How to use the Total Commander on Android

Surely, everyone heard about such a wonderful brainchild Ghisler as Total Commander. Many use it on the computer as a file manager, and as a FTP manager, and as a kind of qual-vasha-fool. The benefit of this program supports plugins that are developing everyone who is not lazy. from creators, ending with ordinary users. Therefore, traditionally, you can find an addition to your favorite Total for every taste and color.

However, as experience shows, the Android platform of such fame as PC, Total Commander does not have. The reason is that other multifunctional file managers (such as Es File Manager, Astro File Manager, Oi File Manager and many others) appeared much earlier, respectively, they received their part of grateful users. And grateful users, in turn, are in no hurry to experiment with other software solutions that are different from familiar and long.acquaintances.

But, nevertheless, if you are from this category, we advise you to read the text below and try Total Commander on your device!

This application can be installed in three ways:

  • Downloading and installing the link above
  • Installation from Google Play
  • Direct download from the developer’s website http: //

Since Google Play is preinstalled by almost all Android devices, most users choose the second installation path. But, if you have a custom firmware without pre.installed applications from Google, or you just do not use them fundamentally. welcome to the number one or three path. It has one small, but advantage-you can simply and without unnecessary movements download the beta version of the Total Commander and keep abreast of all the last innovations of this program.

The application is small, the file size is a little more than 1 MB. In the established form, it takes about 2 mb. In a neglected state occupies 10-15 MB of RAM, quite friendly to hardware resources, works smoothly even on frankly weak devices.

Review of Android Total Commander

In general, the interaction is made in the usual “standard” application style, uses platform libraries. Hence the responsiveness, smoothness of work and intransigence to resources.

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase Total Commander? That’s right, two.panel window. In Android, things are a little different. By default, in portrait orientation, only one panel out of two is displayed, you can switch between the panels using a slider on the side of the screen. The classic two.panel window can be observed in the album orientation of the device, and its active panel is slightly wider than inactive. The transition between the panels is carried out by the usual tap. However, in the settings it is possible to enable the display of two panels regardless of the screen orientation.

Three buttons are displayed on top. the history of transitions, bookmarks and application menu button. From below. buttons of the most typical operations with files, which can also be configured.

In the settings, you can set the language, regional dates/time standards, display hidden files, color and font settings, sound settings, full.screen mode and other useful options.

Total Commander Android

Many users of mobile devices would like to see on their tablets and smartphones analogues of familiar programs with PC. In this article, we will get acquainted with the mobile version of the Total Commander file manager, which on desktop computers and laptops is one of the most popular applications.

Total Commander forever

Probably, there is not a single experienced computer user who would never have contacted the Total Commander file manager. This popular file manager works on the Microsoft Windows platform and is a continuation of the traditions of the ancient Norton Commander.

For many Windows users Total Commander has turned into a self-sufficient working environment. The program has a convenient two.panel multilingual graphic inteicize, customer key setting, tabs, DragDrop support, background execution of operations on files. TC has built-in FTP client with SSL/TLS support, archiver, file viewer. Total Commander functionality can be expanded using plugins that make this file manager almost omnipotent. This product has acquired many fans and even, one might say, has become a cult.

It’s time to appear and the mobile version of this file manager. For more than a year now, the program has been available to users of devices based on Android. The application has reached the second version and is free. over, the author of the program Christian Gisler claims that the Total Commander for Android will be free and will not contain advertising.

The Total Commander Interase is also two.panel. Due to this, copying and moving files from one folder to another can be done with simple drag.

But, of course, there are differences between the mobile and desktop version of the TC in the organization of the integration. The active panel in the mobile version will always occupy most of the screen. And when transferring a mobile device to a portrait mode, an inactive panel is automatically hidden. To switch to it, at the edge of the screen there is a small panel with arrows.

By default on both panels there are shortcuts on the most commonly used folders.

Below file handles is a toolbar. There are buttons of synchronization of panels, selecting files, copying and moving, switching to an inactive panel. The toolbar can be configured using a special button with a green cross.

total, commander, android, connected

Do not forget the menu caused by a special hardware button in Google. In this menu, you can view the history of visiting catalogs, search for files, organize bookmarks. There is also a section “Parameters” in which you can enable the viewing mode of hidden folders and files, as well as change the design, size, type of fonts and color schemes.

