What to do if a laser or string printer prints in strips

One of the most common printer print defects is the appearance of strips on the printed sheet. Depending on the technology of printing, the strips can be located in different places, along the edges, center, on the entire page, to be horizontal or vertical, black or form gaps, that is, white. In each case, you will have to do different actions to correct.

It will not always be possible to remove the stripes, since the full failure of the part is likely, for example, a cartridge or a photo bank. Then getting rid of the stripes is possible only to replace the part with a new.

The problem is relevant for the printer, which constantly worked without failures or after refueling the cartridge. And sometimes a page with stripes on a completely new cartridge, which is only inserted.

Almost always the main reason why the printer prints in stripes is a problem cartridge. Therefore, most of the reasons described below concern the inkwell or toner cartridge (laser device). But it is possible that the printer leaves strips on paper due to other structural elements. And sometimes stripes when printing arise due to failures in the software on the computer.

According to statistics, stripes often begin to be printed precisely on laser apparatus than on inkjet. And if we talk about the brand, the leaders are Epson, Canon and HP, which is partly due to the greatest distribution of these manufacturers.

Why will a jet printer get

In addition to the cartridge, pollution of the disk and the enkoder can lead to stripes.

What to do to fix the press

At first it is worth identifying what exactly is the reason, the diagnosis is easy to do on its own.

Checking the level of ink and refueling

You can find out the volume of the remaining ink in a software and visual way. You can see the level through the program on any printer or multifunctional device, but this method is not always plausible. Often, when the printer writes that you need to replace the cartridge, there is still a paint for printing inside.

The software method is to find out the level of paints in the properties of the device or settings through the computer. You need to go into the equipment of the “Devices and Printers” combination of the Windowsr keys and the “Control Printers” command.

Next, find the icon of your apparatus, click on it with the right mouse button and select the Printer properties or Print Settings.

Look in different tabs, the condition of the cartridge should be shown. If the level of one of the containers (black and white or some color) is close or completely zero, the gas station should be made.

If the level is not shown in the listed sections of the device, it means that you need to install a proprietary full.function program for managing equipment. In the intenster, there will definitely be an option to view the number of colors.

You can install the program from the disk that came with the printer, or download from the official site of the manufacturer.

If the cartridges are transparent or there are separate tanks with ink (SNPC), then it is easy to check the level visually. Когда в какой-то емкости красителя недостаточно или уровень заканчивается, сделайте долив чернил.

    If the device prints in stripes, and there are almost no paint, you need to refuel inkwell or jars of the continuous supply system of ink;

What can be done with the print head

You can also display the need for cleaning by software or manually.

On the Canon printer, you should go to the “Service” tab and start the “Sopel check” option. The printer will print a sample for visual diagnosis of a print of various b/b and color elements. If the replacements are strong defects, then the head needs washing.

For Epson printers, the option is called “DUZ check” and is located on the “Service” tab. The principle of operation is similar to Canon models.

Quality report can also be printed without a computer. But you need to know the exact method for a specific device model. You can print a test sheet with a combination of buttons on the case or use the menu with the display, if the latter is on the case. Details can be found in the operating instructions.

If the printer also does not print in strips on the test list, then cleaning or refueling is required.

For manual verification of the head of the head, a bezky white material is required, for example, a dining room or a paper towel. Some use the cheapest gray toilet paper.

  • Remove the jet cartridge from the carriage.
  • If the nozzle plastic is strongly filled with ink, then gently do wipes.
  • Further, with clean material, firmly lean against the dozen and look at the quality of the ink print.

If the trace is weak, intermittent, blurry or completely absent, it may be necessary to refuel. And if it is not having printed poorly, although there is definitely a paint, then make the head cleaning.

Can be cleaned through a computer or hands. The cartridge must be in the printer.

For the “Canon” software cleaning on the “Service” tab, first select the “Cleaning” function, and then print the sample. If the noticeable result did not give, perform deep cleaning.

To clean the EPSON head on the Service tab, start the “Cleaning head” function.

The printer driver will offer to choose standard or enhanced cleaning. First, you should do the usual cleaning, and in the absence of efficiency, make an enhanced.

