apowersoft Phone Transfer on your PC;
    • Open the program, and on the base screen that opens, select “Phone to Phone Transfer”, then click on “Start”;
    • Then, connect both of your Samsung phones to PC with a USB cable;
    • The program will detect both of your phones. The old phone should be identified as “Source” on the left and the new phone as “Destination” on the right;
    • Check the box next to the “Contacts” option in the middle of the screen and click on the “Start Copy” button;
    • Wait for the process to finish.

    How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung

    Having purchased a new phone, we may be puzzled by the question of transferring the contacts of the old phone to the new device. It’s one thing when there are a dozen or two such contacts, and we can quickly drive them into the phone book of a new device. But what if there are more than a hundred of them? There is an exit. Below we will analyze how you can copy contacts from one Samsung phone to another. And also what we need for this.

    Samsung Smart Switch Mobile. transports any data to Samsung

    Another way to transfer contacts between Samsung smartphones is to use the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile program. Its use will allow you to transfer contacts without using unnecessary cables.

    • Install the program on both Samsung phones;
    • Place the phones at a distance of no more than 10 cm next to each other;
    • Run the program on both devices, and specify “Android Device” on each;
    • Select “Sending Device” on the old device and “Receiving Device” on the new one;
    • Initiate the connection by clicking on “Connect” on one of the phones;
    • When both devices are connected to each other, a list of data types to copy will be shown. Select “Contacts”;
    • Then just below tap on “Transfer” just above to start the transfer procedure;
    • To complete the copying process, click on “OK” just below.

    In our article, we examined in detail the ways to transfer contacts from a Samsung phone to another Samsung. They also provided methods and programs that allow you to do this as conveniently and simply as possible. Each of the tools we have listed shows high efficiency. Therefore, it can be used as a practical tool for implementing the tasks of transferring the data we need.

    How to Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to a Clean Android Phone

    If your phone is running stock Android, or you are using the Google Dialer and Contacts app, the steps to transfer your SIM contacts will look like this:

    • Go to the “Contacts” application. Attention: it is not enough to open the “Contacts” tab in the “Phone” application, you must launch a separate built-in “Contacts” application.
    • In the “Contacts” application, press the menu button and select “Settings”.
      transfer, samsung, contacts
    • In the “Manage contacts” section, click “Import contacts”.
    • Select SIM in the “Import” window and click “OK”.
    • In the “Save to account” field, choose whether to save contacts to your phone (phone memory) or to your Google account. Check the contacts you want to transfer. Confirm the transfer with the button in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Wait for the transfer to complete.

    On this, the contacts will be transferred. precisely, they were copied from a SIM card to a phone or to a Google account. If you also need to remove contacts from the SIM, go to the “Additional Information” section for a method to do this.

    Additional Information

    If you need to delete contacts from a SIM card on pure Android or on another phone where only copying is available, but not actually moving contacts, you can do this using third-party applications available in the Play Store. With their help, you can also carry out the transfer.

    In my case, the SIM Tool Manager turned out to be the most efficient application available on the Play Store: The app is in English, but easy to understand:

    • It displays SIM contacts in the “SIM Contact” tab. When you hold a contact, you can delete it (using the Delete item) or perform other actions.
    • If you open the menu, then in it you can select the “Delete All” item to delete all contacts from the SIM or Import / Export to copy contacts from the SIM to the phone (Copy to phone).

    Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to Samsung Galaxy Phone

    If you have Samsung, then transferring contacts from SIM to phone using built-in applications will consist of the following simple steps:

    • Go to the “Contacts” application (as in the previous case, you just need to open a separate application, and not the “Contacts” tab in the “Phone” application).
    • Click on the menu button and select “Manage contacts”.
    • Click on the item “Move contacts” if you need to move to the phone with simultaneous deletion from the SIM card or “Import and export contacts” if you need to copy contacts from the SIM to the phone without deleting. Further, it will be precisely the transfer that will be considered, copying from a SIM card to a Samsung phone is implemented in the same way and will not be a problem.
    • Choose where to move the contacts from, in our case. from the SIM. If there are no contacts on the SIM card, you will be informed about this.
    • Select which contacts you want to transfer from the SIM card and click “Done”.
    • Specify where to transfer contacts: to phone, Google account or Samsung account.
    • Click “Move” and you will see a confirmation that the contacts have been moved from the SIM card to the phone or to the selected account.

    How to Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to Android Phone

    If you need to transfer contacts from a SIM card to your phone (to your phone memory, to your Google account), it’s very easy to do this with the built-in Android tools.

    This tutorial details how to transfer or copy contacts to SIM cards with stock Android and on Samsung Galaxy phones. By analogy, the action can be performed on smartphones of other brands. May also be helpful: How to Recover Contacts on Android Phone.

    Copying the phone book with standard Android features

    The easiest and fastest way to transfer numbers from Samsung to Samsung is to copy them to the SIM card. To move contacts from phone to SIM, you need to:

    • Launch the “Contacts” program (it integrates into all versions of Android by default).
    • Open its properties and select the “Import / Export” function.
      transfer, samsung, contacts
    • In the list that appears, click “Export to SIM card”.

