What to do if the Internet disappears on a laptop

If the user often disappears the Internet on a laptop via Wi-Fi, then it is time to check the equipment parameters and make sure that nothing interferes with the qualitative receipt of the signal from the router. Often the reason for the difficulties lies in a slight little thing, the elimination of which will not cause difficulties. It makes no sense to put up with a poor.quality connection in such situations. It is better to spend some time to save it later on fast downloading sites and videos on the Internet.

In 2022, the most common causes of problems with the connection are:

  • Provider actions and increased network load, which leads to a decrease in speed in peak hours;
  • improper settings of the router;
  • incorrectly installed computer operation parameters;
  • interference that interferes with a qualitative receiving signal from the router;
  • the actions of strangers who secretly connected to Wi-Fi;
  • viruses and malicious programs that reduce equipment performance;
  • The work of third.party programs and applications using part of the traffic to solve local problems (for example, updates).

Problems and settings of the router

If the user periodically disappears the Internet on a laptop, the first thing you should look into the settings of the router. This will need:

router, internet, disappears, emergency, situations
  • open any browser;
  • Enter in the address line (for some models, the combination can be different);
  • change the number of available communication channels (it is recommended not to set two.digit values, since not all electronics can support the operation of such channels);
  • make sure that foreign devices are not connected to the wireless network.

If outsiders are detected, you should remove them from the network and change the password.

Why breaks and disappears Wi-Fi

High load on the router

The most common reason for the periodic loss of the Internet via Wi-Fi (and the network itself) is the reboot of the router. its transformation to the Internet (just at this moment for 5-15 seconds. The connection disappears).

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Retrilling a router can occur for various reasons, but most often due to a high load (for example, if you actively download torrent files). Typically, this happens with inexpensive budget models of devices that simply cannot cope with the load and go to the rebell.

  • open the settings of the router (how to do this);
  • Further, in the wireless network settings, you should try to change the security mode with WPA2-PSK to something less demanding, for example, on WEP or WPA (or for a while without a password at all). This will reduce the load on the router and quickly identify the cause (important! This is done only for the purpose of diagnosis, do not leave the network without protection for good!);

Actually, if, after the procedures done, Wi-Fi stopped falling, then you can further:

  • or leave everything as it is and use a router with speed restrictions;
  • either purchase a router more powerful, which can hold a high load.

A coincident radio channel

If you live in an apartment building, then dozens of others saw when searching and connecting and connecting to your Wi-Fi network. Each such network works at its own frequency (radio channel). Usually, the Router radio channel puts automatically, itself.

However, if several routers are close to one radio channel near: the connection can periodically break off, the speed of the network will be low.

To check which radio channels are busy near you. You can recommend one small utility Insider. As can be seen from the screen below, channels 2, 7, 5, 1 are free.

Note: Channel from 1 to 13 are used in.

Wi-Fi channels/INSSIDER PROCESS (Link to the utility: https: // Inssider.ru.Uptodown.COM/Windows)

Actually, then you can try to put a free radio channel in the router’s settings and look at the difference. Will Wi-Fi start working steadily.

Wireless network settings. Radio channel / clickable

Router firmware

The firmware is a special micro.program, thanks to which the router “knows” what he and when to do. In some cases, there may be errors in the firmware, because of which a router may not behave stably, for example, reboot, tear communication, and slow down.

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Of course, in most models of routers you can simply change the firmware (if it exists for it). As a rule, it is enough to open the router settings, go to the device control tab, and click on the micro.program update button.

Note: Rotter flashing can lead to a malfunction of the device (therefore it is important to choose a firmware for exactly your router model). In addition, after the firmware, you will be denied warranty service.

I note that the micro.program (firmware) is (most often) the most ordinary file with the extension.Bin, for example, “US_AC5V1.0rtl_v15.03.06.32_multi_tru01.Bin “.

To help!

How to change the firmware of the Wi-Fi router (update of the microprocrogram)-see. Step.by.step primmer

You can download a new version of the firmware from the official site of the manufacturer of your device.

Prohibit the device shutdown Wi-Fi Adapter

By default, Windows includes such an option as disconnecting network adapters (including Wi-Fi) in order to save energy. In some cases (especially if you often use the waiting regime, gibbernation, etc.) the adapter may not leave its “hibernation” (t.e. Do not turn on in time).

First of all, I recommend prohibiting such a disconnection to the system. It is done simply:

  • First you need to open the device manager;
  • Next, find the “Network Adapters” tab and open it. Then you need to open the properties of the adapter Wi-Fi (if you do not know which one you need them, alternately perform this operation for everyone);
router, internet, disappears, emergency, situations

Change the power plan

This recommendation applies to laptops (and other. portable devices).

