Lenovo touch panel does not work [decided]

The laptop touch panel does not work the problem of many worries Lenovo laptop users. The touchpad of the laptop does not respond to touch. If you are faced with the same problem as they, don’t worry. Here are the methods that can help you solve the problem:

1) turn on the touch panel;

2) update or reinstall the sensory panel driver;

3) Contact Support Lenovo.

Please note that since your touch panel does not work, you will need another indicating device, for example, a mouse. to fulfill the first two of the above method.

The touch panel is disconnected by a hot key

Part of Lenovo laptops supports touchpage management using keyboard combinations. Sowerant users could turn it off out of ignorance, accidentally pressing one of these keys.

In office models of laptops, you can most often find the F6 key, on which a crossed out touchpad is drawn.

In game models and some premium. F10 key, with exactly the same icon.

For those who have a multimedia F-clavish work, just press the corresponding key to turn on and disconnect the touch panel. In functional mode, you will need to use a combination with FN: FN F6 or FN F10.

In the absence of a key with such an icon, it is easy to conclude that the Lenovo laptop model you use does not support this tachpad control option.

Laptop Touchpad Not Working Problem!! Fix | LENOVO IDEAPAD

What to do with a non.working touchpad

Reloading, and turning the touchpad

And so, the first advice is banal. reboot the laptop (.: During rebooting, the initialization of all devices occurs again and a number of errors will simply be eliminated at the stage of loading OS. ).

Next, try to turn on the touchpad. usually, you need to pinch the FN button and press one of the functional keys:

  • for asus: fnf9;
  • for Lenovo: FNF5 or FNF8;
  • For HP: most often, instead of a combination, you need to make a double click with a finger in the upper left corner of the touchpad ;
  • for MSI: FNF3 combination;
  • For Samsung: FNF5 or FNF10.

Options for turning on the touchpad on laptops of different brands (ASUS and HP)

Note: By the way, some users note that together with FN on their laptops you need to pinch the Ctrl button! (I myself have not met such laptop models)

Windows 10 OS settings and mouse properties

If you have Windows 10 OS, be sure to open its parameters (combination of Wini buttons) and double.check the “device/touch panel” tab.

It can be opened in it./ON. touchpad, adjust the speed of the cursor, set the mode of operation in parallel with the mouse, etc.

Device section / touch panel / Windows 10

After, go to the Windows control panel (not to be confused with parameters!) and open the section “Equipment and sound/mouse”.

If you have a “native” driver for a touchpad, then in the mouse settings there should be a tab responsible for its work (if it is not. cm. The next step of the article).

Usually, it has options for its./Obt., The mode of display of the icons and the nature of the behavior when connecting to the USB-port of the mouse.

Tip: try to click on the “Tachpad” button (if it is active), and remove the checkplace from the open. touchpad when connecting a mouse.

Shutdown of the touchpad when connecting the mouse

The touchpad may not work in view of the lack of a driver in the system (usually this happens after reinstalling the OS, recovery operations, updating drivers, etc.D.).

Despite the fact that the new Windows 10 OS (usually) always automatically puts “its” drivers when connecting any devices to the system. they do not always work correctly, and besides, they do not have a control panel in the mouse settings (which I cited a little higher).

In any case, I would recommend to find out the exact model of the laptop, go to the official website of its manufacturer. and find the driver there for the touchpad (by English. “TouchPad Driver”). An example for the Lenovo device is given below.

Official website Lenovo. We are looking for a driver for a touchpad

FIX: Lenovo Flex 5 touch screen driver not working

By the way, you can view the presence of drivers for certain devices in the device manager. Next to those devices for which there are no drivers. yellow wax will burn. sign. Screenshots with examples below.

Mice and other indicating devices. device Manager

The driver on the video card is installed (left), there is no driver (right)

The touchpad can be disconnected in BIOS/UEFI

In some versions, BIOS/UEFI can be special. Settings that allow you to turn off the touchpad (by the way, just the same began to meet in laptops from ASUS and Acer).

To help!

How to enter BIOS (UEFI) on a computer or laptop [Instruction]

Typically, such options are in the “Advanced” section (expanded).

In my example, below (ASUS laptop), it was necessary to translate the Internal Pointing Device (this is a touchpad) in the Enabled mode (T.e. inclusive). After saving settings (F10 key) and reloading the laptop. The touchpad began to work!

Internal Pointing Device is a touchpad (Enabled. So that inclusive!)

touch, panel, does, work, lenovo, laptop

Of course, depending on the model of the laptop and the BIOS version. your menu may differ somewhat from my example. Be that as it may, look at if you have a device with the name “. Pointing. ” (or “. TouchPad “).

If the operating instructions are preserved, it may have a decoding of all the parameters of your version of BIOS/UEFI.

Disconnect the sensory keyboard service

This recommendation is relevant for devices with a touch screen.

In some cases, due to incorrect operation of the sensory keyboard service, the touchpad may not be inaccessible. And so you should try to turn it off (this, of course, is a “crutch”, but as a temporary measure. why not?!).

The touchpad does not respond to pressing. What to do?

