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How to transfer whatsapp to new iPhone?

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the options presented. For each of the methods, we offer step-by-step instructions, accompanied by screenshots, so that you can easily use any of them. to find out the advantages and disadvantages of using a particular method. In case the selected method did not work on your devices and did not transfer the WhatsApp dialogs to the new iPhone, you can turn to two other methods. However, to avoid wasting time and effort, we recommend starting with the easiest and most optimal way to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android.

Easiest Way to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone

Perhaps the fastest and most efficient way to transfer all WhatsApp dialogs from old Android to new iPhone is to use specialized software. Tenorshare iCareFone for Whatsapp transfer is a utility from the developer Tenorshare that implements previously impossible cross-platform WhatsApp transfer with just one click.

Below we invite you to familiarize yourself with a brief overview of the main characteristics of the program.

  • Easily Transfer WhatsApp Chats Between Android iOS.
  • Direct WhatsApp Business Transfer between iOS Android. New
  • 1 click to backup or restore WhatsApp data WhatsApp business.
  • View and export WhatsApp messages and link backups to HTML.
  • Create backups & restore iOS Kik / LINE / Viber / WeChat chat history on Mac.
  • Compatible with iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 and Android 10.

The program has wide functionality and great potential. The presence of such a utility will allow you to remain confident in the security of your data and high-quality management of it. To use this program to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android device to iPhone, you will need to make a minimum effort. Follow the instructions below.

Install the tool on your computer, connect two devices and click “Transfer”.

Then Tenorshare iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer will automatically back up your WhatsApp data. Then click “Continue”.

You will enter your phone number to confirm the WhatsApp backup.

Wait a few minutes, your WhatsApp will be transferred to your new iPhone 12.

This method is not in vain ranked first in our list of possible options for transferring WhatsApp data. As you can see, Android device data is transferred to iPhone with just one click. The program is extremely easy to use and pleases with fast and high-quality results.

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone with Backup

The method that we will describe below is based on using the function of backing up WhatsApp messages on an Android phone and then restoring this copy already on a new device. iPhone. To use this method, you do not even need to have both devices on hand at the same time: you can create a backup in advance, and after purchasing an iPhone, complete the process. So, we bring to your attention a step-by-step guide to transfer WhatsApp from Android phone to iPhone.

On your old device (Android), launch the WhatsApp application.

Go to the “Settings” section and select “Chats”.

From the list of possible operations, select the option “Chats backup”.

Here you will see a list of available WhatsApp backups that were previously created. To create an up-to-date copy, start the copying manually by clicking on the “Backup” button.

Once the backup process is complete, uninstall the WhatsApp app from your device. To do this, go to “Settings”. “General”. “Application Manager”. WhatsApp. Click on the “Delete” button.

How to Transfer From Computer to iPhone. No iTunes (Fastest Way)

On your new phone (iPhone), download and install the WhatsApp app. Launch the app and log into your account using the old phone number.

After that, a message will appear stating that a backup was found, select the “Restore” option. After the restore process is complete, the WhatsApp chats will be available on the iPhone.

The method of using a backup is quite convenient, but you need to carefully monitor the process of creating and restoring a backup in order to avoid failures and errors in the course of work that can lead to the loss of all data.

ways to transfer whatsapp from Android to iPhone.

WhatsApp is today one of the most popular applications among both Android smartphone owners and iPhone users. Simplicity and ease of use, prompt and high-quality communication, a guarantee of confidentiality, provided by end-to-end encryption of correspondence, keep this application in the lead for a long time. If you decide to change your Android to iPhone and want to know how to transfer WhatsApp to another phone, in our article you will find the top 3 ways to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. Text and voice messages, videos, images and other media files. all of this can contain important information for the user or be just pleasant memories that are sometimes difficult to part with. So, below we will take a closer look at how you can transfer WhatsApp to a new iPhone.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using Email

The WhatsApp application has a function that allows you to transfer WhatsApp messages through the use of email. To implement this method, you only need to have a registered mailbox (or two). Follow below steps to send WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone.

Launch the WhatsApp application on your Android phone and go to “Settings”.

In the new window, select the category “Chat history” and click the option “Export chat”.

Next, check the WhatsApp message history you want to transfer.