The main reasons and ways to eliminate them

So, if when printing on a laser printer on the printout, a strip appears along the edge, then one of the reasons for this problem is that the toner ends in the device. In general, a sign of such a problem is most often the appearance of a white strip along the entire length of a sheet of paper. With each subsequent printout, the width of this strip gradually increases. The solution to the problem is the re.reference of the cartridge or the purchase of new consumables.

But what to do if the stripes when printing on a laser printer appear even with a full cartridge? In such a situation, the strip along the edge may appear due to problems with the laser. Perhaps dust, particles of toner or even insects came to the optics. To avoid a defect, it is necessary to constantly monitor the state of office equipment and clean the mirrors of the scanner using a smooth biases.

If black stripes appear on the printout, this indicates the presence of the following problem: contact periodically disappears on a photosensitive drum. The cause of such a problem may be dirt that is stuck on contacts. Therefore, the solution of the problem is to overdo and clean the consumable.

In addition, a black strip along the edge may appear due to damage to a photo bus, which is a key detail of the laser printer cartridge. Its photosensitive coating during the operation of office equipment is gradually erased, which leads to a deterioration in the quality of the press. But usually a sign of a defect of the photo bus is grayish-black stripes, which have a wave-like shape and shifted to the edge of the sheet. The solution to the problem is to complete the replacement of this part. In addition, the manifestation of a defect may be due to the fact that a conductive grease has dried up on photoval contacts. This usually happens when the device is not used for a rather long time. To solve the problem, you need to disassemble the cartridge and replace the lubricant with contacts.

If the printing printer crawls and none of the above helped, then perhaps the cause is damage to the magnetic shaft. A sign of this is usually the appearance of horizontal dashes for a dark shade or excess background. The elimination of the defect is the complete replacement of this part.

The strip along the edge may also indicate the leakage of the cartridge or the wear of the rocket. The reason for the deterioration of print quality in this case is a waking up toner. If you notice the traces of the toner in the printer or case of consumables, then check the condition of the seals and the mayland film of the workshop of the workout. In case of detection of spasizing places, try to eliminate them or replace the cartridge.

If the printed sheet upset you with the quality of the press, then check the tank for working out. perhaps it is full. The appearance of a vertically located strip, which consist of small chaotic points and dashes, is indicated on the presence of such a problem. In this case, the stripes are shifted to the right or left edge of the sheet. You can eliminate the problem by thoroughly cleaning the hopper of the cartridge.

In addition, the strip along the edge of the white color, which appears during printing along the entire length of the sheet, may indicate the wear or contamination of the dosage blade. The reason for the violation in its work is to use paper of poor quality. As a result of this, paper villi begin to stick on the blade. In turn, the magnetic shaft in the places of accumulation of these very villi does not gain toner and the printed sheet acquires a defect in the form of a white strip. To bring the seal to a normal state, it will be necessary to make sure that the mud does not get dirty under the metering blade and it is really installed as it should. If necessary, clean this part using alcohol or acetone. If the dosage blade turns out to be strongly worn out, then make it a replacement.

In addition, the seal quality can also fail to fail such a part as the charge video or a different waybill. Eliminate the problem with severe damage to this part, you can replace it with a new.

So, if the laser printer began to print with the stripes, what do you know. As you can see, most likely, the cause of the problem lies in the malfunction of the cartridge or its contacts in the device. For more details to understand what kind of make it out of order, an article about the main defects of the print of laser cartridges will help.

The laser printer prints in stripes and third.party artifacts? Solving the most popular problems!

Sometimes it happens that laser printers during printing begin to issue strips, blots, points or other third.party artifacts on the sheets.

The reasons for such problems can be caused by both a poor.quality toner and problems with the cartridge:

  • incorrect assembly of the consumable after refueling;
  • wear of the photo bank;
  • depressurization of the bunker with paint and so on.

Also, many inexperienced users who prefer to do everything with their own hands are often refueling the cartridge “to the victorious end”. And this, in turn, leads to the failure of its individual nodes and details, which negatively affects not only the quality of the press, but also the performance of office equipment as a whole.