In functional Total Commander for Android provides all the necessary manipulations with files. This is copying, moving, deleting files (without a basket), renaming and creating catalogs. File sending can be carried out through Bluetooth (OBEX). Supporting files of files, selecting the file by pressing its icon, Drag drop. Implemented the function of searching files and folders.

TC provides unpacking the ZIP, RAR archives and ZIP archives packaging. With a prolonged click on the file, a file properties dialog box appears in which you can copy it to the exchange buffer, rename, change access rights.

As you know, Total Commander for Windows, in addition to the widest set of tools with files, has its own text editor, music player and viewing tools for the widest Spectra data files. Mobile TS so far in this regard is less functional. For example, there is still no tool for viewing images, although there is support for sketches of pictures.

total, commander, android, connected

The text editor is present. There is a media player that can lose files directly from the local network or through the WebDav protocol through a special plugin.

The mobile Total Commander is still supporting very little plugins. There are currently three official extensions:

There is also the first unofficial plugin for working with the cloud service Dropbox. For some reason he did not work for me.

The plugins are in the Google Play online service, and each plugin has its own page here. They are installed in the same way as ordinary android applications. And in the same way are removed through applications control settings. Official proven plugins can also be downloaded from the official Total Commander website directly through the file manager itself. The buttons of these plugins after installation will appear on the label panel.

Thus, the functionality of the mobile TC is yet inferior to the desktop version. But the author of the program intends to develop Total Commander for Android further, so new functions will certainly appear. In addition, the author of the mobile TC is ready to listen to offers to improve the mobile version. The only thing he asks is not to write letters to him in Russian.

Total Commander. Great file manager for Android

Today I want to tell you about the file manager that I use and which I really like. This file manager is called Total Commander, it is easy to use, pleasant in appearance, and quite functional. Therefore, I decided to tell you about him.

The appearance of the manager is very pleasant, simple and neat. The controls are located quite conveniently, everything is logical and clear. In general, the design and convenience of management were a success, in my opinion.

Having launched the manager, we find ourselves on the home screen, where we can choose where we want to get. You can get into the memory card, into the “photo” system folder, you can go to the root of the Android file system, you can also view the folder with APK smartphone installed on the smartphone. applications. You can also add various plugins that can expand the functionality of the application, for example, a plugin for working with FTP servers, etc.P. (They can be downloaded on Google Play).

In principle, working with files and folders is implemented standardly. We can select files/folders and do various operations with them (delete, rename, copy, move, send, etc.D.). Having kept a finger on a file or folder, we see all the same standard options that I retold above.

The application also supports smart selection. You enter part of the word, and all the files containing this part in the folder are automatically distinguished. By the way, about the allocation, the slippers to the file name opens it, the long slipper offers actions with the file, and the slippers on the icon “marks” the file for further actions, the “marked” files are marked with a checkmark.

In this manager, work with two windows is implemented. This is done for the convenience of moving. In order to go to the second window, just press the arrows that are on the right, or make the swipe on the screen. If you turn the smartphone horizontally, then two windows on one screen will be displayed at once (for me it is very convenient). It will be especially convenient on a tablet or those who have a large screen on a smartphone.

Total Commander. How To Connect to FTP Server and Download Files #webdevpro

In Total Commander, you can add tabs to folders or files. We just click on the “”, then select the folder/file we need, and the bookmark is ready.

In the settings, we can configure the font style, their size, view, color. Of course, you can choose the language of the application, you can also choose the sounds of the transition to folders, the sounds of removal, etc.P.

In my opinion, the developers have a simple, functional and pleasant look file manager, which perfectly suited me. This application does not raise questions in its use, it is simple and has a complete set of functions that the real and good file manager should have. I advise everyone. My rating is 10 out of 10 points. Thank you for your attention!

