What to do if the speaker does not work properly on the iPhone?

Smartphones are gaining popularity every year, new models enter the market, electronics become more and more perfect and functional, but the problems during operation are inevitable. IPhone breakdowns options, there are a great many, let’s try to understand this sea of ​​chaos. In this article we will give an answer to the question of what to do if the speaker does not work on the iPhone? Find the reasons for the exit of the speakers and list the options for eliminating the problem.

According to statistics, 25% of users are faced with this problem. With the release of new models from Apple the problem when the speaker does not work on a seemingly reliable device, the device, will only aggravate.

Return the sound by rebooting

Software errors arise in smartphones quite often. as a result of this, “brakes” are observed, incorrect applications work, errors appear with the reproduction of individual multimedia files. Sound loss can also become a consequence of any error. How to get rid of “glitches” and return the iPhone functionality and “voice”?

The easiest way out of the situation is to send the iPhone to reboot. In the process of rebooting, the cache will be cleaned, temporary files will be deleted, the operating system will start again. If there were any errors in the system and applications, they should disappear. Therefore, after rebooting, the sound should recover-wait for the launch of the operating system and try to extract any sounds from the smartphone (for example, start a music player or some game application).

If you reboot your iPhone 2-3 times in a row, but no results have been obtained, try to get rid of the problem in other ways-they will be discussed further.

What to do if the sound disappears on the iPhone?

Ordinary user can hardly accurately diagnose the cause of the loss of sound. Therefore, you have to take measures aimed at eliminating all kinds of reasons. starting with the simplest.

Make a visual examination of the gadget. The reason for the lack of sound can lie “on the surface” and consist, for example, that the speaker is closed with a film or cover.

Reload the gadget. As a result of the restart, the cache will be cleaned, temporary files will be deleted, and iOS will begin to work again. With the help of rebooting, you can eliminate such a reason as freezing the operating system. If there is still no sound after launching the iPhone, this reason should be excluded from the list of possible and move on.

Reset the settings. With this action, you will bring all the settings of the mobile device to the initial configuration. Go along the path of “settings”. “main”. “reset”, click on “reset all the settings”, then enter the password twice.

The discharge of this type will not lead to the removal of the personal data of the user, so it is not necessary to create a backup copy before this operation.

Remove the applications. Remember which of your actions preceded the loss of sound. Perhaps you installed a tweak from Cydia and then immediately discovered the problem? “Demote” applications and tweaks that have been loaded recently, reload the device again and check the sound.

Make a backup of data in any way. The next operation will lead to the removal of information on the iPhone.

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Restore the gadget through DFU mode. Connect the iPhone to the PC cable, open iTunes and enter the “apple” device in DFU MODE. How to launch a DFU mode is told on our website. Когда в iTunes появится вопрос о восстановлении гаджета, ответьте на него положительно.

If none of these measures gave a result, there are no programmatic errors. the problem lies at the hardware level. Everything that the user can do in this case with his own way is to clean the headphone connector and the speaker.

This work needs to be done as accurately as possible! Metal tools (for example, needle) should not be involved, otherwise you run the risk of scratching contacts. Remove dirt from the connector in 3.5 mm can be with a toothpick or a thin stick with a cotton tower.

To remove garbage from the speaker, it is better to use a dry brush with a delicate bristle.

If the cleaning has not given a result, you have to come to terms with the fact that the iPhone needs professional repair.

Where to carry the iPhone on which the sound disappeared?

Gadget, the warranty period of which has not come out, it is better to take the seller. You can contact not only a specific store-store where the purchase was made, but also to any other branch of the retail network. The smartphone will first go to diagnostics, which will last a maximum of 20 days. If the diagnosis reveals a factory defect, the buyer will be offered to repair the iPhone, get a similar new device or pick up money.

Unfortunately, the loss of sound is usually a consequence of not a factory defect, but a careless user handling with a device. If the iPhone is flooded or if its speaker has broken due to mechanical exposure to the gadget (fall), there will be no warranty repair. the seller will return the broken smartphone to the buyer.

Before going to the seller and demanding a free elimination of the deficiency, the iPhone user should look into the SIM card connector. There is a humidity sensor. if it is red, then you can not count on the assistant assistance. iPhone. “drowned”, and the guarantee does not apply to it anymore.

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After the seller’s refusal, you will have to carry the iPhone to the service center on your own. The plate below contains approximate for the elimination of defects that can entail the loss of sound:

speaker, does, work, iphone

Remember that the lack of sound on the iPhone is, albeit an unpleasant, but quite solved problem. We hope that this article answered the question why the iPhone has disappeared and how to solve the problem on its own. If the reason for the lack of sound has become hardware breakdown, the user capabilities are actually limited. You can try to clean the connector, but it is important not to overdo it.

Когда возникают неполадки программного характера, восстановить звук намного проще. It is enough to restart the device, remove the problem application or roll back to factory settings. If you already had to deal with such malfunctions, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how you eliminated them.

