The laptop is bending when turning on several times

In this article I will tell you about the reasons why the laptop squeals 1-3-5-7 and more times when turned on and then the load may not go, or Windows is still loaded.

NFR, the article presents a table of signals with decoding what they indicate for each type of BIOS or manufacturer.

This article is suitable for all brands that produce laptops on Windows 10/8/7: Asus, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Dell, MSI, TOSHIBA, SAMSUNG and others. We are not responsible for your actions.


So, you are faced with a situation where the computer is squealing and does not turn on. What to do in this case? The procedure is as follows:

  • Find out the version of the BIOS computer.
  • To calculate exactly how much piskov is the speaker.
  • Find on the Internet (from a phone, for example) a set of malfunctions of your BIOS and verify it, which means a certain number of squeaks.
  • Eliminate the malfunction.
laptop, squealing, does, turn

Fans are noisy, but the laptop screen does not work

Maybe the laptop itself turns on, but the screen does not work. Take a closer look at the monitor, maybe there is something there, but the backlight does not work. Determine the hot keypoints of the backlight on your laptop and press them. For example, on many Lenovo models, these are “FNF2” buttons.

The screen may really not work, but there are also various artifacts instead of an image. The sure way to check the screen or laptop is to blame, you can use an external monitor by connecting it to VGA/HDMI output. If there is a picture on it, then the laptop screen certainly does not turn on. Read more about this in an article about lanes on the laptop screen.

laptop, squealing, does, turn

Often the cause of the malfunction can be a discrete video card, especially those who like to play games on a laptop. Due to the poor cooling system, dust/pollution of this or improper use of their “friend”, video cards overheat and break faster. This is especially affected by NVIDIA video cards (GeForce 8400M, 8600M, 9300M and others).

No need to play with the computer on the knees, on the stomach or in any position in which ventilation holes are closed. It is advisable to use cooling stands for laptops. In general, if the laptop is not positioned by the manufacturer as clearly a gaming one, then it is not recommended to play heavy toys on it for a long time, even if it pulls them. Follow the video card temperature.

So, if the matter is in the video card, then try to pull it out, if the design allows, or disconnect it using a switch that is present on some models. Without a discrete video card, Buk can work, just demanding games will not go.

There may be more serious reasons: there is no processor or memory, broken BIOS firmware, non.working north bridge of the laptop (problems with the motherboard).

Reasons for the squeak when turning on, and how to fix it?

So why the laptop when turning on is turned on and does not turn on? The following are possible reasons and ways to solve these problems:

These tips will help in determining and eliminating the malfunctions that arose on the laptop. As mentioned described in the article, the computer squeals when it is turned on for various reasons: from sticking the key to the failure of controllers and chips, which entails expensive repairs. Although this is not always the case. By sound and given tables in which their decryptions are presented, you can understand what exactly the reason for the problem is. And if it is easy to celebrate it, then you can not contact technical support, but to eliminate the problem yourself, which will save money and increase the understanding of the computer device. And this will facilitate further communication with all kinds of gadgets.

Why is the laptop squeak?

One of the most frequent causes of squeaks is the sap of one or several buttons on the keyboard at once. The laptop will squeak if somewhere on the motherboard the contacts opened due to the fact that someone spilled tea, juice or other liquid on the keyboard. Overheating of the processor, stopping cooler’s blades or drying out thermal paste. all this can provoke the appearance of sound notifications.

It will not be superfluous to contact the service center, since an attempt to correct mechanical damage in inexperienced hands can lead to a critical breakdown of the device. This will also happen if you are incorrectly diagnosed the problem due to which the laptop squeaks when turning on.

Varieties of the signal

We figured out the display, and now back to the sounds made by the laptop. Each signal carries information about the cause of the malfunction. Sound decoding may vary depending on the manufacturer BIOS. Consider them in order. A signal sequence will be indicated in the quotes.