In power settings (to open them: winr. PowerCFG.CPL) You may have several operating modes of the device. Usually, there are three of them: electricity savings, optimal, high performance.

For the duration of the diagnosis and search for a malfunction. I recommend setting high performance mode, see. screenshots below.

PowerCFG.CPL. Open power supply settings

Also note that in some laptops (for example, from Lenovo, Sony, etc.) may have its pre.installed device control centers for the device. Among their options, regimes are also often found that limit some of the possibilities of devices.

I recommend checking if you have such control centers, and if yes, then translate the food into norms. operating mode (without savings!).

Reinstall and update the driver on Wi-Fi adapter

During the installation (reinstalling) OS Windows 8/10/11-the system, as a rule, automatically puts the driver on the Wi-Fi adapter. Often, his version is far from optimal (but nevertheless, it works).

It is extremely desirable, such drivers are changed to “relatives”, t.to. This gives its advantages:

  • the speed of the adapter rises (repeatedly collided on laptops Dell, Acer);
  • The device works more stable;
  • DOP may appear. Options and control centers.

The best way will be to use the official site of the manufacturer of your device.

To do this, you need to find out the exact model of your device, and then “drive” it into the Google search line (for example). as a rule, the manufacturer’s site will burn on the first line.

Screen from the official HP support page

If problems arose with the first way, you can resort to the help of special. utilities. Driver Booster. She will automatically find, load and install the necessary driver.

Note: there is no need to update all the drivers, which is recommended by Driver Booster. update just one driver on Wi-Fi adapter.

I also recommend familiarizing yourself!

How to install, update or delete Wi-Fi driver (wireless network adapter)-[see. Step instructions]

Change connection properties

Well, the last thing I wanted to cite today. On some laptops (for example, on Acer and HP), some kind of “glitch” can occur, in which the connection with Wi-Fi is lost if the tick is not established in the properties of the network connection, when his name is not visible.

How to check it (and eliminate, if necessary):

    First you need to open all available network connections: for this, press Winr. and use the NCPA command.CPL (example below);

NCPA.CPL. viewing all network connections

If you managed to get rid of such a problem in a great way. Set in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Thanks in advance!

The Internet disappears only on one device

The router is not always guilty of interruptions with a wireless Internet.


In the case of a laptop, there are two possible options: updating the Wi-Fi module driver and editing a power plan.

In the first case, go to the laptop support site, download the official driver for the Wi-Fi module and reinstall it. Updating the driver through the dispatcher of devices, third.party programs and driverpaks are not recommended.

To optimize electricity consumption, Windows 10 disconnects peripheral devices during their downtime. If the Internet disappears after waking up or laptop downtime, forbid the operating system to turn off the Wi-Fi adapter.

  • Open the tasks dispatcher through the start.up context menu, expand the “network adapters” branch and open the “properties” of the wireless module. There can be many devices, look for where there are 802 in the name.11 or Wireless.
  • In the power control tab, remove the flag near the item “Allow the shutdown of this device” and save the settings.

If Wi-Fi falls off anyway, open the “Properties of the Wireless Network” through the “Center for Control of Networks and General Access” (Wi-Fi icon in the TEA).

Go to the Safety tab. In it, click the “additional parameters”, turn on the only option and save the settings.


  • access points with a weak signal. it is advisable to “forget” them. remove from the phone and not connect to such;
  • made of metal or other screening electromagnetic radiation case;
  • Included Tunneling Service. VPN;
  • operating on the iPhone “Wi-Fi Assist” (“Help Wi-Fi”)-disconnect the function in mobile phone settings;
  • network parameters. reset in the corresponding settings section.

Without an integrated approach to clarifying the causes and even experiments, the problem with unstable Wi-Fi cannot be solved. Sometimes you have to experiment.

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Equipment failure

If the equipment is in perfect order, but there is no Internet, then the reason may lie in another. The thing is that often the settings are made during the first connection of the router are knocked down. Perhaps because of some mistake, but the result is obvious-you can’t go on the Internet.

The router is a rather difficult device in which it is hidden:

Some models may even have a full.fledged operating system. Such a problem when the Internet Wi-Fi periodically disappears, can be both in iron and firmware. Perhaps it was incorrectly updated, which also negatively affects the work of the equipment.

