The phone does not charge and does not see the charging. what to do?

What to do if the Android smartphone does not charge, and what can be caused?

Almost every user of a mobile gadget, whether it is a smartphone or tablet, ended up in a situation where the gadget does not charge, does not see the connected charging or incorrectly displays the battery charge. Before carrying the phone to the service center, you can try to eliminate problems at home. First you need to find out what exactly is the problem.

What to do if the battery of the phone does not charge?

No voltage in the network or a faulty socket?

It may well be that. First, check if there is electricity on the network. To do this, just try to turn on the light. If it turns on, then the malfunction can be in the outlet. To exclude the problem, try to include the phone in another obviously working outlet. If the battery is still not charged, then the reason is in the phone itself or adapter. Go to the following points.

Failure for power adapter or damaged cable

The power supply, also called exercise, and the cable from it is very common reasons that the phone accumulator does not charge. The easiest option to exclude the problem of the feed adapter is to check whether the battery is charged from a knowingly working charge for this telephone machine. But, at the same time, this is the most difficult option. After all, where to get a similar charge?

Faulty power adapter for the phone

As for modern smartphones, it is easier to check them. Their USB connector is combined with power. Therefore, using a cable, you can simply connect the phone to a computer or laptop. You can also connect it through the appropriate adapter to the cigarette lighter of the car. If the smartphone battery began to charge, then the problem with the adapter.

It may well be that the adapter is in working condition, and its cable is damaged. Inspect it for excesses, fractures, melting and damage to insulation, etc. P. If possible, then you can only replace the cable. But very often food adapters are available with a fixed cable. And in the event of a cable malfunction, the whole adapter will have.

Although if your hands are straight, then you can cut a damaged piece. Then solder the appropriate wiring or twist them. After that, wrap them with island, and the adapter will serve further. Return

Incompatible charging

Modern man is surrounded by gadgets from all sides. Therefore, it may be that you just connected an adapter from any other device to the mobile phone. As a result, the battery does not charge. This is a fairly common situation, since almost all modern smartphones and tablets have ports of Mini or Micro USB for charging.

USB integration for charging and exchange of data

But with phones 7─10 years ago, this is unlikely to pass. At that time, each manufacturer released phones with his connectors for charging and exchange of data. So that it was not physically impossible to connect another adapter to them. Return

Problem with a power connector or USB integration

This already belongs to the category of malfunctions in the phone itself. If the power adapter is “native” in good condition, and the battery does not charge, attention should be paid to the phone connector. In some old phones (for example, Nokia) you could find a separate power connector. Now charging is carried out through USB, or rather, through Micro or Mini USB.

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If you wear a gadget in a or handbag without a case, then dust, dirt, particles of fabric, etc. P. At a certain moment, all these foreign particles prevent normal contact.

phone, accumulator, does, charge, charger

You insert the adapter, and the phone battery does not charge. In this case, carefully blow the connector, clean it of dust and dirt. In this case, you do not need to pick it with addiction. Especially metal objects.

If the connector is bombarded, damaged, burned out, then the intervention of the specialists of the service center will be required. Fortunately, replacing the USB port is not very expensive. Return

Battery battery

And only after checking all of the above points, we go to the phone accumulator. If it does not charge after the intensive work of 2─3 years, then there is nothing to be surprised here. The battery worked out its resource. Modern smartphones use lithium batteries. And, more precisely, lithium ─ iodic and lithium ─ polymer models. Their service life on average is 300 picking cycles of charge-category.

Remove the battery from the phone and inspect its appearance. If there is a bloating of the battery, then it’s time to buy a new battery. Of course, there are some ways to reanimate the phone of the phone, but they all give a short.term effect. Therefore, it is better to allocate funds and choose a battery for your smartphone. Return

Problems with the “iron” phone

Malfunctions relating to the insides of the phone rarely occur. Most often they appear immediately after buying the device. Also, problems with the fact that the phone is not charged, may occur after falling, shock, overheating, water and so on.

In case of malfunctions of telephone “iron” without the help of service centers, you can not do. By the way, if you need to replace the motherboard of a smartphone, then in most cases it will be better to buy a new phone. The amount for the repair will be such that it is inappropriate to do it. In addition, it is not known how much the smartphone will work after this repair. Return

“Glicks” software

Very often, owners of telephone devices are very frivolous about the installation of all kinds of applications from the Internet. In most cases, this is done to expand the functionality of the device. But users do not check the decency of the developers of the application and do not pay attention to the doubtful of some programs. The same can be said about visiting various Internet resources.

Cable damaged

Charging can be interrupted if the insulation of the cable is damaged. It is necessary to check along the entire length of the cord, whether there are ruptures, cracks and places where the wiring sticks out. If there are such places, then they must be wrapped with electrical tape, but it is better and safer to replace the cable with a new.

MicroUSB cable is attached in the connector using special “cloves” on the bottom of the plug. Over time, they can stock up, although in the usual state (not on charging) they should be raised. In their normal position, they can be returned by yourself, prying the fixers using a needle. In this case, charging should be de.energized.

Damage of the power supply

With a breakdown of the power supply of the smartphone, the charging, of course, will not happen. But, again, depending on what breakage. The power supply can still be issued a certain current that will not be enough, then the charging will go slowly, stand still or the phone will even slowly discharge on charging.

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If the block has finally out of order, then charging, of course, will not happen at all.

