How To Fix Lenovo Keyboard Not Working Windows 10

The laptop keyboard does not work: the reasons and methods of solving

With desktop computers, if the keyboard stops working normally, they act quite simply. the input device can be replaced with another. Or disassemble, wash thoroughly, dry and collect. But what to do if the keyboard does not work on the laptop? You can’t turn it off, you can’t replace it without special knowledge. Even worse when not all keys work. This does not allow to write normally, blocks access to some functions. If a serious hardware failure has not occurred, to cope with the problem when the letters on the keyboard do not work without special knowledge.

Opinions on the Internet that some manufacturers put frankly low.quality keyboards on their devices, absolutely far.fetched. Modern sensors and processing chips are almost the same on all laptop models. Therefore, the reason why the keys on the laptop do not work can only be malfunctions associated with the features of operation. For example, this is:

keyboard, does, work, laptop
  • a hardware failure, to which even careless treatment can lead, throwing a laptop to a solid table, vibration during transportation;
  • Software problems that often occur on devices with ports of the USB 3 class.0;
  • the presence of a large amount of pollution.

Keyboard Typing Wrong Characters. Number Instead Letter. Laptop Keyboard Not Working Properly.

Do not forget about the main reason why users most often contact the service center: half of the keyboard does not work after pouring tea, wine, beer and other liquids does not work. The basic rule of eliminating problems with the buttons sounds simple: not panic and carefully look for the root of the problem.

Hardware problems

If your laptop has stopped working on your laptop, do not rush to contact the service for the service in the service. Although the source of the malfunction may become hardware reasons, in some cases you can cope with the task yourself without the use of specialized equipment. Before proceeding with the stated methods of decision, it is worth starting with the most obvious and primitive, namely, check the power, eliminate the fact of damage and identify the scale of the problem. For example, if only part of the buttons does not work, there is a high probability of poor contact due to the key of small particles, crumbs or spilled fluids. the issue will be solved by cleaning them, and the inactive digital block is turned on using the Num Lock key.

Another simple and universal solution that saves many mistakes and failures is the reloading of the device. If you examined the laptop and tried these simplest actions, in the absence of the effect we move on.

Remove the laptop battery

Although at first glance the decision to completely de.energize the laptop and is seen absurd, it often helps to eliminate the malfunction.

A complete shutdown of power involves extracting the battery of the device, for which you need to turn off the device, close the lid, turn it up and, armed with a screwdriver, unscrew the back cover. Remove and inspect the battery. If it swollen, it is dangerous to leave it inside the case, but if everything is in order, we return the element to its former place.

Checking the train

A more advanced user can go even further and disassemble part of the laptop body to find out the cause of the malfunction. Often the culprit becomes a train that connects the keyboard with the mother. Depending on the model of the laptop, there is a disassembly nuances, so we recommend that you study the relevant instructions.

You will have to collect the laptop in the reverse order, so it is better to remove the process on the camera so that by the end of the work all the structural elements have become in their place and there are no extra details. Previously, we de.energize the device, after which you can proceed to disassemble using the screwdriver. Raising the upper part with the keyboard, check the quality of the train connection. it can disconnect, as a result of which there is no response. Turn off the train, pulling the latch, check it for oxides or damage. If the element is in order, there is a probability of a problem in a microcontroller.

What to do if the keyboard does not work on the computer

Check the cable and the connection nest

First of all, check the cable that connects the keyboard to PC. Try to melt it at different angles at the same time pressing the keys. If the seal earns, then the problem is exactly in it.

You should also try to connect it to another USB nest. If the old PS/2 purple connector is used, the adapter can help here.

Interesting! If the Num Lock and Caps Lock indication work, this means that the power supply is supplied normally and there is no critical mechanical damage.

Restore the drivers

Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar with the right mouse button and open the Device Manager.

Expand the “keyboard” section and delete the device, there can be several devices. delete everything. After that, reboot the computer. After turning on, check if everything works.

Check the system for viruses

There are several types of malicious software that simply turn off work with input devices.

Download Dr.Web Cureit! and make a complete check of the system when you find threats. cure files, or delete.

Interesting! Proaching problems can minimally affect the work of the keyboard and look for a reason in them is not.

We look at the BIOS for the settings

This can rarely happen, but also happens, especially when malfunctions in power supply. BIOS settings can simply fly in such a way that the keyboard simply will not be determined. Let’s check it.

Interesting! If the keys are pressed in BIOS and everything works, then the problem is in Windows or, just in the BIOS settings. In the first case, we delete viruses, reinstall the driver. In extreme cases, we reinstall the system itself.

We need to go to BIOS, for this start the reboot PC. When it is turned on, a screen with loading parameters will appear, at this time, press the Del key. In all details for different motherboards, how to do this is written in the material. how to open BIOS.

In the main or expanded settings, find and turn on the USB Keyboard Support item. In different motherboards, it can be called differently, but the meaning will be the same, for example: USB Support, USB Legacy Support, USB Keyboard Function.

After that, save the settings and reboot PC. Go to the Exit section, click on Save Exit Setup and confirm the action. Or just click on F10 and also confirm the action.

We solve the problem with PS/2 keyboard

If your gadget is connected precisely using the PS/2 connector, then do the following.

Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar with the right mouse button and open the “Perform” utility utility.