The following message appears: “Adding media will increase the size of the exported chat.” Here you need to choose whether to send correspondence with files or without files. Choose the option that suits you: “No files” or “Add files”. Please note that if you choose to include all media files in the data being transferred, the volume of this data will become significantly larger, which means that the process of sending an email will take longer.

In the list of chat transfer options that appears, select the “New message” option (if you are going to send correspondence to your second mail or to another person) or the “Letter to yourself” option (to attach the data to the message that will come to the same mailbox from which it was sent ), type the text of the letter and click “Send”.

After that, go to your mail account on your iPhone phone, where you will see an incoming letter with the WhatsApp chat you sent.

transfer, computer, iphone

This method is very simple, but it also has significant drawbacks. Firstly, only one chat can be sent using e-mail, and it will take a lot of time and routine efforts to transfer all existing dialogs. Secondly, despite the fact that the dialogues will be transferred from Android to iPhone, it will not work to sync them to iPhone.

So, in our article, we have covered some of the best ways to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone. Detailed instructions attached to each of them will help you to confidently and easily carry out this operation yourself, with a minimum of effort, and achieve maximum results. Leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев at the end of the article and share your ways of solving this problem. We are waiting for your results and advice to those who are still looking for a solution.!

How to upload photos via iCloud. Apple’s “cloud”?

Only owners of devices with iOS version higher than 8.1 can copy photos to iPhone via iCloud. Also, to make this possible, you need to download the “iCloud for Windows” program on your computer, available at this link, and install it.

How to use Apple’s cloud to transfer photos?

First of all on iPhone go to Settings, follow the path “iCloud”. “Photos” and activate the slider “iCloud Media Library”.

Launch the program on your PC and enter your Apple ID credentials. Then click “Login”.

After logging in, you will see the following menu:

Click on the “Options” button opposite the “Photos” item.

In the “Photo Options” window, find the item “Upload new photos and videos from my Windows PC” and click the “Change” button located opposite it.

Select the folder with pictures via “Explorer”.

Then close the “Photo Options” window by clicking on the “Finish” button.

In the main window of the program, click on the “Apply” button.

Confirm that you want to combine information stored on your PC with information stored in iCloud. click “Combine”.

After that, the computer program can be closed. Photos and videos from the folder uploaded to iCloud will be available on the network, as well as on all mobile devices and Macs linked by the same Apple ID.

How to Upload Photos from Computer to iPhone?

Uploading a photo from a computer to an iPhone is more difficult than to a smartphone running Android or Windows Phone. IOS developers are convincing that this business cannot be done without iTunes. However, in fact, there are many methods that do not require referring to the official Apple software.

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Apple first time users sometimes think that transferring photos from PC to iPhone is as easy as in the opposite direction. And they are wrong. iPhone, when connected to a computer, is not recognized as a regular flash drive. this is one of the security measures that reliably protect Apple devices from viruses.

The developers recommend using the iTunes media combine to download files to the iPhone. this method is considered official. However, there are other ways to transfer images. including those that allow you to do without a USB cable. They will also be discussed in this article.

How to upload photos from PC to iPhone using alternative file managers?

You can use the Chinese alternative to iTunes media combine, iTools, to upload photos to iPhone. After installing this utility, you need to proceed as follows:

Connect your mobile device to PC and run the program.

When iTools detects the device, go to the “Photos” tab of the main menu.

Click the “Import” button and select the folder with the pictures you want to download through the “Explorer”.

You won’t be able to download photos one by one via iTools.

Confirm that you want to copy the folder to the device. click “Yes”.

Do not try to understand the question. it is written “crookedly”. Russification is the real problem of the iTools app.

Wait for the import to complete, and you will see that the photos have appeared in the gadget’s memory.

Photos downloaded via iTools also cannot be deleted from a smartphone directly. only via a computer utility. But what then is the advantage of the alternative manager over iTunes? The advantages are as follows:

    Through iTools, you can drop as many folders with photos as you want on your gadget. In the case of iTunes, downloading a new folder will delete the one that was downloaded before. iTools does not force the user to sync. This not only saves time. it also makes it possible not to worry about the safety of data on the device that the user has erased from the PC.

