The microphone does not work on Android: the reasons and methods of eliminating problems

It is unpleasant to find that the microphone does not work on Android. This makes it impossible to use such familiar functions and the necessary phone functions as calls, create audio and videos. Sometimes this can even break the most serious plans. For normal work, you need a working microphone and the possibility of free sound passage. What are the reasons for the breakdown?

  • Moisture falling under the case,
  • Blows, falling phone and other damage,
  • Unprofessional microphone cleaning with a sharp object,
  • The clogging of the microphone, which prevents the sound waves from free,
  • A problem with the speaker of your interlocutor, after a conversation with whom there were suspicions of a breakdown,
  • The sound does not work in a particular application, and not on the phone as a whole,
  • Program error.

What can be done? Think about what happened to the smartphone lately. If everything indicates the presence of mechanical damage to your device, it makes sense to think about contacting the service center for repair. In this case, it will not be possible to fix something on your own, and the intervention of an unskilled specialist can increase the cost of repairs and damage the phone even more. If problems with the old smartphone often happen, maybe it makes sense to buy a new one if possible?

Before you figure out how to fix that the microphone does not work Android, consider how the microphone works.A microphone is an electro.acoustic device that converts sound vibrations into electric current. It is needed to record and strengthen audio. The principle of operation is that the pressure of the oscillations affect the sensitive membrane. It creates electrical fluctuations that are processed by other phone details. The following conditions are needed for the working system of the smartphone, as you know, the possibility of unhindered passage of waves, the serviceability of the microphone, the correct operation of the rest of the elements.

The sound either appears or disappears again? So, electrical contacts are damaged. Most likely due to moisture or due. Take the phone for repair. If the signs of the problem are different, we go further.

Does not work when talking. Sometimes this does not interfere with the use of applications with the same function. The fact is that in many phones two microphones are built in: spoken and external. They work together, distributing functions to improve sound quality. With a regular call, nothing is heard, and when communicating in the application, everything is fine? So, you have a colloquial microphone, and the external is in good condition, so the microphone on Android does not work when calling. They can accurately diagnose and fix such a problem in the repair service center.

Very hard to hear. The sound was distorted, the interlocutor hears almost nothing. This happens if you use the headset during the conversation. Most likely, the microphone works, but something prevents the sound waves from passing the sound waves. That is, the soundwear was clogged with dust, sand or something else. Gently blow this small hole in the phone or clean. Only carefully, do not damage the mechanism. If it is about it, it should help.

Correctly setting a microphone in Skype on Android is very simple. You just need to make sure that the microphone on your tablet works properly and are there any failures in the program itself. Two methods of setting up the microphone in Skype follow:

Below are detailed analysis of both options.

Checking the microphone device for malfunctions

First of all, it is worth checking: whether the microphone works on your tablet? To do it is very simple. There is a microphone check function for a tablet itself for a tablet itself.

From the list of contacts, select Echo/Sound Test Service and click on the “Call” icon.

After that, you will be offered to check your microphone. the sound recording function will be available for 10 seconds. Say some of any words or phrases, and after a sound signal you will hear your own voice.

If you do not hear anything, do not despair. Perhaps you need to connect a Bluetooth headset (headphones with a microphone) and repeat the test call.

microphone, does, work, phone

If nothing happens after that, then the microphone of your device requires replacement or repair.

Installation of another version of Skype

Sometimes Skype works incorrectly due to the outdated version. In this case, it is necessary to update the firmware of the application. This is done as follows:

Click on the “update” button, or “delete” and re.”install”

Having performed these simple steps, all problems with the microphone in Skype on the tablet will be resolved. No other actions need to be performed. Thus, setting up a microphone in Skype on a tablet is much easier than on PC.

microphone, does, work, phone

Through the microphone of the tablet, one of the main functions of a mobile device is carried out, whether it is a call through an appropriate application, voice entry or “conversation” with a voice assistant (for example, Alice from Yandex).

With emerging problems, you should first know how to check the microphone on the Android tablet. The verification will at least approximately diagnose the problem, and in most cases solve it at home.

How to turn on a microphone on a tablet microphone on Android does not work, you do not work to configure a microphone tablet shopping on an external microphone

Smartphone after a blow

After a mechanical blow, the drop in a smartphone, the microphone may stop functioning properly. With the worst scenario, the path is torn in the middle of the board and then the entire board is required. At best, the microcircuit inside the apparatus may be damaged. To eliminate the malfunction, you will need to find out the exact cause of the breakdown and identify the damaged area of ​​the microcircuit, doing this by diagnostics.

The microphone does not work in some cases

If the sound disappears periodically, then this indicates the absence of reliable contact. As a result of mechanical exposure or moisture and oxidation, contact may periodically disappear. Such a problem is solved only in the service center.

To exclude the factor of the influence of applications on the microphone, it is recommended to download Android in safe mode and check the performance.