Let’s start with devices from Dell. The “1-2” signal indicates a malfunction in the video card. The sound “1-2-2-3” reports an error in the constant memorable device of the BIOS system. If you hear the combination of “1-3-1-1”, the problem is applied. When the keyboard is error, the “1-3-1-3” signal sounds. The code “1-3-3-1” speaks of an error in memory. Sound signals of the type “1-3-4-1”, “1-3-4-3” and “1-4-1-1” indicate various breakdowns, but they are all associated with problems in RAM.

Now we will discuss Ami BIOS. 1 short signal indicates the absence of errors and a good state of the laptop. 3 long sounds refer to RAM and indicate that the reading and recording test was completed with the detection of errors. Element of memory must be reinstalled. 1 long and 1 short signal indicate power problems. If the laptop is turning on when it is turned on 8 times, we are talking about a video card memory error. If 1 long and 8 short signals are heard, the monitor may not be connected. Also in this case, we can talk about problems with the video card. 10 short signals talk about the recording error in CMOS. Continuous sound can be caused by a malfunction in nutrition. The processor overheating is also likely.

1 long sound combined with 4 short indicates the absence of a video card. If there is no signal at all, most likely, we are talking about the processor malfunction. 1 long sound and 3 short ones talk about the error of the video card. Caught a problem belongs to the EGA-VGA system. 2 short signals most often talk about the error of the RAM. A similar sound may take place if you do not turn off the printer or scanner. 4 short signals indicate a malfunction of the system timer. In this case, it is necessary to replace the motherboard. 11 short signals indicate a cache error. It is located on the motherboard. 1 long signal in combination with 2 short indicates a video card error. We are talking about a malfunction of Mono-CGA.

Signals in Award BIOS

If the laptop makes any sound when turning on, then this suggests that everything is not so bad. After all, a situation when a computer does not show any signs at all much worse. The published squeak signals that the motherboard is working, and the problems are associated with the failure of any other detail, which will be much easier to change.

If the Acer laptop is turning on, as well as the laptop of any other model, then, in other words, BIOS tells which device there were problems. This can greatly facilitate the diagnosis of the laptop, regardless of who is engaged in repair, newcomer or specialist in equipment repair.

Different BIOS publishes a different squeak. Find out which BIOS is on the laptop you can, if you are careful when turning on. Usually his appearance is indicated here, although not always. In extreme cases, you can update the BIOS to the version you need. If you have determined that you have Award BIOS, then the signals published during the problem may be the following.

  • A short squeak says that the system did not find errors. After that, the usual loading of the laptop should continue.
  • One short signal, but after that an empty screen may indicate a video system.
  • Two short.time signals indicate that problems were discovered, but they are not too serious. For example, contacts disconnected somewhere, settings were lost, etc. D.
  • The keyboard error is indicated by three long signals.
  • One long squeak alternating with two short signals about the problems of the video card. In this case, you can try to get it and clean it, then try to turn on the laptop again or try to check the work card using programs. Important! All manipulations with a computer are carried out only after it is turned off from all types of power and a battery removed.
  • If the error is made when reading ROM, then one long and nine short squeaks will sound.

What to do if the laptop is published when turning on is a squeak?

Many users of modern laptops are faced with a problem when, when turned on, the technique begins to squeak. Let’s figure out why this happens and how to eliminate this defect in the operation of a computer device.

So, computer technology does not keep my leg today with such a concept as durability. Without all kinds of defects, the laptop can work out a maximum of six months, then miracles on the bends begin. Laptops are subject to breakdowns for the simple reason that they consist of almost a huge number of subsystems that have a connection, the elements of which are fragile and short.lived.

If the computer does not turn on, you need to naturally establish the cause of this phenomenon. Of course, you should not fall into a panic right away. Modern developers, realizing that they give out not quite practical devices on the mountain, have in advance of the presence of a mechanism that would indicate that the laptop did not completely fail and must be repaired. A special hearing signal tells the user that everything can be returned to their own circles if you take the right measures to eliminate the problem or seek help from the master.