If you need to upload photos to iPhone one by one, you should use another alternative data manager. iFunBox. You can download the utility here. The iFunBox program is good because it allows the computer to identify the “apple” device as a flash drive.

You need to copy pictures to iPhone via iFunBox like this:

After connecting the smartphone to the PC and running the utility, go to the “Quick Toolbox” section in the main menu.

Click on the “Photo” icon.

Click “Import” and drag the images you want to copy into the window that appears.

After the import is complete, the photos will appear on your mobile device.

iFunBox can work correctly only on the computer on which iTunes is installed.

Warning to users: don’t use multiple alternative file managers for iPhone! This can lead to a crash, as a result of which all the photo albums of the gadget will be empty, and the pictures will be available only one at a time in the “Photos” section of the application of the same name.

Uploading photos to iPhone via the “cloud

The most famous cloud storage continues to be Dropbox. despite the fact that other similar services offer more attractive terms. We have covered the procedure for transferring data via Dropbox in the guides several times. for example, in the article on how to download a movie on iPhone for free. Now we will show how to transfer images through the “cloud”, using the example of another service. “Cloud”.

First, you need to upload photos from your PC to the cloud storage. Go to cloud., Log in (or register if you are using the service for the first time) and create a folder for photos. via the “Create” button.

Give the folder a concise and understandable name. for example, “Photos”. Then click “Add”.

Finally, open a new folder and use the “Upload” button to fill it with the photos you want to admire on iPhone.

After that, you can close the site on the PC and change to the “mobile phone”. Download the Cloud application on your iPhone, launch it and log in with your credentials.

In the main menu of the application, select the “Cloud” section. In this section you will find the folder created on the PC.

After that, all that remains is to download the files from the folder to the phone.

How to Upload Photos to iPhone via iTunes?

Before proceeding with the transfer of photos in an official way. that is, through iTunes. you need to perform a number of preparatory steps:

    Download and install the latest version of the media combine. You can download the program by following this link. Connect iPhone to PC with USB cable. Collect all photos that need to be transferred to iPhone memory into one folder on computer.

It is impossible to copy a photo to an “apple” device from different folders. this is one of the significant disadvantages of this method.

After completing the preparatory steps, you can proceed to the data transfer procedure:

Open iTunes and go to the device control menu. click on the button with the smartphone image.

In the “Settings” section, select the “Photo” tab.

Check the box next to “Synchronize”.

In the menu “Copy photos from:” click on the item “Select folder”.

Find the folder on your PC with the photos that you want to transfer to iPhone through the “Explorer”.

If the folder also contains video files that you would also like to copy to your mobile phone, check the box next to “Include video in sync” in iTunes.

Click the Apply button.

Wait until the sync is complete, then go to iPhone’s Photos app. There you will see the folder with the pictures that you copied.

Photos uploaded to iPhone via iTunes cannot be deleted in the standard way. If you open any of these photos, you will see that there is simply no icon with the image of a basket in its usual place.

The deletion of such pictures also needs to be done through the media combine. It is enough to uncheck the “Synchronize” box in the “Photo” tab and start the synchronization process by clicking the “Apply” button. The folder with photos will disappear from the memory of the mobile device.

Transfer Pictures from PC to iPhone: Other Ways

There are other ways to copy photos from your computer to your Apple gadget:

    Through social media. As an intermediary, you can use, for example, “”. Upload photos from your PC to an album on your social network page, then go to VK from your smartphone and save the images to the device’s memory. Via email. Set up a mailbox on iPhone, then send a photo to this mailbox from another mail using a computer. After that, go to the mail from the “mobile phone”. in the “Inbox” you will find photos that you can save in the memory of your smartphone. This method has a drawback. video, as well as high-resolution pictures, cannot be transferred due to the large weight. There is a limit on the size of attachments on mails. the limit is usually set at 5 MB. Through a flash drive. In today’s market, you can find flash drives designed for iPhones equipped with a Lightning plug. The most famous of these media is the SanDisk iXpand. About the original flash drive from SanDisk says this

Flash drives for the iPhone are quite expensive (from 1.5 to 3 thousand rubles. depending on the amount of memory) and require additional software to be installed on a mobile device, but they allow you to quickly transfer large amounts of data from a PC to a gadget without “dancing with a tambourine”.