Therefore, today we will tell you why, while printing on a laser printer, you have stripes, and also share recommendations for how to get rid of it.

Why will Epson, Canon, HP and Kyocera printing when printing


To establish as accurately as possible why the Epson printer prints in strips, read the instructions attached to it. Please note what may occur Problem with the calibration of the print head. To eliminate it, the Print Head Alignment utility is used. Also probably Dyuz pollution. The manufacturer recommends cleaning them using the Head Cleaning utility.

White horizontal or vertical stripes when printing on a jet printer Epson appear due to Encoder tape or encoder disk pollution. The tape is a translucent film with the marking. Serves to ensure the positioning of the carriage. The disk is also a hatching and provides the correct location of the paper.

When contaminating or abrasion of markings, printing a document without defects will no longer be possible. For cleaning it is better to use a dry cloth. In extreme cases, it can be slightly moistened with clean water. Then change the napkin and wipe the part to the jar.


What to do if the Kyocera printer prints with stripes, although before that there were no problems? This question usually arises after 1-2 years of intensive use of the laser apparatus. First, the stripes can be inconspicuous. But if you do not take measures, they will become clear and wide.

Printers of this brand sensitive to moisture, paper dust, demanding of toner quality. Clean the internal parts, paying special attention to the space between the rocket and the photo bank. If it does not help, change the cartridge.

Another vulnerable place. gear drive in the block block. If the screw is scrolled tight, the gear may break and then the toner feed will stop. The only solution to the problem is to replace the details.

Knukeing in ink and toner. One of the reasons why the HP printer will catch when printing. Defects may occur immediately after installing a new cartridge. To eliminate them, a service program is used, built into the memory of the apparatus. After starting, you have to wait for some time.

Stripes signal about incorrectly selected paper. Its type should correspond to the print task. The manufacturer recommends paper processed using Colorlok technology.

With long downtime Models with SNPCh in a train may get air. This leads to a change in the strength of the ink pressure, their rapid drying. As a result, print quality falls. The air is removed with a syringe after removing cartridges.


At improper installation of printing heads The Canon printer prints in stripes, the shift of flowers appears. The situation saves automatic or manual adjustment. To start the procedure in automatic mode, you need:

  • open a section with the driver settings;
  • Open the Maintenance tab;
  • The mouse button select the Print Head Alignment item;
  • After the Start Print Head Alignment window appears, load 1 sheet of A4 paper;
  • Click on the Align Print Head, then start the seal of the templates;
  • Upon completion, there will be a message with the instructions that need to be performed;
  • Click on the Start button to start automatic adjustment.

Modern printers are high.tech devices and require regular maintenance. Program methods for eliminating problems can be mastered by every user. Physical repairs only specialists can. Do.it.yourself attempt to extract a photo bus, a laser block, a scanner block or other electronic components, fraught with a deterioration in the operation of the apparatus.

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Strips when printing on a jet printer

One of the common reasons for the uneven printing of jet models is the lack of ink in the cartridge. If before the appearance of dark or light lines on the sheets you printed for a long time, you need to check their number. This is most convenient to do through the menu, but more often the printer itself displays information about the ending paint on the computer screen. The best way to solve the problem is to buy new consumables.

If an ink system is connected to office equipment, information about their level will not be displayed correctly. It is more convenient to control it independently, determining the fullness of the eye. The problem with the lines will help solve a gentle refueling in compliance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. It is important to carefully consider the train, according to which ink enters cartridges. There should be no bubbles inside, and excesses and clamps are unacceptable. You can check the air filters. If they are clogged with particles of dust, this will cause strips when printing documents.

If you are rarely printed, and after 1-2 weeks of downtime, the printer began to break down, it is worth examining the printing heads. Inkjet models are so arranged that the coloring substance in them periodically dries out if the device does not use regularly. Dubs dried ink are scored. special holes on which they enter the head. This leads to the formation of contrasting lines on paper.

