The router does not distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi and the cable-the causes and methods of solving on a smartphone, computer or laptop

When users say that the router does not give out the Internet, it is important to understand the essence of the problem. Indeed, in practice, problems with distributing a wireless signal can be different: the router turns on and at first glance works properly, but there is no Wi-Fi, or there are a network and even other devices are found, but the Internet does not load it.

Often, problems with the distribution of the Internet arise at the stage of settings of the router. You brought it home, seemed to have set it up, but the pages of resources on the network are not loaded. At the same time, they may not open in different ways: either an error appears on the computer indicating the lack of access to the network, or the page does not load and the white screen flaunts before the eyes of the user. Such situations indicate the need to check the router and network settings. It is worth considering the problem with the slope of the routers from TP-Link, ASUS, KEENETIC-devices from these companies are most common today among users.

The router does not distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi: there is no network

A common case when the user includes a signal distribution device, but the network is missing. Check the condition of the router. Reload the router: turn off its power, wait for 2-3 minutes, then turn on.

On some models from TP-Link, Zyxel, Keenetic on the case there is a Wi-Fi on/off button-a useful thing, but sometimes you can forget that it was pressed. It is necessary to check the performance of the router and the devices. a laptop, smartphone, tablet. For example, often iPhone do not see a network due to incorrect channel settings. Additionally find a free channel and change it. Sometimes it helps.

Когда Wi-Fi роутер не раздает интернет, сбросьте его настройки и перенастройте. If you have a D-Link, ASUS, Mercusys, Tenda or Netis production router in your house or apartment in your device settings find a wireless module condition. It can be disconnected, but this is extremely rare, since it itself never turns off.

Often users believe that the absence of a network indicates the full failure of the router. This is not entirely true, because one repeated setting is often enough. However, hardware malfunctions really should not be excluded, the main thing is to carefully check everything.

What does it mean “connected, without Internet access

To understand what the status of “connected, without access to the Internet” means, first of all you need to know how the network from the starting point (provider) gets to the final (to the user device). This path can conditionally be divided into 3 stages:

  • Service supplier (aka. provider) through routers transmits the Internet. As a rule, this is carried out using a conventional fiber.optic line. the RJ45 wire, which is made into the house, and then. is divorced in apartments;
  • There is a router (modem) in the apartment, which accepts the Internet, and then. distributes it around the apartment. This is done as ordinary network wires laid down on the baseboard leading to the inpatient PC, and in Wi-Fi-wireless technology of the local network;
  • The signal is accepted by the device and voila. long live the Internet.

The state line with the inscription: “connected, without access to the Internet” means that 1 link fell out of this circuit. 1 point. But do not immediately blame the supplier, since practice shows that there may be many reasons causing this problem.

Wi-Fi: “Connected, without Internet access”-what to do

What to do if Wi-Fi writes “Connected, without Internet access”?

Any problem must be solved with the diagnosis of the scale of the problem. Sounds serious and even scary, but in reality everything is quite simple. No miracle devices, sophisticated complex programs and so on are needed. Everything that is necessary, as a rule, is already at hand: “soldier’s ingenuity” and, preferably, another device to which you can connect the Internet, as well as a network cable.

  • If there is another device at home that can take Wi-Fi, then you should check on it if there is the same problem there. As such a device, they are suitable: a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer with Wi-fi adapter. If there are no one, then you can always seek help from your favorite neighbors. And that guy from above, organizing carpenters at home, and even more so you owe it and just has no right to refuse. If the problem is present on all devices, then you can exclude the problem of the device itself and move on to the next point;
  • To exclude the malfunctions in the work of the router, you need to pull the wire out of it, which comes from the entrance / to the house and connects to the WAN-SCAM, and then connect it directly to the computer or laptop. For these purposes, a TV with Smart TV function is also suitable. If the Internet appears, it is obvious that the problem is in the router. He is either incorrectly configured or. has malfunctions.
  • If there is a computer with Windows, then you can use a non.taxation diagnostic tool built into the operating system. To do this, click on the mouse button on the connection indicator icon in the Windows system tray and select the “Diagnostics of the Non.Strections”, as shown in the screenshot below. This tool will help to understand why, when connecting via Wi-Fi, he writes “Connected, without Internet access” and what to do to correct this.

Raise the “eyelids” laptop: 5 minutes-and wi-fi in place

Turn on and off

To check whether wireless communication is active in Windows, a couple of seconds are enough: click on the globe (network icon) in the system tray and make sure that there are “disabled” in the Wi-Fi field, as shown in the screenshot below.