You can solve the problem by resetting the router settings. You can do this in different methods:

  • Run the browser and enter the desired IP address in the address bar. Depending on the equipment model, this may be or 192.168.one.one. In the window that appears, you need to enter a login and password. If they did not change, then by default. admin. Next, you need to act based on the model of the router. You need to look for a item related to the reset to factory settings.
  • This method is easier. on the back of the device there is a small black button with the inscription WPS Reset. Sometimes it can be hidden in the case, and to get it to it, you will need an ordinary sewing needle. To reset the settings, you need to hold the button pressed for 10 seconds.

In some models, such a button may be completely absent. In this case, solve the problem when the Internet periodically disappears on a computer, can only be with the help of the first method.

Repair work

Sometimes a connection may not even be lost due to the fault of the subscriber. The cable may not be damaged in the territory of the apartment, but beyond its borders. For example, builders started repairing work in the entrance, during which the likelihood of accidental cable damage cannot be excluded. In this case, it is worth contacting a provider who is responsible for eliminating the malfunction.

But in some cases, the Internet can really be interrupted due to the provider. The reason may consist of malfunction from the equipment. Or it could be an emergency-maybe somewhere the cable was torn off, or something else. over, the Internet may be absent from a few minutes to hours.

In this case, all that remains is to contact the hotline and report the problem. Then wait calmly while she will be eliminated. Such cases are rare, but aptly. Therefore, it is worth considering other reasons why the Internet periodically disappears on a laptop.

Blog about modems, routers and GPON ONT terminals.

Simple home-made Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wireless Route is a multifunctional device that is actually independent of the computer operating system. In the case of any problems that arise during his work, an ordinary average user may face the fact that he will not be able to find out why access to the Internet through the router disappears at least which side to look for the cause of the problem. Roofing felts is a failure at the provider, roofing felts is stupid and does not give access the router itself. In fact, there are several simple actions that are available to the user with almost any level of computer literacy.

Reload the router and computer. Yes, yes, this simple action allows you to return access to the Internet in 90% of cases. The fact is that the router is the same computer on which the Unix-like operating system is installed. And just like a computer, it can fail and buggy. For example, I had a D-Link ADSL modem, which stable once every 3-4 days I hung and helped the reboot helped. Since time, of course, a more fresh firmware has come out and the problem was eliminated. But until this point, everything was treated precisely precisely.

Look at the indicators (bulbs on the case). You should burn several indicators-power, WAN-connection or Internet and Wi-Fi network:

If there is a computer or laptop connected via Ethernet Cabble (LAN indicator). If so. go to step 3.

The way out is most often one. carry to the service or buy a new.

-The WAN-connection indicator does not burn. It is usually marked as “WAN” or “Internet”. If you have an ADSL modem, then this is the DSL indicator, if you are connected through an optical ONT terminal, then it can be called Pon or Link there.

Disconnect the incoming cable from the connector on the router and turn on again. When connecting via ADSL. check just in case the connecting on the splitter, in the case of GPON. check the optical outlet if you have this installed. If it did not help, call the technical support of the provider, since damage is most likely on the line or on the equipment of the provider.

Check the settings.

To do this, you need to go to the web-integer (IP address usually 192.168.one.1 or and see what is configured in the section “Internet” or “WAN”. Samo-Council you should know the parameters of your Internet connection. In which case. they can be clarified in the technical support of the provider.

NOTE: First line of technical support for the provider, they are very fond of advising subscribers to reset the router configuration using the Reset button. Take a hurry to do this, since you will completely “dive” it with this and you will have to register everything again or call a specialist for this and pay money. It is better to prepare first first. check “from and to” all the necessary parameters and find the instructions for your model. and only then proceed to active actions.

If nothing suspicious is identified and all the parameters are set correctly, go to step 4.

Check the connected devices. You need to make sure that the Internet through the router disappears on all connected customers. To do this, they must be on the network at the same time. As soon as access to the Internet disappears on one of them. immediately check its absence on the rest:

If it does not help, it seems that you have problems with the network board on PC. Check what IP parameters are spelled out in the properties of the TCP/IPV4 Internet protocol. You may have to update or reinstall the driver. If access is recovered, then the previous port was configured for another service. for example, IPTV.

-There is an Internet through the cable, via wi-fi-no. In this situation, you need to check the Wi-Fi settings on the router. Very often the reason is that wireless customers cannot get an IP address or address of DNS servers. Try to prescribe them manually. Sometimes the reason may be an incorrect grouping of ports. For example, you set up IPTV and added a wireless network to this group.

