Screen resolution has become small after reinstalling Windows 7. What to do?

Good day!

I will describe a fairly common situation, according to which I often get questions. So …

On the usual “middle” on modern standards laptop, with an IntelHD video card (maybe plus another discrete NVIDIA), install Windows 7. After the system is installed, and for the first time the desktop will appear. the user notices that the screen has become some small, compared to what was (approx.: t.E. The screen has become a low resolution). In the properties of the screen. permission is set to 800 × 600 (as a rule) and another cannot be exhibited. And what to do in this case?

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In this article I will give a solution to such a problem (so that there is nothing here here :)).

Such a problem most often occurs with Windows 7 (or XP). The fact is that they are not in their set (more precisely there are much less) of built-in universal video drivers (which, by the way, there are in Windows 8, 10. that is why when installing these OS problems with video drivers is significantly less). over, it concerns drivers and other components, not only video cards.

To see what drivers there are problems, I recommend opening the device manager. The easiest way to do this by using the Windows control panel (just in case. the screen is below how to open it in Windows 7).

In the Control Panel, open the address: Control Panel \ System and Security \ System. On the left in the menu there is a link to the Device Manager. open it (Screen below)!

How to open “Device Manager”. Windows 7

Next, pay attention to the “Video adapter” tab: if it is present “Standard VGA Graphic Adapter”. then it confirms that you do not have drivers in the system (because of this and low resolution, and nothing is placed on the screen :)).

Important! Note that the icon shows that there is no driver at all for the device. And it does not work! For example, in the screenshot above it is shown that, for example, no driver even for an Ethernet controller (T.E. for network card). And this means that the driver for the video card will not download, no network driver, and you do not download the network driver, there is no network in general, one node!

By the way, it shows how the “Video adapters” tab looks like, if the driver is installed (the name of the video card will be seen. Intel HD Graphics Family).

The easiest way to solve this problem is to get a drive from the driver, which was complete to your PC (to laptops, however, such discs do not give :)). And with it. everything is quickly restored. Below, I will consider the option that you can do and how to restore everything even in cases where the network card does not work and there is no Internet to download even the network driver.

Completely without a friend (neighbor). it will not do. In the extreme case, you can use the usual phone (if you have internet on it).

The essence of the solution is that there is a special 3DP NET program (the size of which about 30 MB), which contains universal drivers for almost all types of network adapters. T.E. Roughly speaking by downloading this program by installing it, she will pick up the driver and you will earn a network card. You can download everything else with your PC.

2) Auto-installation of drivers. useful / harmful?

If you have the Internet on the PC. then a good solution can be a car-installation of drivers. In my practice, I, of course, met, as with the correct work of such utilities, and so that sometimes they updated the drivers so that it would be better not to do anything at all.

But in the overwhelming majority, the update of the drivers passes, yet, is correct and everything works. And pluses from their use a number of:

  • save a bunch of time to define and search for drivers for specific equipment;
  • automatically can find and update the drivers to the latest version;
  • In case of unsuccessful update. such a utility can roll back the system to the old driver.

In general, those who want to save time, I recommend the following:

  • Create a recovery point in manual mode. how this is done cm. In this article: https: // / kak-sozdat-tochku-vosstanovleniya /
  • Install one of the driver managers, I recommend these: https: // / obnovleniya-drayverov /.
  • Certain using one of the following programs, search and update “Fires” on PC!
  • In the case of force majeure. simply roll back the system with the recovery point (see. just above paragraph-1).
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Driver Booster. one of the programs for updating drivers. Everything is done using the 1st Click Mouse! The program is shown on the link above.

3) We are determined with the video card model.

If you decide to act in manual. then before, downloading and installing video drivers, you need to decide what the video card model you have installed in the PC (laptop). The easiest way to do is use special utilities. One of the best, on my modest view (besides free) is Hwinfo (screenshot below).

We assume that the video card model is determined, the network functions :).

By the way, if you have a laptop. then video drivers can be found on the website of the laptop manufacturer. To do this, you need to know the exact device model. You can find out about it in the article about the definition of a laptop model: https: // / kak-uznat-model-noutbuka /

A few more useful tips

This service supports the operation of the AMD management center for the video card, well, such a program in which there are settings for the image. There you can also change the screen resolution, set the contrast, adjust the brightness.

This support center can be safely disabled, nothing terrible will not happen and the plate will disappear.

Why constantly appears pop-up message The parameters of your equipment changed to restart the computer?

The reason is almost always alone. in the video card driver, and such hemorrhoids is usually found from the manufacturer AMD.

This window opens constantly when you run the system. You, of course, a computer or laptop reboot, but no result.

Below will give a few simple solutions, only depending on the Windows version used may be some discrepancies with the call to the required functions.

