Windows Mobility Center

For some laptops, such as Dell, disabling the touchpad is available in the Windows Mobility Center, which can be opened from the menu by right-clicking on the battery icon in the notification area.

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So, with the methods that assume the presence of all the manufacturer’s drivers are finished. Now let’s move on to what to do, there are no original drivers for the touchpad.

On an HP laptop

Some HP notebook computers do not have a dedicated key to disable the touchpad. In this case, try double-tapping (touching) the upper left corner of the touchpad. on many new HP models it turns off this way.

Another option for HP is to hold the top left corner for 5 seconds to disable.

How to disable the touchpad if there are no drivers or programs for it

If the methods described above do not work, and you do not want to install drivers and programs from the laptop manufacturer’s website, there is still a way to disable the touchpad. Windows Device Manager will help us (also on some laptops, disabling the touchpad in the BIOS is available, usually on the Configuration / Integrated Peripherals tab, set Pointing Device to Disabled).

You can open the device manager in different ways, but the one that will definitely work regardless of the circumstances in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 is to press the keys with the Windows R logo on the keyboard, and in the window that appears, enter devmgmt.msc and click “OK”.

In Device Manager, try to find your touchpad, it can be located in the following sections:

  • Mice and other pointing devices (most likely)
  • HID devices (where the touchpad may be called HID-compatible touchpad).

The name of the touchpad in the device manager can be different: USB input device, USB mouse, and maybe TouchPad. By the way, if it is noted that the PS / 2 port is used and this is not a keyboard, then on a laptop this is most likely a touchpad. If you do not know exactly which device corresponds to the touchpad, you can experiment. nothing terrible will happen, just turn this device back on if it is not it.

To disable the touchpad in the device manager, right-click on it and select “Disable” from the context menu.

How to disable the touchpad on a laptop

Today, a person quite versed in computers asked me how to disable the touchpad on his laptop, as it interferes with work. I suggested, and then looked to see how many people are interested in this issue on the Internet. And, as it turned out, there are very many, and therefore it makes sense to write in detail about this. See also: Touchpad not working on Windows 10 laptop.

In the instructions, I will first tell you in stages how to disable the touchpad of a laptop using the keyboard, driver settings, as well as in Device Manager or Windows Mobility Center. And then I’ll go over each popular laptop brand separately. May also be helpful (especially if you have kids): How to disable keyboard in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

Below in the guide you will find keyboard shortcuts and other methods for the following laptop brands (but first I recommend reading the first part, which will work for almost all cases):

  • Asus
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Acer
  • Sony Vaio
  • Samsung
  • Toshiba

Disconnect keys

Most modern laptops have dedicated keys on the keyboard to disable the touchpad. you will find them on almost all Asus, Lenovo, Acer and Toshiba laptops (some brands have them, but not all models).

Below, where it is written separately by brand, there are photos of keyboards with marked keys for disabling. In general terms, you need to press the Fn key and the touchpad on / off icon key to disable the touchpad.

Important: if the specified key combinations do not work, it is quite possible that the necessary software is not installed. Details from this: Fn key not working on laptop.

Using Synaptics Settings in Control Panel

Many laptops (but not all) use the Synaptics touchpad and related drivers. Most likely, your laptop too.

In this case, you can configure the touchpad to turn off automatically when the mouse is connected via USB (including wireless). For this:

  • Go to the control panel, make sure that the “View” item is set to “Icons” and not “Categories”, open the item “Mouse”.
  • Open the Device Settings tab with the Synaptics icon.

On the indicated tab, you can customize the behavior of the touch panel, as well as, to choose from:

  • Disable the touchpad by clicking the corresponding button under the list of devices
  • Check the box “Disable internal pointing device when connecting an external pointing device to the USB port”. in this case, the touchpad will be disabled when the mouse is connected to the laptop.

Disable touchpad on Asus laptops

Asus notebooks usually use the Fn F9 or Fn F7 keys to disable the touchpad. On the key you will see an icon with a crossed out touchpad.

Keys to disable the touchpad on an Asus laptop

Re-enabling the touchpad using the Fn key

One story happened to me when I turned on WI-FI on my laptop and accidentally turned off the touchpad touchpad. For a long time I was looking for the reason, not immediately realizing what had happened. Everything turned out to be simple, in laptops there is a button for additional functions called Fn from the bottom left of the keyboard. To enable any function on a laptop, the combination of the Fn and F1 buttons is clamped. F12. On these same F1-F12 buttons, pictures or symbols are drawn to apply the parameter. For example, to turn on the touchpad, you need to press FnF7, on the F7 button itself there will be an image like a touchpad. You can press all buttons in order FnF1. F12, but remember that there is a function to turn off the display, press again on those buttons on which the screen went out.

On some HP notebooks, the touchpad can be turned on and off by double tapping on the edge of the touchpad itself. Asus and acer brands may have a separate button next to the touchpad. If the touchpad still does not work, then move on.

