SIM card as an intermediary

This method of transferring contacts from one Android to another is as versatile as possible, since when you replace the phone, you insert your SIM card into the new device. To copy contacts to a SIM-ku, just go to the “Contacts” application, then open the “Options” menu, where you can select settings and the item “Import / export contacts”. Select “Phone” as the source and then copy the contacts to the SIM card. Just do not forget to select the numbers you need first. without this, nothing will work.

Then everything is even easier: insert the SIM-card into a new smartphone and go to Contacts again, from there to Options and settings, where, instead of export, select import. Here everything happens in reverse order. the source of contacts is the SIM card, and the destination is the Phone. Select contacts and copy. this will take you less than a minute. Let’s just note that the memory of the SIM-card is not unlimited: as a rule, it can hold up to 500 numbers. That is, if you have a lot of contacts, it is better to use one of the following methods.

Copy to SD card

This method of transferring contacts is suitable for those who use a microSD card as additional storage. Here everything works in the same way as with a SIM card, with the only difference that after copying contacts on the memory card, a file appears in the.vcf or vCard format. This is a backup copy of your notebook, which you can then save wherever you want. When importing contacts into a new Android smartphone, select this file and it will automatically unzip and write to a new notebook.

Bluetooth transmission

If your Android does not have a memory card, then you can export a notebook with contacts directly to the memory of your old smartphone. the same vCard file will be created. It can then be transferred to a new gadget wirelessly using the Bluetooth module, which is found in every modern smartphone.

The file will be transferred to the Bluerooth folder, and in the settings of the “Contact” application, you will need to select the internal memory of the device as source of numbers. Everything else will be done automatically.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android?

Moving from an old Android smartphone to a new one is inevitably associated with the need to transfer your contact list. On the one hand, this task is not difficult, but, on the other hand, there are certain difficulties that both beginners and experienced users may encounter. Let’s take a look at the four most popular ways to transfer contacts from Android to Android, which are available to everyone and do not require any special knowledge.

transfer, contacts, phone, another

Export to Google Account

Each user of Android smartphones has their own Google account, without which it will not even be possible to download the application. It can also be used as a storage for contacts: for this you need to export them according to the algorithm you already know, using the item “Google Account” as the final address. To restore contacts on a new device, you will need to select an account as source, and a phone memory as a destination.

transfer, contacts, phone, another

But it would be best to set up the synchronization of contacts with your account, so that the actual numbers are always stored in it, and so that you do not have to export anything. To do this, open Settings on your smartphone, then go to Accounts and select “Google”, where your account will be. you will open the synchronization settings, where you will need to activate the switch opposite the “Contacts” item. After that, your notebook will be synchronized with its copy in your own account, and you can transfer it to any device you need in no time.

We use Bluetooth

Another method does not require any manual manipulation of changing cards. Contacts from Android to Android can be transferred via Bluetooth. For this method to work, all contacts must be stored in the memory of your old phone.

Turn on both Android devices and establish a Bluetooth connection between them. To do this, you need to enable the Visibility to other devices option in the wireless network settings of both phones.

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Then, on the old device, go to Contacts, select Share Options. Select all contacts and select Bluetooth as the transmission channel. We initiate the transfer of data between the old and the new smartphone (if necessary, enter the password) and wait for it to end.

Sending contacts via Bluetooth

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android?

transfer, contacts, phone, another

Have you just bought a new Android smartphone with improved operating system, design and performance? Before using it, you need to configure it: let’s start by transferring contacts from old Android.

Be sure to transfer data from your old one before enjoying the latest games, apps and features on your new Android. This article will show you several ways to transfer phonebook from Android to Android.

We use a Google account

Every Android user has a Google Account and can use it to sync contacts between devices. To do this, on old Android go to Settings, select Google Accounts and then your Google Account.

Synchronization settings will open. Set the Contacts switch to the On position (it is usually on by default). Then tap Options Sync to sync your device with your Google account.

Now on your new device, sign in with the same Google account. After a while, contacts from the old Android will appear in your phone book. It should be noted that only those contacts that are stored in the device memory are synchronized.

Synchronizing contacts with your Google account

We use an SD card

If you have an SD card in your old Android, you will most likely move it to the new one anyway, right? At the same time, you can take the opportunity to transfer contacts from Android to Android.

The principle is the same: open Settings, select Import / Export contacts and click on the Export button, but select the memory card as the storage location. Then we move our SD card to the new phone and import it as described above.

Contacts will be saved to the SD card in a special vCard format (.vcf). You can usually find them in the root directory of your memory card.