Why the speaker does not work on the iPhone

  • The soundless mode is included. Check if you put the device into the operation mode “Do not bother” (button on the side, on the case). If you do not hear only the melody of the call, then, most likely, this is exactly what. Also check if you removed the sound using volume keys. then you will not hear anything at all, including when talking.
  • Incorrect settings. Try to go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Universal Access”. “Audiovisual Material”. Pay attention to the item “Mono-Audio”, especially if the left speaker does not work on the iPhone 7 model. Activate this function with a slider, and you will immediately notice that the sound is now not only in the upper dynamics, but also in the lower.
  • Audio devices are connected. When the speaker suddenly stopped working, it is worth checking whether any devices are connected to it for playing audio: speakers, headphones, multimedia system, radio, etc. P. In the age of wireless gadgets, it is very easy to forget about this, but the two speakers will not at the same time function. Try disconnect Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to accurately interrupt the connection with an extraneous device.
  • System failure. Very often, small SOR and dust clog into headphone connectors and “confuse” in this way a system that interprets outsiders as a device. This often happens on the iPhone 6, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, where quite large openings for devices and the recognition system does not work very subtly. Take something sharp, but not metal, for example, a skewer for canapes, and clean the recesses (only without any detergents). If you are a frequent guest on dubious sites and download something from there, then the virus loaded with negligence can “eat” the files of the audio bibs necessary for reading sound extensions. Reset the device to standard settings.
  • Damage breakdown. If all sorts of noises appeared, the speaker began to work quietly, the interlocutor is poorly audible, then the membrane itself could fail. This is facilitated by an energetic shake of the phone, the ingress of water, juice, tea or coffee on it, as well as attacks on any surface (sometimes even soft). In this case, you will have to contact a specialist so that he will make out the gadget and see what happened.
  • Sound board. This train connects the fee with the speaker, it is very sensitive to all kinds of influences and is one of the most vulnerable components of the iPhone. He is also changed in the workshop.
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If you still have a warranty, you can also write in Support Apple and ask why the sound does not work. Perhaps, according to the description of the problem, they will understand what is the matter, and advise how to fix everything.

Damage breakdown

The speaker stops working due to internal breakdown extremely rarely. In order to break it, you need to extract from the phone and break, for example, with a hammer. In all other cases, this is impossible,

because it is made of a coil of copper wire, membrane and magnet. It is worth noting that when the speaker makes at least some kind of sound, then it works. A quiet sound speaks of a clogged grid.

Contact between the modem and audio codes is faulty

A rather rare problem, but also related to our scenario. It is usually diagnosed by pressing (well pressed) the upper right corner, where the modem is located. the sound from it begins to reach the audio codec. The bb_i2s_rxd bus (i2s1) is responsible for this signal. It is necessary to check and, if necessary, restore the paths bb_i2s_klk. bb_i2s_rxd. bb_i2s_txd. bb_i2s_ws (chain from the modem to the central processor)

Hardware causes

Separately, it is worth considering a number of hardware malfunctions and problems that iPhone users face.

IPhone 12 Pro Max SERIOUS Speaker Problem!

They are also quite common. But their problem is that it will not always be possible to resolve the situation with a simple restart or changes in settings.


When the sound writes to the iPhone or the interlocutor hears you, but at the same time he disappeared on your part, and you cannot hear anything, you should suspect such an accessory as headphones.

This is relevant in cases where there is a sound in the dynamics, and when connecting headphones, the user notices that the sound is missing. There is no longer the reason from the iPhone, but the headsets. How good or bad, judge for yourself.

Check if the headphones are really to blame is quite simple. Connect another headset to the iPhone and see if the situation has changed. If there is a sound in other headphones, then you just need to replace the headset. The lack of sound in any connected headphones indicates a fairly serious hardware malfunction of the smartphone. It is possible that the nest was out of order.

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Water and moisture

A fairly common phenomenon is a banal ingress of water into a smart apple phone. Sometimes the user gets in the rain, accidentally drops the device into the water, or forgets to pull them out their. being indoors with a very high level of humidity (sauna, bathhouse, etc.).

Most often, as a result of moisture, microcircuits suffer, as well as headphones nest. These places are covered with traces of oxidations. It is possible that due to the oxidation and closure of some contacts, the apple smartphone seems to be inserted into the nest by headphones. Because of this, the device does not reproduce sounds in normal mode.

To combat the consequences of flooding, you can just temporarily put the device in a bowl with rice according to the old grandfather method. Either on the battery, placing a soft fabric between the radiator and a smartphone, folded in several layers.

Some begin to blow the smartphone from all sides with a hairdryer. But this is potentially dangerous, since excessively hot air can destroy glue, and also lead to melting some contacts, cracks on glass, etc. And therefore, warm iPhone should be extremely neat, avoiding exposure to elevated temperatures.

If the oxidations and the formation of rust could not be avoided, then you will have to disassemble the phone, and manually clean it. It is better to entrust such work to specialists.

Alas, when the iPhone is drowned, especially old models, it is not always possible to restore them.


There is still quite banal, but at the same time very common reason, due to which the sound disappears. This is due to the clogging of nests for connecting headphones and charger.

Actual for those who wear a phone in a bag with different rubbish, or in a. where various kinds of garbage falls in parallel. As a result, over time, the nest is clogged, and the sound partially or completely disappears.

speaker, does, work, iphone

The problem is solved quite simply. You just need to get rid of small litter, clogging the nest. But this must be done extremely neatly, so as not to break anything and not damage. You definitely should not pick up metal objects there.

Mechanical damage

One of the most unpleasant malfunctions is rightly considered the mechanical breakdown of the dynamics. You can touch it with some object in a bag or Or this will be the result of the fall of the phone on the floor.

The main problem and trouble of the mechanical breakdown is that there is no way to do without replacing the component. This is the only way to return the sound to your iPhone. And the procedures related to the repair and maintenance of smartphones manufactured by Apple are quite expensive and not available to everyone.

The loss of sound on the iPhone apple phones is not uncommon. over, there are a huge number of various reasons why this can happen.

The sequence of actions of the owner of the iPhone will be the same. First you need to exclude the most harmless causes, establish the presence of a problem and try to eliminate it. On your own, or with the help of a service center, the question is already a secondary.

Do not drop your iPhone, update them in a timely manner and do not try to hack. This will make you only worse for yourself and a smart device.

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speaker, does, work, iphone