    The copying procedure will take some time. After its completion, all the numbers available on the old smartphone will be written to the SIM card. You just have to install the card in a new mobile phone.

    The only drawback of this method is that SIM cards have a limited capacity, that is, all contacts on a SIM card may not fit. The way out of this situation is to create a file with a backup of the phone book and then copy it to a new smartphone:

    • Using the “Import / Export” procedure, save all the numbers from the SIM card on the old device.
    • Create a backup copy of the phone book on an internal or external storage device using one of the available functions.
    • The file with all the numbers will be called “Contacts.vcf” and will be located in the storage / emulated / 0 / folder. You need to transfer it to a new smartphone via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a computer, and then resort to the tool “Import from internal memory” or “Import from SD card” and specify the path to the required file.

    Ways to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung

    In addition to manually copying each number, you can transfer contacts between Android devices in the following ways:

    • using the built-in Android procedure “Import / Export”;
    • through the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile program;
    • via google virtual drive.

    Transfer contacts between Samsung phones

    After purchasing a new Samsung instead of an old smartphone, you will need to restore all the data from the phone book. This can be done manually by entering each contact separately. However, if you are a sociable person and have many numbers stored on your device, this procedure can take a lot of time. That is why Android has special tools that allow you to transfer contacts from phone to phone in a matter of minutes.

    Transfer Contacts to Samsung via Smart Switch Mobile

    When considering how to copy contacts from Samsung to Samsung, the Smart Switch Mobile program should be highlighted. It allows you to back up user data, update Samsung Galaxy firmware, and transfer information from one mobile device to another.

    Before transferring contacts from Android to Android, you will need to install Smart Switch Mobile on the receiving and transmitting device, as well as activate the wireless modules (the transmission will be carried out over a Wi-Fi network). After that it is necessary:

    • Run the application on both devices and agree to the license terms.
    • On the old and new gadgets, click “From Android to Galaxy”.
      transfer, samsung, contacts
    • On the transmitter, mark the data to be moved, and on the receiver, confirm the download.
      transfer, samsung, contacts

    After copying is complete, all numbers from the phonebook will be displayed on the new smartphone.

    Transfer contacts via Google virtual drive

    You can use Google cloud storage to transfer phone numbers from your old mobile to your new one. The procedure will be as follows:

    • Link your old smartphone to your existing Google account (if not already done).
    • In the account settings, check the items that you want to synchronize with the virtual disk, and click “Synchronize”. For successful copying, the Internet must be connected to the phone.
    • Then link a new device to the same account and synchronize. After that, all numbers from the old smartphone should appear in the phone book.

    Having figured out how to transfer all contacts from Samsung to Samsung, you can easily copy all the information from the phone book to a new device. And if there is a backup of numbers or when synchronization is on, it will be possible to restore contacts even if the phone is lost or out of order.

    Phonebook transfer using standard Android features

    For all mobile phones running Android OS, the Contacts application is standard. It is in its settings that there is a tool that allows you to write backup phone numbers to the external or internal space of the device with the subsequent transfer of this file to a PC.

    To copy contacts from Samsung to computer, you need to do the following:

    • Find and open the “Contacts” program on your smartphone.
    • Call its properties and start the “Import / Export” procedure.
    • In the window that appears, specify where the phone numbers will be backed up: to the internal storage or to the built-in SD card.
    • Confirm the entry by clicking “Yes”.
    • Connect device to computer via USB cable.
    • Find a backup of contacts on Samsung and drag it to a PC like a regular file. The required document will be hidden in the storage / emulated / 0 / folder and have the.vcf extension.

    In the future, the number base can be opened, viewed and edited through the Windows integrated Outlook application.

    Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Computer

    Backing up numbers from your Samsung Galaxy phone book to an external drive or PC helps you avoid permanent loss of personal data in the event of a mobile device malfunction, exposure to malware, system flashing, and in other cases. This procedure does not take much time and can be performed using both built-in Android tools and additional software. Consider How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Personal Computer.

    Manually copying phone numbers

    You can also manually transfer contacts to your computer from your Samsung Galaxy phone. However, this will be somewhat more difficult than in the previous case. The fact is that the required database is located in the Data system folder, access to which is closed without Superuser rights. Therefore, you will additionally need to unlock the root profile on your smartphone and acquire a utility that can work with administrative rights.

    Manual copying of contacts is performed in the following sequence:

    • Root Samsung with KingRoot, Framaroot, UnlockRoot or another application with similar functionality.
    • Install the file explorer Root Explorer, which does a great job with ROOT rights. It can be downloaded for free from the Play Market.
    • Go to the Data /… / databases folder through the explorer and copy the file with the contacts.db numbers to the SD memory card.
    • Drag this base onto your PC and store it in a safe place.

    In the future, the backup copy of contacts can be used to restore information from the phone book if it is unintentionally deleted.

    Methods for transporting contacts from Android to computer

    You can transfer mobile numbers from a Samsung phone to a PC or laptop in several ways:

    • through the tools integrated into the Android OS;
    • manual transfer of the base with contacts;
    • through the Google cloud service;
    • using specialized software.

