The label of WhatsApp on the desktop disappeared

Messenger WottsAP is popular with subscribers thanks to a convenient integration and the ability to make calls for free and send messages. The user, who first installed the program, may experience difficulties when using the service. For example, not all users know how to install a short access to VOTSAP on the screen of a mobile device. Among the options that simplify the work with the application, you can also note the creation of shortcuts, thanks to which the owner of a smartphone can quickly find the desired chat. How to display the WhatsApp icon on the phone’s screen below.

As soon as the user performed all the steps of installing the VOTSAP application, the label of quick access to the service will automatically arise on the screen. After pressing the icon, the user enters the messenger, gets access to chats with persons from the list of contacts.

If the icon is accidentally removed from the base screen, this does not indicate the removal of the program. Only the opportunity to quickly go to the application is destroyed by clicking the WhatsApp symbol. To return the icon to the starting position, it is recommended to restart the device by pressing the power button.

If, after rebooting, the symbol of the messenger did not appear in the same place, you should use the smartphone parameters menu. First you need to make sure that the application was not deactivated. If warning from the messenger continues to occur on the panel at the top of the screen, this indicates the work of the program in normal mode. To restore the brief access icon, you need to open the application block, find the WhatsApp symbol and drag the icon onto the main screen.

If the proposed methods have not led to the desired result, the user should clean the smartphone cache. Such radical actions allow you to overcome quite serious obstacles in the work of the service, although they do not guarantee success. In particular, the cleaning of the cache usually helps with an emergency stop of the messenger.

To clean the cache memory, you need to turn off the device, then simultaneously press the connection and sound control keys. Inside the opened list of actions, you should choose Clear Cache. Make sure that at the same time the factory settings of the Factory Reset will not be made, since for some models these functions are combined.

If the model of the smartphone does not allow the cache total cleaning, the program is recommended and re.installation using the Google Play or App Store app store.

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There is an alternative method for the Samsung smartphone that allows you to add a totsap label to the main screen. In the parameters of the smartphone, you need to go to the block “Blocking screen” block, then contact the “Labels” section. Here the user will be able to replace one of the icons set by default with a symbol.

How to fix a chat label on a phone screen

In order not to miss the necessary messages, the user must separate the main chats from secondary. For accelerated access to the most important chats from the messenger, you can fix the icon of such a conversation on the main screen of the smartphone. Recommended procedure:

  • Open the application.
  • Select and highlight a long press an important conversation.
  • Go to the menu by pressing three points at the top of the screen.
  • Activate the line “Add the icon to the screen”.
  • Confirm the choice.

After performing these actions, you can view this dialogue without contacting WhatsApp. Such an option is available only for smartphones on the Android platform. If problems arise, the user should contact the technical support service of the Vatzapa messenger.

Why is the WhatsApp icon disappeared from the main screen?

Typically, the icon of any software automatically appears on the desktop of a mobile device after downloading and installing, regardless of what operating system it works. Exceptions are possible, and almost always they make themselves felt on Android devices, requiring manual transfer of applications to the desktop.

If they were originally there, but then disappeared, then there is a certain reason for this, and WhatsApp in this regard is no exception to the rules. Its sudden absence on the screen of a smartphone without targeted or accidental removal may be due to the following factors:

  • data transfer between devices without preliminary backup;
  • resetting telephone settings and flashing the OS;
  • partial cleaning of the smartphone from files.

You can perform any of these actions and encounter the consequences in the form of the disappearance of the labels and the loss of data. At the same time, the problem can be solved in different ways, which also depends on the reason for the absence of the messenger icon in the usual place.

How to display the label of the application to the phone table in 2022

The loss of the WhatsApp label should not upset you, since when it is restored it you can again use the messenger without losing your chats and media files sent to them. Consider the most effective recovery methods, the use of which will not require much time and special knowledge.

Return the icon in manual mode

The easiest and most sure way to return everything to their own circles is the manual transfer of the icon from the list of applications to the desktop. This is done as follows:

  • Go to the main smartphone menu, and then to the list of applications if it is in a separate section.
  • Find WhatsApp in this list to click and hold its icon. At this moment it will become mobile, and you can drag it manually onto the main screen using the editing mode.
  • Just choose any place on the display and release the label, after which it will be fixed there.

Due to the different smartphone integration, the principle of action may vary slightly, which does not prevent the user from dealing with the task at an intuitive level. Similarly, you have to act if, due to some circumstances, the user wishes to remove the label of the messenger from the screen.

So, it will be enough to squeeze and hold it until the context menu appears with a proposal for a complete or partial distance and the basket icon.