Despite the fact that Apple does not allow “uploading” pictures directly from PC to iPhone without iTunes, users have no reason to put up with this limitation. To transfer pictures, you can resort to any of the social networks, to email.

How to Transfer Files from Computer to iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad are multimedia devices with which you can listen to music, watch movies, read books and do a whole lot more different tasks. But a user who recently bought an iPhone or iPad has a reasonable question. how do you get all these files onto your device? In this article, we will look at the process of downloading various types of multimedia (and not only) files to the iPhone and iPad.

You can drop any file on the iPhone and iPad, without exception, but, unfortunately, not every file will be able to open it. Let’s start with the simplest manipulations. learn how to reset movies, music, books and photos using iTunes.

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone and iPad with iTunes

Open iTunes. In case it is not installed, download the latest version from the official website.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable.

Add to iTunes the music you want to download to your smartphone. To do this, click File → Add File to Library to open a specific song, or File → Add Folder to Library to add a folder with music. iTunes supports Drag’n’Drop, which allows you to simply drag individual songs and music folders to the program window to add.

Wait until the music is defined in iTunes and select the icon with the image of your device on the panel.

Go to the Music menu and select the songs you want to transfer to your iPhone or iPad. You can also check the box next to “Entire Library” to sync all your music to your device.

Click “Apply” in the lower right corner of iTunes and wait for the sync to finish.

To transfer movies to your iPhone or iPad, you must do exactly the same operation as described above, but choosing in Step 5 not “Music”, but “Movies”. By the way, after several such operations, users who did not like iTunes for their apparent complexity completely change their mind about this unique multimedia combine.

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone or iPad Using iTunes

Open iTunes. If the utility is not installed, download the latest version from the official Apple website.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable.

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Select the device that appears on the top bar.

Select the “Photos” menu.

Click on the checkmark next to “Sync photos from”.

To the right of this label is a button labeled “Images”. Click on it and select “Select folder”

Specify the folder with the photos you want to see on your iPhone or iPad.

Click “Apply” in the lower right corner and wait for the sync to finish.

How to Transfer Books from Computer to iPhone or iPad Using iTunes

With books, things are a little different. We have already described in detail three different applications for reading books on the iPhone and iPad, these are iBooks, Bookmate and Aychitalka. Follow the relevant links to get detailed information on this process.

How to use an iPhone or iPad as a USB flash drive

Download and install the latest iFunBox.

Open the program and connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. In order for iFunBox to see your device, iTunes must be installed on the computer.

The device will be identified in the program and you can upload absolutely any files to it, using your iPhone or iPad as a USB flash drive.

Drop files that need to be “moved” to the “Shared storage” folder.

A very convenient solution that can help out at the most crucial moment. For example, there is no flash drive at hand, but you need to drop an important file “weighing” several gigabytes. Do not send this by mail. iPhone or iPad, together with iFunBox, does an excellent job with this task. files are not damaged and are thrown off safe and sound.

Users who jailbreak their devices are more fortunate. With Cydia’s huge selection of file system tweaks, they can decompress files using dedicated managers, download files straight from Safari, and more. A prime example of such a tweak is the iFile file manager. You can find other useful tweaks for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with the installed jailbreak by following this link.

How to transfer photos from computer to iPhone: method one

There are several methods for adding photos to your mobile device. The first is the so-called “official”. The second is, accordingly, “unofficial”. Let’s consider one of them in more detail.

How to transfer photos from computer to iPhone: step-by-step instructions

Surely every person had such a situation when he bought himself a new iPhone model, carried out the transfer of all contacts and is already ready to work, but at this time one small misunderstanding arises: the user has already thrown off all the videos and photos from the previous mobile device, and transfer them the reverse order through a personal computer is considered simply impossible. At this time, the phone acts as a media device. Therefore, you cannot transfer photos from it. “How to transfer photos from computer to iPhone”. you ask? But don’t worry. Everything is simple as always.

Official way

The first thing to do is prepare all the photos and videos. Take your time, there is no need to convert. Everything is simple here. You can remember the path to the desired folder, or transfer it with the necessary files directly to the desktop. In the event that you have coped with this, then we proceed to the main actions.