Exported Android contacts in vCard format

We use a SIM card

The easiest way to transfer contacts from Android to Android is manually. Copy the contacts of your old Android phone to the SIM card: go to Contacts on your phone, tap Options Settings, select Import / Export Contacts and tap on the Export button. Select the SIM card as the export destination.

transfer, contacts, phone, another

Transferring contacts using a SIM card

Remove the SIM card from the old phone and insert it into the new phone. Now import contacts from old Android phone to new Android: go to Contacts and select Settings Import / Export Contacts Import. Select SIM card as import source. Contacts will be downloaded to the device.

Please note that the memory capacity of the SIM card is not large. On average, it stores 100-200 numbers. If you have a larger phone book, use the methods described below.

We use the application

Finally, another method to transfer contacts between Android devices is to use third-party programs designed specifically for this. There are a lot of them, both mobile and desktop.

For example, among mobile applications, we can recommend Transfer Contacts, which can transfer contacts to Android not only from Android, but also from iPhone, BlackBerry, as well as from Nokia, LG or any old phone that has Bluetooth. The app is shareware, but the paid version costs a penny.

Transfer Contacts transfers contacts from any phone with Bluetooth

As an example of a PC program, we can mention, for example, the free Syncios iOS Android Manager Free application. This software can not only transfer your contact list from Android to Android (as well as iOS), but also transfer photos, text messages, call log, calendar, music, videos, apps.

transfer, contacts, phone, another

Syncios for Android has fewer functions than for iOS, but can transfer contacts

Import contacts using SIM, SD and Bluetooth

Before considering ways to transfer contacts from phone to phone using special programs and services, it should be said about the simplest solutions (SIM, SD and Bluetooth).

Import contacts to SIM or SD:

  • Select “Contacts”;
  • Go to the “Import / Export” tab;
  • Specify where and where you want to import contacts (from phone memory to SIM card or SD).

After transferring contacts from the phone book to the SIM or SD card, remove the card and insert it into the new smartphone. Now you can import contacts from SIM or SD to phone memory.

Speaking about how to transfer contacts from Android to Android, it should also be said about the possibility of using Bluetooth for these purposes.

To transfer contacts via Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on both phones;
  • On the phone from which you want to transfer contacts, go to Bluetooth settings and find a new device;
  • Open the phone book and mark the contacts you want to transfer;
  • Now all that remains is to transfer the selected contacts via Bluetooth.
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Transferring contacts using Google sync

When you first launch a smartphone running on Android OS, we are offered to create a Google account. Few people ignore this recommendation, because many functions are not available without a Google account, for example, you cannot use Google play. Not many people know, but a Google account is useful not only for the presence of the Play Store. In fact, having an account implies the ability to use many other useful services and functions. So, you can sync Google with your phone book. This method not only allows you to transfer contacts from Android to Android, but also guarantees the safety of information in case of loss of numbers (for example, if you lose your phone).

To sync your phone contacts with Google, follow these steps:

  • Enter the phone settings and select the “Accounts” / “Google” section;
  • Go to the sync settings by clicking on the mailbox;
  • Check the box next to “Contacts” and wait for the end of the synchronization process.

Now, when you log into your account from another smartphone, all your contacts will be displayed in it.

How to transfer contacts from Android to Android

As a rule, the need to transfer contacts from Android to Android arises when buying a new smartphone. Of course, you can manually transfer contacts, but this option is very laborious and time-consuming. Most people want to know how to transfer contacts from android to Android quickly and easily. Fortunately, there are many affordable and easy ways to transfer contacts from phone to phone.

In this article, we will look at the simplest and most reliable ways to transfer numbers from a device running on the Android operating system to another device with a similar OS. All methods are simple and effective. To eliminate the possibility of errors and loss of important information, just follow the instructions.

How to transfer contacts from Android to Android via PC

If none of the above methods suits you for some reason, you can transfer contacts from Android to Android using a computer.

To import contacts via PC you will need:

How to move contacts from old phone to new phone | Transfer Numbers | Android Phones

  • Directly the smartphone itself, from which it is planned to transfer contacts;
  • Computer or laptop;
  • USB cable;
  • MOBILedit program (you can download the program for free from the official website

First of all, you need to download and install the MOBILedit program. As mentioned earlier, the program is distributed free of charge and you can download it from the official website of the developers. Immediately after installing the program, you need to copy the contents of the Crack folder to the folder where you installed MOBILedit, as a rule, you need to go along the following path: C: \ Program Files \ MOBILedit! Enterprise). After that, you can start the program. At the first start, you will be prompted to download the driver database. Select your manufacturer and confirm driver download.

Before transferring contacts from Android to Android, you need to enable USB debugging. To do this, find the “Developer options” item in the smartphone settings and check the box next to “USB debugging”. If you could not find the corresponding item, then go to Settings, open the “About device” tab and click on the “Build number” item several times. Now you can start transferring contacts.