Roll back video card driver

As we mentioned above, the problem may arise because of the recent update of the video card driver. Thus, in this case, the bypass path should return to the latest version, where the problem did not appear. Follow the instructions given to this:

  • Go to the Start menu, enter the devices manager and open it.
  • Expand Video Auditches.
  • Right-click Driver Your Video Card and select Properties.
  • Switch to the details tab.
  • Click ‘Rollback’ to return your driver to the last stable version. Video Card Driver Information
  • Wait for it to complete and restart the system.
  • See if your problem is isolated.

Problem with RAM ds

Next would recommend to test the rashes of RAM. To do this, there are specials in Windows. Tool: To call it. Press WINR, in the “Run” window that appears, enter MDSCED and press ENTER.

If errors are found. the dies will most likely be replaced (you can try to install them in DR. Clear slots from dust). In more detail about this in one of my previous note

Cleaning memory contacts with rubber band and tassel

In general, ideally (for diagnostic purposes). leave only one drying and to diagnose PC. If a sudden reboot happens again. try this cry to connect to DR. Slot and once again test the device. (and so with each bar)

It is also desirable, of course, reset the BIOS / UEFI settings into optimal (especially if you tried to overclock the memory / or the incorrect XMP profile was selected). The easiest way to do is to remove the battery on the mat. board and wait 2-3 minutes.

About restrictions: why they appear and what they need

This inscription appears not just so. Usually it is directly related to user actions. Such as:

  • Attempts to disable “surveillance” Win 10. This OS sends personal data in Microsoft. Many people do not like that the system is “spying” and transmits their personal information to third parties. If you try to get rid of this function, your organization is managed by some parameters. To get rid of surveillance, you can use utilities (for example, Destroy Windows 10 Spying)
  • Local Group Policy Editor Reunification.
  • Disconnect OS functions (for example, firewall).
  • Prohibition of automatic updates.
  • “Some parameters are managed by your organization” will appear if you change the settings of Win 10 system services. These include “Functional Features for User Connection”.

Such a message can be seen in the “Update and Security” menu and in the Windows Update Center. And this does not mean that your PC control other people. In the case of a home computer (if it is not connected to the corporate network) “Organization”. not some specific company that manages system parameters. Such a formulation implies that you do not have access to certain settings, and you cannot change them.

This message appears, including in the OS update center

This feature of the defender does not harm the system. She, on the contrary, is designed to protect the OS from non-accurant actions and non-professional approach. With it, the computer will not slow down, “bug” or produce dialog boxes with errors. Therefore, it is not necessary to be afraid if the inscription in Win 10 “” Some parameters are managed by your organization “. You can work with PC as well as before. However, if you need to change the system settings or make new entries in the registry, this feature of the defender will have to be disconnected.

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If you are going to remove the lock to experiment with Windows 10 system services, do not risk. But sometimes you want to create yourself comfortable conditions for work and reconfigure individual options.

Computer Parameters changed Restart Computer. Solution First

You need to open Device Manager. In Windows 7 via the control panel, and in Windows 10 click PCM on the “Start” button.

Look at the video “Video adapter”. As a rule, there is an icon indicating incorrect.

I don’t have it in my picture above, because now I am writing with the PC, which uses an Intel video card. with it such adventures are usually not found.

In any case, you need to try to update the driver. To do this, click PCM and select Update.

In general, this is not a bad way, but not always good. There is optional is more reliable. About him in the last section.

What is this notice

The company’s official message has been perceived with a considerable share of Skepticism. updates have always been a weak place of Windows, often leading to the emergence of various kinds of errors, hangs and blue death screens. But when many users began to receive messages about the incompatibility of the equipment installed on PC with the new software, the problem surfaced in all its glory, and everything became clear that it has an artificial origin.

If earlier the use of obsolete iron was kept moving to more advanced versions of the operating system, now everything turned upside down: when buying a new PC, equipped with powerful processors, it turned out that the “seven” could not work with him. In other words, the CPU Upgrade on the Intel Processors of the Seventh Generation (Kaby Lake), and the AMD seventh generation type Bristol Ridge or Snapdragon 820 led to an error window in Windows 7/8 “Incompatible Equipment“.

But, as it turned out, computers with rather non-aging processors (such as AMD FX or Intel Pentium / Atom) also began to receive such messages about the impossibility of receiving updates. In a word, the situation looked already comical. from the desire to stimulate the transition to a new OS began to suffer from not obey users. First, a simple deletion of updates was 4012218, 4012219, 4015550, 4019217 and 4019264 made it possible to get rid of the error, but after the release of the next cumulative package of updates, the Windows update center error reporting on the impossibility of obtaining new updates due to equipment incompatibility, began to appear again.

Strictly speaking, this feature does not affect the operation of PC, except for the appearance of annoying warnings and the impossibility of receiving updates. And that is why the users “Sexok” and “G8” seek to solve this problem.

If the blue screen does not allow you to download Windows

Note: T.E. It appears immediately during the start of the Windows OS download (before the desktop appears).

