What to do if the water fell under the screen of the touch phone: ❶ How to dry the phone water in the phone screen repair and service. what to do if water got into the touch phone

If you still live in the touch, then disassemble and wipe all the water from there. If not, then change just dry the garbage, it will rot sooner or later, the water will dry, and the chemical processes caused by water will not stop As a result, parts will begin to fall off, the paths will turn into the oxide It also depends on the touchscreen itself what it is if the film is 100% kayuk. If glass, then disassemble, wipe, dry without taking the phone yet, it will not work to dry it. Well, and last more. Even if you dry it without analyzing it, stains from the water will remain from the back of the glass (film) and, as a result, the touchscreen will still die very quickly and as usual, it will die at the very moment when the phone is PPC as needed.

Turn off the device dry with a hairdryer (not hot air) and let it lie down for some time.

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change the screen, and the whole device is possible. Water from water without consequences, for electronics, does not happen.

If water is under the screen, then you need to disassemble it by. If you put the phone on the battery, then the screen can burst from evaporation, but it all depends on the brand of the phone

Removing the touch is unambiguous. Dry, then wipe with alcohol.

You take 0.5 kg of rice pour on the screen and put it near the battery, every day you turn rice or interfere. In a week everything will pass.

Water causes chemical processes. Therefore, it is better to change. I had a very similar case: the touch phone fell into the soup. I know that it may seem funny, but that is not the point. The bottom line is that no one touched the phone, dried and forgot. Well, after about a couple of months I remembered its existence. Well, that’s what. The phone did not turn on, I in an attempt to revive it. dismantled it. So what? The processors were in dry mold. Well, so, I took the peroxide cleaned it, I washed it so to speak. Carefully. In a couple of weeks I earned. But playing the game, I noticed that the phone is warm. White screen. And that’s it. Trash. Of course, this is completely different from the question posed here, the conclusion is still one: the device can be saved, but its “life” will be in the balance. And I agree with the answers of the previous ones: it is better to change, because at the right time it will break.

Hey (master) what are you unacceptable to clean with alcohol otherwise in the touchscreen there will appear divorces and day after day it will become worse

A liquid fell under the screen, presumably sweet juice, not much, but in one place the sensor activity is constantly manifested. What to do?

Put in the microwave. And all, there is no water. And the devices are also unfortunately.

My phone was bathed in a push and almost the entire tap was flooded. Myself dried up for a week of use, I did nothing with him. And most importantly it works to this day

Mlyn, I immediately apologize to the curve of terminology, self.taught itself, I don’t earn tenins, so correct and tell me, I don’t agree with the upper answer completely, my phone crashed into the bathroom, I was pulled out, I immediately pulled out the battery, the lid was just clutching, a day in dry rice with a hill, not stains on the screen and cracks, but he is a little, a little, as I understand it, because the moisture is walking, the phone is not expensive, so I don’t bother much. Whether the alcohol of the bath will help after 6 months? And is it needed on the phone up to 6k r. ? But he understands he can forever, if the fee does not get on the fee. If we get lucky

High.quality Samsung repair after water

Samsung repair after moisture is usually required for speakers or microphone. Of course, the motherboard, the battery can be damaged. To reduce the scale of the possible consequences, turn off the phone immediately after the incident. Ideally, it is better to remove the battery from the device. In the Pedant service, our masters will disconnect other elements if necessary, rinse them in a special solution and dry them under an ultraviolet lamp. Naturally, at the end of work, you will be given a guarantee up to 90 days. To record free diagnostics, call the hotline number 8-800-100-39-13. We are waiting for you!

To improve the quality of service, your conversation may be recorded

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Charging phone

If when falling into the water, the phone is recharging. do not pull it with your bare hands. The same applies to situations when you happened to wet the loading device by any drink. You will need:

    Fully de.energize your housing;

  • Put on rubber gloves or get a mobile phone with something that does not conduct electricity;
  • Try not to press the phone buttons when it is removed from the water.

Remember that water is the best conductor of electricity. First of all, it is important to get together and not panic, since rash acts in such a situation can not only destroy the phone, but also harm your health.

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After the details have wetted, you need to start drying them. With a slight freezing gadget, you should urgently get rid of a drop on the body, rubbing the body with a cloth.

Vacuum cleaner

This version of drying is most often used. Its main advantage is that the vacuum cleaner draws drops of water, and does not clog them deeper. For the use of household appliances, the narrowest nozzle is put on it, then each spare part is dried for 15-20 minutes.

REFERENCE! If the gadget has been in water for a long time, the drying method will be ineffective.

