How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone: icloud, iTunes, Bluetooth, App Store

Hello! Question: How to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone is interested in many users. There are several simple and effective ways. how to transfer the information block from one device to another. About everything in the article and in order.

Through iCloud it is very simple to transfer contacts. The use of iCloud is one of the basic tools for transmitting information from one device to another. icloud. is Apple’s cloud storage. All owners are provided with five gigabytes of memory in which quite a lot of different information can fit.

The ICLOUD application is favorably characterized by the simplicity of the device and the efficiency of functioning. To implement this method, only simultaneous Internet access to two devices is required. It will be necessary to log in from the new “apple” device so that from the old cloud account, data are transported to it.

To copy contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone, IPhone contacts should be synchronized with iCloud. You can do this according to the algorithm:

  • Find “Contacts”, check the switch. it must be activated.
  • To save all the information from the old device, you should go to the Directory “Reserve Copy” (to find it is easy in iCloud).

Do not forget that it is necessary to throw the iPhone iPhone contacts that the “ICLOD reserve copy” is constantly active. After the manipulations are completed, you can test the cloud storage using Apple or Desktop. they will definitely show whether it was possible to adequately transfer whether contacts or not.

Using iCloud

This is probably the easiest way to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another. It will only be required to connect to the Internet and the iCloud account, which every IOS user has.

  • Take the smartphone from which you want to postpone records. Open the settings, go to the ICLOUD section and make sure that the switch near the Contacts point is translated into an active position, that is, synchronization is performed.
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To make sure that the synchronization was successful, open a browser on the computer and go to Pilling yourself using Apple ID and go to the Contacts menu.

See how many records are stored on iCloud. There should be as many as they are clogged in memory of the phone. Then proceed to transfer contacts to the new iPhone:

  • Open the settings, go to the ICLOUD section and log in under the account used on the old smartphone.
  • Translate the “Contacts” switch to the “inclusive” position.

After some time (duration depends on the number of records), synchronization with iCloud will end, and you will see old contacts in the new iPhone phone book.

How to throw one contact from one iPhone to another

Sometimes it makes no sense to move the entire notebook, but only some numbers. In order to do this, we open the card of any subscriber in your phone book and find the line “Send contact”.

The menu pops up, which suggests choosing you the method that will be transmitted:

In this case, not all data are overwhelmed, but only the most basic ones. the number of the subscriber and his name and surname. Although most people have, only this information is filled 🙂

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How to transfer numbers through the Mover program?

Mover is a specialized application for copying numbers and photos from one “apple” gadget to another (it is not only about iPhones). This application is available for free download in the AppStore by link

Install Mover on both smartphones (“addressee” and “addressee”).

Connect two gadgets to one Wi-Fi network. If only one gadget is connected to the network, Mover will refuse to work and meet the user with such an unfriendly message:

On the gadget-“address” open Mover and through the “” button “select those contacts that you want to transmit.

Open Mover on the second smartphone. you will see that an arrow appeared on the screen of the first.

Move your finger on the necessary contacts towards the arrow and wait for them to be transferred to a new device.

Simplicity of use is the key that the number of Mover users is growing an impressive pace. However, this program also has competitors. The most famous is an application with a very discreet and rather long name “Synchronization and transfer of contacts between various accounts”, which also applies to the AppStore in the version of Freemium. The functionality of this program is wider than Mover, however, there is an unpleasant restriction: it will not be possible to import more than 100 contacts for free.

Using iCloud

This is probably the easiest way to transfer the saved phone numbers from one iPhone to another. This will need to be connected to the Internet and an account in Aylade, which any owner of the “apple” products has. Let us consider in more detail how to transfer contacts to iCloud. To do this, take a few simple steps:

    First of all, it is necessary to enable synchronization in iCloud. To do this, you need to enter the smartphone settings, open the ICLOUD section, scroll down the menu down, find the “Contacts” item and mark the runner for “VKL” position.

In order to make sure that the synchronization is performed, you should open any browser on the computer and go to the ICLOUD Enter your account and open the “Contacts” menu. Compare the number of records that are stored on iCloud and on the old iPhone. If they coincide, you can proceed to transfer.

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Now consider how to transfer contacts from iCloud to iPhone:

  • In fact, the procedure is almost similar to the previous. First of all, go into the settings and log in to the iCloud under the same account as on the old smartphone.
  • Find the section “Contacts” and make sure that the runner is switched to the “BCL” position.
  • After that, the synchronization procedure will begin and after some time, depending on how many contacts are transferred, they will appear in the phone book of the new gadget.