Modern models support automatic cleaning of cartridges. To execute it, just run the corresponding option in the menu of the device. The procedure should be repeated 2-3 times, and then leave the equipment at rest for half an hour. If this did not help, you need to rinse the dozed duzer. But cleaning the PG using household chemicals is not recommended. This is a fairly expensive detail, the breakdown of which can turn into a more serious repair or purchase of new equipment. If the functions of built.in cleaning are not enough, you should contact the service center.

A rare case. malfunctions in the work of software. Sometimes viruses interfere with the correct work of the manufacturer’s utility. If the antivirus has found them, you should clean the computer and reinstall the equipment drivers. They are easy to find on the official website of the manufacturer, and sometimes a disk is sold with All-in-One Printer. Less commonly, the stripes appear once due to interruptions in the supply of electricity.

If the listed measures do not help, the reason may be in violation of the tightness of the cartridge. Malfunction often occurs when trying to refill it manually. To check the integrity, it is enough to shake it over a clean sheet of paper. If points or spots remain, it is not sealed and needs to be replaced.

If you print for a long time, sometimes such a problem arises as clogging of an encoder disk or tape. If paint or dust enters them, horizontal strips will appear on prints. To get rid of them, you need to carefully cleanse the surface of contaminants. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a dry or slightly moistened napkin.

How to remove strips when printing on a printer

At home, you can replace or refill cartridges, but it will be more difficult to repair the printer with your own hands. However, there are minor problems that are easy to eliminate in a couple of minutes. The main thing is to observe security measures and not try to repair the equipment connected to the mains. For different brands of printers, there are their nuances of repair.

Epson strips when printing

If you immediately print with harater stripes, the Epson printer suddenly began, you can eliminate the problem as follows:

  • Open the printer lid to check if there are inks inside the cartridges in which ink end.
  • Press the ink button and find cartridges, the level of the refueling of which is below the recommended.
  • Press the button until the print head moves to a position convenient for replacing cartridges.
  • Remove new consumables and delete the factory packaging from them.
  • Open the cover cover with cartridges and remove those in which ink ended.
  • Place new cartridges in a special compartment in the place of old.
  • Close the compartment cover.
  • Click on the ink button to prepare the equipment for printing.

HP stripes when printing

When it crawls a device from HP, you can do the following:

  • Check the level of ink in cartridges.
  • Disconnect the device and open the lid, thereby providing access to cartridges.
  • Get them from the nest.
  • Gently unpack new cartridges and remove protective caps from them.
  • Install them in the corresponding nests.
  • If inks are enough in cartridges, but the stripes still appear, check their ventilation holes.
  • Remove cartridges and inspect the upper plane.
  • In the presence of glue, carefully clean the ventilation holes with a sharp pin with a pin.
  • Install cartridges in the corresponding nests and close the access door.
printer, prints, strips, kyocera

Kyocera Street when printing

If the stripes appear on the sheets when printing on KyoCera, it is worth examining and replacing cartridges if necessary:

Samsung stripes when printing

With the striped print of the printer Samsung, which arose due to a lack of toner, you need:

  • Open the scanner module and remove the inner cover.
  • Remove the old toner-cartridge.
  • Unpack a new cartridge with a toner and shake slightly.
  • Insert it into the printer.
  • Close the inner cover and scanner module.

Strips when printing on Canon printers

If the device began to crash from Canon, you should try to replace the cartridge with a new one:

If the cleaning or replacement of the cartridge does not help get rid of the strips when printing, you should contact the service.

Bogdan Maksimov

Work experience as a master of repair of office equipment for more than 7 years. Certified specialist Xerox. Conducted advanced training on Konica-Minolta. He went through the HP and Epson technique training. Member of the Forum of Authorized Service Centers.

“Striped” defects of printing on a jet printer

“Stripes” is treated without involving the master if the printer is printing now, and used to work efficiently immediately after the purchase.

Advice! In the event that a printing device “draws” the strips immediately after the store, then most likely there is a production marriage, and here you can not do without a service center. Remember, according to the law, if the printer prints in stripes, you can, in the case of a factory malfunction, claim a quality examination from the manufacturer or store where you purchased the device.

Checking the level of ink

The first reason with which it is worth starting independent diagnosis of the printer, if stripes appear, is to check the level of ink.