If the connection is turned off, open the network panel and in the section “Network and the Internet” section, click on the “Wi-Fi” button. And if the network icon has the type of aircraft, click in the same “‘ on a plane ’” mode to deactivate the last.

Did not help or in the network panel there is no mention? See if the wireless network indicator on the laptop top.

If not, probably, the adapter is deactivated by hardware. To turn it on, click on the keyboard a combination of FN and buttons with the image of the antenna. Or activate Wi-Fi specially designed for this by the switch on the case.

The implementation of the turning-off-off function depends on the laptop model, so the location of the buttons and the key combinations differ. You will find more information about the management of wireless networks on mobile computers in different versions of Windows in an article by link.

The indicator is on, but there is no sense? Check the driver

  • Open the device manager. In Windows 10, this is easiest to do through the context menu of the Start button. Expand it with a click of the right mouse key and select the element of the same name. In Windows 7, the device manager is along the way “Start”. “Computer” block. “Properties”.

If the Wireless module is present, and especially if it is marked with an exclamation mark, do the following:

  • Open the adapter context menu with the right mouse click and select the “Delete” element.
  • Confirm the consent to remove the device and reboot the computer. After the re-start of Windows, most likely, the Wi-Fi driver will be reinstalled. If this does not happen, download it from the site of the manufacturer of the device and set it manually.

The driver is normal, the indicator is shining, but there is no vifaya

Perhaps he stopped working due to a system failure.

Problems of this type arise due to viruses, antiviruses, all kinds of optimizers, booster and “cleaners”, but sometimes for other reasons. To check this version, load the device from any “live” disk or flash drive-Live CD with Wi-Fi support, for example, antivirus. If when loading from an external media, the wireless network earns, then the reason is in the settings or breakdown of Windows.

Bringing Windows to a working state helps:

  • Closing programs that can affect the operation of the network. antiviruses, firewalls, accelerators, etc. D created when there were no problems.
  • Search and correction of damaged system files using the SFC console utility.EXE. SFC. own Windows tool. Run it with the.scannow parameter on the command line on behalf of the administrator or PowerShell terminal. An example of how the team should look shown in the screenshot below.
  • “Treatment” of Windows with utilities to restore damaged network structures, such as “means of eliminating network problems” (Microsoft, available through the built-in “Parameters” application, section “Network and Internet”-“Status”), Netadapter Repair, Complete Internet Repair, Wi-Fi Repair and others.

The use of utilities from the last point, except, perhaps, the means of eliminating the network problems of Win, is not always justified and is the risk of aggravating the problem. These tools are focused on users who understand the principles of functioning and settings of networks. If you do not have sufficient knowledge before starting such applications, carefully study the purpose of each function, or better seek help from specialists.

Are services working?

Some disks cleaning programs and all sorts of “accelerators-vinators” are endowed with the opportunity to turn off unnecessary, according to their developers, system services. But sometimes very important elements are recognized as useless, without which Windows cannot work correctly. For example, the WLAN auto-building service directly related to Wi-Fi.

Check and launch network services in the event of a stop, as well as eliminate the causes of their work, the utility mentioned above “means of eliminating network problems” is capable of. But the same can be done manually:

  • Run the tasks dispatcher and go to the “Service” tab.
  • Find the WLANSVC service (WLAN auto.building) and open its context with your right mouse click. If the service is stopped, click “Launch”. To get more information about its appointment and dependencies, press the “Open Service” button at the bottom of the dispatcher window.

In the case of a large.scale failure, for example, after an attack by viruses, it is more rational to return all Windows services to default settings. But it will not work out with one click. such an opportunity is not provided for. But it was provided by the developers of utilities, for example, a free portable Easy Service Optimizer.

To restore the default settings of services at the time of the installation of Win, mark them with flags in the first column and press the rocket button.

After the end of the program, reboot the computer.

Did everything, nothing helped

Apparently your case is rare, but complex and associated with problems in the hardware of the laptop. If Wi-Fi has stopped caught after:

The reason at the access point. What to do

Select the operating frequency

Wi-Fi Roters operating according to the IEEE 802 standard.11n or newer (802.11ac and 802.11AX), support 2 frequency broadcasting ranges. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. They can be turned on both simultaneously and separately. only 2.4 GHz or only 5 GHz.

In apartment buildings, clogged with wireless devices under the ceiling, the frequency of 2.4 GHz is often overloaded, so the connection through it is not too stable and fast. The frequency of 5 GHz, on the contrary, is still free, so some users leave only it, and 2.4 GHz disable it.

