Using a keyboard shortcut

The manufacturer provides so-called hot keys. Examining the keyboard key icons, you will find a symbol indicating that this button is intended to disable the touchpad. When connecting a touch panel, you can use the same combination. By pressing this key at the same time with the “Fn” key, you will perform the desired action

Installing and updating the driver using Windows

If for some reason you cannot find the driver on the laptop manufacturer’s website, then you should use the built-in driver update system in Windows. To do this, you need to open the device manager. The easiest way to open Device Manager in Windows. this is to press the Win R key combination and enter the command devmgmt.msc In the window that opens, after clicking OK, the device manager will open.

The Mice and Other Pointing Devices tab will list all mice and other pointing devices. Even if your TouchPad is not marked, but “PS / 2. compatible mouse ”, its driver should be updated. To do this, select the corresponding object and press the context menu key on the keyboard (looks like a list or cursor with a list). Select “Update Drivers” and press Enter.

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In most cases, it is the driver from the manufacturer’s website that solves the problem with a non-working device.

After updating the drivers or installing drivers from the manufacturer’s website on a Lenovo laptop, the touchpad is displayed differently in the device manager, which means that the driver has been reinstalled.

touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

Disconnection via control panel

The first step is to figure out how to disable the touchpad on a laptop through the control panel. Most modern laptops have a Synaptics touchpad, so the shutdown follows one algorithm:

Here you can customize the behavior of the touchpad, as well as disable it completely. If you nevertheless use the touchpad periodically, then set the automatic disabling of the touchpad when connecting a mouse to the laptop. This is a very convenient function that will allow you to forget about the inconveniences arising from the simultaneous operation of the sensor and a regular computer mouse.

touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

This method of disabling the touchpad will only work if the drivers from the manufacturer are installed on the laptop. If in the mouse settings it is not possible to disable the sensor, then you will have to use other methods.

Exceptions and nuances

On some laptops, turning the touchpad on and off is done using a specially made recess (button) in the corner of the touch area or a separate button that does not require pressing Fn.

If none of the software methods work and the device remains turned off, it is possible that it is defective. Remember if you spilled even a small amount of liquid on a laptop or whether it was recently fully disassembled to clean it from dust, perhaps the ribbon cable was not trivially connected during assembly.

If the touchpad does not work after updating Windows 10, then the first thing to do is to update the drivers by downloading them from the manufacturer’s website. In some cases, the touchpad should be removed from the device manager and the computer should be restarted. In this case, the installed driver will be reinstalled automatically.

In some touchpads settings, when an additional pointing device is connected, it is automatically disabled. These settings should also be looked for in the software from the manufacturer.

The touchpad does not work on a Lenovo laptop. Reasons why the touchpad does not work on a Lenovo IBM laptop and how to fix them

How to disable or enable the touchpad on a Lenovo laptop

Touchpad performs the same functions as a mouse, but when using it, you do not need to move the device over the surface to move the pointer, but with your finger over the device, which is more ergonomic.

But some users still use the laptop as a desktop computer and prefer to use a mouse. In this case, the active touchpad can be inconvenient, since when using the mouse it is difficult to avoid accidental touches of the touchpad panel.

Especially for this, there is the possibility of turning off the touchpad. If, for some reason, you could not do it yourself, you can contact Lenovo laptop repair technicians.

Using Device Manager

If the hotkeys do not work, and you cannot or do not want to find the touchpad drivers for your laptop, then try deactivating the built-in mouse through the device manager.

If you cannot find the touchpad by name, turn off all available input devices one by one and check if the touchpad has stopped working.


On laptops manufactured by Lenovo, you need to pay attention to the F5 and F7 keys. One of them will have a strikethrough panel, that is, if you press this key in combination with Fn, the touchpad will stop working.

Sony computers use FnF1. In addition, on Sony laptops, the Vaio Control Center application is installed by default, which also has a function to turn off the touchpad.

How To Fix Lenovo laptop touchpad not working in Windows 10

touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

Reinstalling the driver

The above manipulations may not help, so try the opposite option. removing the device from the system before the next Windows start.

    While in the “Device Manager”, again select the line with the touchpad, but this time on the toolbar, click the icon with the cross.

touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

A window will open to confirm the deletion of the device. In fact, all its drivers will be removed, and if there is an additional item “Remove driver programs for this device”, check the box next to it and click “Remove”.

  • Send your laptop to reboot. Ideally, the driver should be installed automatically when the operating system starts, but if it doesn’t, use the above methods again.
  • Local driver installation via “Device Manager”

    In addition, we will talk about the method of locally installing the driver over the current version. It is better to resort to it first of all, since it will not take much time, but the current situation can be corrected.

      Launch Device Manager. This can be done through a search in “Start” or (in Windows 10) by right-clicking on “Start” and selecting the appropriate item.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    Expand the section “Mice and other pointing devices”. there is a touchpad and a connected mouse that you control. It is not difficult to recognize the panel. its name should contain the word “touchpad” or “trackpad”. But if the driver is missing or there are problems with it, the name will be “HID-Compliant Mouse” instead. In a situation with two identical names, it is not difficult to determine the line with the touchpad: select any of the names and disconnect the external mouse from the laptop. If the selected line remains. this is the touchpad, if it disappears. the mouse. After reconnecting the mouse, the line with it will be the same.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    So, now select the line with the touchpad and on the toolbar, click the driver update icon.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    In the window that opens, use the item “Select a driver from the list of available drivers on the computer”.

