What to do if Tor doesn’t work

One of the traditional means to get on blocked sites, a Tor browser, a resource with a pretty logo in which the letter “o” is replaced by a bow, which symbolizes the principle of work, does not work in December 2021. Many are accustomed to connect their Internet sering with this resource and the fact that Tor does not work is an unpleasant surprise. The article will tell you about existing ways to restore access to a popular browser and will answer the question, Tor does not work, what to do.

The best alternatives use Tor in football broadcasts to watch old films that are on the network, but not on available resources. To make a purchase or receipt of the necessary information, the address is required to be hidden by an anonymous buyer, or change. Modern technologies offer a number of ways to solve this problem.

Tor in his work uses the mechanism of the so.called “onion” routing. A request from the user to the site he needs is encrypted through a number of intermediate nodes, which makes the tracking of his behavior problematic. There are TOR for phones, it is a mobile Oniom Browser, based on the same principle of work, but already from other developers.

When using the browser, the user on his trip to the network:

  • It is anonymously there, its IP address does not open;
  • He does not leave data on the resources in the history;
  • Passwords, download stories are not preserved.

Even the Internet provider will not be able to receive information, while the user can visit most blocked sites. To increase safety, experts recommend using Tor together with VPN/ there are a number of opportunities to restore access to the browser and continue to study the Internet on anonymity conditions. VPN is most often recommended, but there are other solutions, to fix the situation in which Tor does not work.

The most popular method of bypassing locks and maintaining anonymity is the use of VPN (Virtual Private Network). This system of interaction of the user with the network involves the creation of secure communication channels, through which the information is transmitted in an encrypted form. At the same time, the user’s IP changes to the IP server located in another state that TOR does not block. This allows you to completely solve the problem that can be described as Tor does not work, what to do.

VPN is widely used in business, in management, in everyday life, it gives many useful options, in particular, the transmitted traffic, often containing personal data, bank card numbers, passwords encrypts. For example, at one of the international exhibitions, the Information Security company offered customers free Wi-Fi, disguising the name for a well-known network. By the end of the day at her conference, she said that she managed to intercept the personal data of 46% of users. VPN completely protects against this risk, offering encryption technologies comparable to both banking and military. It provides unhindered access to blocked resources, exists in a paid and free version.

All licensed VPNs offer a free trial period of 14-30 days, at the end of which they are ready to return funds if the service does not suit. The average fee is 5-8 per month, some programs are connected by several jobs, for example, desktop and 2-3 family smartphones.

browser, does, connect, android

Тор не подключается? Решение 100% рабочее.

Advantages of VPN technology over Tor

Experts note a number of advantages of VPN technology over TOR, in particular, it is a wider functionality and greater connection security. The program has a speed, when choosing ways for connecting, it is looking for the most unloaded and territorially close servers in order to ensure maximum speed. There are versions of VPN programs for mobile devices, with their help you can access Tor for phones-Oniom Browser.

When choosing a solution, you should pay attention to products such as:

On the example of Surfshark, you can illustrate how to work with VPN:

go to the official website of the developer

choose a tariff plan, pay. You can use such payment systems as kiwi and webmoney, cryptocurrencies;


Create an account, only the current email address will be required

Choose the country of IP addresses.

Next, you can start using. If necessary, in the settings, a non.constant address is set, but that which provides the maximum connection speed. In this version, the VPN can supplement Tor, or can completely replace it, the solution remains with the user.

If Tor does not work, the installation and setting of the VPN will help to solve problems. In this case, the security of the compounds will be ensured, the possibility of the loss of personal data and the subsequent use of their attackers will be excluded.


VPN. complex software solutions with many options. Most of them are offered by paid subscription, free programs are not recommended for free programs. This may be due to many risks. Therefore, if you need without solving additional problems, gain access to a blocked resource, you can use VPN extensions, plugins, in a simple user version distributed free. Attention should be paid to the fact that for the Chrome browsers and its satellites. For example, Yandex Brauzer, there is a type of extensions, for mosylla it also provides its own model.

Настройка Tor на мобильном устройстве

Many choose a popular solution due to the lack of fees and ease of work, it will solve the problem if Tor Brows does not work. To solve simple tasks of access to the plugin blocked or inaccessible to users, the plugin will be a simple and easy solution that has one significant drawback. in the free version it is able to significantly inhibit the connection.