If the microphone does not work in the voice recorder or communication applications (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram), then the cause of the problem should be sought in their settings. In rare cases, these applications can refuse to work with a microphone and normally capture the sound through the headset. Can help reinstall the application.

There may be a reverse situation: the microphone works in various instant messengers, but at the usual call, the interlocutor does not hear you. This happens if the conversational microphone is damaged, and the external works.

Many phones have 2 microphones that share functions among themselves or work in conjunction to improve sound. To diagnose such a failure, you must contact the service center.

Correction of software failures

We go to “Settings”, there we find “backup and discharge”. In this paragraph, we indicate a complete reset of settings during which all settings will be removed.

This method acts often, and when using it you need to be careful, since all contacts, music, games, passwords, photos and other information located on a tablet or smartphone will be deleted. Therefore, everything is required to preserve everything.

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Change by device or flashing. Often this method is required to have certain skills and is carried out when contacting the service center. If you want to interrogate yourself, then you need to go to the official website of the manufacturer of your gadget to download the necessary utilities for firmware and directly firmware, and then it should be reinstalled on the device.

Here, to solve problems with a microphone on the Android device, introduce additional. This applies to utilities that control all processes within the device. Now there are a lot of them, but the fewer functions are contained in the appendix, the more it is more effective.

The Multi Cleaner utility controls the systemic functions best, corrects and corrects different types of synchronization and settings errors. This free application in circulation is simplicity.

After installing the application, it only needs to be launched, and then nothing is needed from the user. The utility will take on all the control of the devices. Another advantage of it will be an increase in the speed and performance of the system, and the device itself will be charged 20% faster.

On the street, noise level is always higher than at home. Therefore, for normal communication on the smartphone, you need to correctly adjust the microphone. The microphone tuning will be needed during a low volume level after recording a video or audio on a tablet. While the microphone is set up and which is better to set the threshold value so that the device does not spoil?

The answer is simple. you need to go to the gadget settings menu and make the required settings. Since the settings are engineering, they are not intended for ordinary users, there are no special tips. Incorrect actions can cause breakdown of the product, which only specialists can eliminate.

Settings and diagnostic options

If you damaged your phone by damage, dropping it, hitting it strongly or lowering it into the liquid, then you will not be able to fix the problem with the microphone yourself. The best option would be to attribute the phone to the service for further diagnosis and repair.

If the problem is in a software failure, then you can do the following:

  • restart the device;
  • clean the cache or delete unnecessary files that can inhibit the speed of the smartphone;
  • Data reset and flashing.

The last option is in extreme cases. But there is one important point: before reset to the factory settings and recharge, it is necessary to create a backup copy of the data, because after this action, all data will be deleted. Therefore, it is worthwhile to transfer all files (photos, videos, audio files, etc.D.) on the computer, and after eliminating the sound problem, rush re.pump. However, such a serious step is worth going if you are 100% sure that the problem is in this.

It is possible that the problem is in clogging holes with a microphone. In this case, the microphone works, but the sounds distort from which your interlocutor is poorly and muffled your voice. The inconvenience is solved quite simply: blow in a hole with a microphone and clean it with a needle or toothpick. You need to do everything as accurately as possible, because the work is jewelry and with sharp and careless movements can damage the smartphone and aggravate the situation.

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It happens that the sound disappears periodically, it is possible that you are faced with a violation of electrical contact. This is possible both in a situation when moisture fell into the device and led to oxidation, and in factory marriages. The second case is not so often found, and with it you will have to hand over the device to the service center for repairs.

Moisture hit

Moisture hit also becomes a common reason why the microphone does not work on the phone. Here you should not even particularly explain how moisture gets inside: wet hands, the use of the device during the rain, in the shower, bath, sauna, etc. D. When orally, moisture can not only break the microphone, but completely disable it. The only way to fix this problem is to replace the microphone with a new.

Malfunctions and possible reasons

There are various signs of microphone malfunctions:

Fluctuations in the volume of the transmitted sound (too quiet, then too loud or vice versa);

Most often, this is due to the following:

Incorrect sound settings, volume;

Bad receiving a mobile operator signal;

The microphone hole covers any object (sometimes users cover it with their hand, without noticing it);

The failure in the operation of the operating system and other.

All problems can be conditionally divided into two categories: software and hardware. The former are solved by reinstalling the OS (recharge). To determine and solve the second, thorough diagnosis is necessary. The malfunction may consist in wear of some parts, unconnected by the module loop (fell when the gadget falls), problems in the chip. An attempt to replace it most often leads to unforeseen consequences. For high.quality repair, knowledge, experience and specialized equipment are necessary.

There is a microphone on every mobile device, regardless of its cost or model. In the new smartphones and in old button devices, this component performs the same function, namely, translates voice information from analogue (sound waves) into an electromagnetic signal.