Keyboard Shortcuts

On devices with a keyboard, or using a bluetooth keyboard, Total Commander Supports The Following Keyboard Shortcuts:

1 PageUp 2 Rename 4 Edit 5/6 Copy/Move 7 New folder 8 Delete 9 Sort list 0 PageDown SPACE Select single file /- Select dialog Reverse selection (filesfolders) ENTER Open file/folder # / @ Properties ESC/Backspace Up one level

Button bar

The Button Bar Contains Some Predefined Buttons, Like Copy and Delete, And Allock to Add You Own Buttons by Tapping on the “Add” Button (The Last One Behind All User Buttts). The Button Will Always Be Added at the End of the Button Bar, But Just Before the “Add” Button.

Description of the Buttons:

Select/Unselect Files. You can Also Directly Tap on the File icons to Select them.

Copy Or Move Selected Files, Send Via Bluetooth.

Sort Active Panel by Name, Extension, Size, Or TimeStamp.

Open Secondary Bar with User-Defined Buttons.

Add Current Directory to Button Bar (Default), Or Let the User Choose An Interenal Command Or External Application. EDIT VIA TAPHOLD.

To modify a user-defined button, Tap on it for more than 1 Second. This Will Open The Context Menu, Which Allows To Change Or Delete The Button.

Button Change Dialog

This Dialog Allows to Change the Settings of a Button.


  • Function Type: Choose What the Button Shoup Do:
  • Change Directory: Go to Directory Inside of Total Commander
  • Internal Command: Start Command Inside of Total Commander
  • Launch App: Starts Other Program, USALLY WITHOUT PARAMETERS
  • View File with App: Uses The View Option to Launch a Program, Pass First Selected File to it
  • SEND to App: Uses The Send Option to Launch A Program, Pass First Selected File to it
  • Send Shell Command: Send Command to the Operating System. Command Must BE Either Sh or Su (For Rooted Devices), Parameter the Actual Command (S). A ? As the first character of the parameters opens a dialog to change the Shell Command. A as the first character (or behind the ?) Shows The Results in a Dialog Box, and Allows to Copy Them to the Clipboard.

Internet commander:

History 101. Bookmarks 102. Search 103. Exit 104. New Folder 105. Configure 106. Properties 107. Copy to Clipboard 108. Cut To Clipboard 109. Paste from Clipboard 110. Select 111. Copy 112. Pack 113. Delete 114. Sort 115. Calculate Occupied Space 116. New File 117. Home Folder 118. Reload 119. Remount (Requires Root Access) 120. Parent Folder 121. Copy Names to Clipboard 122. Full Names to Clipboard 123. Save Names To File 124. Full Names To File 125. Ignore List On/Off 126. Go Back 127. Go Forward 128. Show Hidden Files/Folders 129. Rename 130. Reload (MTPPC) 131. Page Up 132. Page Down 133. System Information 134. Keyboard for Quick Search 135. Unpack All Selected 136. New File (UTF-8) 137. TC Media Player 138. Play Selected 139. Enqueue Selected 140. Play Selected (Sort: Random Order) 141. Play Selected (Repeat All (Loop)) 142. Play Selected (Sort: Random Order, Repeat All (Loop)) 143. Enqueue Selected (Sort: Random Order) 144. By name, Ascenting 145. By name, Descending 146. By extension 147. By extension 148. By size, Ascenting 149. By size, descenting 150. By date/Time, Ascenting 151. By date/Time, Descending 152. Also Sort Folders 500. Main Menu

Available parameters:

(Multiple Lines Allowed, One Parameter Per Line!)

File:/Path/Name Send File Name As url

Stream:/Path/Name Send Name as Stream Extra Field

Как очистить память телефона и удалить ненужные файлы и папки на Андроид !( Телефон станет быстрее)

Type: Text/Plain Set Explicit Mime Type

Extra: Name: Data Set Extra Field of Name Android.Intent.Extra.Name with Value Data

Extra0: Name: Data Set Extra Field of Name Name with Value Data

Extra2: Name: Data Extra Field Requiring String List

Special Parameters:

%P Current Path Name (With Trailing Slash)

%M name of first Selected File in Other Panel

Example: SEND AMail with Attachment to 2 Recipients:

Command: Send to App: Gmail Parameters: Stream:%P%N Extra2: Email: Extra2: Email: Extra: Subject: File for You Extra: Text: Here is the File %n

Internet editor

The Internet Editor Allows to Edit Small Files in Ansi and Unicode Format.

