Redmi AirDots do not turn on

Bluetooth headphones displaced their wired counterparts long ago and have become a real hit in the tech market. Users prefer small and comfortable earmolds, such as those from Xiaomi. But such gadgets still have several significant disadvantages: desynchronization, confusing for the novice setup, lack of sound in one or two headphones. Today we’re going to discuss the most frustrating problem. why a wireless headset won’t turn on at all.

The wireless headset works based on receiving data from the device through various data transfer methods. It can be a radio connection, infrared receiver, Bluetooth connection. Xiaomi wireless headphones use the latter method, which is due to the simplicity and reliability of the connection and ease of use.

To connect the Xiaomi Bluetooth headset, you need to turn it on and make a connection with the gadget. The process usually takes a few seconds, after which the headphones are ready to use.

Problems with the software

One of the most common reasons why the Xiaomi smartphone stopped seeing the headphones is self-flashing the mobile device. Thus, the installation of custom firmware can be deleted necessary system files that are responsible for synchronizing with Bluetooth-devices.

The optimal solution to the problem. reset Xiaomi to factory settings, or the installation of official international firmware, which will work steadily and contains all the necessary drivers.

You can also check the sound settings. To do this, proceed as follows:

left, earpiece, xiaomi, true, does, work
  • Open the “Headphones and Sound Effects” tab in the “Advanced Settings”;
  • Select the “Mi Soundabout” section, then find the right model in the list of headphone types;

Another option to eliminate the defects is to install a third-party application Soundabout, available for download on Play Market. This program allows you to eliminate a variety of software connection errors and normalizes the sound.

One wireless headphone does not work, it stops playing sound.

If one of your wireless headphones stops working, it does not always mean that it is broken and unusable (assuming, of course, that it is intact and has not fallen into water)! #x1f4cc; I have repeatedly managed to bring back to life a non-TWS headset with relatively simple “manipulations.

Actually, this is what today’s post will be about.

left, earpiece, xiaomi, true, does, work

I should warn you in advance that the following recommendations are universal and will work for different models of headphones: Airpods, AirDots (Xiaomi), JBL, i7s, i9s, etc. (there won’t be much difference between “fixing”/diagnosing the left or right earphone either).

Note : note that if you have sound, but in one of the earphones (or in both) it is barely audible, hissing, interrupted. You’d better read this first!

Mismatching headphones with each other or the device is the main cause of malfunction, which occurs due to:

To restore the normal functionality of TWS-headset helps to reset the settings to the factory settings.

Actions are performed in a strict sequence:

  • Disconnect the pairing from the smartphone. To do this, select “Mi True Wireless Esb Basic_R” (Redmi model) or “Mi AirDots BASIC_R” (Xiaomi earmuffs) from the list of Bluetooth devices, click “Cancel Pairing” or “Forget Device”.
  • Take the devices out of the case. Hold down the control button on both devices simultaneously for 30-40 seconds (Redmi. multitasking key, Mi. touchpad).
  • Watch the light on the headphones: the light on the headphones blinks white, after 10-20 seconds the light changes to red-white, goes on for another 10-20 seconds.
  • Wait for complete disconnection: the diode will go out.
  • Reset was successful.
  • Put the AirDots in the case for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • After a while take it out, will start the process of synchronizing “ears” with each other.
  • If the process completes successfully, you will hear a beep.
  • The devices are ready to be re-paired.

Why only one wireless earphone works: causes and solutions

Hi all! Today we are going to solve another problem when one wireless headphone does not work. This is a common problem with TWS headsets. Some models purposely disable one of the headphones when it’s out of your ear. so try putting them both in the right place.

If you have a headset with a headband, then most likely the problem is in the contacts and it will most likely have to be carried to a specialist. But about TWS earphones we will talk further in more detail. Most likely the problem is banal in the synchronization, but there can be other options. First we will look at all the causes and then I will tell you what to do and how to fix it.

Fixed MI True wireless earphones 2 basic one side not working | with video

Why Redmi AirDots does not connect the left or right earpiece, the solution

Redmi AirDots is a popular wireless headset developed by Xiaomi. This model offers decent specifications and quite a long battery life. But often there are some problems with the headphones and there can be several reasons for that. problems with the battery, desynchronization or mechanical damage. This article will talk about why the Redmi AirDots does not connect the left earpiece or the right one, and how to fix it.

Unsynchronized AirDots Pro earmolds

While talking, listening to music, sound lags, one stopped working, no big deal. Failure is also common in the cheap Redmi AirDots headset.

Follow the steps below:

  • Make sure the earpiece is charged. Restore power and check sound quality again.
  • Charge is normal. press the touch pads on both iRDots for 10-20 seconds.
  • Wait for the indicator light to turn red.
  • As soon as the color changes twice to white, the reset has occurred.
  • Check the sync with your phone.