In order to find out how much ink remains in your unit, you need:

  • Find the software, most often the printer is equipped with a disk that is included.
  • Install the program.
  • Run it and open the tab with the image of capsules with ink. In different models of printers, this tab has its name, for example, in HP cartridges, this tab is called “approximate ink levels”, and in Epson. just “level of ink of the printer”.

Visually assessing the situation, you can understand which cartridge should be replaced. For the convenience of the user near the cartridge, in which the level of ink is critically low, a special warning icon in the form of a yellow triangle occurs. If after replacing the cartridge, the printer prints with stripes, then it is worth checking the SNPC.

SNPCh is a continuous supply system of ink, so you can look at the capacities of SNPC. If there are plenty of ink, and there are still strips on the sheet, then check the train that provides the supply of paint. The train is a long half pipe, along which the paint enters a separate tank.

It is also worth checking the air filters located on the capsules themselves for the supply of SNPC. The printer will creep if they are dusty or smeared with dried paint. There will be no air due to pollution, which means that ink also.

Cleaning the print head

In jet printers, the colors dry faster than in laser, so if it suddenly was a big simple work, for example, during your vacation, then such a phenomenon when printing on a printer will easily affect the occurrence of strips.

If you do not print for a long time, then the colors dry out on the head and clog the dozes. special holes where the paint enters. Therefore, in the installation program there is a special utility. cleaning the print head or doz.

note! Sometimes ink can clog doz even after 2 days of non.working state. The remaining devices can “suffer” without cleaning from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the pace of operation.

printer, prints, strips, kyocera

In each other’s printer, the dose is “blown” automatically or manually using the “Cleaning Printing” or “Cleaning cartridge” tab. This procedure allows not only to check what print quality will be (the printer after cleaning always prints a test page), but also helps to rinse the nozzles. the gateways along which ink go.

In addition, cleaning the print head significantly saves inking printering consumption, which are just “famous for” their too fast paint consumption.

If you do not do such a procedure, then the ink themselves will wash the nozzles and duzs during the subsequent printing and at the same time to spend the cartridge more strongly.

Advice! If the printer prints in stripes, then it is worth carrying out the cleaning procedure several times (2-3), and then let the unit “cool” for a couple of hours.

If the cleaning using the program did not lead to the expected result, then the head will need to be washed manually. It is easy to do this with a regular detergent, for example, “Mr. muscle”.

The cartridge should be removed and placed in the cleaning liquid, the main thing is to ensure that only part of the cartridge is immersed, otherwise the electrical contacts on the back from the doz will stop working. After a day of soaking, wipe the nozzles with a napkin, and then insert the cartridge and again automatically clean.

Problems with encoder tape and disk

Why is the printer prints with stripes even after cleaning? White stripes can also indicate encoder clogging. The disk is easy to see under the printer lid. it is always on the left and helps the shaft to serve paper.

This disc is transparent and with special marking. If suddenly the dirt gathered on it, then the location of the paper can occur incorrectly, and as a result of which the stripes will occur. Most often, these strips are evenly distributed along the sheet through the same distance.

You can also clean it with a conventional detergent, according to the type of “Mr. muscle” or any other. It is important that it is intended for washing the glasses and contains ammonia in its composition, giving a glass surface a great transparency.

In addition, dirt can fall on the encoder tape itself, which is located near the posterior wall of the printer inside the unit itself. Encoder tape helps to arrange an image according to a given program, and the existing particles of dust can interfere with proper printing.

Why the printer prints crookedly? Most likely the case is in the tape of encoder. Wipe this tape with the same tool as the encoder disk.

Attention! Rubbing the tape, you can not use acetone and dissolving substances, since they erase the desired marking. When cleaning, accuracy and caution should also be observed without shifting this strip. If the enkoder tape jumps off the carriage on which it is fixed, then you will have to disassemble the entire print unit.

Why is the laser printer prints in stripes?

White stripes when printing on a laser printer, unfortunately, are not uncommon!

