Apple’s Android Smartphone on HUAWEI

Display the addon “Phone Clone” and vibrate old and new telephones.

Wrap up the data and process the postponed

If you install the add-on “Phone Clone” on two phones, display the add-on and vibrate. “Price phone” on the new add-on. And then on the old phone, vibrate “Tse old phone”.

Victory old phone, show the QR code on the screen of the new phone and adjust the connection.

How to Transfer Data from Huawei to Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro? CLONEit App

When you connect, check out the data, you can copy it from the old phone, read “Nadislati Dani” and check “Transfer completed”. Transfer the required files from the old phone to the new Huawei smartphone.

Display the addon “Phone Clone” and vibrate old and new telephones.

Send a new phone to the local fancy

If you install the add-on “Phone Clone” on two phones, display the add-on and vibrate. “Price phone” on the new add-on. And then on the old phone, vibrate “Tse old phone”.

The WLAN access point will appear on the new phone. Old Apple iPhone connect to Wi-Fi, which is displayed on a new phone. Put the ensign “Nalashtuvannya”. “Wi-Fi”. If you have completed your mobile phone, you will be successful.

In the old Apple iPhone, you will need to wait for the sake of the confidentiality of the koristuvach, just to correct the authorization of the tribute. Turn to “Phone Clone”, vibrate the date, as you need to clone, and then click “Send” and daughter “Postponement completed”.

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Overwrite transfer of tribute can reach 1 GB per piece 2. Your favorite photographs, videos, contacts and іnshі files will be easily and infinitely transferred for the additional stolen encryption of a childless hedge. Niyakoi backup copy in hmari. Any hard drive.


Necessarily because of the fact that you can use iOS or Android 1. addon HUAWEI Phone Clone is a perfect match for your smartphone. Make a link without koshtovaya addon from Google Play or Apple Store.


You don’t need Wi-Fi, just scan the QR code or connect a local access point to a new smartphone, and everything is ready before the data is sent.


Pidtrim Android version 4.0 and newer, iOS 6.0 and newer 2. Appropriate attachments can help mothers receive childless transmissions.

Transferring Data to Xiaomi via Phone Clone

Phone Clone is a proprietary utility from the Chinese company Huawei. It allows you to automate the process of transferring music, videos, photos or phonebook contacts between your old and new phone. The program does not require any intervention in the transfer process. You just need to select which components to transfer. The transfer process takes just a couple of steps:

  • install your application;
  • in the device to which you need to upload the data, during registration, select “New phone”;
    transfer, data, xiaomi, honor
  • in the device from which you need to throw off the data, during registration, select “Old phone”;
  • on your old device, select the content you want to drag and drop to Android;
  • start the process;
  • wait for the end.

Do not turn off the Internet or turn off your smartphone while the Phone Clone program is running.

How to Transfer Contacts from Honor or Huawei to Xiaomi

If transferring data from Huawei to Xiaomi using the above programs did not work, or they turned out to be inconvenient for you, there are three more methods that work:

  • through your Google account;
  • via Bluetooth port or Wi-Fi connection;
  • use an external drive, hard drive, USB flash drive.

They cannot be called equivalent, since different communication channels are involved here. One is via the Internet, the other is the connection modules, the third is external storage. However, if configured correctly, the action can be performed the first time.

using a google account

This option is suitable for registered Google users. If there is no account there, it is possible to create one. It is effortless and takes a couple of minutes. Before transferring data from Honor to Xiaomi, please make sure your mobile internet connection or hotspot is stable.

  • Sign in to your Honor account.
  • Go to the “Account” sector.
  • Next, find the sync point.
  • Click on it.
  • Log in to the same account on Xiaomi.
  • There go to the “Account” sector.
  • Find “Sync” and click on it.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

via bluetooth or wifi

It is also possible to manage contacts and other files via Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi hotspot. To do this, activate Bluetooth or connect to the nearest internet point. Next, go to the phone book and click on the “Manage” button, then select export and define a convenient export channel for yourself. Next, connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the new phone. The last step is to transfer. To avoid losing the signal, place the phones as close to each other as possible.

