How to open a slot for SIM cards without a key. 4 ways

The design of mobile devices is modernized every year. If earlier, to remove and replace the SIM card, it was necessary to remove the cover and battery, today it is enough just to use the key to open a special tray.

It is worth noting that a special key is equipped in a box with a mobile device. But what to do if this key was lost, or you purchased a device without a box from the hands of an ad according to the ad?

In today’s article, we will talk in detail about how to open a slot for SIM card using improvised tools.

How to extract a SIM card using improvised means

To get a SIM card from the iPhone, the manufacturer attaches a special small key to the configuration. But because of its miniature parameters, the object has the property of often lost. Therefore, there is a need to pull out a map of a mobile operator with other improvised means.

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The following devices will help to solve the problem:

  • Clip. When asked how you can get a SIM card from the iPhone, the most popular answer is a clip. To do this, you need to perform a few simple actions:
  • press the paper clip on the button that is responsible for the slot extension, respectively, the cards;
  • After that, a characteristic click should follow, as a result of the fact that the slot cover has gone;
  • With the help of your fingers, you can push the connector.
  • Needle. By the same principle, it is necessary to find a slot, the end of the needle is entered into the right hole, where the key was usually inserted. And after clicking, with your own efforts to pull the lid to the maximum to pull out the map of the mobile operator without the key.

Alternative improvised means in such a case can be wire, dental probe, any other oblong thin object. If you are interested in a question regarding a specific model, for example, how to pull out a SIM card from the iPhone 5, in 4, 5, 6 modifications of the smartphone, the slot is located on the side of the panel, in earlier models on the upper panel of the case, and the principle of action itself will be the same.

How to cut

Different models of Apple devices support different SIM formats. You can pull out the tray and see which card is used in your gadget. It should also be indicated in the instructions. Or in information about the device on the official website of Apple.

An ordinary SIM card can be cut to Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM if it has an “elongated” chip. This cannot be done with a large square contact, since one of its functional parts will be “cut off”.

In all new SIM card there are cuts. It is enough to press in the right place to get a micro or nano version. Unnecessary plastic will just break off. If there is nothing similar, it is best to purchase a special set for cutting a SIM card (it looks like a stapler). Or take it to the phone store from Apple and entrust the work to professionals. If you do it manually, there is a risk of damaging it.

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If you decide to cut the SIM card yourself, you will need sharp and durable scissors, a well.sharpened pencil and ruler. In the process, the main thing is not to damage the chip and cut off only plastic. If you already have SIM of the right size, just attach both cards to each other and cut off all unnecessary. Or measure the tray. You can also find a template on the Internet with SIM card dimensions and print it on a printer.

Remember where it has a “corner” (or mark with a pencil). In the cut version, it will also have to be done. Otherwise it will not be clear which side you need to insert the card.


Micro-symbol has dimensions 12 × 15 millimeters. To cut it:

  • Put it on the table so that the chip is on the top right. Before each operation, it is better to outline the lines with a pencil. They must be drawn parallel to the sides of the chip.
  • Cut off the top of the card so that 1 mm of plastic is left before contact. Do not hurt the chip.
  • Leave 1.8-2 mm plastic on the right.
  • You need a rectangle 12 mm high and 15 mm wide. It should be proportional to the map that you have now. Initially, its sides are also different sizes.
  • Draw lines for a rectangle. Mark where there will be a corner in it.
  • “Narpat” is better than “cut”. If SIM turns out too large, it can be adjusted. If it turns out to be too small, this is no longer fixed.
  • Now cut your Micro Symba.
  • The corner must be cut off diagonally (45 degrees). If you do not have a transporter at hand, measure 2.5 mm from the bottom and on the left of SIM. Draw lines. Where they intersect with the edges of the SIM card, cut the piece. The corner should always be from the same side.
  • Try to insert the card into the tray.

Micro-SIM is used in iPhone 4 and 4s. Modern models are compatible with Nano-SIM.

When buying a new or used iPhone, you need to insert a SIM card into it. How to do it?

When you start using a new phone, you definitely need to insert a SIM card into it or change it. Basically, to get open the slot for placement in it, you need to remove the rear panel of the phone and get the battery. But such an operation will not give you anything in the case of iPhone. Therefore, many users have a completely reasonable question of how to get an SIM card with iPhone.

We will consider the process on the example of old iPhone models. You can do this with an active device, but it is recommended to turn it off. You will need a special key that resembles a small paper clip.

It is inserted into the hole near the Simka slot, which will open it. Then take out the opened tray and replace the SIM card in it or insert a new

If we talk about newer models, then they have a slot for a SIM card is located on the other side.And the process itself is no different

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Is it possible to insert 2 SIM cards in 11 iPhone?

As for mobile communications, the situation remained the same. iPhone 11 and 11 Pro support work with two “SIM cards”, but only if the second is ESIM. 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max with two slots for SIM cards will be sold in China and Hong Kong.