If in the first case there are only three problems in which the device becomes “striped”, then a laser comrade who prints many times faster has more reasons:

  • Damaged by the photo bank;
  • Damage to contacts between a photo bus and a magnetic shaft;
  • Empty toner;
  • The magnetic shaft is spoiled;
  • The cartridge is non.measuring;
  • The bunker of waste is filled.

Damage to the photo bank

Photo Bask is an aluminum shaft covered with material sensitive to optical radiation. To this phenomenon, sensitivity is available only in a thin layer outside the shaft, so over time the coating can be washed.

The condition of this layer directly affects the quality of print pages. Black stripes with damage to the layer first at the edges, and then they will become wider and wider. The solution to this problem is obvious. it is worth buying a new photo bank.

note! There will be more toner in such areas, therefore, ink will end more often, and then this will lead to a breakdown of other important parts of the printer, for example, thermal pumping.

Violation of the contact between the magnetic shaft and the photo bank

If horizontal black stripes appear, then poor contact between the magnetic shaft and the photo bank is obvious.

It is best to clean the bunker or buy a cartridge here.

Toner ended

The printer prints with stripes What to do? The toner simply ended in the laser device, and you need to buy a new cartridge.

Laser printer

Printing strips on a laser printer is a problem that occurs sooner or later on almost every similar device. Malfunctions that cause such behavior of technology, a huge number. It is necessary to understand the main ones so that it is clear whether there is an opportunity to restore the printer.

Damaged surface of a photo bus

Photo busan is a fairly important element, and it is from it that the laser is reflected during the printing process. The damage to the shaft itself is practically excluded, but its surface, sensitive to radiation, often wears out and certain problems begin with the appearance of black stripes along the edges of the printed sheet. They are always the same, which allows you to easily identify a defective place.

By the way, by the width of the strips you can understand how exhausted the layer of this drum. Do not ignore such manifestations of a problem, because these are not just black stripes, but an increased load on the cartridge, which can result in more severe consequences.

This layer can be restored, and many services are even engaged in this. However, the effectiveness of such a procedure is not high enough to neglect the usual replacement of the element, which is recommended in this case.

Bad contact of the magnetic shaft and drum

Another same stripes that can often be found on printed sheets indicate a specific breakdown. Only in this case are they horizontal, and the cause of their occurrence can be almost anything. For example, a crowded bunker of waste or a poorly seasoned cartridge. All of them are easy to analyze in order to understand whether they could become the result of such a problem.

If the toner does not participate in this problem, then it is necessary to check the wear of the drum and the shaft itself. With frequent use of the printer for many years, this is the most likely outcome. As mentioned earlier, repairing such elements is completely unjustified.

The ending toner

The easiest to replace the printer element is the cartridge. And if there is no special utility on the computer, the absence of toner can be noticed along the white lanes along the printed sheet. It is more correct to say that some remains of the material in the cartridge are still available, but this is already not enough to qualitatively print even one page.

The solution to such a problem lies on the surface. replacing a cartridge or a toner refueling. Unlike previous defects, this situation can be solved independently.

Cartridge leakage

Problems with the cartridge are not limited to only the absence of toner in it. Sometimes the sheet can be crowded from various kinds of stripes that always appear in different places. What happens to the printer at that moment? Obviously, the toner just gets enough sleep during the printing of the sheet.

Get a cartridge and check its tightness is not a matter of a matter. If the rash place is noticed, then you need to check if it is possible to eliminate the problem. Maybe the matter is only in the elastic band, then no difficulties should arise. only its replacement will be required. In the case of a problem, it’s more time to look for a new cartridge.

Overflow of waste bunker

What to do if a strip is found on the sheet that appears in the same place? Check the waste hopper. A competent master will certainly cleanse him of the remaining toner when the cartridge will refuel. However, users often do not know about such a tool, so they do not carry out the corresponding procedure.

The decision is simple. to examine the bunker of waste and the integrity of the rocket, which shakes the toner into a special compartment. It is very simple and any person will be able to perform such a procedure at home.

The consideration of all relevant methods of independent repair can be completed, since the main problems were considered.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

Kyocera M3540dn. Советы пользователю.