VPN extensions, plugins from VPN clients should be distinguished. The VPN client is part of the client-server system, when the main software is installed on the developer server, only the client applications are placed on the user’s device and, when contacting the requested site, the client addresses the server, the server is already looking for the required site, changing the IP address. In this case, you can not think why Tor does not work and use the resource freely.

The expansion installed in the browser works almost autonomously. It conducts only those requests that directly proceed from the browser through the VPN system. The client, that is, in fact, the VPN service will pass through the remote traffic requested by the device from updates to programs to games. Using VPN expanding, you can access Tor for desktopes and oniom Browser, versions for mobile phones. The most popular in the world is now BrowSec it is designed for Chrome, Yandex.Browser and Firefox. There is a free version with unlimited traffic, but the connection speed will be limited.

Tor. We force us to work in 2022. One of the possible solutions to the problem ⁠ ⁠

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2) poke on Open Application Menu. located on the right in the upper corner.

4) Put, fractures on Use The Bridge and poke for Request a New Bridge request

6) in theory, if you filled all the characters correctly, then you are returned to the source menu, only a bunch of symbols of the new bridge appear, where there used to be an empty field

8) Flibusta.IP (“Aglitic letters”). It works successfully.

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Settings on a personal computer (Windows, Linux)

  • We open the Tor settings:
  • Using the Tor Network Settings button in the main program window.
  • Or by pressing a symbol of three strips in the upper right corner, and then selecting the “settings” item. Then, choosing the “Tor” item on the left side of the window with settings.
  • Now, getting into the Tor settings, we are looking for the “Bridges” section. We mark it under it with a checking point “Use a Bridge”, and also put the mark at the “Provide a Bridge” item.
  • We insert into a text field with the inscription “Enter Bridge Information from a Trusted Source.”Previously received bridges.
  • To use changes, restarts Tor Browser.
  • In the Tor Browser application, click on the gear icon located in the upper right corner.
  • In the settings menu “Tor” (“Tor Network” in the English version), select the item “Config Bridge” in the English version).
  • Switch the slider “use the bridge” (“Use a Bridge” in the English version) to the on.
  • We are convinced that the OBFS4 option is selected, and click on the “indicate the bridge” (“Provide a bridge i Know” in the English version).
  • In the window that appears, we enter the previously obtained bridge, and click the OK button.

Old version of the program

The outdated program starts incorrectly and with other errors. In this case, the solution is very simple: updating to a new current version. When starting a browser in the upper right corner, press a button with a browser icon, in the drop.down menu, select “Check for the presence of Tor Browser updates”. If you have a new version, you will be invited to update to the last.

Sometimes a browser can be blocked by an Internet provider or at the state level. Then you will need to retake bridges to get around the restriction.

Open a web browser and drive https: // bridges into the address line.Torproject.org/Options. Click “Enter”.

In the window that opens, click “Just add your bridge address!””. Enter the captcha. In the new window, copy three lines on a gray background.

Then, in the browser on the left, click on the button with the bulb and select the “Settings of the Tor”.

Near the line “Thor is prohibited in my line” put a mark and note “indicate the bridge that I know”.

Enter the key and confirm the action. Reload the device.

Brandmauer launch

To enter the firewall, you need to enter its names in the search menu or open through the control panel. After the opening of the firewall, you can continue to work. The user needs to click on the “Resolution of interaction with applications”.

After that, another window will open, in which there will be a list of programs allowed for use by the firewall. If the list does not appear on the list, then you need to click on the “Change parameters” button.

Allow another application

Now the names of all programs and the “Allow other applications” button should become black, on which you need to press for further work.

In the new window, the user needs to find the browser label and add it to the allowed list by pressing the corresponding key in the lower part of the window.

Now the Tor Browser program is added to the exceptions of the firewall. The browser should be launched, if this does not happen, then it is worth checking the correctness of the resolution settings, once again make sure of the correctness of the adjusted time and access to the Internet. If Tor Browser is still not working, then read the lesson specified at the beginning of the article. Did this advice help you?

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13177 useful instructions. Add the site Lumpics.ru into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Case: incorrectly configured Proxy in the Internet browser

It is quite obvious that first of all you should check the parameters of the proxy server involved in the browser of the. After all, it is very easy to make a mistake when entering data for connection (address, port, etc. D.). This is done as follows:

You can also get to the parameter menu and directly at the stage of launching an Internet recrecer. To do this, click on the cancellation button in the parameters window, and then “configure”.