How to Transfer Data from Honor and Huawei to Xiaomi Completely

How to Transfer Data from Honor / Huawei to Xiaomi? This question arises for the owners of modern gadgets when they decide to change their smartphone. And we are not talking about changing the version of the phone, but about completely replacing the company. Honor and Huawei occupy a significant niche in the cell phone market in 2021, and Xiaomi is their worthy competitor. Users face a serious choice, as both companies offer equally strong tools and features. However, if you prefer Xiaomi, you need to know how to move information from the old device to the new one.

How to transfer data from Honor / Huawei to Xiaomi via Mi Mover

Mi Mover is a modern multifunctional software for the exchange of components between devices. It fits all phones with Android operating system. Firmware version. 4.4 and higher. To use it:

  • download the program to the old and new device;
  • install;
  • turn on;
  • on your old phone, click “Send”;
  • on the new device, you need to click on “Receive”;
  • a barcode scanner will appear on the new smartphone, and the QR code itself will appear on the old one;
  • point Xiaomi at Honor / Huawei, scan;
  • when the contact between the devices is established, select the files for transportation;
  • enable shipping.

A few tips for using Mi Mover.

export to storage

A standard memory card or hard drive will do. You insert SD / microSD into your phone or connect a hard drive via an adapter. Next, you throw everything from the explorer to the removable storage. Connect the USB flash drive to the new device and import the data.

Mi Mover app for data transfer from Xiaomi is out for everyone

For a long time, I did not accept backups or data transfers. I liked that my new smartphone, immediately after taking it out of the box, is not loaded with my old data, and for a long time, being filled with everything I need anew, gives me a feeling of real novelty. However, over time, the data in the smartphone became more and more, and their value. more and more. Therefore, it became simply illogical to voluntarily give up the accumulated information, because then, when changing the smartphone, I would simply be left with a tool, in fact, of little use for work. But since backup on Android is not as convenient as on iOS, it was necessary to use data transfer tools of dubious origin. It’s good that Xiaomi has released its Mi Mover for everyone.

Mi Mover data transfer app made available to everyone

The Mi Mover app from Xiaomi, which allows you to transfer data from smartphone to smartphone, has become available to all Android users. Previously, only owners of Chinese brand devices could use it, but now it has become generally available. That is, from now on, users of smartphones Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and many other brands will be able to install Mi Mover and transfer the entire accumulated array of data to a new device, regardless of which brand is transferred to the smartphone.

How to transfer data from phone to phone

To transfer data from smartphone to smartphone using Mi Mover, you must:

Mi Mover requires a lot of permissions, that’s ok

The range of data that can be transferred from smartphone to smartphone is quite extensive. In addition to the basic set such as a log of incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages, reminders, scheduled events in the calendar, a list of contacts and applications, Mi Mover transfers photos, videos, downloaded files and even alarms. You just need to check the box next to each data type and wait for the transfer. It happens over a wireless connection, but it does not take a lot of time.

Which is better: backup or data transfer

Direct data transfer is more convenient than backup

The transmitted data is sent to the receiving device, in fact, and in the form of a backup copy. That is, they are applied immediately, and not saved as a separate archive with files. For example, if you need to transfer alarms, after a successful transfer, they will simply appear in the appropriate application. The same goes for photos, videos, apps, and other data. This is especially convenient because the recipient does not have to manually distribute all received files.

Device to device transfer is the best backup alternative. The fact is that usually a copy is saved once a day, and for someone even once a week. Therefore, it is highly likely that it may not take into account the latest changes on the donor device. Accordingly, it will be impossible to achieve their automatic transfer to the new device. And, by transferring information directly, we, firstly, get the whole range of files at once without loss, and, secondly, we do not need an Internet connection to download a backup copy.

Since the turnover of smartphones among users is a frequent occurrence, there are a lot of ways to transfer information, conditionally subdivided into three categories:

  • Standard tools.
  • Third party services.
  • Manual transfer.

The first category includes built-in tools implemented by the developer of the operating system or user interface. For example, the services of the owner of the Android OS. Google, pre-installed on all certified devices. Or large companies developing their own shell. For example, Xiaomi with the Mi Cloud service preinstalled in MIUI firmware.

Third-party services include mobile and desktop programs created by Android device manufacturers, private companies, or app developers.