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Kyocera printer prints in stripes

If the printer began to print with horizontal or vertical stripes, it is important to pay attention to their appearance. Horizontal black stripes indicate that the tank with a spent toner was overflow. Vertical stripes can occur due to a faulty photo bus or magnetic shaft. Light stripes. a sign of an extraneous object entering the printer.

  • A magnetic shaft or photo bank came out of the system.
  • The tank has accumulated in the tank, or the metering blade is incorrectly installed.
  • A piece of paper or stationery fell into the printer.
  • Disassemble the printer and remove a foreign object.
  • Repair or replace a photo bus or magnetic shaft with a new.
  • Clean the tank for the spent toner or correctly install the metering blade.

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Why is the laser printer prints in stripes?

White stripes when printing on a laser printer, unfortunately, are not uncommon!

If in the first case there are only three problems in which the device becomes “striped”, then a laser comrade who prints many times faster has more reasons:

  • Damaged by the photo bank;
  • Damage to contacts between a photo bus and a magnetic shaft;
  • Empty toner;
  • The magnetic shaft is spoiled;
  • The cartridge is non.measuring;
  • The bunker of waste is filled.

Damage to the photo bank

Photo Bask is an aluminum shaft covered with material sensitive to optical radiation. To this phenomenon, sensitivity is available only in a thin layer outside the shaft, so over time the coating can be washed.

The condition of this layer directly affects the quality of print pages. Black stripes with damage to the layer first at the edges, and then they will become wider and wider. The solution to this problem is obvious. it is worth buying a new photo bank.

note! There will be more toner in such areas, therefore, ink will end more often, and then this will lead to a breakdown of other important parts of the printer, for example, thermal pumping.

Violation of the contact between the magnetic shaft and the photo bank

If horizontal black stripes appear, then poor contact between the magnetic shaft and the photo bank is obvious.

over, the problem may arise from:

It is best to clean the bunker or buy a cartridge here.

Toner ended

The printer prints with stripes What to do? The toner simply ended in the laser device, and you need to buy a new cartridge.

Problem of printing on a laser printer

Since the principle of operation of laser printing devices is completely different, the reasons for the appearance of the bands and methods of their elimination will also be different. Consider them.

Toner ended

This case is the easiest to diagnose, by the appearance of white vertical stripes in the printout. Most often they appear in the middle of the sheet. Modern models can track the level of toner and warn when it ends. Check if ink ended with third.party programs, for example, Easy Printer Manager, but it is not compatible with all printer models. The problem of toner refueling or buying a new cartridge is solved.

Mechanical damage to the cartridge

Stripes may appear due to mechanical defects of the cartridge. To check it, you need to remove it from the device and perform a thorough visual inspection. If you notice a powder on the cartridge, most likely damaged sealing elastic bands that prevent it from rashes. Typically, a laser printer leaves black vertical or horizontal stripes located with such defects randomly.

The reasons for the appearance of such defects are the fall of the cartridge, but most often incorrect refueling by powder, with technology violations, leads to such deplorable results. The solution to the problem is to repair the cartridge or purchase a new.

IMPORTANT. The use of damaged cartridges can lead to more fatal results for the printing device, for example, to the failure of a photo bank, the replacement of which can result in a penny.

Toner’s bunker overflow

The spent toner is collected in a special tank. If such a bookker is overwhelmed, excess powder goes outside, getting both on paper and inside the printer, which promises big troubles.

In such cases, the printer usually leaves on paper thin vertical stripes located on the side, throughout the sheet or in its separate part. Bunker’s emptying completely solves the problem.

Wear/damage to the photo bank

Often a possible cause of problems in the form of printing a printer with black stripes of a wavy shape or in the form of a Christmas tree located along the edges of the sheet, on the right and left, is the physical wear of the photo bus or its mechanical damage.

Photo busan is a consumable, so buying a new cartridge is not necessary. But its replacement often costs almost as much as the new cartridge, so that the expediency of such a restoration can be dubious.