To transfer contacts using the MOBILedit program, follow these steps:

  • Launch the MOBILedit program and select Phone. Cable connection;
  • On the phone, select the PC Sync connection type or just synchronization (the name may differ depending on the model);
  • In the left panel of the program, select Phonebook and click Export at the top;
  • Specify the file type. csv;
  • Choose a place to store contacts, set a name and save;
  • Connect the smartphone to which you want to transfer numbers to the computer (the old one can be turned off);
  • Click Import at the top and find the previously saved csv contacts file;
  • After importing the file with contacts to the phone, the transfer procedure can be considered complete.

How To Transfer Contacts Android To Android #howto | Tech Tak

In fact, there are many other ways to import contacts from one smartphone to another. It makes no sense to list them all, then as the methods discussed above will be more than enough. They are all easy to use and effective. You only need to choose one option that suits you best and transfer your contacts.

How to transfer contacts from old phone to new (Android)


We began to live at a time when the information stored on the phone or PC became more expensive than the hardware itself. In general, this can be attributed to contacts in a notebook.

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And when buying a new phone. one of the first tasks that one has to face is transferring contacts from the old device. If you have a lot of numbers (more than 20-30), then the manual option can be discarded immediately, because it will take a long time, and it is easy to make a mistake and confuse the number.

In general, it is much more convenient to use specials for this task. Android system function to import / export notebook. Several options for its use will be this note.

Transfer contacts from your old phone

Note: screenshots below are from Android 8.1

This method is convenient first of all for its versatility (it works even if you do not have the Internet, there is no slot for an SD card, etc.). But it should be noted that not so much can be saved to a SIM-card. only 50-150 numbers. However, if you have a lot of them, then you can transfer the list of numbers in parts?!

How to transfer contacts from one phone to another (All contacts)

1) And so, to transfer, you first need to open your contact list, click on the “” button and select the “Import / Export” option (if you have an older version of Android, then this option will not be in the menu, so you can immediately from contacts open settings).

2) Then select the option “Export to SIM storage”. then specify which contacts to use (which are saved in the phone memory, Viber, Telegram applications, etc.). and click the “Export” button (with an arrow).

3) After the contacts are saved on the SIM card. install it in the new phone.

4) In the new device, open again the settings for export / import of contacts, select the “Import from SIM storage” option. then specify the contacts you need and click on “Import”. Screenshots below for help.

In general, the transfer is complete! As a rule, everything-about-everything takes 2-3 minutes. time.

Using SD memory card

This option is convenient when you have a fairly large notebook that simply does not fit on the SIM card (or, due to various errors, you simply cannot save anything to the SIM). In addition, this does not require an Internet connection (which is also critical in some cases).

1) First, you also need to open the contact list and go to the “Import / Export” menu. See example below.

2) Then select the option “Export to a storage device (SD-card)”. specify the contacts (which you need) and agree to save them.

Saving contacts to SD card / Clickable

3) If everything went well, a file named “00001.vcf” should appear on the SD card (with the current date and time).

4) Next, you need to connect the SD card to the new device.

Installing a MicroSD card for 128 GB in a smartphone

5) On the new phone, go to the settings for importing / exporting contacts and select the “Import from storage” option in the menu. After that, the phone will automatically find all the contact files on your SD card and prompt you to add them to memory. See the screenshot below for an example.

Using a Google account

This method is the most convenient. Allows you to transfer not only the list of contacts (which can be of any size). but also many other files: documents, calendar entries, multimedia, etc. In addition, when using it, you do not need to do anything at all, except to create an account and log into it.

Note: I omit the registration of a Google account, it is standard (just click on the “Accounts / Add a new Google account” menu, then enter your e-mail address, phone number, etc. data. and woo-a-la, you’re done!

So, having a Google account, you can enable the synchronization option, which will save your contacts to your servers in the “cloud” every day (which means that even if you lose your old phone, you can quickly restore all your contacts!).

Synchronization is enabled in the “Settings / Accounts / Google” section. Please note that after you turn it on, it takes some time until the data is synchronized.

After synchronization. you can simply turn on the new phone, set up an Internet connection, and log into your account. all your contacts will be automatically downloaded from the network. Comfortable? Even more!

With the help of specials. applications

Now there is a fairly large number of applications for auto-creating backups (note: backup is a special file for restoring contacts, files, documents, etc. user data).

For example, it is very convenient in this regard to use Easy Backup (link to the Play Market). It allows you to save your contact list to a “.vcf” file and send it “anywhere”: to email, cloud drive, SD card, etc.