This is reasonable if all Wi-Fi devices in the apartment also work according to the standards of 802.11n. 802.11AX. But the old people who saw the light in era 802.11a/b/g (until 2009), are able to connect only to the access point 2.4 GHz. If the laptop with which the problem arose, of these, then the network of 5 GHz will not even see.

To correct the error, open the settings of wireless networks in the router control panel (on the TP-Link Archer C7, the desired section is called “Selecting the Work Frequency”), and if the “Only 5 GHz” range is marked there, change the settings for “Use at the same time 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ”or“ only 2.4 GHz ”.

We find the best channel

The inability to go to the Internet due to overload of the frequency band-the radio channel, in which the access point and the network device are communicated, is also very characteristic of the range of 2.4 GHz. When the device tries to squeeze into the “corridor”, where it is too close and noisy, he either fails, or the connection is established, but there is no connection.

In the default wireless networks settings, the channel choice occurs in the “Auto” mode. But this is not always the best solution. The setting by alternating manual bust sometimes allows you to find a more free and less noisy channel.

By the way, to track real.time posting channels, as well as a number of other network parameters, free for home users, the Insider Use.

The Network tab provides a list of access points broadcast at the same frequency as yours, their names (SSID), the channels used (Channel), security settings, MAC addresses and signal quality (Signal). The smoother and more integral a fishing line for a trimmer, the more stable the connection.

The increased scale of the level of the level and stability of the signal is displayed in the upper right area of ​​the window.

The distribution of the load over the entire frequency range of 2.4 GHz, including overlap and ceilings that cause interference, are shown in the left lower area.

We open the secret of the name

The laptop may not see the access point due to the fact that the latter does not show its name (SSID) in the list of available connections.

SSID concealment function is designed to serve as an additional security measure. However, any advanced “Mamkin Hacker” will easily bypass such protection, and not too experienced the access point will break his head earlier, which will guess that his computer does not see Wi-Fi precisely because of this small setup. Therefore, if there is no particular need, this function is better not to use.

SSID visibility control on the ARCher C7 router is located in the section of the 2.4 GHz wireless mode settings and 5 GHz. The SSID broadcasting check box is set by default.

If you remove it, then instead of the name of the access point in the list of available connections on the computer, a “hidden network” will appear. And in order to get confused to it, the name (SSID) will have to be entered manually.

We can repeat

The inhabitants of spacious houses and apartments often suffer from another misfortune-the disappearance of the Wi-Fi signal at a distance from the router. An increase in the power of the transmitter through the access point sets does not always help, dragging the device from place to place. also.

To solve such problems, there are special devices-Wi-Fi Revolutionaries (Repiters). It is enough to install one or two of these in the places of extinction of the signal-and your entire house will be covered with a stable and uniform wireless network.

Connecting the repeater with a router is easier:

  • Connect both devices to the power supply network and place at a short distance from each other.
  • Configure and activate the wireless network on the router according to the instructions for it (if it is not configured in advance).
  • Click and release the “WPS” button (on some models it is indicated “QSS” or two rounded arrows resembling the Yin-Yan emblem) first on the repeater, then on the router. This will legalize them with each other without a password.
  • If one or both devices do not support WPS, connect the repeater with a cable via the LAN port to the computer, open the repeater admin panel (according to the instructions for it) and indicate the name and password of the network, which you are going to strengthen the connection to the Wi-Fi connection.
  • After installing the connection with the access point, move the repeater to that part of the house where the router does not finish. Turn it in a socket and use it.

We are not a hindrance to us

Stone jungle from the bucked “humanities” carry the opposite problem. interference. They are created not only by wireless devices inside and outside your apartment, but also by electrical appliances, wires, antennas, LED lamps, etc. D. Weak interference reduces the stability of the connection, strong. they can drown out the signal completely.

Unfortunately, humanity did not come up with radical protection against all interference at once, but some tricks will help reduce their influence.

The router does not connect to the Internet, which is why Wi-Fi does not work on a computer

often, the cause of errors with the inaccessibility of the Internet via Wi-Fi is the incorrect setting of the router to connect to the provider. A characteristic feature of the wrong network parameters will be an exclamation mark on the yellow background in the Windows panel next to the Internet icon. Plus, the text “limited” will be displayed in Windows 8 or 10, and in the connection status “without access to the Internet”.

If there is an Internet when installing a cable on a WAN port on a computer, but Wi-Fi does not work, then the problem is not with the connection itself, but in the configuration of the network in the settings of the router. To fix it, first of all, I recommend that you complete the full dropping of the router to the factory state. Most likely, a simple reboot will not help here, although you can try and just turn off the outlet router for a few seconds.