This version of the blue screen is most cunning, The unprepared user makes a feeling that the “system is dead” and nothing can be done.

1) After 2-3 unsuccessful boots with the appearance of critical errors. in most cases a window appears with a proposal to restore the device. If the cause of errors is related to some recently installed software. I recommend to boot in safe mode and delete it.

Also, you can also try to start the recovery of the system (relevant if you have a recovery point, about it below).

2) If the recovery window does not appear, you can download the PC / laptop using the installation flash drive (how to do it). Of course, Ideal if it already has (or there is a second PC, on which it can be quickly created).

Note: To download PC / Laptop from a flash drive. You need to use the boot menu (Boot Menu).

Next, when the first window appears with the installation offer. just click on the corner of the screen by reference “Restore System”.

Next, go to the menu: “Diagnostics / Dop. Parameters / system recovery “.

After the master must start, which will help you roll back the system to the previous working condition (if there is a recovery point).

You may also need to restore OS boot records (link below to help).


Restoring Windows boot records. https: // Ocomp.INFO / VOSSTINOVLENIE-Windows-10.HTML # I-4

4) Try to install another Windows OS on the disk (or reinstall the old).

5) If the previous one did not help, the problem is possible in the gland. Try to turn off from PC / laptop all (to a minimum): printers, scanners, USB adapters, additional. Monitors and T.D.

I recommend also to pay attention to RAM, try to leave only one bar (if you have 2/3), install it alternately and check its operation in different slots (it would not be superfluous to test it with the help of special. utilities).

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What to do if the error occurs re

If after rebooting the OS computer after a while again demonstrates the blue screen of death, this indicates the emergence of a serious problem that needs to be localized and eliminated.

Installing drivers and by

Perhaps the most frequent reason for the appearance of an error “On your PC has a problem”. Let’s say you add a printer or scanner, connected an external medium or gadget. in many cases such an action requires the installation of drivers. Installing the frequently used program containing in the error code can also lead to BSOD.

The problem is solved by the removal of the program that has failed. If the culprit is a new driver (users often change the video card driver), you need to roll back to the old.

Algorithm for restoring the old version of the driver:

If it does not help. we use the system recovery option. In this case, we roll back the OS to the state at which it worked stably, using the recovery point.

To do this, press the WinR key, in the appeared window we enter “RSTRUI”, click OK.

If the system restore function is enabled, a window will appear with a list of control points of recovery, among which you need to select the date preceding the problem. You can choose and earlier, but you need to remember that Windows will return to the state in which it was then, and maybe some data will disappear and will definitely not be the programs that you set later.

If the recovery points are not because of the off option, you can try to download PC in safe mode and delete the recently installed software and drivers.

The reason is incomprehensible

If the appearance of a BSOD with the inscription “There was a problem” on your PC “occurs for a non-understandable reason with constant reboots, it will not be so easy to find an error.

The first thing to do is remember the error code.

Our Next Actions. Find a website where a detailed description of the error and ways to eliminate it. Optional to attend the Official site “Microsoft”. there are many resources dedicated to this topic. For example, http: // bsodstop.RU / KOD-BSOD. Russian-speaking portal, pretty popular in our country.

In our case, using the search, we find a mistake and, clicking on it, we get the following result:

The worst version. when the system is constantly overloaded and the usual actions can not be deleted, since Windows 10 simply does not have time to boot.

  • Often after multiple reboots, a blue screen appears with the inscription “Restore” at the top. Below is a list of possible options, select F8, and in the new window. the “Enable Safe Mode” option. By booting in this mode, you can try to remove suspicious software or drivers.
  • If the system recovery window does not appear hard after multiple reboots, you will have to download the computer by means of the installation flash drive. How to create it, you can easily find in the search engine, but this will require a second PC or laptop. So it is better to have such a boot disk with an installed operating system about the supply. To download from the flash drive, you must enter Boot Menu using the F2, F12 or DEL keys (depends on the manufacturer and the BIOS version). Selecting our media from the list, waiting for the installation window appearances, but we do not need it, so I click on the “System Restore” button below. Next, click on the menu item “Diagnostics”, select “Advanced Parameters”, and in the window that appears. “Restore System”. If there are control points, choose the one of them, the date of which is closest to the event of an error.
  • If there are no checkpoints, or previous tips did not led to a positive result, you can try to reset the BIOS settings to the factory.
  • If it does not help, as an option, try reinstalling “Windows”. If this option is not suitable, try to put the “dozen” to another disk to make sure the problem is not in the hardware.
  • If it does not help, it is obvious that the error pops up due to problem iron. Try to disconnect all the peripherals (scanners, USB gadgets, printers, additional monitor). The problem remains. it is worth checking the RAM and a disk drive for errors using the appropriate utilities.

Note that the most cardinal variants of the type of Windows reinstallation should be used by tricking all other diagnostic methods.