How to transfer numbers from SIM card to iPhone

Every day, many users purchase their phones, change their models. In this case, there is a need to postpone contacts, including an address book, other files. It is worth noting the convenience of the Apple system: when copying information, it will immediately be transferred to a new device. But what to do if you have to send information from Android or any other phone, even from the button apparatus! The necessary special manipulations that have a certain algorithm. To rewrite contacts, you need to spend a lot of time manually, in this case you can make an error and lose the desired contact. A lot of precious at the moment is also spent on this, so you need to look for ways to transfer numbers from Simka to iPhone.

The developers thought out this and provided for how to transfer contacts clearly from SIM card to iPhone. This can be done in several ways: through settings or through cloud service. There is also an alternative option, which is worth talking about in more detail.

Through the settings of the phone

The easiest and easiest way to use is to transfer through the phone settings. For such a transfer, this must be performed simple manipulations:

  • First, the user must insert a slot with a SIM card into the desired adapter on an apple device;
  • We are waiting for the definition of SIM cards on the phone screen;
  • Open the “menu”, after which we click on the “settings”;
  • We highlight the item “Contacts” in the settings;
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After that, the user can go to the “Contacts” item on the phone and see that the necessary information was copied quickly and easily. If, for some reason, the user found that the information has not been copied, then it is worth trying an alternative way-to use and create an targeted IPhone book.

Through iCloud

The transfer of contacts through iCloud is relevant if the user earlier decided to update his iPhone to the new version. To do this, clarify the date with the update of the backup in the iCloud cloud and check the Internet connection.

During the entrance to the system, you should go to the settings, and then activate the “recovery from the backup”. If the data on the old iOS device did not change, then transfer to a new device is possible.

If the user tries to arrange two devices nearby, then the owner should send not only the phone book, but also the rest of the information, including music and applications, texts. The exchange rate depends on how much the amount of information is waiting for the user. If there is a lot of information, then everything will be tolerated for a long time.

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How to transfer contacts to iPhone from Android

Before that, we considered the methods of transferring contacts from one iPhone to another. But what to do to those who are going to change their Android smartphone to the new iPhone? Of course, and in this case there are many options on how to move the data of the notebook from the phone to the phone.

  • Simka in an old phone.
  • Move all the contacts to the chip memory.
  • Install the SIM card in the iPhone.
  • Synchronize the old device with Gmail by placing contacts there.
  • Open iPhone settings.
  • Select the item “Mail, address, calendars”.
  • Click on “Add account”.
  • Select “Google”.
  • Enter account parameters.
  • Wait for the end of importing data.
  • Download the Move to iOS application on the old phone.
  • When starting the iPhone, select “Transfer data from Android”.
  • Remember the code that appears on the screen.
  • Launch a loaded application on Android.
  • Enter the code that the iPhone suggested during the initial setting.
  • Click “Continue”.
  • Select contacts for transfer.
  • Wait for the end of imports data.
  • Create a backup in the form of a VCF file on an Android device.
  • Send the resulting iPhone file in any convenient way.
  • Open the backup on the iPhone and select “Create new contacts“.
  • Create a backup on Android.
  • Select the resulting file and press the “Send by Bluetooth” button.
  • Confirm the reception on the iPhone.

How to easily move contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone

  • Download the Android Smartphone.
  • Run the program on the old phone, wait for the end of synchronization and remember the proposed PIN code.
  • Open iPhone settings.
  • Select “Mail, addresses, calendars”.
  • Create a new account by indicating Yandex mail.
  • Confirm synchronization.

What is better to use, let everyone decide for himself. But it is only worth noting that the transfer using a SIM card seems the simplest. However, it does not allow you to open more than 250 contacts on the iPhone.

How to transfer contacts using airdrop?

Airdrop is a function that allows iOS users to exchange files via a wireless network. You can try it to transfer contacts to the new iPhone.

But this method has one significant drawback: Airdrop allows you to transmit only one contact at a time. If you want to move all the contacts from one iPhone to another through Airdrop, this may be rather tedious.

  • Call the “Control Center”. To do this, draw up from the bottom of the screen. If you have an iPhone with Face ID, spend down from the right upper angle of the screen.
  • Press and hold the wireless control field in the upper left part of the “control center”. Turn on the Airdrop (its icon should become blue).
  • On the old iPhone, open “Contacts” and find a number that you would like to copy to the new iPhone.
  • Click “Share contacts”, then. “Airdrop”. By name, find a device with which you are going to share. On the new iPhone click “Accept”. The number you transmitted should appear in the “Contacts“.