Main Menu:

  • Save: Save Current File
  • Save as: Save with Different Name
  • Close: Close Editor Without Saving
  • Settings: Choose Font, Colors, and Word Wrap
  • Find: Find Text
  • Find Next: Continue Search

Note: Copy/Paste Can Be Performed Via The Context Menu

Total Commander for Android. Access to the local network from the Android device

The King of File Managers is now available for users of the folk mobile operating system itself.

Total Commander for Android includes most of the functions that you use in the “large” version. This application can satisfy almost all your file management requests on Android device.

  • Copying and moving files or folders, creating catalogs, renaming them
  • File deletion (folders). do not enter the excitement. there is no basket in Android OS
  • View (change) of the properties of folders and files
  • Search (including search by text)
  • Group file allocation
  • Display of the list of installed applications and working with them (deletion, moving)
  • simple text editor
  • FTP client (supplied in the form of a plugin)
  • Webdav (network folders). also ensured by the installation of a plugin
  • Root support
  • Sending files by Bluetooth (OBEX)
  • Reduced sketches for graphic fals (pre.examination)
  • Two panel mode (virtual and real)
  • Bookmarks for folders
  • Story
  • Custom buttons, internal commands
  • Launch of applications
  • Teams of the shell
  • Certificate in 5 languages ​​(English, German, Ukrainian, Czech, and, in gratifying, Russian)
  • The program itself supports only 19 languages, including Russian
  • And finally, the function that I liked the most: access to the local Windows folders directly from the Android device.

LAN (Local Area Network) Plugin for Total Commander is installed on Android as a regular application.

To get started, download and install the Total Commander for Android itself. You can do this by clicking on the lower QR. code or scanning it.

After installing the LAN. plugin, restart Total Commander. On the main screen (you can get on it by clicking on the icon of the house in the upper right corner) should appear LAN (General Windows Network Catalogs).

Click on it and then tap the new server item.

In the next dialogue, set an arbitrary name to your connection. I have it Home.

Next, you need to configure the plugin for a successful connection with your PC, as well as connect Android and PC by Wi. FI network. How to create a home Wi. FI network, you can find out in this article.

The server name/catalog should be entered in the field. the IP address of your computer.

If the network is configured and IP.You do not know the addresses of your computer, then you can find out as follows.

Click the Windows and Latin R keys sequentially. the menu will open. In it, dial the team

Near the line of the IPV4 address you will see an IP address of your computer.

To successfully open your files from the Android device, you will also need to set your Windows account password. You can do this in the control panel.

In the user name and password, enter the relevant accounting data from your computer.

After that, everything should earn. On the Android device you will see the file system of your PC. So now you can easily listen to music and watch movies on Android without downloading them from a computer. Of course, within the action of Wi. FI.

It should be finished by the fact that the Total Commander for Android is an excellent file manager with many useful functions, and at the same time absolutely free, unlike his senior fellow.

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  • The program is completely in Russian;
  • Both the application itself and the plugins to it are absolutely free;
  • Great functionality;
  • Quick and powerful search on the system;
  • utilities.

Perhaps Total Commander is far from the most convenient or beautiful file manager. But do not forget that this is a working tool. But in these are not the most important, but functionality. With the same good, the good total of the commander is all right.

Download Total Commander free

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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Search tool.

The main advantage of the Total Commander in front of other phaly managers is a search tool. You can look for the necessary files not only by name, but also by the date when it was created, by size or text, as well as by approximate finding. The search works correctly and quite quickly, they ate compared with the search for similar software products. The probability of finding the desired file in this application is much higher than that of others.

Smart selection.

Automatic search for files in terms of the introduced word or complete coincidence. Quick pressing on the name of the file makes it possible to open it, a long press. a list of actions with a file, pressing on the icon. will mark the file for further actions with it.

-To create an archive, you need to open a folder with files that we will archive. Highlight the necessary ones by placing ticks on them, then tap on the third icon in the form of a yellow square. The window should open in which we will choose the folder in which our archive will be formed, and also rename it. After these actions, click the package button.

-View the archive. If a file with resolution lies in the folder.Rar/.zip and you want to know what is inside it, then we just slip out on his name and before us will be displayed all the contents of his.