    Each of the proposed options has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, if your device has a stable Internet connection, and your smartphone is tied to a Google account, then the best choice is to use the Google virtual drive. Otherwise, the standard Samsung functionality or additional software will come to the rescue.

    Create backup contacts via Google virtual service

    Google cloud storage allows you to create backup prints on a remote server not only of the address book, but also of other user information (notes, photos, videos, etc.). After successful synchronization, you can manage the saved data from any smartphone, laptop or computer.

    To copy contacts from phone to PC via Google, you need:

    • Use a valid Gmail email address to link Samsung to your Google account (if you haven’t done so, of course).
    • Go to your account settings, check the items you want to back up and click “Synchronize”.
    • On a computer, through any browser, go to and log in under the same account to which Android was previously linked.
    • In the menu that appears, click “Export”. If an inscription pops up on the screen that the specified procedure is not supported in the new version of the service, go to the old form and run the same function again.
    • In the next window, select “All contacts” and specify the backup format. For Windows OS, the best option would be CSV format for Outlook.
    • Activate the copying procedure by clicking “Export”.
      transfer, samsung, contacts

    After performing the above actions, the file with the base of numbers will be downloaded to the PC hard drive.

    Copying contacts through specialized software

    Another way to transfer contacts from a Samsung phone to a computer is to use special software, namely Smart Switch or Samsung Kies. In the first case, you will need:

    • Download on your PC the specified utility of the version that suits your operating system, and then install it.
    • Download drivers for your smartphone. The USB Samsung Driver app will help you with this.
    • Connect a mobile device to the computer and launch Smart Switch.
    • In the window that opens, enter the “Settings” section and select “Archive items”.
    • Specify the items, the content from which you want to copy, and click Ok.
      transfer, samsung, contacts

    If you have not changed the installation path of the program, the phonebook backup will be written to the C drive in the Smart Switch folder. After the user has transferred contacts, the smartphone can be disconnected from the PC.

    To create a backup copy of numbers, the Samsung Kies program is also perfect, which can be found freely available on the Play Market or Samsung Apps. To accomplish the plan, it is enough to connect the PC with a smartphone, open the specified utility, select the “Contacts” checkbox and start copying.

    How to Transfer Contacts from SIM to Phone in Samsung for Android 5.0 and Higher?

    To perform the reverse action and transfer all saved cards to a new device, you need to complete a certain sequence of steps:

    Find the item “Room Management”. If it is absent, the “Settings” menu is selected.

  • Next, you need to click on the “Contacts” item. In the absence of such, you can safely proceed to the next step.
  • They will select the line “Import / Export”.
  • Two options will appear, select “Import”.

    Next, the smartphone will ask you to determine where the subscriber cards should be transferred from.

    Additionally, the location where the subscriber data will be saved is indicated. This can be your device’s internal storage, Google account, or Samsung account.

  • The last step will be putting a checkmark in front of the numbers that you want to import, and pressing the “Finish” button.
  • Algorithm of actions for Android below version 5

    If the device is running an old version of the operating system, then the process of transferring the address book to the SIM card will be slightly different from the method described above:

      The first step is to open the appropriate application.

    Select “Options” or press the three vertical dots.

    Select the location to save the address book (export to the SIM card).

  • Press the “Finish” button and confirm the operation.
  • How to transfer on Android 5.0 and higher?

    To know how to transfer contacts from SIM to phone in Samsung, you must first have a clear idea of ​​how to copy subscriber numbers to the embedded memory of a SIM card. For this OS version, this procedure is as follows:

    Press the “Options” button, which can be hidden behind the pictogram with the image of three vertical dots.

    Next, you should select the item “Room Management” “. If this option is absent in a specific device model, “Settings” are selected.

    After clicking on it, the copy menu will open. To unload the address book, use the second option from the proposed (Export).

    The smartphone will ask where to copy the information. When transferring to the SIM memory, you must select this particular item.

    If the smartphone is equipped with two SIM-cards, then the user independently chooses the storage.

    Next, you need to decide on the list of subscribers whose data you want to transfer. It should be borne in mind that with this method, only the number and part of the name are saved. This is due to the limitation of the SIM card. If you need to save other fields of the address book, it is recommended to choose a different method.

  • After confirming the action, all information will be copied.
  • How to Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to Samsung Phone. How to Guide

    When changing a smartphone, the first thing a person is faced with is the need to transfer existing information. First of all, this includes the import of subscriber data. This can be done in several ways: by synchronizing with Google services, creating a vCard and sending it by e-mail, copying it to a SIM card. Since smartphone changes are rare, not all users know how to transfer contacts from SIM to phone in Samsung.

    The copying procedure will depend on the version of Android.

    How to copy information if you have Android 4.0 and below?

    The scheme of actions will be almost the same:

      First you need to go to the corresponding application.

    Select the “Menu” or “Options” item (depending on the specific model of the device).

    Specify where the copy should come from.

    Choose where the import will take place.

    The old version of the OS only offers two places. a local device and a Google account.

  • Next, you need to select the phones to save and press the “Finish” button.
  • Performing these simple manipulations will allow you to not be left without the usual numbers when buying a new smartphone and always stay in touch.

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