Touchpad not working on laptop? 5 Ways to Solve the TouchPad

The touchpad is an age old feature that has long since replaced alternative mouse controls. With it, we can fully control our device, be it a laptop or a hybrid tablet. Many laptops (Acer, Asus, HP, lenovo, Dell) have problems with the touchpad. What to do if the touchpad does not work on a laptop in Windows 10? Let’s look at 5 ways to fix this problem.

Removing Other Mouse Drivers

There are times when you have connected a whole bunch of drivers from different mouse devices in the past and you have never uninstalled them. Some drivers from mouse manufacturers themselves automatically disable the Touchpad. Go to Device Manager by pressing the WinR button combination and type devmgmt.msc in the line.

Find the line pointing to mice and other pointing devices, click on the shortcut to expand the category and delete all the mouse drivers in order until the touchpad starts working on your laptop. If it does not work, try restarting the system after removing all drivers. Touchpad not working? Moving on to the next item.

Updating or downgrading the touchpad driver

Try updating or rolling back your touchpad driver. Go to the same device manager as described above. Locate the Touchpad device, usually named after the laptop brand (Dell TouchPad, Lenovo TouchPad, Synaptics, HP TouchPad, Acer TouchPad, Asus TouchPad.) Right click on your driver and select properties. Next, click Update to see if there are any useful updates for your touchpad.

Many people have reported on the Microsoft forums that the Touchpad stopped working exactly after updating Windows 10, for this you need to choose to roll back the driver. If you do not have the Rollback button highlighted, then you do not have a previous version of the driver.

Enable touchpad in mouse properties

In many cases, the device manager does not fire in order to enable Touchpat on a laptop. If your Touchpat still does not work on a laptop in Windows 10, then go to properties mouse.

  • Type mouse in the Windows search bar and go to Mouse Preferences.
  • Click Additional mouse options, in the window that opens, go to Device Settings, the Touchpad tab or as in the picture.
  • Find your Touchpad and click “enable”.

Disable touchscreen input service for hybrid notebooks

If your laptop is a hybrid (laptop and tablet in one with a touchscreen display.) There is a chance that the touchscreen input service that controls stylus functionality is interfering with your touchpad.

Activating the touchpad in BIOS

In case of a situation “the touchpad stopped working”, it makes sense to also check the BIOS settings.

In the bootloader menu, for example, in Acer Aspire 3 A317-51G or ASUS E410MA-EB009, the sensor is designated as Internal Pointing Device. It is located in the Advanced tab. If Disable is written in brackets, switch to Enabled and save (F10. Yes).

Updating or reinstalling drivers

Regarding software problems, they can manifest themselves in different ways: scrolling does not work, the touchpad does not respond to a click. Functionality is usually only partially lost. In this case, you need to scan the system with an antivirus and see the status of the drivers.

You can update, roll back or uninstall the program in Device Manager, Mice tab. The touchpad is referred to as a HID device or TouchPad. The problem is signaled by a yellow triangle. Installing the official software expands the touchpad functions.

Sometimes the touchpad doesn’t work after downloading new programs. Then the system rollback will help restore the device to work.

Algorithm of actions in case of touchpad failure

The touchpad is reliably protected from moisture and dirt, rarely breaks. Failures are mainly caused by the “glitches” of the program. As a result, the sensor does not perceive pressure, does not recognize gestures, and its sensitivity decreases. Also, the cursor randomly jumps around the monitor or, conversely, slows down. There are a number of problems for which the sensor does not work. In this case, you must initially identify the cause of the malfunction. The main ones are presented in the table below.

Before going to the service center, you should try to fix the problem yourself:

  • Check if the touchpad is enabled, and if not, enable it;
  • Clean the panel surface;
  • Update or reinstall the driver;
  • Activate touchpad in BIOS;
  • Roll back OS.

To check the health of the touchpad, it initially makes sense to restart the laptop in safe mode, and then proceed to the described steps.

Cleaning the touchpad

Often the touchpad on a laptop does not work due to common pollution. To remove grease and moisture, the sensor must be wiped with special napkins or a lint-free microfiber cloth. The sensor surface must always be kept dry and clean.

The touchpad does not work on a laptop: 5 ways to solve the problem

What to do if the touchpad on a laptop stops working? You should not immediately carry it to the service. The bottom line is not always a hardware failure: it may be incorrect operation of drivers or another software failure. Simple actions that even an inexperienced user can do will help to revive it.

Turning on the sensor

It is necessary to check the activity of the sensor by simultaneously clamping Fn F2-12. Often the touchpad does not work because it was previously turned off. In different devices, an individual set of keyboard shortcuts is provided for performing actions, for example, in Asus. FnF9, and in Lenovo. FnF6. In some variations, the sensor power key is displayed on the panel itself. It looks like a barely noticeable depression or dot. In this case, the touchpad is activated by double clicking on it.