Using this file manager, the user can not only watch files in format.taht, but even edit them. To do this, find the necessary text document and put it on it until the context menu appears. There we find the point edit the file. A editor or alternative programs will open, if any are installed on a smartphone.

Removing and sorting. Users can quickly delete selected files, or sort them according to the presented sort methods.

In total, the commander has a built-in plugin, with which the user has the opportunity to connect to the FTP server. For correct work with it, you need to do the following:

After these actions, you will be connected to the server and it will be possible to view the files available on it, as well as their further editing using tools. player

Also in our application there is a player for the reproduction of formats supported by Android OS. From its advantages, we want to note the equalizer with prepared presets, and strengthening low frequencies.


If your smartphone has a ROOT right, then in the application you can include additional options, such as editing system files, changing their resolution (reading, deleting and recording). In order to activate the ROOT right, you need:

  • Open Total Commander;
  • Slip on the Troetoti in the upper corner on the right;
  • Select settings;
  • Install a checkmark at the point “Root Functions everywhere”.


For FTP servers. The check was carried out with the Nvidia server, files without complaints are copied and viewed. To download the file, select it and use the copy/move button. When you turn on the FTP server, the archive button becomes a button to set up the server mode, but it turns off it.

To work with LAN. It is enough to prescribe the address of your personal computer and the application will open the shared folders.

To work with Webdav. All we know about this is that Yandex disc is connected in it.


In this section, the user has a change in the display mode of the windows (2 windows at the same time, or transitional windows), changing fonts in the program, reconfiguring the association of file types with applications, turning on the operating mode with the system files (we need superpowers’ rights) and inclusion of a full.screen mode.

The developers created a cool file manager: nimble, functional-optical, convenient and beautiful. There is only a Dropbox support and the ability to change the file name by the template.

Total Commander. File Manager for Android

The Total Commander file manager is familiar to us on PC, and now we will talk about his younger brother. Total Commander for Android. As in the ordinary manager, everything has everything, and a little more than the usual, but if you do not delve into, then in fact everything around us is usually. Consider the file manager for Android Total Commander

On the right are two buttons. one for the transition to the second panel, the other to copy the current position in the catalog to another panel.

Below are the contents control buttons: mark the mask (in general, files and folders are noted by clicking on the icon, but not to the text), also copy (move, transmit on Bluetooth), pack (you can select compression levels and enable encryption for password), delete the Remove button And sorting.

Additional opportunities

There is one more button for creating additional functions with the parameter task, then for conventional use this will not be necessary. But as on PC, the presence of opportunities pleases, which once you have to use. Instructions for use are in the settings. It is possible to install LAN and FTP plugins.

Simple and functional manager, with a conventional interaction and quick work. With tabs and fast buttons is Total Commander, there is nothing to say. Pleasant use.

Data transmission via ftp

The Total Commander program has a built-in FTP client, with which you can download and transfer files to a remote server.

In order to create a new connection, you need to move from the point of the main menu “Network” to the “Connect with the FTP server”.

Next, in the window opened with a list of connections, you need to click on the “Add” button.

We are opening a window in which you need to make the connection settings provided by the server to communicate with it. In some cases, in order to avoid cliffs of the connection or generally block data transmission, some settings make sense to coordinate with the provider.

In order to connect to the FTP server, it is enough to highlight the desired connection in which the settings are already spelled out, and click on the “connect” button.

Work with plugins

Numerous plugins help to a large extent to enrich the functionality of the Total Commander program. With their help, the program can process archives formats that have not been supported until then, provide more in.depth information about files to users, perform actions with “exotic” file systems, view files of various formats.

In order to install a specific plugin, you must first go to the control center in the Total Commander program. To do this, you need to press the “Configuration” button in the upper menu, and then “Settings”.

After that, select the “plugins” section in the new window.

In the plugin control center opened, click on the “Download” button. After that, the user with the help of an automatically opened browser will go to the official website of Total Commander, from where he can install plugins for every taste.

As you can see, the Total Commander is very powerful and functional, but at the same time convenient for users and easy to handle a file manager. Precisely, thanks to these qualities, he is a leader among similar programs.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13178 useful instructions. Add the site into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.