This method is undesirable to use drowned to resuscitation. The thing is that, if you use a hot flow of air, then this threatens damage to the details. Small elements and circuits can simply melt under the influence of high temperature.

Some include a hairdryer for cold mode, but this option can only aggravate the situation. This is explained by the fact that the flow of air will only score drops of water deep into the device, which is why the liquid can reach the main modules and ruin them.

Put in a warm room

Finding such a room is quite problematic, since the optimum temperature in it should be at the level of 30-35 degrees (in no case no more than 50). The gadget is left in a warm place for 12 hours.

If the incident occurred in a sultry time, but the phone can be put in the sun. If the smartphone is flying in the sun from morning to evening, the device must completely dry. If possible, you need to look for a room with the maximum dry air.

Get isopropyl or ethyl alcohol

The drowned device is immersed in alcohol, but before that you need to remove the battery from it. After that, the device is placed in alcohol for 12 hours. The water from the gadget will evaporate along with alcohol, also alcohol is able to clean the details and boards of salt pollution and oxidations.

ATTENTION! You can not wipe the device with vodka or cologne. These are just solutions based on alcohol, so the mixtures will only aggravate the situation, contributing to a faster process of corrosion.

Samsung A50 Touch screen not working. Water Damaged


This substance is distinguished by high moisture properties. It will be great if you can get to the board itself and dry it in this way.

sensor, does, work, phone, water

Silicagel can be replaced with bags that are placed in boxes with new shoes. They are also able to absorb moisture.

Rice or cat filler

These funds are less effective compared to the previous. In rice or cat filler, the phone is completely immersed and leave it in this position for 12 hours, and preferably for a day.

Will only help if the liquid did not penetrate the very depths.

Other synthetic absorbents

Now on many sites, such as Aliexpress, special absorbing bags are sold. Substances are valid on the principle of rice. Are relatively inexpensive, so they can be ordered for the future and apply if necessary.

Sensor repair

If after drying the device the sensor did not work, it is better to take the gadget to the professional service.

If you wish, you can try to change the part yourself, guided by the instructions:

  • We clean the workspace, put a small box on the table, where various bolts will subsequently take shape.
  • Remove the front and rear panel, unscrew the bolts in the battery compartment.
  • We unscrew the two screws located in the upper part of the device, turn off the screen connector, disconnecting the train from the microcircuits.
  • Let’s make a fee fee. Using the washing gum, we clean the contacts of the loop to shine.
  • Check the connection between the sensor and the train, putting the eraser between them. If there is contact, then it’s not about it.
  • Remove the old module, install a new.
  • We perform all actions in the reverse order, excluding p. 5.

Sensor replacement is a complex procedure that requires not only skills, but also time, t. to. For everything can go a few hours. If the problem is not solved, it is better not to aggravate it and take the apparatus to the master.

Safety regulations

The main safety rule is not to connect a wound smartphone to the network. In addition, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • Do not shake a smartphone for accelerated disposal of drops;
  • use only proven and safe means for drying;
  • wait the required amount of time before turning on the phone;
  • do not use emergency methods without need.

One of the methods that will help save the smartphone is to use pure alcohol. This option is considered quite dangerous. He has both supporters and opponents. The bottom line is to re.soak the device in alcohol fluid. Alcohol will bring water. The advantage of drying alcohol is harmlessness for microcircuits and rapid drying. In order for the method to work, it is necessary to use the most concentrated solution.

Today in the rain, the phone is hidden) now turns on, but the screen is black.

Disassemble the phone to the screw to my board in alcohol, and especially clean the connector of the train of the display on the battery and the drier display in a warm place, but not a hairdryer, I dried the display, putting it on a hard drive in a systematic

In general, the “telephoners” do not advise turning on a wet phone, Bo begins electrolysis and all that and the board just rotting alive. In such cases, it is completely disassembled and dried, and then, according to circumstances, they look. Sometimes every other day the oxide appears on the entire board, and you can no longer do without cleaning the soil

The corrosion process went to disassemble the main thing quickly, differently, the corrosion of the whole phone will devour! and rinse with vodka, alcohol, acetone. Rinse all in alcohol and put on the windowsill for 1 day

I forgot to close the lid from the spirits and in the same lay the phone, he was wet and results and. the sounds work and the screen is black and what I help to do, I beg

Reset of settings to factory

If the sensor itself presses on the screen, then the first thing you need to reset the settings. Instructions:

  • We go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “personal data”, then select the “Restoration and Reset” section.

Read more about resetting to factory settings in Android phones