GPT and MBR standards

In rare cases, the touchscreen on a laptop does not work due to a system error. The problem lies in the disk’s programming code, which is required to boot. There are two standards presented: GPT and MBR. The first is a GUID partition structure that carries information about the hard drive partitions. It is part of UEFI, which newer PC models use instead of BIOS. The second acts as a memory segment containing the boot loader for the operating system. MBR is a traditional structure and is compatible with all operating systems. The first option has a drawback. this standard does not support old systems, which is why a systemic conflict arises.

The error is resolved as follows: you need to see which segment is implemented on the laptop using the command line. The window opens with a combination of WinR. The line is entered “diskpart”, after. “list disk” and “Enter” to select the transformation structure. If there is an asterisk in the list that appears in the last column “GPT”, then this is the first version of the standard. If it is empty. the second one. In the first case, we can assume that a system conflict interferes with the touchscreen. The standard of the system disk is changed without losing data using special software. Alternatively. AOMEI Partition Assistant.

If you follow the instructions, performing the actions step by step, then the result will be to quickly eliminate the malfunction.

Broken touch panel

If you have completed all the recommended steps, but the sensor on the laptop does not work, the problem is in the hardware. As a result of the shocks and vibrations to which the laptop is often exposed, the touchpad cable is disconnected or the connector lock breaks. Also, a number of problems can interfere with the operation of the sensor model:

  • poor contact between elements;
  • connector oxidation, etc.

This is precisely determined only by a specialist after diagnosis. Therefore, the only solution remains. to send the laptop to a service center.


In Samsung, the touchscreen does not work most often due to software glitches. Reinstall the drivers. this should fix the problem.


It is often difficult to find correctly working drivers for models from this manufacturer, which is the reason that the touchscreen does not work on a laptop. If for some reason you could not find the official drivers, then the best solution would be to contact a specialized service.

Sony Vaio

Due to the fact that very thin cables are used when assembling Sony ultrabooks, they periodically become a problem in the performance of the touch panel. It is better to give the device to a service for diagnostics.

The touchpad does not work on a laptop

A common reason a touchpad doesn’t work comes down to getting dirty. Over time, the panel becomes covered with dust, various particles adhere to it, and it may become insensitive. In addition, touching with wet fingers can also negatively affect performance. Make sure your fingers are clean and that the touchpad surface is dry and clean. You also need to clean the panel using special wipes for cleaning equipment, or with ordinary wet wipes. After that, you need to wipe the laptop dry and use the touchpad. It is important to note that all cleaning work should be done with the laptop turned off.

A few important tips

The use of one or more of the tips mentioned above, in 99% of cases, will help solve the problem that the mouse does not work on a laptop. However, if the touchpad is still not active, try some life hacks to help solve the problem:

  • A utility that regulates the operation of the touchpad may be installed on a laptop. This is most common on devices where the touchpad is multifunctional. It is in this utility that the sensor can be disabled. The easiest way to find it is at the bottom of the screen, near the clock. You should not delete it, as the additional functions of the touchpad will disappear, but simply activate.
  • When connecting a mouse to a laptop as an external device, a device conflict may occur, due to which the touchpad stopped working. You just need to turn off the mouse and the panel will automatically work.
  • If the cursor moves intermittently, slowly, or not as it should, a virus blocking utilities may be the cause. Check your computer for viruses and / or reinstall the utility responsible for the sensor.

When none of the above steps help revive the touchpad, the problem is in the hardware. As a result of mechanical stress on the device, shaking and vibration to which the laptop is exposed, damage may occur inside. One or more problems can interfere with the normal operation of the touchpad:

  • Broken connector retainer.
  • The ribbon cable connecting the panel module and the motherboard is loose or broken.
  • Poor contact between elements due to dirt.
  • Oxidation of connectors due to moisture ingress.

Only a specialist in the service center can carry out an accurate diagnosis and understand the cause. Therefore, the only correct solution would be to take the laptop to the service.

How to enable the touchpad on a laptop

In 8 out of 10 cases, the reason for the non-working touchpad is to turn it off. To activate the sensor, you must press a key combination that will make the touchpad work in 1 second. In any combination, the Fn button must be present, followed by the Honor. Each manufacturer has its own set, so we have collected the most common keyboard shortcuts.

  • How to enable the touchpad on an Acer laptop
  • How to enable the touchpad on a Dell laptop
  • How to enable the touchpad on a Fujitsu laptop
  • How to enable the touchpad on a Gigabyte laptop

Hewlett-Packard notebook specialists wanted to get away from the classic combinations, and placed the button for changing the touchpad activity directly on the panel itself. Often, it is located in the upper corner and has a special lighting illumination.

Several other brands have followed the same path. Press several times on the buttons or key combination, and, most likely, the sensor will work.

Problems on different laptop models

The above are common cases that most often happened to users and due to which the touch panel did not work. But different manufacturers, even different laptop models, have their own “sores” that happen more often than on other devices. Below is a small selection of the most common problems in which the touchpad is buggy on a laptop.