The priority task of the user is to check the device manager. Enter the “Input device” tab and turn on the device if it is disconnected, or turn off and turn on the sensor again after a couple of minutes. Checking for viruses can also solve the problem. After scanning, it is advisable to restart notebook. Check the driver’s performance, perhaps when installing the updates of the operating system, an error arose, which served as a failure in the operation of the touchpad. Rollback to old bases or reinstalling the driver can solve the problem.

With electromechanical malfunction or flooding with water, independent repair is not recommended. Why? You risk causing a devision more harm than to fix it. Contact the corporate service center, repair quickly and with a guarantee.

Hardware breakdown

Why does the touchpad not work on the laptop if the driver was reinstalled and the remaining of the above options were tried? So, the problem lies deeper, and the reason for the refusal of functioning is hardware breakdown.

If the touchpad on the laptop has stopped working, this can be triggered by the incorrect connection to the loop of the train or damage to the touchpad as a result of the fluid or after the blow.

If the liquid is accidental into a laptop (water, tea, coffee), you must immediately turn it off and remove the battery. If you are confident in your abilities and repeatedly performed a laptop cleaning yourself, you can make it out.

  • analysis, including the removal of the battery;
  • When they got to the touchpad, you should wipe the remaining fluids;
  • wipe with alcohol and dry;
  • After checking the correct connection of the loop (entering the liquid can lead to oxidation of the train);
  • Collect and turn on.

Solving the problem with working keyboard and touchpad on Lenovo laptops

Completely turn off the laptop and connect the charger. Click and hold for about 20 seconds the “Power” button until the charging indicator goes out. Next, just turn on the laptop and everything works.

As you can see, no drivers should be demolished/put, they did without indebions from toads and tears of virgins, but anyway, such a decision is such. I understand that this is abnormal by such shamanic actions every time conjure over the laptop, but the method is really working.

Lenovo did not find anything like this in the maintenance guide. By the way, who is interested in at the end of the article can find a link to him (not every manufacturer posts a full guide to disassemble his laptops).

I can assume that the Embeded Contoller settings are reset in this way. This is a built.in controller designed to control the platform (usually. mobile) both at the level of turning on and off, and for processing the ACPIs. The tasks of the EC controller include maintenance of the battery of the mobile platform: selection of the mode of its charge, control of discharge. As a rule, on mobile platforms using the EC controller, the keyboard controller is also sold.

This is usually done by a disconnection for some time of the battery, but now almost all laptops are made with a non.vegetable battery and in order to get to it you need to disassemble the case.

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Device Manager

Device manager is a section of the control panel that displays all connected equipment and offers the possibility of setting it up. In the section, you can do the following:

  • view the properties of the equipment and conduct its diagnosis;
  • renew, roll back or delete drivers;
  • turn on and disconnect the equipment;
  • View technical characteristics.

Appeal to the device dispatcher is the first step when problems of any device, and the touch panel is no exception:

touch, panel, does, work, lenovo, laptop
  • Turn on the laptop and start the device manager from the start menu (for Windows 10) or from the section of the control panel for older versions.
  • The equipment should be displayed in the section “Mouse and other indicating devices”.
  • If it is not there, look in the section “Unknown Equipment”.
  • If there is no such section, in the “View” menu, click “Show hidden devices”.
  • In the case when the equipment does not work or work incorrectly, there is a yellow exclamation mark near its icon. over, the name of the device with an error in its work may be displayed completely unlike the real.

Further, different options are possible:

  • If you have found equipment with an exclamation mark, then there are problems with the driver.
  • If he, in general, is not there, then, probably, the touchpad is simply disconnected.

Such problems usually arise when installing a new OS on a laptop or after updating to the latest versions. It happens that the laptop manufacturers have not yet managed to create a driver for a new version of the OS, and the standard Windows works incorrectly. In this case, you always have a system rollback option. But remember that not only the updates placed on the laptop will be removed, but also all the changes that occurred after the recovery point.

Update the Driver of the touch panel

The missing or outdated touchbar driver can also interfere with the work of the touch panel. works correctly. There are two ways to update the Driver of the touch panel: manually and automatically. Update the Driver of the touch panel manually-you can update install the driver manually by switching to the web site of the equipment manufacturer and completing the search for the latest version of the driver for your touch panel. But if you use this approach, be sure to select the driver compatible with the exact number of the model of your equipment and your version of Windows.

touch, panel, does, work, lenovo, laptop

Update the touch panel driver automatically. if you do not have time, patience or computer skills to update the driver manually, instead you can do it automatically using Driver Easy. You do not need to know exactly what system your computer is working on, you do not need to risk loading and installing an incorrect driver, and you do not need to worry about the error when installing. Driver Easy will cope with all this.

  • Download and install Driver Easy.
  • Launch Driver Easy and click scan now. Then Driver Easy will scan your computer and find all problem drivers.
  • Click update next to any marked devices to automatically upload the correct version of their drivers, and then you can install them manually. Or click update everything. to automatically load and install them all. (This requires the Pro version. you will be invited to make an update when you click everything. You get full support and a 30-day guarantee of a refund)
  • Reload the computer and check if the touch panel works correctly. If not so, contact the Support Driver Easy at Support@Drivereasy.COM for additional assistance.

I hope this will help you. You, as always, can leave a comment below to share your results or any other offers.