We throw off the phone settings

Sometimes you have to resort to radical measures. And if, for example, after an unsuccessful transfer of data on your phone, it is wrong, it makes sense to reset its settings to factory.

Yes, such actions are always fraught with a complete loss of data, which, if possible, can be saved by throwing into PC or in other ways, but if the phone is mercilessly lag and “lives its own life”, then you do not have to choose.

Returning to the technical side of the issue, recall that the procedure for rollback to factory settings is carried out as follows:

After such a flashing, you can start the “life” of the smartphone from the clean sheet, downloading any available software on it, including WhatsApp, the icon of which should automatically appear on the screen.

Clear the cache of the phone

Give its results and can clean the cache. Remember, when filling out this storage, not only the application, but the entire operating system can begin to fail. That is why it is necessary to clean this space from time to time, without waiting for the moment when it can become difficult.

To do this, adhere to the next universal instruction:

Before checking the result of the work, reboot the device, since until this moment it can continue to demonstrate incorrect work.

We reinstall the application

If your smartphone has always saved the labels of uploaded applications, but this time something went wrong, just try to restart the messenger, making it deleting and repeated download. For this, it is all necessary that go to the built-in shopping store and introduce the name of the messenger into the search line in order to install it again on the smartphone.

How to delete and restore WhatsApp?

Open WhatsApp and go to the next screen, having previously accepted our conditions for the provision of services. Confirm your phone number. If a backup of the history of your chats is found and you want to restore it, select the option to restore. Read more about the restoration of messages here.

To change the label: click on the label. To change the color of the shortcut: click on the label, click on the palette icon select color click. To remove the label: click on the label change the label remove.

  • Tap the free site on the main screen and hold it.
  • Click on the icon “Widgets”.
  • Tap the widget and hold it. Images of the main screens will appear.
  • Move the widget to the desired screen and release your finger.

Why there are no notifications on the WhatsApp icon?

If you do not see the notification icon icon, you may need to remove the existing application shortcut and drag a new label from the application panel. To remove the label from the home screen, press and hold it, and then move it to the basket (icon located in the upper part of the screen).

  • Go to the menu “All applications”. On the desired desktop, press the [Menu] button and select “All Applications”.
  • Find the application that you want to create on the desktop
  • The “All Applications” menu will disappear and your desktop will appear.

Reinstalling the application

If other ways to eliminate the problem have not worked, you can try the extreme measure. reinstall the application. Maybe this will help to eliminate the problem of “the gone icon of WhatsApp on Android or iOS”.

  • First you need to remove WhatsApp from a smartphone. To do this, hold the label of the messenger on the desktop and click “Delete”. and then confirm the action.
  • Now go to the app store. On Android is Play Market or others, and on the iPhone. AppStore.
  • To find WhatsApp in the catalog, enter the name of the messenger in the search line and click “Search”.

Managed to solve the problem in one of the ways above? It is perfectly! Now you know what to do if the WhatsApp icon on Android or iPhone disappears, and next time you can easily solve the problem.

Using Web version:

The first option is convenient because nothing needs to be downloaded to the computer. Immediately follow the link using a computer browser, and start using:

After the transition to the site, on your monitor you will see a QR code:

It must be scanned using the WhatsApp application installed on your smartphone. To do this, open whatsApp on a smartphone, go to chats, and open the menu:

If a request for access to the camera appears, allow it. After all these manipulations, the QR code scanner will open:

Next, just close the smartphone camera on the QR code on the computer screen, and the application is automatically authorized. The Web version intenses is exactly the same as that of the mobile version of the application, so I think you can easily figure it out there.

Using WhatsApp without installation. WhatsApp Web

It is not difficult to install the application, but it is even more convenient to use a vatsap in a browser. These versions do not differ in terms of functions, then why install a messenger at all to enter WhatsApp? over, it can be used from any place wherever you are.

How to add a chat icon to the smartphone screen

If there are many conversations, you can often skip some messages among the constant flow. For the convenience of navigation and quick access to important contacts, you can display the most necessary chats to the main screen of the phone as follows:

Adding chat icon is very easy.

  • Open WhatsApp;
  • Choose a chat that we want to fix;
  • We highlight the chat by pressing within 2-3 seconds;
  • from above, in the appeared, a lines that appear, select the menu (three vertical points);
  • In the menu, select the item “Add to the working screen”;
  • In the window that opens, click on the “Add ICK” tab “.

After that, the chat icon will appear on the desktop. When you click on it, you immediately fall into the correspondence window without turning to the WhatsApp app. The number of repetitions of this procedure is not limited. However, the function is available only for Android phones. If it is not possible to correct the situation, then you need to take a screenshot in WhatsApp and send in a commentary. We will try to help.

