Windows mouse does not work

Today is the age of information technology and in almost every house, there is a computer. Assistant who at any time is ready to find the right information for us. Teach, give work, entertain and much more. Surely everyone had such a situation. Windows mouse does not work. What to do in such a situation and whether it is possible to solve it yourself? Let’s understand together.

What methods of checking should be done in the first place:

  • Reload PC
  • Inspect all the connections (wires, connectors) for bends, breaks, breakdowns
  • Check the operation of the USB port, connect another device, if you start, then everything is fine
  • Check, change batteries (for wireless mice)

You used the test methods indicated above and discovered the source. Congratulations, you are again at work. If you were not able to achieve the desired result. Moving further to detect a problematic source.

We update the drivers

Modern USB and wireless mice are included with drivers, the installation of which occurs immediately after connecting the device to the computer. The initialization of the input programs necessary for good operation occurs in a matter of minutes. Regardless of the Windows version, the user will be notified about the readiness of the mouse for work.

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For various reasons, the automatic process of installing drivers may not begin. This is especially common in the case of connecting a wireless device. So users note that the wireless mouse is burning, but does not work. Experienced computer users can install the required components using one keyboard, for beginners you will need a backup mouse to work with PC due to the cursor.

The following actions should be done to install the program:

  • We use the combination of Winr keys to open the command line.
  • Enter the DEVMGMT command.MSC and click OK.
  • Our task is to find “unknown devices”. To do this, use arrows on the keyboard and key
  • If there is only one unidentified device on the list. open it by pressing the keyboard
  • Further, using TAB, we go to the “General” tab and the arrows select “Information”.

This is how the “Device Manager” and a list of unknown devices looks like.

This is the “Information” tab, where we are interested in information from the “meaning” field. Copy the first line (CTRLC) and insert into the search line of any search engine (Goolge, Yandex).

Download the drive, preferably from the official website of the manufacturer of the device, then install it on the computer. In conclusion, reboot the laptop or PC.

How to restart a computer without a mouse

Many users complain, they say, if the mouse has hung, you have to overload PC. This is difficult to do if the manipulator does not work for some reason. For restart it is necessary to act manually. Available options:

  • Press the Reset button on the system unit (if any).
  • Turning the shutdown button (long.term or short.term operation).
  • Pressing the Windows button on the keyboard with subsequent movement to the desired section using Tab buttons, as well as left and right.
  • Pressing the combination of Ktrlaldel followed by choosing a shutdown button (using TAB).
  • Winr set followed by the Shutdown /R command.
mouse, does, work, computer

That’s all. Now you know what to do if the mouse suddenly hung, and does not allow working on a computer normally. In such situations, always start by checking performance, and after starting to check the software component of PC. If testing has shown the manipulator malfunction, it is pointless to do something: the device is better to change.

Replace the batteries

One of the reasons why the computer mouse does not work, but the LED is burning can be a banal category of batteries. At the same time, the charge of power sources is enough only for backlight, and to perform other actions it is not enough. As a result, the mouse glows, but the cursor does not move along the desktop. Install new batteries, and after check whether the mouse works or not. Such a malfunction is characteristic only for wireless devices.

The reasons why the PC does not see the mouse

Before proceeding with the classification of problems and methods of eliminating a problem, we will briefly tell you what exactly the unpleasant situation can be caused. The following cases listed are equally characteristic of all modern generations of the operating system; Methods of “treatment”, fortunately, are also almost the same and do not cause much difficulties.

  • Motherboard. Although this device is designed for strong overloads and perfectly protected, do not forget: if the computer does not see the keyboard and the mouse, then the problem may be a malfunction of the motherboard. In particular, the problem may be a malfunction of the connectors, the departure of internal connections, burning or oxidation of the live parts.
  • The manipulator itself. As a rule, the malfunction is manifested during the first connection. Perhaps you were incorrectly or did not end the adapter, forgot to turn on the mouse. or the device is malfunctioning due to factory marriage. In this case, your computer has nothing to do. you need to pay attention to the mouse. Finally, the case may be in the discharged battery. then, quite logically, it will need to be replaced with a new.
  • Activated flight mode. The problem is characteristic almost exclusively for Bluetooth devices. If you accidentally pressed the key that breaks off all data transfer, you do not have to hope for a signal receipt. Check if there is a “airplane” in the trias. and if there is, turn off the option in the same way with which it was activated.
  • Driver. The basic set of mouse functions does not require the installation of additional official utilities. Another thing is “advanced” manipulators used for games or working with complex graphic programs. However, we repeat: to move the cursor, click with your left and right key, you can without special drivers.
  • Update OS. Another explanation why the computer does not see the mouse. What to do is understandable: “roll back” unsuccessful updates and wait for the appearance of the correct.

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Conduct a small preliminary study and check each of these points. Maybe in this way you can solve the problem without a further waste of energy. then you can close the article. If it doesn’t work out, read on. the detailed instructions given below will help you.

Let’s talk a little more about the “special” model of manipulators. These are the same expensive mice with many additional buttons (sometimes wheels) and used by professional designers, designers or gamers. Among other things, there may be additional sensors and sensory devices in the housing of such equipment. to start them, as well as the correct operation, its own software is required. The drive with drivers should be attached to the manufacturer. and if you can’t find it, download suitable versions on the official website. You can use all kinds of “assemblies”. with a high degree of probability they contain the required.

Why the mouse can stop working

There are many reasons after which the laptop may stop recognizing the mouse. They are divided into hardware and software: departed contact, obsolete driver, other problems. What to do with them so that the mouse begins to function, I will tell you below. But the simple reasons because of which the mouse probably stopped working, check immediately.

Here is a brief list of possible hardware problems:

  • discharged batteries;
  • loose connection to a USB port;
  • too much distance between the mouse and the laptop (for wireless);
  • A faulty USB laptop or PC-port can be broken, not connected to the motherboard, or to be inappropriate for a specific format mouse, for example USB 3.0;
  • gang or transmitted cable if the wired device is used;
  • problems with contacts inside the device itself;
  • For Bluetooth devices-lack of Bluetooth module on PC.

The most common software problems that the mouse stops working is the following:

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  • outdated driver. it can become obsolete with an automatic update of Windows 10;
  • failure when connecting new gadgets, disconnecting old ones, etc.P.;
  • equipment conflict, for example with a keyboard;
  • The absence of drivers. this can be relevant for Windows 7 or more old systems, as well as for especially “sophisticated” mice;
  • Disabled USB ports in BIOS;
  • for the Bluetooth gadget. random inclusion on the “Flight mode” mode, software shutdown of the adapter;
  • Unfixed conjugation of Bluetooth and PC.

Incorrect work of mouse buttons

The mouse buttons often fail due to the breakdown of components inside the case, so you need to disassemble the equipment and replace the failed part. Even an inexperienced user will be able to carry out this work, since to complete the task you will need only a soldering iron and a spare part. If the problems are caused by the failure of the operating system, it is necessary to make updates to the corresponding parameters. Both cases are dismantled in detail in thematic articles on the site.

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Elimination of hardware problems

The most unpleasant, but quite common cause of such behavior of the manipulator is hardware breakdown.

  • The first thing that needs to be done if you suspect a physical malfunction is to connect the mouse to another port, preferably going directly to the motherboard.
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It is also worth excluding adapters for the type of converter from PS/2 on USB and USB hubs.

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