If you have a laptop, or a stationary computer is standing next to the router, then you can try to disconnect the cable of the provider that comes to your apartment, connect it directly to the computer’s network board, configure the connection and try to go to the Internet. If this successfully succeeded, then here you need to look for a problem in your router and understand why it does not give access. But if it doesn’t work directly, most likely the provider has problems. The only reservation, this verification method is suitable only if the fttb is connected (etth). If you have an optics GPON or the good old ADSL, then it will not work and you have to call technical support for calling the monster.

All about local networks and network equipment

Very often, when connecting to the “world web” on a local network, users are faced with the fact that the Internet periodically disappears through a router. After rebooting the device, the Internet, as a rule, appears, but this does not eliminate the problem. And the router has to restart every 5 minutes.

And here we will consider the main reasons why the Internet connection through the router so often disappears, and what needs to be done when interruptions in the Internet connection occur.

If the Internet disappears on the router, do not rush to carry equipment to the service center or call the operator. In many cases, the problem can be solved by “low blood” by rebooting, reset, updating the firmware or “treatment” of the damaged wire. If the initial steps did not help, pay attention to the settings, remove the extra programs and check the computer for viruses. If these steps did not give a result, and the Internet constantly disappears through a Wi-Fi router, break off every 5 minutes, call the provider.

It happens that the Internet works only next to the router when connecting via Wi-Fi. The connection is bad and constantly interrupted. In this case, you need to understand why the signal is jamming. Perhaps the router just stands in the wrong place.

Make sure that there were no metal objects, mirrors or very thick concrete on the path of radio waves. If you have a very large house, then perhaps he simply does not have enough power. I also advise an article to increase the radius of Wi-Fi signal. The main methods for improving Wi-Fi communication are told there.

Another solution for laptops is with a bad signal so that the laptop constantly tried to connect to the network, even if the signal is bad or it is not at all.

The most obvious. mechanical

Some time ago, the Internet connected via a telephone network. The speed was very small, even to download one good picture, it took a few minutes, and you can’t call. the fishing line for the trimmer was busy. Then, however, the speed improved slightly, and the fishing line for the trimmer became free for phone calls. Now, no one will surprise anyone with a fiber.optic cable, and the development of communication does not stand still, everything boils down only to an increase in throughput.

Now almost every subscriber has the channel not connected directly to the computer, which was often before, but to special equipment that distributes it to other devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. And if someone cannot go to the site, he wonders why the Internet periodically disappears through a router?

The loss of the network can be mechanical: damage to the cable that goes to the devices, or the device itself (router or modem). It is worth carefully inspecting the device, as well as the cable, perhaps there are places where it frayed or exposed. The rupture of internal wires is not excluded.

Why the Internet constantly disappears?

one.The most relevant periodic “disappearance” of the Internet is when the router distributes the connection to the World Wide Web with several devices at the same time.

In most cases, this is due to the technical capabilities of the router: the router does not cope with the network load assigned to it.

Consider why the Internet constantly disappears through a router with a specific example.Suppose the Internet is heard by a router at once for 3 computers:

  • – on the first, the user watching the movie online;
  • – on the second. play online the game;
  • – The third computer at the same time is loading the “heavy” file from the torrent.

Of course, the average router does not withstand such a network load (especially if it is already “experienced times”) and cuts off the Internet connection. After rebooting the router, the Internet appears, the user again launches all the suspended programs. and the situation is repeated.

In this case, the best solution would be to buy a new more powerful router. If you can’t replace the router for any reason, then the “old” router should configure the restriction on the simultaneous use of large Internet traffic.

Another common reason that the Internet regularly disappears through a router is an outdated device for the device. Consider how to update the firmware of the router on the example of the router D-Link 2640U:

  • – To begin with, look at what letter certificate is assigned to your router: it is usually indicated on the device case and has a value, B, C, etc.P. This parameter must be found out, since the firmware will be selected precisely “under the certificate”;
  • – Now it is necessary to determine the version of the current firmware: it is indicated in the router integration (for example 1.0.24);
  • – Next, download the latest version of the firmware from the official website of the manufacturer (for example, this is 1.0.32);
  • – save the backup configuration (in case of an unforeseen situation);
  • – In the router integration, go to the “Po.Update” section, indicate the path to the downloaded file and wait until the router is updated and rebooted.

There are times when the problem of constant Internet loss corrects the on the contrary, a return to an earlier version of the firmware. The principle of action is the same: download the more “early” firmware and install it on your router.

Why the Internet constantly disappears: Other reasons

This reason is especially relevant if the Internet disappears from “downtime”. To eliminate the malfunction, write down in the router integral (in the DCHP tab) or the address of the DNS server of your provider, or any public (for example, Google 8.eight.eight.eight. )

In addition, the Internet on a computer or laptop may disappear due to the activity of viruses.This happens infrequently, but this is one of the possible regular reasons for interruptions in the Internet connection. Check your computer for viruses: checking is not superficial, but complete. For example, the “Doctor Web Cureit” utility: first a complete check, and then. checking when downloading.