Working behind a laptop, you need to get used to the fact that from time to time it can fail. This phenomenon is not desirable, it is almost impossible to insure yourself with this. The more the computer is operated, the greater the likelihood that it is subject to wear.

So, back to an urgent problem. a computer squeak when turning on. How to be? What to do? Analyze the state of work of all components of the laptop. Let’s start!

laptop, squealing, does, turn

The reason for the squeak of a laptop is often a wax of the keys. If the keyboard is spilled with a liquid or clog it with crumbs, contacts can occur. It is excellent if the spilled tea or compote does not get into the case and do not hurt the boards. So at the computer there is and drink harmful.

If the laptop does not turn on and issues a squeak, this may be a signal that the cooling system does not work. It can be contaminated with dust, small particles of the quarrel, and also damaged due to the mechanical factor, the laptop may fall, for example, from the table or fall out of the hands when moving. The result of careless handling of technology leads to overheating of the central processor.

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The squeak may also indicate the failure of the graphic card.

An operational memory device

When turning on, when turning on, it may also indicate damage to the RAM of the device. Due to the careless operation of the laptop, the contacts between the mother and the RAM itself may be violated.

If a motherboard is out of order, then this is an occasion to consider a settings failure in BIOS.

What is the signal of a portable computer about?

From the above it follows that the squeak of a laptop can be heard for several reasons. The user often hears sound through a high.frequency speaker built into a laptop. It is located directly on the motherboard. Programmers call him a speaker. The speaker resembles a small barrel. Its priority inherent in the task is to let the user know about the laptop’s work failure.

Many masters determine the breakdown by the duration of the signal, by its tonality, it turns out that the barrel can make various sounds, focusing on a certain problem, which facilitates the work of the specialist at times.

If the computer makes a squeak, then the screen also does not respond to the process of turning on the device. To make sure the screen breakdown, you must first check the power, suddenly the light turned off, and the user works from the mains. To make sure that the display is really inactive, you should open and close the laptop cover several times.

If the matrix is ​​damaged, then the image on the screen is issued at a certain angle of visibility. The black screen on the laptop can be checked by connecting it to the external monitor. If the external monitor works, then the train is really damaged in the laptop or the matrix itself.

If, when connecting to the external monitor, the situation remains unchanged, then the reason must be sought in the performance of the video card itself.

If the screen remains dark, and the sounds of loading the operating system are heard, then there is already no doubt. a defect in the video card one hundred percent. A computer device may not turn on and when you fail the start button. It can either stock up or react to pollution.

Rarely encountered breakdowns

When you turn on the laptop, you can often detect the failure of a lamp or inverter. You can determine this by lighting the lamp on the display when turned on. Often the display is dark, and the operating room is loaded. If, when illuminating, the lamp manages to see the image of the screen, then there is no doubt about the above.

If the inverter has failed, it is changed or repaired, but if the lamp, then it is only changed to a new one. If the laptop turned on, and the display acquired a black frame and a blurry image, the hardware part of the device flew. Often this faulty video chip manifests itself. It fails due to the frequent overheating of the computer, there are times when the video chip failed due to poor contact between the power supply and memory modules, the South Bridge can still suffer, other reasons are also not excluded.

To establish the true cause, the masters conduct a special diagnosis of the laptop. Often the display matrix remains fullly. It can fail only with a strong fall of the laptop or if the fluid is spilled onto the screen.

A little about the types of sounds made with laptops

As mentioned above, laptops make various sound signals, or rather, it makes a barrel. speaker. Each individually signal means a breakdown of one or another component of the device. The decoding of the published signals is engaged in professionals. Only they can distinguish sounds. over, each BIOS manufacturer sets its own individual ordering of sound signals. So it’s not enough to understand the sounds, you also need to become attached to the creator.

Since it is often difficult to find the craftsmen, we will tell you offhand what the sounds of different BIOS manufacturers may indicate.

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