One solution is one. to go and buy a new power supply with similar characteristics. they are usually written on the case. It is unlikely that it is worth carrying it for repairs. buying a new one will most likely cost cheaper.

Charging is going on, but the gadget does not charge

There is a reflection on the screen that charging is going on, but in fact there is no result. This option causes users especially great irritation. He removes the device from charging after a few hours. And what? There is only a couple of percent or one strip. There are three reasons because of which this happens:

Again charging is not the same. The mobile phone detects a charger. However, he cannot use it normally. After all, there is a technical discrepancy.

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We pay attention to the fact that this often happens with iPhones if a non.original cable is used. To check the serviceability of the cable, you need to use another. And see if something will change.

Problems with the battery. Here the problem is more complicated. Now their price is not very high. And therefore, the repair will not cost very expensive. However, you will need to go to the store and find the model that is necessary. The smartphone can be disassembled at home.

Too many applications and services have been launched. This happens very rarely. Try to disable Wi-Fi, games, mobile Internet and other applications. When after this charging is faster, this means that you correctly established the cause of the problem.

why mobile is not charging problem fix

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External battery and its right choice

External battery, portable charger, portable battery, universal battery, Power Bank (Energy Guardian, English.). these are all synonyms that indicate a device that you can have with you with the aim of autonomous charging devices.

For normal charging a phone from an external battery, you must first choose it correctly. When buying, of course, the first thing is to pay attention to size, weight. They try on how he lies in his hand (along with the phone), what place takes in a purse or in a bourgeois.

When choosing a Power Bank, you need to pay attention to the size of the device

But its most important parameter is the capacity. It must be remembered that its efficiency is approximately 80 percent of the capacity indicated on the packaging (nominal). And the rest during operation is converted into heat or lost when transmitting.

Current strength

Also, the case of the universal battery is marked with the value of the current strength on the connectors and which is actually submitted to accumulate energy. On the one hand, the speed of the process depends on this value, and on the other, some devices (or rather, their controllers) require compliance with a clear size.

As a rule, a current of one ampere is considered normal for a phone.

Charger incompatibility

Chargers often fail. Many users buy non.original power supplies, the parameters of which may not correspond to the original item. The main indicator in this case is the current strength. If the charger cannot issue the desired current strength, it is likely that the phone will not be charged to the end.

The charger may break after a sharp drop in the network voltage or mechanical exposure. There is a small blow enough for the power supply to be unusable. You can check this if you connect a smartphone to a similar charger. If the battery successfully charges up to 100%, then it is guilty. It is recommended to replace a faulty power supply.

Types of problems

Charging problems can be divided into two types: problems with a charger, accessories or a completely discharged battery. With the first case, everything is clear, we replace the damaged elements and the case with the end, but the discharged battery can be absolutely working and not be charged, so we will first deal with components, and then with manipulations that can revive our battery.

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Dust, garbage or oxide

With intensive use of the device, it is almost inevitable to pollution or oxidation of contacts both for connecting the battery and for connecting the charger. First of all, remove the back cover, pull out the battery, if possible, clean the contacts. We do the same with the USB output, we also check whether the garbage was there.

Mechanical damage

We got the battery, we carefully examine it. If there are bulges, the battery has swollen. urgently change, in no case do not connect to the network.

phone, accumulator, does, charge, charger

Comparison of normal and swollen battery

We look carefully at the USB output. If there are any physical damage, the same thing, change. If the tongue is slightly beveled or curved, then you can try to return it to the necessary position with a flat screwdriver or other similar tool.

If the problem with charging appeared after mechanical damage, such as falling or blow, then most likely you will have to carry the device to the service center to specialists.


Usually, if the phone accumulator is not charged, they sin on the charger, and is not unreasonable. Elementary wire damage can make you buy a new cable or charger. The charger itself can burn out, often it happens, but there are some nuances.

It is advisable to charge Android with a native charger

If for some reason you use not a native device that gives out an insufficient number of amers, then your battery will inexorably lose the charge until it is completely discharged, but more on that later. In the most general case, use either your native charger or similar, pay attention to the output force of current.

If with the charger, everything is in order and the current strength for our phone is suitable, then we try to charge it another phone. Depending on the success of the done, we either read the article further, or change the charger.

Also, the smartphone can also be poorly charged and even lose the charge, being on charging, if the processor is too loaded. It is worth turning off Wi-Fi, close applications, especially “heavy”. When charging, you do not need to play or watch movies at the same time. If the charger does not provide greater current strength, this can lead to discharge, and it is also harmful to the battery.

Other recommendations

To extend the work of your gadget, it is better to adhere to simple rules:

  • Apply original and high.quality wires.
  • Do not use the phone while charging. So it can overheat, and it also leads to a loosening of the connector or the bend of the wire.
  • Defend.
  • Try not to leave the gadget under the influence of low or high temperatures (especially not protected devices). Working temperature of the battery: from 3 to 45 degrees.
  • Do not discharge the battery to 0. It is optimal to charge it already when charging is 20%.
  • It is better not to use a universal charger with slight power.
  • Do not charge the device in wet conditions and at high temperature.
  • Do not leave the phone on charging for a long time (for 3-4 or more hours).

All the described problems in the article will help to eliminate the malfunction. If you could not solve the problem yourself, it is better to contact the service center. Experts will conduct diagnostics using special equipment and, if possible, eliminate the cause of the breakdown.