Laptops from Taiwan usually show excellent performance, and touchpad problems often happen due to driver problems or reinstallation of the operating system. As for physical breakdowns, they most often occur in the K53S series.

Purpose and benefits of the touchpad

For a portable device like a laptop, it is important to have as few moving, protruding, and pluggable parts as possible. It should be as self-sufficient as possible.

A small touchpad allows you to slide your finger over it and thereby move the mouse cursor. It also contains other functional actions. for example, tapping (tap, tapping) will mean clicking the left mouse button, moving vertically along the left edge. scrolling, etc. MacBooks also have a 3D touch function, when you can, using several fingers at once, zoom in or out of the picture, flip the image.

In addition, the touchpad usually has two buttons that act as the left and right mouse buttons.

For all its conveniences, the touchpad just gets in the way for many. Indeed, it is inconvenient to touch him while working with text or other similar situation. Therefore, the developers have provided options to allow the user to activate or deactivate this area. This is also relevant if your laptop is on your desk at home and it is more convenient for you to work with it with a mouse, like on a stationary PC.

Driver failure

When the touchpad does not work on an Asus laptop or any other, it is first of all recommended to check the availability and freshness of the drivers for the device. Go to the “Device Manager” and find there the item related to the touch input device. Further actions depend on the opened picture.

Perhaps Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or another system incorrectly installed the driver on a new laptop, having done it twice, and now it is confusing which device to access. In such a situation, you need to right-click on one of them and select “Remove device”; perform the same operation with other unnecessary devices, and then restart the laptop. After rebooting, the system should automatically pick up the necessary drivers, and the error will disappear.

If the device is displayed as needed, in a single copy, then updating or rolling back drivers can help. This is especially true if a yellow exclamation mark is displayed at the touchpad name in the “Device Manager”. Move the cursor over this name and bring up the context menu. Select Properties from the list. In the window that opens, select the “Driver” tab. Then proceed according to the situation. For a start it is worth trying “Update” software. If the tap on the touchpad stopped working after updating Windows, then the option “Roll back” is provided. It will also not hurt to download from the official website of the laptop manufacturer, from the Drivers section, a fresh package of suitable drivers specifically for your device model.

Why the touchpad does not work on a laptop?

If the touchpad does not work on a laptop, then some users will simply take and connect an external mouse to it, while for others it will become a serious problem. Laptops are bought largely because of their mobility and ease of use on the road. And in these cases, the touchpad is more convenient to handle than the mouse. In today’s article, we will consider the main possible causes of breakdown, and if you cannot cope on your own, you can contact us for laptop repair.

Sensory service

If you are the lucky owner of a laptop with a touch screen, then the reason for the touchpad glitches may be in the resources that are not properly allocated between them. In hybrid devices, the touchpad and screen often conflict. At the same time, at first the touchpad starts to work poorly, slowly respond to pressing, and then it completely fails.

In such a situation, you will have to choose between a touchpad and a touchscreen. If you find that the panel is more necessary for you, then you need to turn off the screen. To do this, press WinR, thereby calling the “Run” window. In the input field, type services.msc to open the list of system services. Find a service with a name similar to Tablet PC Input Service among them. Right click on it, click Disable. After that, the touch screen should stop working and the touch panel should start functioning normally.

If you bought a laptop to take full advantage of its functions, and are not ready to give up on them, then you can try to roll back or update the drivers for input devices (mouse, display). If the configuration is correct, then the conflict between devices will disappear. Or just remove both devices from the “Device Manager” and reboot. When turned on, with a high degree of probability, the system will install everything correctly.

Five ways to turn on the touchpad

When the touchpad on a laptop suddenly stopped working, this does not mean that the device is broken. Perhaps you turned it off accidentally. There are five ways to enable / disable the function:

On some laptop models (HP in particular) there is a small recess in the corner of the touch panel. Many do not know, but this is the very “magic button”. If you double-click on it, then the touch panel will be activated or, conversely, disabled. Alternatively, hold your finger can also be used.

All models, without exception, have the ability to activate and deactivate the function with hot keys (Fn F1-F12). The pictogram drawn on it will tell you which key to press. For example, if the touchpad on an Acer laptop does not work, then you usually need to press the Fn F7 key combination. Table of popular manufacturers of laptops and hot keys embedded in them:

The touchpad can be disabled or enabled programmatically, through the Settings window in Windows 10. You need to go to the Devices section and find the “Touchpad”. The switch that is there must be in the “On” position. In addition, check next to whether the checkbox next to “Do not disable the touchpad when connecting a mouse” is checked. If it is removed, then immediately after connecting the peripheral mouse to the laptop, the sensor will be deactivated.