Insert a paper clip or tool for extracting a SIM card into a small hole of the SIM card tray and press so that the tray extends. Pay attention to the recess in the corner of the new SIM card. Insert a new SIM card into a tray. Due to the recess, it is inserted only by one side.

How to open a slot for SIM card?

How to pull out a SIM card with an iPhone without a key. a clip

However, if you want to extract a SIM card without a key, then the use of a paper clip is a completely reliable option (do not damage your phone with a clip). To do this, straighten one end of the paper clip, and use it in the same way as you would open the tray with a key.

Using a needle for sewing machines

The sewing needle has a similar structure of special keys. As a result, it is universal for extracting a tray for a SIM card on any mobile device. In addition, the sewing needle is present in almost every house or apartment where there is a woman!

  • Take a thin needle, insert it into the hole that is located in the tray area for SIM cards, and then just press in order to extract the tray.

If the tray does not advance at all

No need to fanatically press the button with a paper clip if, with a light or moderate pressing, the tray from the iPhone or iPad did not come out. Most likely, in your case, you will have to contact the service center for help, unless, of course, you have a useful skill of analyzing and collecting such a technique.

And certainly a bad idea will be an attempt to pull out the tray mechanically: the knife and other sharp objects will not only spoil the type of technology, but can also lead to more serious breakdowns if a piece of the tool breaks off and remains inside. You don’t want your favorite 5s or 4s to suffer even more?

Often a complete blocking of the slot occurs when the SIM card used was cut out of the old one, which did not fit the parameters. Believe me, the card will pass much faster and will require much less money than such a breakdown of iPhone or iPad. Do not be too lazy to replace the card so that later you do not have to contact the service center for help because of your non-visibility.

Some problems with the iPhone or iPad, such as extracting a SIM card without using the key, can be solved independently, but the main thing is to remember that service centers are not in vain and are also ready to help in a difficult case. Dare, but adequately assess the situation and don’t panic!

iphone, card, does, open

Phone developers, or rather smartphones do not cease to surprise, meaningless innovations.

However, you have the right to disagree, with my opinion, but, for example, I absolutely did not like, for example, a hybrid slot.

This code can be inserted into it either a SIM card or a flash drive of micro sd. Maybe earlier, when two slots were not at all, such a solution would be perceived by all with a bang.

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Only today no one likes to change the cards, and many people have it, especially who calls in foreign countries.

The second “misunderstanding” slot on the key. Not only is it hard to find, you still need a key or something on its likeness.

How to remove a stuck SIM card from iPhone 6. without taking the phone apart

What they did not like the traditional slot on the usual latch I don’t know. once I pressed it, the slot opened, clicked the second time, the slot closed tightly.

Simple and convenient, but if this happened, I will show how to open the Samsung slot, Xiaomi Redmi 3, iPhone, Meizu, Asus, Huawei, Lenovo and so on.

Availability of SIM-Lock on iPhone

Large stores and chains of salons “flooded” iPhones do not trade. But when buying a gadget in a small shop, in a buccum or “hand” to Avito there is always a risk of getting a device that can work with the SIM card of only one provider-and that which does not provide in Russia.

iphone, card, does, open

Most often, iPhones are raised under the SIM card of ATT and Verizon operators.

Of course, the best way to solve the problem with SIM-Lock will be the return of the device to the unscrupulous seller and the subsequent purchase of the gadget certified for work in Russia. However, most often sellers refuse to return, arguing that the smartphone is working-because SIM-Lock is not a breakdown.

iphone, card, does, open

“Hang your nose”, being “flooded” iPhone in hand, is not necessary. this problem has many solutions:

  • Appeal to the workshop. Service experts will remove SIM-Lock, but will require an impressive amount (from 100) to work. The owner of the gadget should remember that after the “handicraft” removal of the “pillars”, the iPhone loses a guarantee.
  • DIY “Razlechka”. You can try to unlock the iPhone and independently-there are a number of Internet services that allow you to do this (for example, In this case, you will also have to spend money, but the amount will be much more prepared. Online services ask for an average of 2 to 3 dollars for help.
  • Buying Turbo-SIM. Turbo-SIM is an adapter that is inserted into the tray with a SIM card and unlocks the radio module when iPhone activation. Buying such an adapter will cost the user about 1.5. 2 thousand. rubles. The use of Turbo-SIM can lead to a decrease in communication quality and problems when setting up IMessage, however, among all ways to get rid of SIM-Lock, this is perhaps the most effective.
  • Contact operator. The user, finally, is able to write a letter to the provider, under the SIM-cards of which is “flooded” by the iPhone, and ask for an official Angloka. This method has many shortcomings: firstly, the operator’s reactions will have to wait long for a long time, secondly, you need to write in English and preferably without the help of a “clumsy” Google translator, thirdly, you will also have to pay for the official Angel. (ATT) up to 15 thousand. rubles (Finnish company DNA).

The official “open” has a significant advantage. it does not entail a loss of warranty on the iPhone.