Pollution of the metering blade

If when printing on the printer Epson, Kyocera, Samsung or HP, white or pale stripes appear, or the printer began to print with dark stripes. most likely, the reason is the pollution of the metering blade. It is a plate of a special shape that regulates the amount of powder entering the photo bank. If a dried powder or dirt is sticking on a part of the blade, in this place it will come less, and the image of the sheet dumbfounded along the entire length of the sheet. But there is also the opposite situation when the metering blade passes the powder more than necessary. This is manifested by the appearance of dark stripes. Most often, such a defect is the result of a poor.quality cartridge refueling.

The contacts of the photo bank are faulty, there is a defect in the primary charge roller

The purpose of the primary charge video is double. it is responsible for the initial transfer to the photo bank of the charge at the beginning of the next print cycle, and for removing the residual at the end of the cycle. The video is a metal shaft, outside of which the rubber shell is worn. In case of damage to the primary charge roller, transverse stripes are visible on the print, smeared over the entire sheet, parts of the image appear.

The same situation is due to clogging with the toner of the contacts of the photo bank. What to do in such cases, how to remove such stripes? Alas, the video of the primary charge does not apply to consumables. It is not subject to repair, so the only way to eliminate the problem is to replace the video or the entire cartridge.

Other printer failures.

In the vast majority of cases, the problem of the occurrence of bands during printing is associated with ink and printing head, but sometimes with malfunctions in the printer mechanics. In this case, we recommend that you contact specialists in the service, since an attempt to “climb inside” without special knowledge can lead to the final breakdown of the device.

Problem with the reading of the encoder tape. Encoder (sore) tape. a strip pulled inside the printer with strokes, with which the device determines the position of the printing carriage in space. In case of chance, ink or dirt can get to the tape, which is why the printer will stop “seeing” part of the strokes and begin to “slip” part of the sheet when printing. As a result, one or more longitudinal (vertical) stripes will occur on the page. The problem, in this case, is solved by cleaning the tape from dirt. To do this, it should be wiped with a dry cloth. If it did not help, wipe it slightly wet, and then dry. Wet a napkin should be water, and not with a cleaning liquid, because aggressive liquid can damage the strokes on the encoder and it will have to be changed to a new.

Problems with the reading of the encoder disk. Encoder disk. wheeled in the side of the printer, connected by a gear with the engine of the paper supply mechanism. It also has marks on which the printer determines the position of the sheet when printing. Input ink or dirt will get on it in reading and occurrence of transverse stripes on prints. The stripes will occur at an equal distance between each other, corresponding to the complete circulation of the disk. As in the case with the tape, the problem is solved by the neat cleaning of the encoder disk from pollutants.

The laser printer prints in stripes

For laser printers, the reason for the occurrence of the problem can be set by the nature of the stripes on prints.

Strips on prints arise in random, different places, blots are possible. Probably violated the tightness of the cartridge. Remove it from the printer and check if the toner is pouring. Make sure all sealing gum on the spot. Nematical cartridge should be replaced with a new.

Stripes and blots when printing if the cartridge is not sealed

Randomly located strips when printing

Stripes consist of small points. There may be several reasons: the cartridge is incorrectly seasoned, the tank of the spent toner is clogged, or for some reason the dosing blade is incorrectly installed. They will help: re.reference of the cartridge with a toner, cleaning the tank and the correct installation of the blade, respectively.

Not printed stripes along the sheet if the non.printed areas are gradually increasing with each sheet, the toner ends in the cartridge. If not. an extraneous item got into the cartridge photoal. Check the level of the toner and cross the cartridge if you need. If it’s not the absence of powder, check the shaft and delete extraneous objects.

A wavy dark strip of business passes along the edge of the print, most likely in the photo bank. He worn out (this process begins with the edges), or completely out of order. In this case, it is necessary to replace the photo bank in the cartridge, or the cartridge whole.

“Waves” on the sides of the page for problems with the photo bank

printer, prints, strips, kyocera

Dark stripes across the sheet at an equal distance from each other is possible, it is only an overflow of the tank with a toner. It should be checked and correctly refueling the cartridge in general. If it did not help, then most likely the contact between the magnetic shaft and the photo bank is violated. The third possible reason is the wear of the magnetic shaft (it should be replaced).