After reset by default, the router will begin to distribute a Wi-Fi signal. And you can even give up to it using SSID and password from the sticker on the case, but the network without access to the Internet.

This is logical. Wi-Fi is just needed for the primary setup of the router and the Internet, access to which the computer, laptop or smartphone has no yet. The wireless network indicator on the router will burn green, and the Internet light (WAN) will be red or orange.

over, if you take out the cable and insert it back into the computer, then the Internet will appear on it. After all, the computer was previously connected to it, which means that the settings were still preserved.

In general, it is now necessary to go to the route administration panel and re.enter all the parameters from the Internet.

Why is there no access to the Internet via Wi-Fi Router TP-Link?

The problem is when through a Wi-Fi router there is no Internet access is relevant for all models-ASUS, D-LINK, KEENETIC and so on. But as the surveys show on our website, TP-Link users are more, so the solution will first be addressed to them.

To correct network configurations, you must go to the control panel at and open the section “Network. Wan”. Here you need to select your type of connection to the Internet and, if necessary, specify data for connection (user name, password, server address)

There is no Internet on the phone via wi-fi

Since mobile gadgets are very common, the problem of lack of Internet access via Wi-Fi on the phone or tablet also appeals quite often. On smartphones and tablets under the control of the Android operating system in the detection list under this Wi-Fi network there will be a note “Connection without Internet access”, like this: like this:

Here the diagnosis is approximately the same as in the case of a laptop. You need to start with the fact that it is a deliberately serviceable device to connect to the same wireless network and check the Internet access. If there is no access. the problem is on the network, there is access. a problem on one specific apparatus. What to do in the latter case?

First, disconnect from it. Then we click on this network in the list and hold the press until this menu appears:

Choose the item “Forget the network”, after which we connect to it again and enter the password on Wi-Fi for authorization. The most interesting thing is that almost half of such appeals solve such a simple action.

There were also cases several times when the user himself accidentally brought his mobile device to the list of restrictions on parental or other control on the router, after which access to the Internet disappeared. This moment is also worth checking!

Note: a very important point. on your smartphone or tablet there should always be a date, time and time zone should be properly exhibited. I also strongly recommend using only a 24-hour time format. Otherwise, problems with access to sites and pages on the Internet are possible.

In some cases, when the smartphone is no longer new and has not been dropped to the factory settings for a long time, the work of the wireless network begins to shine on its own.

In this case, the network settings can help. On modern Samsung phones, for example, there is a special item in the settings. If there is no such item, you have to do a complete reset of smartphone settings to factory parameters.

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What problems may arise when setting up and their solution

To solve the malfunctions and narrowing of the search circle, the following tasks are primarily performed:

  • Checking the functionality of Wi-Fi-in the taskbar panel on the right side, the shortcut is selected “no connection to the Internet”, and the network activation is checked. If it is not connected, then you need to include and make sure that the “aircraft” mode is deactivated.
  • Finding the current line in the list of available-through “wireless connection management” in a quick Wi-Fi setting. If it is in place, then you can choose it, the equipment will try to make the entrance (with PC, phone, tablet). In the absence of the expected effect, the fishing line for the trimmer is disconnected and re.activated.
  • Frequency change. home routers function at 2.4 or 5 GHz. If the equipment allows, then you can transfer it from one position to the second.
  • When using the laptop, it is necessary to check whether the physical mesh switch is in the “enabled” position. Usually, the light indicator indicates performance.
  • Studying another verification option. PC should be attached to the adapter through the wire. If the router does not distribute the Internet on an individual cable, then the question is associated with the integrity of the cords or the correct inclusion of yellow and green wiring in the ports.

The operating system contains a means of eliminating network problems. It will help to diagnose and get rid of common failures with the connection. The launch process is simple:

  • From the “parameters” it is necessary to go to “systemic”;
  • then in the “Elimination” and the block “Other decisions of malfunctions”;
  • In them, find the “network adapter” and click on the subsection “Perform”;
  • The system will begin to give detailed tips, load possible solutions, after completing, checking the solution of the solution of the issue with the computer.

If all the above funds did not help, the modem and wireless router are reloaded. This approach will create a new connection with the service provider. The procedure for most equipment models is identical, there may be differences in the name of the items.

In the presence of a combined device, which includes a cable modem with a Wi-Fi router, the procedure is performed only for the main unit.

  • The power cable of both devices is disconnected from the power source. in separate models there is a backup battery, if after turning off the outlet, the indicators continue to burn, it is necessary to remove the battery.
  • Waiting time after shutdown at least 1 minute.
  • The modem and the adapter will have to be connected again to the mains, then you need to wait for the to stop flashing LEDs.