You can also try to solve the problem of why the touchpad on a laptop does not work through the BIOS settings. To get into them, hold down the Delete or F2 key while starting the device. Find Pointing Device in BIOS and set it to Enabled. Click “Exit with Saving” or a similar button to save the changes and restart the laptop.

Finally, you can see the instructions for the laptop. But we are not talking about paper instructions, but about electronic documentation, which is usually more detailed. You can often find it on the C: drive in the Documentation directory.

You have learned the standard and manufacturer-specific methods for solving the problem. If none of them had any effect (for example, the touchpad on the computer is turned on for all the points, but does not work), it may be a breakdown.

The touchpad does not work due to hardware malfunctions

This happens after disassembly or after assembly. The most common reason is that after the dismantling was done, they forgot to plug in the power cable for the touch pad. Other prerequisites:

  • moisture has entered the sensor;
  • there was a temperature drop, due to which the loop contacts oxidized (therefore, you cannot turn on the laptop immediately after coming home from frost).

The plume generally oxidizes very quickly, this is the weak point of any touchpad. And oxidized contacts can no longer fully transmit signals. At the same time, the device often fails gradually: first, the keys or the scroll area stop working, and only then the main part breaks down.

serious breakdowns include cracks in the sensor or a malfunction of the entire south bridge of the laptop (the south bridge is a microcircuit that is responsible for the functioning of all connected peripherals). A cracked sensor can be replaced with a new one, and fixing the south bridge is purely for a specialist who knows how to disassemble and restore a motherboard.

So, what to do if the touchpad is not working on a laptop? The first is to check that it is turned on. The second is to update the drivers. The third is to solve hardware problems. If this seems difficult to you, please contact our service center in St. Petersburg for a solution. We carry out diagnostics and quick repair of any computer equipment at low prices.

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Where to download drivers for Vaio

VAIO Quick Web Access A kind of mini-operating system, consisting of one browser, is launched when the WEB button is pressed on the switched off laptop (Windows does not start at the same time). After fully formatting the hard drive, this function can be restored, but I will not touch on this process in this article. You can skip downloading if there is no need.
Wireless LAN Driver (Intel) Wi-Fi driver. Better to install even if Wi-Fi is detected automatically.
Atheros Bluetooth® Adapter Bluetooth driver. Downloading.
Intel Wireless Display Driver Driver for connecting a monitor wirelessly using Wi-Di technology. Few people need it, you can not download.
Pointing Device Driver (ALPS) Touchpad driver. Install if you use and need additional functions when using it.
Sony Notebook Utilities Branded utilities for Sony Vaio laptops. Power management, soft keys. Important thing, be sure to download.
Audio Driver Sound drivers. We load, despite the fact that the sound works anyway.
Ethernet Driver Network card driver. Needed.
SATA Driver SATA bus driver. Needed
ME Driver Intel Management Engine driver. Needed.
Realtek PCIE CardReader Card reader
Vaio Care A utility from Sony that monitors the health of your computer, informs you about driver updates. Not necessary.
Chipset Driver Downloading
Intel Graphics Driver Intel HD Graphics Embedded Driver
Nvidia Graphics Driver Graphics card driver (discrete)
Sony Shared Library Another essential library from Sony
SFEP Driver ACPI SNY5001 Sony Firmware Extension Parser Driver is the most problematic driver. At the same time, one of the most necessary. provides the work of proprietary functions of Sony Vaio.
Vaio Smart Network A utility for managing network connections, not too necessary.
Vaio Location Utility Also not the most necessary utility.

For your laptop model, the set of utilities and drivers will most likely be different, but the key points in bold will be the same, they are required for Sony Vaio PCG, PCV, VGN, VGC, VGX, VPC.

How to install drivers on Vaio

While I was struggling with installing drivers for Windows 8 (for Windows 10 everything will be exactly the same) on my laptop, I read a lot of tips regarding the correct order of installing drivers on the Sony Vaio. For each model, this order is different and you can easily find such information on the forums discussing this topic. From myself, I can say. it did not work. And not only on Windows 8, but also when installing Windows 7 Home Basic, which the laptop came with, but not from the recovery partition. However, the problem was solved without resorting to any orders.

Installing drivers on Sony Vaio

Installing all the drivers on Sony Vaio laptops is a rather non-trivial task that users often have to face. To help. numerous articles telling about the order of installing drivers for vaio, which, unfortunately, do not always work.

In general, it is worth noting that the problem is typical for Russian users. when buying a laptop, many of them first of all decide to delete everything, format (including the laptop’s recovery partition) and install Windows 7 Ultimate instead of Home. The benefits of such an event for the average user are highly questionable. Another option, which has been relevant recently. a person did a clean installation of Windows 10 or 8 on a Sony Vaio laptop, and cannot install drivers (on the Sony official website there is a separate instruction on how to install Windows 8 and it is noted that a clean installation is not supported ).