  • Take the USB cable, insert it with the desired part into the device, and the opposite part into the personal computer.
  • Open iTunes. After launching it, go to your device.
  • Here is the iPhone overview page. Click on the photo section.
  • Select the option “Sync Photos With”. Next, you should select the folder in which your images are placed.
  • Check the boxes for the albums / individual photos that you want to see on your phone. We draw your attention to the fact that you first need to click “Selected folders”.
  • Click “Synchronize”. After that, wait for the completion of the initialized process.
  • Process completed.

Unofficial way

  • Connect your phone to a personal computer using a USB cable.
  • Go to file manager.
  • Next / var / mobile / Media / DCIM / 100APPLE.
  • Go to your folder with photos and select all the necessary.
  • Copy and transfer.

Therefore, there is nothing difficult in how to transfer files from computer to iPhone.

Transfer files from computer to iPhone

The principle of transferring data from computer to iPhone will depend on the type of information.

How to Transfer File from Computer to iPhone

Transferring videos

The Retina screen is extremely comfortable to view videos. To, for example, watch a movie without an Internet connection, you will need to spend a little time adding a file. It is noteworthy that with the help of special services you can transfer videos from your computer without using iTunes. read more in the article at the link below.

Transfer photos

Photos and pictures can be transferred from a computer to a smartphone at any time. In this case, as a rule, the user does not need to turn to the help of the iTunes program, which is necessary to create a connection between the computer and the iPhone.

Transferring Music

To listen to your music collection on your smartphone, you need to transfer the existing audio files from your computer. This can be done in different ways.

How to Transfer Photos from Windows to iPhone or iPad

If you have not previously synced your device with iTunes, you will not be able to use Wi-Fi wireless sync in iTunes, and you will need to connect your iPhone with a cable. First of all, make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer in order to proceed with this operation.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Windows computer using the original USB to Lightning (or USB to USB C) cable and open the iTunes app on your computer.
  • Click on the iPhone or iPad icon which is right next to the Music tab as shown in the screenshot below.

Go to the device page in iTunes

Photo sync must be enabled

Select the folder where your photos are stored

Now if you go to the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad, you can access all the photos you have chosen to sync on your computer.

If you have HEIC photos, you might find this article helpful on how to open it.

However, connecting an iPhone or iPad to a computer over a wire is gradually becoming a thing of the past. If you don’t want to rely on a USB to Lightning cable for transferring content, you can enable Wi-Fi sync in iTunes for wireless transfers. However, for this to work, your PC and iPhone / iPad must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Transfer Photos from Computer without iTunes

With services like iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive, you no longer need to use iTunes to transfer photos and videos. If you’ve set up iCloud on your Windows PC, you can easily sync all your locally saved photos from iCloud and access them on any Apple device signed in to the same iCloud account within seconds. And if you’re using a Mac, your images are automatically synced to your iPhone and iPad using iCloud.

How to transfer photos from Windows computer to iPhone and iPad

Want to transfer photos that are stored on your Windows computer to your iPhone or iPad? Many of us take pictures with a professional camera and save them on a computer for later processing, but if you want to access them on your mobile device, you need to transfer them to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes first. Yes, someone will say now “Apple has stopped supporting iTunes!”, But on Windows this is still an effective way to move photos.

There are several ways to transfer photos from computer to iPhone or iPad.

Earlier versions of macOS and Windows use iTunes to sync content to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch using a wired or wireless connection. Previously, it was impossible to even activate a device without iTunes, but now everything is much simpler. In macOS Catalina, iTunes moved to Finder; on Windows, many still use it to transfer content to iPhones and iPads.

It should be noted that we will be talking about moving photos from computer to iOS, and not vice versa. You can now transfer photos from iPhone to Windows without iTunes, there are tools built into the operating system for importing images.

How to Transfer Videos/Photos from PC to iOS

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Want to learn how to take really cool photos on iPhone, not run-of-the-mill shots? Here are some tips to help you with this. I’ll also tell you about the app, which has step-by-step instructions on how to take the perfect photo, and not only on the iPhone.

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There is also such a thing as iTools, I have been using it for a long time, it is much better than iTunes, because it does not require annoying synchronization after each time you connect your iPhone, you can easily throw music, photos, videos, and so on.