To diagnose Internet connection, you can use third-party programs: for example, Visualroute.

Or programs. optimizers. There are many such programs, but one of the most convenient is TweakMaster: the program is paid, but there is a 30-day demo version (for one specific check is enough). Using this program, build the most optimized network and check it for a load: for example, start the torrent download or online game.

The breakdown of the Internet connection may be associated with the physical damage of the power supply of the router or the Internet cable (twisted pair).

Try to connect another power supply to the router. Parts can check the cable for gap or pushing.

If there is a multimeter or tester in the presence, you can “call” the cable. For this:

  • -Test tenters touch the orange and white-orange wire;
  • -further to the green and white-green wire: resistance in both the first and second checks should be 1-2 Ohm;
  • – Next, check the resistance between green and orange wires: it should be at least 100 Ohms. If all 3 indicators are within these limits, then the cable is working.

Perhaps the reason for the “loss” of the Internet connection every 5 minutes lies not in the router, but in the computer itself. The most standard situation here is the outdated network card drivers. Is it possible to check if this can be in the “Device Manager”: if the “Network Cards” section will have a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark, then you need to update the network card driver.

If none of the above methods helped to eliminate the problem, and the Internet still disappears through the router every 5 minutes, then the reason is most likely on the side of the provider: contact the technical support to verify the status of your connection.

However, in most cases, the reason for interruptions in the Internet connection lies in the router itself, and the best way out of the situation will be to buy a new router.

The physical malfunction of the router

The Internet will break out, and the speed is sharply falling if the router is faulty. Regardless of what provider you use, such a problem can arise. MTS and other providers provide their subscribers with high.quality technical support. Therefore, if you are sure that the problem is in the equipment, you can call the master of the company.

Often routers fail as a result of overheating or after voltage drops. Be sure to check the cable. With its physical malfunction, the Internet may turn off at all. There should be no bends and other damage on the cable. If deformations are detected, try replacing the wire.

If the failure on the side of the provider

The Internet in the private sector will not be able to turn on if an emergency situation arose on the side of the provider. Elimination of serious cliffs on the line takes time. Therefore, sometimes subscribers remain without communication for a long time. Typically, providers inform subscribers in advance if preventive work is planned. If everything functioned properly, but suddenly the connection broke, you can contact the technical support. But before calling the provider, you need to make sure that everything works properly on your side. Check the integrity of the cable and ports.

Sometimes providers limit access due to the fact that the user forgot to make a fee. Therefore, in the absence of the Internet, first check the balance. If the account is zero, make a payment and try to re.make a connection.

If you notice that the Internet is disappearing, the speed does not correspond to the stated in the written agreement, this is an occasion to change the provider.

The TCP/IP auto.building interferes with

Of course, such a function as automatic addressing “TCP/IP” is useful, because thanks to it the effectiveness in the process of working with the network is significantly increased, but it also has one serious minus. a wireless connection becomes less stable. In this regard, the connection can be reset, and the laptop is regularly recovered. Accordingly, we recommend turning off the option (for this, start the command line on behalf of the administrator and write down the Netsh Intsh Ints Set Heuristics Disabled command).

What to do if nothing helps?

There are quite a lot of problems that are associated with connecting or lack of connection on a laptop with OC Windows 10, therefore, solutions sometimes require an individual approach. We have collected the most likely reasons, but if suddenly nothing helped, then we suggest using a radical way to solve almost any problem. you need to reset network settings.

This method will make it possible to get rid of a huge number of problems, among which it can be noted: a limited connection, the absence of the ability to connect to the network, the absence of one or more network protocols, as well as from the previously mentioned errors.

Reset network settings in Windows 10 through built.in parameters. This excellent function appeared after the update “1607” was released. If earlier it was necessary to use the command line for this, now everything is much easier, but keep in mind that after that you will have to reject the Internet connection (although, as practice shows, this is much easier to do than to solve any network problems).

  • Open the “Start” go to the Windows Parameters window (the gear icon on the left);

Напоследок отметим, что здесь были рассмотрены способы решений, которые могут помочь лишь при отключении беспроводной сети на одном устройстве. Если вдруг интернет-соединение неожиданно пропадает на абсолютно любом портитивном устройстве (и это касается не только Wi-Fi, но и кабеля), тогда причина связана с роутером или с интернет-провайдером, что необходимо решать уже совсем другими способами.