    How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Core 10th Generation Touch Pad is not working

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    A list of software will be displayed, from which either select the one that contains “touchpad” / “trackpad” in the name, or, if not, “HID-compliant mouse” / “HID-compliant device”. Choose something from the list. in case of failure, you can always return to it.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

  • Be sure to restart your laptop, test the touchpad and return to the driver list if necessary.
  • Touchpad stopped working on Lenovo laptop

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    Options menu (Windows 10 only)

    In the top ten there is a new application “Settings”, gradually replacing the “Control Panel”. Anyone who has this version of the OS installed is first of all recommended to contact him.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    Through the panel on the left, switch to the “Touch Panel” section.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    In the first block of settings, make sure that the switch is active. if it is not, the touchpad will not work. To be able to use it in parallel with a connected USB mouse, the checkbox next to the item “Do not disconnect the touchpad when connecting a mouse” must be checked. However, on rare occasions, this leads to a software conflict. If you cannot find the cause, contact Lenovo technical support, until now, using the devices alternately.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    “Control Panel”

    Unlike the previous one, this option is universal and suitable for all current versions of Windows.

      Open the “Control Panel” in any convenient way and find the “Mouse” category in it. It is more convenient to do this by changing the view type to “icons” or through an internal search.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    In its properties you need the last tab, which is called differently: “Device Settings”, “Elan”, “UltraNav” or “ThinkPad”. In most cases, you will see an option similar to the following screenshot. Here it is enough to press the button “Enable” or “Activate device”, and then “OK”.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    If you have a branded tab with the touchpad and trackpad settings, check the box next to “Enable TouchPad” and click “OK”.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    For those who care that the touchpad works together with a connected USB mouse, you need to find the item “Disable internal decree. device when connected. external decree. USB devices ”and uncheck it. In windows with a different interface, the name of the function will be the same, but in English.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    Please note that the tabs may not be present if there are problems with the driver. In this situation, go to Reason 4, and then if the touchpad does not work again, go back to this instruction.

    Hardware problem

    When no manipulation helps, it can be assumed that the problem is physical. The touch panel, like any other device, equipment can fail due to natural reasons or as a result of violation of operating conditions. The latter means use in unsuitable premises, temperature conditions, strong external influence (shaking, vibration, falling), spilled liquid, improper assembly (after manual disassembly), power surge.

    Accordingly, depending on the specific reason, the board could burn out, its contacts could oxidize, the loop could be damaged or move away. If it simply disconnected, which happens either with a serious shaking of the laptop, or due to the carelessness of the person who disassembled and assembled the laptop, it will be enough to repeat the analysis and tightly connect the cable to the port. We do not recommend doing this yourself if you do not have experience in this area, but if you are confident in your abilities, you can read our general article on the sequence of parsing a laptop, applicable to older laptop models. After that, it is better to turn to YouTube and look for video instructions on how to parse your particular model. Modern Lenovo laptops have a monolithic case, the cover of which is much more difficult to remove and without improvised means (for example, a special suction cup), with a high degree of probability, this will lead to visual damage.

    We recommend that everyone else contact the service center for diagnostics, where the specialist will determine for sure whether the problem is hardware or not. Recall that sometimes its source may be completely unobvious, which cannot be considered within the framework of the article, including physical ones (for example, it is not the touchpad that is damaged, but the motherboard).

    Touchpad disabled by hotkey

    Some Lenovo laptops support touchpad control using keyboard shortcuts. Inexperienced users could turn it off unknowingly by accidentally pressing one of these keys.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    In game models and some premium models. the F10 key, with the exact same icon.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    For those who have multimedia F-keys, it is enough to press only the corresponding key to enable and disable the touch panel. In functional mode, you will need to use a combination with Fn: Fn F6 or Fn F10.

    In the absence of a key with such an icon, it is easy to conclude that the Lenovo laptop model you are using does not support this touchpad control option.

    Touchpad disabled in BIOS

    Press the key configured to enter the BIOS immediately when turning on the laptop. It is best to press it quickly and several times. If you do not know which key to launch the BIOS, read our separate article.

    Lenovo may have several options for the BIOS interface, but not every model has an item responsible for the operation of the touchpad. In the proprietary version, this option is located in the following path: the “Config” tab, the “Keyboard / Mouse” section, the “Touchpad / Trackpad” item. Control the arrows on the keyboard to get to the desired location, then, highlighting the desired item, press the Enter key and change its value to “Enabled”. At the end, press the F10 key to save the settings, exit the BIOS and turn on the laptop.

    touchpad, working, lenovo, laptop

    In the absence of the described option and tab, in principle, with a high degree of probability, we can say that the laptop model does not support control of the touch panel through the BIOS.

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