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone using iCloud

ICloud cloud storage is created specifically for owners of Apple devices. This cloud allows the iPhone owner not only to create backup copies of his phone’s data for their subsequent restoration, but also provides ample opportunities for storing a large amount of various files, including graphics and photos, as well as accessing them from any device. In addition, iCloud has two more distinctive features. “find iPhone” (tracking a lost or stolen device) and the ability to distribute a photo taken by your gadget to all your other Apple devices.

Open the iCloud storage page on your computer’s web browser: and sign in with your personal Apple ID.

Click on the “Photos” icon to launch the iCloud Photos app.

Click on the “Download” button. In the left pane of the window that opens, select the folder with the photos you want to copy to iPhone.

Select the necessary photos in the folder and click on the “Open” button in the lower right corner of the window. Wait for the process of copying images to your iPhone to complete.

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To display photos on iPhone, you need to activate the “iCloud Library” function as follows: open the “Settings” menu in your phone, select the “iCloud” tab, click on “Photos” and move the slider to the right, activating it.

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone

IPhone owners often need to transfer graphics or photos from their computer to their iPhone. Such a need may arise if the owner of the phone wants to always have important or memorable photos at hand, as well as to be able to show certain images to friends, relatives or acquaintances. In this article, we will analyze the possible ways to transfer graphics and photos from computer to iPhone.

How to transfer photos from a computer to an iPhone via iCareFone

ICareFone program differs from other similar programs in high speed and user-friendly interface. A distinctive feature of the utility is the ability to work directly with a connected device without unnecessary file transfers, i.e. as a regular file manager. This fact greatly simplifies and speeds up the procedure for moving various files between your computer and iPhone. The utility also provides the ability to back up and restore data, remove junk files, including cache, cookies and temporary application files, fix system errors, determine if the system needs to be updated, and block ads and application banners. At the same time, the manager we need to move files in Tenorshare iCareFone is available to absolutely all users in free mode.

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Launch the iCareFone program on your computer.

Select the “control” tab or click the photo (quick access) icon on the home interface.

Select the Import option, select your photos and click Open. To transfer folders of photos, select Import Select Folder, select the folders and click OK.

In iCareFone app, you can import below image formats: png, jpg, jpeg, heic, mov, mp4, m4v and gif. To do this, you need to install the iCareFone app on your iOS device. Open it and allow access to your photos.

After the transfer, you can unlock your iPhone and go to the Photos app

After the drop-down tab appears, you can select a folder (or a subfolder / several subfolders), the photos of which will need to be uploaded to your iPhone.

Select the photos you want in a folder or an entire folder (subfolder / multiple subfolders).

Click the “Apply” button and wait until the process of copying images to your iPhone is complete, after which the photos will be available for viewing and performing other operations on your iPhone.

4.How to Upload Photos from Computer to iPhone via Dropbox

To upload photos from a computer to an iPhone, it is not necessary to use iCloud, you can also use any other cloud storage (for example, Google Drive, Yandex Drive, Dropbox, Cloud, etc.), depending on your email account and 9 personal preferences. We will consider this operation using the example of the popular Dropbox cloud. In case you want to use another cloud storage, the algorithm of actions will be similar.

Open the Dropbox storage page in your computer’s web browser: and sign in with your email address and password, or sign up (if you don’t have a Dropbox account yet). You can work with the program online or download the Dropbox application and install it on your device.

From the menu located on the left pane, select the “My Files” tab. Create a new folder for your photos by clicking on the “New folder” icon in the right pane of the window.

Open the folder and drag the photos you need to copy into it using the held left mouse button or upload images by clicking on the “Upload files” button on the right pane of the window. Wait until the process of downloading images is completed (the download process is displayed at the bottom of the window with the remaining time).

Log into your Dropbox account from your phone, using the same identification information, and open the folder with photos you just created. You can download photos to iPhone by clicking the Download button or watch photos directly in the Dropbox cloud.

Thus, you can choose the simplest, most convenient and preferable way for you to transfer photos, as well as if you throw a video from your computer to iPhone. transfer photos from iPhone to computer. download video from iPhone to computer. backup and restore iPhone, etc. We recommend using iCareFone.