The last step is a second attempt to connect through a computer to the World Wide Web.

The exact implementation of the above instructions will solve the issue with the inaccessibility of the virtual line. If nothing happens, then the user should contact the provider technical support service.

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Problems with the Internet connection via Wi-Fi

In general, problems with the connection through Wi-Fi practically repeat the previous. It can be damage to the cable, freezing the router or the need to install the driver on PC. But also you need to take into account a number of nuances associated with the very nature of the connection. For example, stability and signal range. Perhaps you are just outside the Wi-Fi radius zone.

If when connecting via a router, the Internet does not work on a computer, as well as other devices, probably the difficulties consist of incorrectly configured parameters of your router. See the system notifications on the monitor of your computer or laptop: icons on the taskbar, which may be as follows:

First of all, check if the adapter is working and whether Wi-Fi drivers are installed. Perhaps a problem due to the Wi-Fi function disconnected on a laptop.

Typically, the problem is related to blocked access. It is required to enter a password from Wi-Fi. Even if you used the Internet with this PC earlier, enter the data again and try to repeat the attempt, the connection should work. In case of failure, the reason should be sought in a router or assignment of an IP address.

Frequently asked Questions

Perhaps you have changed the keyboard layout or clamped Capslock. If you forgot the password, you can see it in the router settings. We recommend installing a simple, easily memorable password.

Connect the Internet Wifire: Stable connection without interruptions.

Tariffs and services of NET BAI NET Holding LLC can be changed by the operator. Full relevant information about tariffs and services. in the section “Tariffs” or by phone specified on the site.

Scan the system for infection and correct the consequences

Viral, Trojan, Spy and advertising in interfering in the network very often. But not to break the Internet, but to perform their malicious tasks. Damage is a mistake in the work of malicious programs and sometimes the result of their incorrect removal.

Any antivirus utility, including the free Windows Defender, is suitable for checking and cleaning a computer from Settlement, with fresh viral bases.

how to fix Checking the network cables modem and router

However, getting rid of malware does not yet guarantee that access will be restored. On the contrary, more often you have to correct it additionally.

Internet recovery means are in Windows itself. This is the already well.known “Diagnosis of network problems” and console utilities Netshell and Ipconfig. What they can and how to work with them, read in an article on the link.

But that’s not all. There are more advanced things where it is enough to clap a button. and the problem was solved at a time. About these wonderful programs. Complete Internet Repair and Netadapter Repair All In One, we also already wrote.

And one more thing

They did what they could and even more? All the guidelines dug up, and now there? Perhaps you forgot something: call the provider at Support and puzzle the problem of specialists. After all, your Internet also depends on them, and more depends on them than on you.

You will be right if you start solving the problem from this step. Well, if you want to figure out everything yourself, then leave the call in the end. Any of your choice in this situation is correct.

Hardware malfunctions, is it possible to fix

When the router does not give out Wi-Fi, but the Internet is necessary to pay attention to the actual connection. In particular, important indicators on the modem: power and wireless network. If the first does not burn, perhaps somewhere the cable is killed or the power supply unit has burned down. In turn, the Wi-Fi non-working icon may indicate several problems at once:

  • The distribution button is disconnected. the easiest option when the user can go to the Internet via a router through the wire. It can be turned on on the device or activated by means of browser.
  • Roter. Rebooting helps here, as well as resetting settings.
  • Damage in the distribution system. Consultation of a specialist is needed.

See WIFI password in pc when pc is connected with LAN cable

Reset of current parameters

  • Open the main parameters of the computer.
  • Select the section network and the Internet, go to state.
  • Click on the inscription of the network reset. Confirm. reset now.
  • Restart the device. When it is turned on, allow to detect a computer on the network. OK.

Could it be problems on the side of the provider

The sudden disappearance of Wi-Fi may indicate the problems of this Internet supplier. Accidents with cable damage, temporary malfunctions, voltage jump, preventive work, etc. D.

In this case, the changes in the settings will not help, it is worth trying to restart the router: turn it off for a couple of minutes and turn it on, then go to the Internet again. If this does not help, you need to call technical support.

To understand why the router does not work, deeper knowledge is needed than those that are required for the standard access to the network. Here it is necessary to analyze the technical nuances of the connection, the condition of the device, and its settings. Amateur users are recommended to clearly follow the instructions and move from stage to stage until the reason is discovered. If after all the checks through the router the Internet does not work, then the problem is more serious and it is worth contacting the master.

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