On some Samsung phones, you can install icons on the lock screen.

To add WhatsApp icon to the lock screen, follow the following actions:

  • Open the “home” screen.
  • Go to the settings screen of the label lock.
  • Click on the Chaton icon and select WhatsApp from the application list.

WhatsApp will be visible among the icon of the lock screen instead of the “Chaton” icon.

After the update to iOS 11/12, the WhatsApp application icon from the desktop was missing, there is no way to find the WhatsApp icon on the iPhone screen. Where WhatsApp disappeared, and how to restore the missing icons on Irhone, we told in this instructions.

How to restore the missing WhatsApp icon

Tenorshare icarefone. How to return the WhatsApp icon

If you don’t find the WhatsApp icon on the menu, do not use it! We have ways to quickly return it back. Now we will show steps to restore access to WhatsApp.

Tenorshare icarefone is a universal program, a way to restore the iOS system through the input and exit of the recovery mode. At that time allows you to transfer contacts, messages, notes, calendars, and so on. And it can even wash unnecessary files, release a lot of space to optimize the performance of iPhone/iPad/iPod devices and accelerate the work at the maximum possible level.

First, download and install Tenorshare icarefone from the official site, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the computer using USB cable and select. “Other tools”. repair of the iOS system in the menu.

Click the IOS download button to continue repairs.

Click “Fix now” to launch iOS recovery. Then your device is rebooted and the WhatsApp icon will appear.

You can use this utility for free on your computer (Windows or Mac). In the meantime, if the recovery mode did not help, you can switch to the “correct system” point, we will believe that with the help of deep recovery you can find the disappeared hint of WhatsApp.

If you have lost your data in WhatsApp and want to restore remote messages in WhatsApp. Please read this article.

Reload the iPhone, iPad and iPod device

Sometimes the icon temporarily disappeared, while through rebooting you can return it from the desktop. Click the power buttons home at the same time, and hold the two blockers while the iPhone screen goes out. And then click on the power to restart.

This method only corrects minor errors in the system, does not fully get these problems. If this option does not work, then try forced reloading.

Forced reboot

In addition to restarting, you can choose a forced reboot. When you turn off the iPhone, all the cache and so on will be cleaned. Therefore, hold the power button until the slider appears, do not let it go, and then restart the iPhone.

Restore factory settings

After updating to iOS 11/12, they noticed that not only the WhatsApp icon disappeared, but also another application slows down or works non.melting, then you should restore the iPhone before factory settings. Before this, do not forget to create a backup through iCloud or iTunes to restore lost applications after updating.

I hope that one choice of the above methods can solve the gap “After the update, the WhatsApp icon on the iPhone disappeared”.

In addition, if you want to manage data between PC and iPhone, throw photos/videos/music from a computer on the iPhone (C iPhone to a computer), you can also use icarefone.

Where there may be a lost application icon

If WhatsApp is gone, then it makes no sense to “blame” system settings. The fact is that the application is not systemic, its installation is not provided for by the developer of the mobile operating system. The user independently sets WhatsApp, also an independent solution. this is its deification.

Usually the reason that WhatsApp was missing is the inattention of the user himself. He accidentally deiled the messenger, and subsequently forgot about it. But if there is confidence that this did not happen, then the reason should be sought in another. The absence of the icon is explained:

  • Reset of a smartphone or iPhone to factory settings.
  • File deleting, cleaning the device.
  • Carrying out flashing.
  • Removing the application.
  • Transition to a new gadget (without preliminary preservation of data and creating a backup).

As for the user transition to another device, all the files that were on the last device will not be saved. WhatsApp will not be installed. Personal accounting is saved in the system, you can enter it when indicating the mobile phone number. However, correspondence, adopted audio, video and pictures from other users will not be saved. In order not to lose important data, it is necessary to make a preliminary backup copy.

Initially, you need to look for a missing icon in the menu with applications. If we are talking about smartphones working on the Android operating system, then go into installed applications and act as follows:

  • Squeeze the label in the messenger until it starts to move around the display freely.
  • Drag the icon on the desktop screen, choosing a convenient location for it.

Watsap icon will return to the smartphone screen. This algorithm is suitable for devices based on Android and iPhone OS. But if the described method does not help, then the problem lies deeper, it must be solved in other ways.

If you find WhatsApp and failed

Often users who could not find the Watsap icon on the worker became completely deleted by the application. But there is no need for repeated installation. If the icon is gone, then the first user action is the reloading of the device. You need to clamp the power button or select the option in the smartphone menu.

Often the presence of problems is explained by a reduction in memory. If the resources are “clogged”, then “glitches” are observed in the work of systemic and non.systemic applications.