Another common case: a “wizard” performing computer repair comes and does the same with your Sony Vaio. the factory recovery partition deletes, installs an assembly a la Zver DVD. The usual result is the inability to install all the necessary drivers, driver packs are not suitable, and those drivers that were downloaded from the Sony official website are not installed. At the same time, the function keys of the laptop do not work, which are responsible for increasing the brightness and volume, locking the touchpad and many other, not so obvious, but important functions. for example, power management of Sony laptops.

Instructions for simple and successful installation of drivers on Vaio from

Step one. In any order, install all the drivers that you downloaded earlier.

If the laptop had Windows 7 (any) and now Windows 7:

  • Run the installation file, if everything is installed successfully, restart the computer if necessary, put the file, for example, in the “Installed” folder, proceed to the next.
  • If during installation a message appears that this software is not intended for this computer or other problems have occurred, i.e. drivers are not installed, we postpone the file that has not been installed, for example, in the “Not installed” folder. We proceed to install the following file.

If the purchase was Windows 7, and now we are installing Windows 8. everything is the same as for the previous situation, but we run all files in compatibility mode with Windows 7.

Step two. Well, now the main thing is to install the SFEP driver, Sony Notebook Utilities and everything else that refused to be installed.

Let’s start with the tricky one: Sony Firmware Extension Parser (SFEP). In the device manager, it will correspond to “Unknown device” ACPI \ SNY5001 (well-known numbers for many Vaio owners). Searches for the driver in a pure.inf file will most likely not yield any results. The installer from the official site does not work. How to be?

  • Download the Wise Unpacker or Universal Extractor utility. The program will allow you to unpack the driver installer and extract all the files it contains, discarding unnecessary Sony checkers who say our laptop is not supported.
  • Find the driver file for SFEP in the folder with the unpacked installation.inf file, install it using the task manager on our “Unknown device”. Everything will fall as it should.

In a similar way, unpack all other installation files that did not want to be installed. As a result, we find a “clean installer” of what we need (ie, another exe file in the folder that turned out) and install it on the computer. It is worth noting that Sony Notebook Utilities contains three separate programs at once, responsible for various functions. All three will be in the unzip folder and will need to be installed separately. Use Windows 7 compatibility mode if necessary.

That’s all. Thus, I managed to install ALL drivers on my Sony VPCEH twice already. for Windows 8 Pro and for Windows 7. The brightness and volume keys, the ISBMgr.exe utility, which is responsible for power and battery management, and everything else work. It also turned out to return VAIO Quick Web Access (in Windows 8), but I no longer remember exactly what I did for this, and now I’m too lazy to repeat.

One more point: you can also try to find the image of the recovery partition for your Vaio model on the torrent tracker There are enough of them there, perhaps you will be able to find your.

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sony vaio touchpad not working window 7

Laptop model VGN-FZ21E installed Windows 7 Enterprise 64bits. thank.

Thanks for the helpful article.
On my Sony VAIO VPCEN3P1R, after reinstalling Windows 7 due to the death of the screw, the Ethernet Driver was not installed, which in “Other devices” was defined as Ethernet Controller.
The application of Universal Extractor with the subsequent installation of the driver from the specified location helped.

Excuse me for not Just now I’m suffering with Vaio. The laptop itself turned off after 15-30 minutes. In any case. i.e. Toys or surfing the web, the result is the same. I checked it with the “KVRT” utility. I didn’t work, I passed out. After the next turn on, I started Ccleaner, but I managed to do it before turning it off. The next time it didn’t turn on. The matrix does not light up, and does not read from hard (hard indicator does not blink) although hard and “buzz”. The cooler works fine, the drive tries to read it, but the Live CD does not start. The indicators for turning on, charging and hard in normal mode, that is, they do not blink as if there were any problems. Model SVF1521L1RW. Do you think a corpse, or hope has not yet been shot?

Try to boot from LiveUSB, for example, with some ubuntu. If there is the same behavior, then some cadaverous phenomena of equipment, but you can’t say more precisely here, hardware masters carry.

I have sony vaio VPCEN3F1R, after installing Windows 7, installed all the firewood from the site’s office as described above, the SFEP Driver ACPI SNY5001 also seems to be installed (installation was successful), only the yellow sign on the unknown device in the manager continues to burn. Unpacked the Universal Extractor installer. extracted file. installed on NU, also without result. What to do?

I have almost the same Sony VAIO VPC-EH3M1R / W laptop. on a Core i3 2350M processor. and having two video cards: integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000 and discrete Nvidia 410M.
I have a question for you.
How do I switch to on-board graphics? Only one Nvidia card is displayed in the device manager, but not Intel.
The laptop is factory preinstalled with Windows 7 Home Premium.
please tell me.