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone or iPad

We are often asked the question: how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone or iPad. And in fact, it’s not as easy as on Android, where we can work with photos in flash drive mode. With Apple, you need a few iTunes gestures. In addition, there are several nuances.

Apple does really convenient things, but some things, for some of its convictions, make it very difficult. And you have to put up with them, since there are no alternative ways. These moments include downloading music and photos to your iPhone or iPad.

And ordinary users simply stop using features such as downloading photos, ringtones, videos and music to their iPhone and iPad. Honestly, I am one of those. I prefer to store everything in online storage, the same DropBox, for example, which I will talk about in other articles. And uploading photos through iTunes, well, I’m not very happy :-)).

transfer, computer, iphone

And so, let’s say we really need it, but we cannot use the Internet to access the online storage, on an airplane, for example, or at a grandmother’s in another city or village. In general, it doesn’t matter, there is no Internet, you need photos on the gadget. Well, let’s do it through iTunes.

First, let’s learn how to upload photos to iTunes, and only then we’ll talk about the points to consider.

We connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer and turn on the iTunes program.

Click on our device and go to the “Photos” section.

Click the “Synchronize Photos from” checkbox and select the folder into which we will pre-add all the necessary pictures and photos.

Here we can check the box “Include video in sync” so as not to forget to transfer video files to our gadget.

Click apply, the synchronization process will start and the photos will appear on your device.

Everything seems to be simple, but now a few points, because of which I prefer DropBox.

Previously, all photos or pictures must be uploaded to one shared folder (you can make subfolders inside), because iTunes allows you to sync only with one folder.

This means that if you choose a different folder on the same computer or on a completely different computer, then everything that was previously synchronized on your phone or tablet will be erased! and will be replaced with a new folder. Be careful! thus, you will have to upload new photos to the same shared folder that was synchronized earlier so as not to delete existing photos. This also means that the iPhone and iPad only need to sync with one computer and only one shared folder of photos and pictures.

All photos will appear in the Photos application, but they will not appear along with the photos that were taken on the device, they will appear in a separate category or categories (if you had several subfolders in the shared folder) and you cannot delete them on the device itself. Each category will be named as the subfolder is called. On the one hand, this is convenient, it allows you to organize the entire archive of photos and put everything into folders. But the lack of the ability to throw them together with the photographs taken in one pile is also depressing.

In fact, managing photos and syncing with iPhone or iPad requires not only iTunes skills, but also proper storage of photos and pictures in a dedicated shared folder for syncing. And, at times, it is really inconvenient. While I would like to work with photos in flash drive mode, like on Android, freely delete unnecessary ones, and load photos from different sources.

Hopefully someday Apple will revisit this process and make it easier to add pictures, photos, videos and music to iPhone and iPad.

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iMazing and fast data transfer

Easily transfer music, videos, photos, documents and files to iPhone or iPad. for free!

Supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod models. Compatible with Mac and Windows. Latest version: 2.13.7. Last update: Apr 9, 2021 Latest version: 2.13.7. Last update: Apr 9, 2021 Latest version: 2.13.7. Last Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Speed ​​revolution

Fast transfer is a new feature of iMazing. Drag and drop files or folders onto the image of the connected iPhone or iPad and iMazing will display a list of compatible apps. You just have to choose which program to import the content into. This is a completely new approach to file management that gives you complete control over them.


Drag and drop a short music track into iMazing and the program will help you send it to your iPhone as a ringtone.

It’s easy to create a family photo album on iPad! Drag the folder with photos in JPEG or PNG format into the program window. iMazing does the rest.


An interesting movie or TV show will help pass the time on the road. Copy video files to Apple TV or third-party players like Infuse or VLC.


Copy books in EPUB and PDF formats to Books on iPad. Well, for comics, you can use the free ComicFlow application.


Send music to your phone without syncing with iTunes. Audio files compatible with iOS can be copied both to the standard Music program and to third-party players, for example, VLC.


Transfer entire file folders to your mobile device. GoodReader, Documents and other file managers are supported.

Transfer any files to iPhone and iPad (free)

With the new iMazing Quick Transfer feature, copying music, photos, movies, text documents and files from your Mac and PC to your iPhone or iPad is easier than ever. And it’s all completely free!