The user needs to clean the cache, temporary memory. But before that, make sure that the phone will not return to the factory settings.

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If the WhatsApp icon is gone on Android, then it is necessary to do as follows:

The identical algorithm is also developed for cases if the chat is lost. The user enters the menu and selects the settings (three points vertically). Then he presses the “adding chat icon to the desktop (or working screen)”. If you make a folder separately for important dialogs, then the navigation process will become easier.


On the iPhone, the icon of Watsap may also be an abyss. Reloading is performed from the desktop. First, the user of the apple gadget presss the power buttons and home at the same time. Keep a few seconds before the start of the device forcuting the device. Turning on is by pressing the “Food” button.

Emergency reboot solves small flaws in the system. If the icon did not appear, then you need to squeeze the label in the messenger until it starts to move around the display freely. Then the user drags the Watsap icon on the desktop screen.

Worry about the fact that WhatsApp is not worth it. The deallation is unlikely to occur, so the data in reliability. First you need to look at the Watsap icon in the menu of the installed applications. If he is there, then they just drag it to the desktop. If not, forced rebooting will help, cleaning the cache. It is necessary to check the smartphone or iPhone for the presence of viruses, as they also cause systemic failures in the WhatsApp operating application. In extreme cases, you can reinstall WhatsApp, but the data will be lost.

Where to look for a label disappeared from the desktop

If the application icon suddenly disappeared from the gadget screen, you will need to go to a special menu containing previously installed applications and perform a number of simple actions:

  • Close the label of the application until the user can freely move it along the screen;
  • Messenger icon to move the phone on the display and place in any convenient place.

After performing the above actions, the VOTSAP will return to the right place and the messenger can be launched without problems.

This procedure is suitable for mobile phone users, operating systems. If desired, the owners of the iPhone can also use it.

If, after performing the actions described above, the badge did not appear on the desktop, it is worth trying another option.

Perhaps as a result of an internal system error or user actions, the icon disappeared from the phone screen. Most likely, the program disappeared after deleting. For example, the user could clean the memory and accidentally erase the messenger. To find and re.install it, it is advisable to use the Google Play store. It is available by default in every modern Android smartphone.

You can return the WhatsApp icon to the phone screen according to the following instructions:

  • The name of the program is introduced in the search bar. WhatsApp;
  • The transition to the page with the application is made and select “Install”;
  • Installation is carried out.

After completing these actions, the user will be able to find the messenger icon on the mobile phone screen.

As for the iPhone, users should check that it was precisely the icon itself, not the application:

  • Activate the search line, drawing a finger down from the center of the main screen;
  • enter the name of the missing application in the search engine;
  • The line will give a list of results, the application should be at the top of the list in order to open it, you just need to click on it.

If the application appears under the heading of the store, this means that it is not loaded on a mobile device. The user should click on it, after which he will get into the App Store, for further installation of the application.

If the iphone disappears on the iPhone, you can restart it. As a rule, this action solves many problems and takes away the minimum of time.

Repeated installation of WhatsApp

Regardless of what caused the disappearance of the WhatsApp icon. failure, error, user’s inaccurate actions, you can restore the application without problems. You should not exclude the option when when cleaning the phone, the application was accidentally erased. All that is required to re.install it through Play Market.

If we are talking about mobile phones of the Chinese brand “Huawei”, then their owners can use the branded application “Appgallery” to return the WhatsApp application to the screen. What will be done for this:

  • In the search line, a request is required in the form of the name of the application;
  • After the system issues the result of the request, select the desired;
  • wait for the completion of the process;
  • Find the label of the messenger on the screen and start it in the usual way.

Sometimes, there is no need to re.install WhatsApp. If his icon has disappeared, you can try to return it through the reloading of the phone. All that is required is to squeeze the inclusion/off button of the gadget.

In some cases, the problem can be caused by the device clogged with memory, as a result of which its work will inhibit the operation of individual applications and the operating system as a whole.

Desktop settings reset

Another way to return the icon icons on the iPhone, it is a discharge of desktop settings. He has one significant minus. all the icons that were previously sorted into folders (and not only) will be scattered in a chaotic manner. If you are ready to go to this step by spending your time for the future clustering of all returned icons, this method is for you:

After that, select the “Reset home” function “

Reinstalling an application with a missing icon

Another way to return the missing icon on the iPhone will be reinstalled by the application. As well as the last method, this method has a minus. you can lose all the progress in the application if it does not support synchronization with a cloud server.

If you have not arranged not one of the proposed options, you can also use the application, opening it using Siri or search. Yes, this is not very, but better than nothing.