I no longer have the laptop about which the article was written. But if I am not mistaken, you cannot manually switch there, i.e. automatically the video card is selected. But if Intel HD is displayed in the device manager. I don’t remember (try to turn on the display of hidden devices in the “View” item)

Good afternoon, can you tell me what kind of driver it is: LPC controller for Intel (R) HM76 Express chipset. 1E59
SVE1512H1R laptop

VAIO®. Troubleshooting the touchpad on your Laptop

The driver of one of the components of the motherboard (Low Pin Count), is used to control ports (internal PS / 2 and others)

And how is it signed on the Sony website? I didn’t find Low Pin Count, maybe it’s signed in a different way?

As I understand it, it is included in the Chipset Driver kit. And, perhaps, here, too, you will have to try to unpack the installer and find where there is a driver specifically for lpc. If it doesn’t work, tell me the laptop model.

Nothing helps. Sony Vaio SVE1512H1R laptop

Did you install Intel Management Engine Interface from their official website?

Hello! Please tell me! My camera does not work after reinstalling Windows 7 what to do?

As I understand it, install all the necessary drivers for it. Most likely you have unidentified or disabled devices in Device Manager.

Thank you so much! Used Universal Extractor for VPCEK3S1R drivers. For half a day I was tormented with Ethernet and an Unknown device. After reading here everything was installed in 10 minutes! This along with searching, downloading from the correct site and installing the unpacker!

Thank! The FN function is working. Both brightness and volume used Universal Extractor to unpack Sony notebook utilites.

I was tormented with the stamina-speed mode for about 3 months, I read all the forums, installed in a certain order, nothing helped. Demolished 10 put 7 I think let me try again, went to this site did as it is written and everything, everything works. Before that, an intel home video card was working, very weak. without the stamina-speed mode, you cannot enable Nvidia in any way. What I just didn’t do.
Thank you, everything is like clockwork now “VAIO” Revived

Good day! Please discard the working link to wise unpacker gui v0.12, otherwise I find only harmful programs and so many viruses climb to me, or discard the program itself to my mail. I’ll be very thankful.

Hello. I don’t know where to get it now. But: look for Universal Extractor, it can do that too and is searched for without viruses on the Internet.

Hello! Thanks for the answer. Universal Extractor doesn’t work with my drivers on Sony Vaio vpceg 16fm laptop. Is there anything you can do?

good day!
Given: Laptop SONY Vaio VPCEJ2M1R
Problem: The microphone does not work. Those. the sound is audible, but when using programs such as Skype or when making calls via. the interlocutor does not hear me. I made a test call to Skype, they can’t hear me either.
Question: which driver for the microphone to install?

In general, nothing is needed (I have almost the same Sony Vaio model with Windows 10 myself), provided that the sound works. In the parameters of recording devices (right click on the speaker. recording devices) the microphone is displayed?
When sounds are emitted there, the level indicator displays this?
If yes, then somewhere in the parameters of Skype itself it is better to look.

good day!
Installed most of the drivers without problems.
Even SFEP got up without question.
Doesn’t want to install Sony Notebook Utilities.
The.inf file cannot be reached, Universal Extractor simply refuses to unpack.
I’ve already broken my whole head You can do something?
VPCEJ3L1R laptop
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Hello. Doesn’t it unpack at all? It’s just that there in Sony Notebook Utilities, after unpacking in the folder with the extracted content, there should be three subfolders with three utilities, respectively, not inf files (I don’t remember by name now, and my Vaio is not nearby now), inside each of these folders there is a setup file, which already working properly.
I also remember in my original solution (before finding Universal Extractor) I unpacked using the Wise Unpacker GUI, though I don’t know where to download it now (I’m not looking for something that looks reliable, so be careful).

It’s getting more interesting every day
Windows, which I installed yesterday, turned out to be modified, with an activator and some more unnecessary junk. Today I put a clean Windows, put the firewood in a different order (I don’t think it affected, but still) and the SFEP pancake also got in one place At first it was not installed at all, then somehow the unknown device disappeared from the device manager. Now I have firewood installed on the network card, but in the device manager the ethernet controller in other devices with an exclamation mark I give up I’ll carry it to the masters

Tell me, is the procedure for installing drivers on Win 10 x64 the same as in this article? Which Vaio utilities should I put on 10? Whether to install the Power Management utility from Sony Notebook Utilities?
VPCEG1S1R (on the driver website for 8.1)
Damn looked, Sony Notebook Utilities only on Win 7, How to proceed?
Thank : )

I put it on VPCEH, and even on Windows 10 (despite the fact that the drivers are also from 7). No problem.
In general, the power management utility, yes, you need to install (otherwise, problems with sleep, proper shutdown, etc. are very likely), you can use the order from the article.

Hello everyone.
Now I have my fourth laptop from Sony. I noticed a peculiarity, after reinstalling the OS, the drive stops seeing BD disks. Do not tell me what’s the matter?

Do you have a Blu-ray drive there? (if you are talking about these disks) and before reinstalling the OS everything is in order?

Yes. Of course. And such a story on two laptops. Latest VPCSA3Z9R 3D showing via HDMI on TV.

I look at the office. the site for the latest specified model has a Blu-ray drive firmware. Maybe he is missing?