A huge number of free proxy servers are presented on the Internet. For example, they are published on the popular website https: // hidemyna.ME/EN/Proxy-List/. But it should be understood that their use is fraught with many disadvantages: low anonymity, high ping, slow connection speed, uncomfortable location, and so on.

Case: The outdated version of the Torah

The Tor Internet recrecer can work incorrectly, for example, not to download web pages, due to the fact that the old version is used on the computer or laptop. In such cases, an update should be performed. And it is called as follows:

  • Retail again on the “bulb” placed in the upper left corner of the window.
  • Call the last item from the context menu that appears.
  • Wait for the end of the check.
  • Agree with the update if this procedure is required.
  • Wait for its completion and restart the observer.

We solve the problem with taking the connection of the proxy server in the Tor browser

The problem under consideration never goes on its own and requires intervention to solve it. Usually the trouble is corrected quite simply, and we propose to consider all the methods, starting with the simplest and obvious.

First of all, it is recommended to contact the settings of the web brown-breaker in order to make sure of the correctness of all set parameters.

Disconnecting proxy server in the OS

Sometimes users who have established an additional program for organizing a proxy connection forget that they had previously set up Proxy in the operating system. Therefore, it will have to be turned off, because there is a conflict of two connections. To do this, use the instructions in our other article further.

Network files used to install the connection can be infected or damaged by viruses, from something browser, or proxy does not gain access to the required object. Therefore, we recommend scanning and further cleaning the system from malicious files by one of the available methods.

After that, it is advisable to restore system files, since, as mentioned above, they could be damaged due to infection. This is done by one of the built.in tools of the operating system. Read the detailed guide to fulfill the task in our other material at the following link.

How to install a torus browser on Android?

Prior to the release of the official torusor for Android, users who took care of their confidentiality had to bother and use two applications at once for this purpose.

Earlier it was necessary to download the Orfox browser and the ORBOT proxy application, the creation of which was also attended by Tor Browser developers. Now that the official application has appeared, Orfox will stop receiving updates and using this bunch of programs for anonymity, you cannot.

After the crossing the link, you will get to the download page, where you need to select the “install” button to go to the boot.

After that, the boot of the browser will begin, which will take a few seconds of time. When it ends, you will see a message about the successful installation and you can start using the program.

How to use a toruster on Android?

At the entrance to the application, first of all, click the “Connect” button. After that, the connection will begin, which can take a few seconds or a couple of minutes. it all depends on the network.

Next, you will switch to your home page. initially it will be the starting page of the browser. In the future, homemade can be changed in the settings. for example, you can specify the domain of the search system you need.

browser, does, connect, android

But do not forget that if you search through Google or Yandex, then in this case the level of protection can be reduced. It is more reliable to use the default search engine. Duckduckgo.

Immediately after installing the browser, it is recommended to check whether routing is performed. You can do this in several ways, for example, you can enter in the search line “My IP address”. Services that determine the mass, and it will not be difficult for you to learn from the IP which country you go to the network.

Another way. by quick link in browser bookmarks, go to Hidden Wiki. This is a hidden wiki encyclopedia that is not available to those who go through a regular browser. If the resource has opened to you, then you are protected and you can safely use the browser to visit the right sites.

In general, there are no characteristic features in working with the program, if you are a confident user of the network, you will not feel any discomfort. In its features, the application differs little from other popular browsers, since the developers took the well.known Firefox as a basis.

The only difficulty can cause the absence of the Russian language, because even if you choose it in the settings, the translation will be incomplete.

Case: incorrect system settings

Let’s figure out what to do with the Tor Failed to Establish A Tor Network Connection error. After all, its appearance interrupts the work of an anonymous browser and does not allow a full exit to the global web. And its most common reason is incorrect system settings. And more precisely, we are talking about incorrectly displayed time and date. It is advisable to include their authorship on the Internet.

To do this, follow the following steps:

You can also call the Date and Time settings window using the “execute” tool:

Case: Antivirus work on

Antiviruses and other protective software on the computer are designed to protect the system from viruses and other threats. But often they work incorrectly, defining even the most harmless programs as dangerous. Accordingly, the error in the Torah “failed to install the connection to the Tor network” may occur precisely for this reason.

Accordingly, choose the option that seems to you the most convenient and practical.