The manual method involves data transfer with deep user participation. Using tools not included in the first two categories.

Important! The methods in each category are focused on the transfer of a specific type of data. And the preferred method is influenced by the convenience of interaction, the type, amount and amount of information transferred.

Transfer Data from Huawei Honor to PC

A convenient method of transferring data in case the old device is damaged. the screen is broken or the sensor does not respond.

  • Connect your old phone to PC with a USB cable.
  • In the “USB configuration” section, select the MPT item.
  • Wait for the removable drives to appear. Then copy the necessary data to your computer.
  • Then connect your new Android device and transfer the information you copied earlier.

Ways to transfer data from Huawei Honor to Xiaomi. step by step instructions

Sooner or later, you need to replace your old Android smartphone with a new one. But before sending the device to the shelf or finding another use for the phone, it is necessary to transfer the accumulated information to a new device.

In the article, you will learn how to transfer data from Huawei Honor to Xiaomi Redmi in the most convenient and affordable way.

How to Transfer Data from Old Android Device to XIAOMI Mi Note 10 – Copy / Transfer Files

How to Transfer Data from Huawei Honor to Xiaomi Redmi Using Standard Tools

The principle of operation is based on automatic backup. In accordance with the configured settings and in the presence of the Internet, the data is synchronized and sent to the server for storage automatically. And since the content is tied to an account, it is enough to enter the username and password on the new device to get a copy of the content.

Automatic backup will allow you to transfer data and settings: phone book contacts, application installations, calendar events, passwords, browser history, etc.

Media files are only allowed to be copied to a fixed volume cloud drive. If your phone has a lot of videos, music and other massive files, you will have to buy additional space or use other transfer methods.

Below are three ways to migrate data using automatic backups.

Transfer Data from Huawei to Xiaomi via Bluetooth

Are you interested in wireless data transmission from Huawei to Xiaomi? If so, take advantage of the Bluetooth feature built into every Android device.

Thus, this means that the method can save you the trouble of downloading any third party program. But this method is suitable for those who only want to transfer limited data such as photos, videos and documents.

Here is a simple guide to help you transfer data from Huawei to Xiaomi via Bluetooth

  • To start the process, go to Settings “Turn on Bluetooth” on both phones. Keep Huawei and Xiaomi phones close and let your Xiaomi device appear on your Huawei phone.
  • When the Xiaomi phone appears, select it and enter the code to pair both devices.
  • After a successful connection between devices, you can initiate the transfer process. For example, if you want to transfer images, go to Huawei Gallery, select the images you want and click the Share icon.
  • Now select “Bluetooth” and let the transfer process complete.
  • Transferring data via Bluetooth takes patience. Also, this method is not suitable for transferring any type of file such as messages, call logs, etc.

Transferring data from Huawei to Xiaomi using ShareMe. step by step instructions

CLONEit: How to Transfer Data from Huawei to Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite?

ShareMe, formerly called Mi Drop, is very handy for Huawei to Xiaomi transfer. The strong point of the Android switch app is that it can help you get the job done wirelessly and without internet connection. This method offers 200 times faster speed than Bluetooth and allows you to transfer files from your old device to your new phone at the touch of a button. over, it allows you to transfer videos, music, photos, apps and more between two mobile phones.

Here is a simple guide to learn how to use ShareMe to transfer data from Huawei Honor to Xiaomi Redmi

It goes without saying that transferring data through ShareMe will take time depending on how much data you transfer, so be patient for the process to complete. However, if the transfer is interrupted due to some problem, you can resume the process with one click without starting the whole process.

  • Create a Google account if you haven’t already. Go to the settings, open the “Accounts” section. Then choose. add a Google account. To complete registration, follow the account creation wizard and enter the required details.
  • Activate backup. In most devices without a modified interface, the parameter is called “Restore and Reset”. Activate the option, as well as familiarize yourself with the type of data that will be saved. Next, select an account.
  • Important! To restore the content of information on a new Android phone, you must activate the “automatic recovery function”.
  • For multimedia files, go to Google Drive, click the “Add” button and specify the path to the location of the files. Automatic upload of photos and images, available in the settings section.