Hello! I tried to subscribe to you twice, but it didn’t work: I didn’t receive confirmation of registration by e-mail. Apparently I am not alone
Sincerely, Alexander.

Strange not in spam either? I have subscribers from Yandex and it seems that new ones appear every day. By the way, I see your address in the list of unconfirmed addresses, i.e. the letter seems to be gone. (I can’t sign “for my part”. restricting the service so that there is no abuse).

Hello, please give a link to the drivers for SONY VAIO PCG-8X3P, preferably on the UK website (maybe there are newer ones). I cannot find the driver. thank.

(vgn-ar31 = pcg-8x3p, they are the same model).

good day.
Please tell me where it is better to download the wise unpacker gui v0.12 program, if possible a link, there is nothing adequate on Google (
Thank you in advance!

Hello. Use Universal Extractor, it does the same thing, but searches are easier today. Unfortunately, there is no official website, only third-party sources.

Good day! Please tell me, the whole Internet has already turned upside down, I can not find the driver package for Sony Vaio VGN-AR190G, on the official website there is a feeling of not a complete set, I am a beginner in this, so I may not know a lot. Once on your site I reinstalled the computer, and everything went fine, for which I am grateful) but in this case with vaio I was blunt with the drivers, plus it costs Windows 10 32bit. Where can I find a driver, please tell me.

I’m afraid I won’t tell you anymore: I looked where they still remained, on the American and British sites of sony, but they’ve already been cut from there. So, apart from unofficial sources such as driver dot ru, I have nothing to offer.

Need help. There is a Sony SVE1511T1RSI laptop. Installed Vin7 but Fn combinations do not work. I have no unknown devices in the device manager, so inf files, as I understand it, will not help me

There utilities are needed, in my opinion sony shared library and sony notebook utilities. Here I wrote on the topic:

And my Sony VAIO VPCF13E1R is not listed. So the driver for w10 can not be found?

Hello. Here’s what I found:

ACPI \ SNY5001 driver:

Good day! Sony VAIO SVE1512G1RW W8.1 built-in camera does not work. Rather, it works. it takes video and photos, but it doesn’t work like a webcam. I have already set the resolution-result to 0 in all settings.
when checking the camera online, it writes. Your camera appears to be being used or blocked by another app. To start the camera, you must temporarily close that application. For more information
At what I tried to try to connect a USB camera. The result is the same! Tell me what could be?
PS. The built-in camera has already been removed and reinstalled. Everything is the same. I tried to use the program to find which applications still use the camera and block for others. The program showed that 0 apps are using the camera. When checking online. nothing has changed.

And try to boot in clean boot mode, like this:
If, at the same time, the check suddenly turned out to be successful, it still looks like some third-party software interferes with the operation of the camera.

Dmitry, good evening!
I don’t know if the topic is still alive, but I’ll ask you anyway.
Notebook: Sony VAIO VPCEH3P1R
Back in August, with the help of your instructions, I found it at the office. website and installed its drivers. Now there is a need for them again, but now I can not find them anywhere. the “Downloads” section on the site is empty.
Are drivers from any other models suitable for my laptop??
And can you find my firewood anywhere? First of all, you need a driver for Bluetooth, otherwise you have to periodically reconnect bluetooth for relatively correct operation.

In google on request “VPCEH3P1R drivers” the second site, although not official (the one that is notebook center), but seems to contain the original set of drivers.
But it is better to check the installers first on virustotal for every fireman.

Thanks, I’ll try!
I was afraid to use third-party sites, but what can I do

Good day. Can you help me find the drivers for the PSG-4s4p? I suspect that this model has a different name. HDD replacement is required and has already broken my head in search of drivers.

I can’t vouch, but it seems like PCG-4S4P = VGN-TT31MR
And for him, it turns out, here are collected:

Thanks for the model, some of the drivers came up. But you can forget about drivers for old Vaio on, because they redirect the download to the Sony website, and since January 2021 these pests have been removing all drivers not related to Win 10. Now for the test I rolled Win 10 x64 Home, I’m waiting for it to arrive with Ali Kady and I will put the SSD in place of the drive. Then either try to install win 8.1 embedded or 10 ltsc. True, it is not known how they will deal with the built-in drivers. The usual win 10 found almost everything by itself, except for 5 drivers. 3 was able to roll, and 2 devices still hang.

By the way: for my laptops (and for Vaio, by the way, I also did this until I sold it last summer), I always somewhere (on the laptop itself, a duplicate in a separate place) I keep a full set of official drivers without looking at their version just for such cases.

Yes, until recently, I was the proud owner of an old rog on i5, in other matters, old age was expressed only in modern games. Alas. This vaio has been lying around for a long time with us, relatives gave it away, but my wife used it for the last time about 4 years ago. So there were no drivers for it. I am forced to bring the laptop to an acceptable state, with a mortgage I don’t even think about a new one yet.