Copy the word. regedit and insert in the input field, then click on OK.

Grive the sections in the left column: hkey_local_machine. System. CurrentControlset. Services. i8042PRT.

In the right column, open the “Start” entry, set the value: 1 and click on OK. Reboot the computer, everything should start working.

When moisture gets

Immediately turn off the device from the power and let it dry so that there are no drops under the buttons. You can use a hairdryer, but only use cold or slightly warm air. If you can disassemble, do it, and carefully wipe it to remove moisture. But do this only if you are sure that you understand how to disassemble and collect everything without consequences.

Important! When the keyboard is wet, if you are not sure that you can disassemble it and dry it normally, it is easier to quickly take it to the nearest service center so that professionals clean it and prevent the oxidation of contacts.

After it is definitely dried, you can connect to PC and check if everything works. Certain keys may stop working. it means that there have been an oxidation of contacts and they will need to be cleaned.

Interesting! For the most part, after moisture, contacts are oxidized. Any master who is engaged in equipment can remove it to you, the service is inexpensive.

We are looking for a marriage

If the device was purchased recently, and failed within two weeks. then with a high degree of probability it is just a marriage. Do not touch it, just put it back in the box and take it to the exchange to where it was bought.

If the device began to buggy, work poorly or completely out of order in a year. then most likely this is just a feature of this model. Look at the reviews of it from other users on the Internet that they write about operating experience. If the warranty still works, for example, you have Logitech. also carry it to exchange.

The right part/block with numbers does not work

In order for it to work, you need to press the Num Lock key, the corresponding indicator will light up and everything will work.

We check the bans to connect the keyboard in group policy

On the laptop, it is possible to set the block on the number of connected external devices that enter the data. To exclude this option, you need to check if there are no errors in the settings. So, it involves the utility “Perform” by clicking the Winr buttons. Then, in the line of entered information, you need to specify GPEDIT.MSC and click OK.

In the window that opens, we look through the left column at the address: Computer configuration/Administrative templates/system/installation of devices/restrictions on installing devices.

Now, we need to find this address. Specifically, we need to find the line “prohibit the installation of devices using drivers”. In most cases, the system itself sets the command on the mode “Not set”.

But, if you have “inclusions”, then you need to click on this long stack, and in the new window put the chikbox over the team “not set”, after that, click “Apply” and ok. If the computer asks for rebooting, then we reboot.

We connect a wireless or additional keyboard

For the most part, the operating system automatically sets up the purchased keyboard. But sometimes breakdowns occur. The standard laptop mainly has three ways to connect to this device: PS / 2, USB or wireless. If the laptop is compact, but it usually implemented the last two methods.

When you connect the input device to the system, the operating system automatically begins to search for the device and connects it to PC. It happens that Windows asks to add certain drivers. Usually they are on a laser disk in the box in which the keyboard was located.

What to do if the keyboard on the laptop stopped working

Everyone may encounter problems with a keyboard on a laptop. It may not work completely or only partially respond when pressing some keys.

First you need to determine the nature of the malfunction. is it a hardware error associated with a physical connection, or the software problem (incompatible driver, incorrect device configuration).

If the malfunction arises at the hardware level, the keyboard will not respond to any of the keys at all.

If the malfunction is related to the software, the device will partially respond when clicking on some buttons, such as FN (Function).

Functional keys are located in the upper row (F1. F12). They have an icon indicating their action when pressing the FN key. For example, on my laptop, the F5 combination is responsible for turning on/disabling the touch panel. Try all combinations and other keys Caps Lock, Num Lock and others. If any of the keys works, this means that the problem has arisen at the program level.

Now we go to steps to eliminate problems. First, remember if you installed before the keyboard stopped working, some kind of program or driver? For example, a graphic tablet, the Synaptics driver or may have amended the settings of the input device. If so, cancel the changes, delete the recently installed programs and see if this solves the problem. If after that it was possible to eliminate it, then the changes made led to the termination of the keyboard.

Problems can also arise after installing updates in Windows 10.

To eliminate problems, connect an external keyboard and a mouse to a laptop using a USB cable to follow the solutions below.

Correct a software failure

If the cleaning and other methods described above did not take action, the first thing to do is to try to repair software. As we have already noted, incorrect work of drivers or a software failure at the operating system level can lead to the fact that part of the laptop keyboard will cease to work properly. What can be done in such cases:

Run the computer in the so.called “safe mode”. To do this, reboot the laptop, and immediately after the squeak, press the button responsible for the entrance to the download menu. This is usually F8, but there may be another functional key or even a combination of keys.

When a window appears with the inscription “Additional load options”, you need to select the option of starting the device in a safe mode using up/down arrows (the mouse does not work at this stage yet). The essence of the method is that the laptop will start without drivers (or rather, with their minimum number). If, as a result of checking the performance of problem keys, they earn, then the case is indeed or in incorrectly working drivers, or in the presence of systemic problems at the software level. If part of the keyboard does not work in safe mode, we can conclude that the problem is hardware.

So, we found out that the inoperability of the keys has a programmatic reason. We describe how to update the drivers:

  • reboot the laptop in standard mode;
  • Launch the “Device Manager” (Start menu, entering the “Device Manager” phrase in the console to search for the phrase). If some letters of the laptop keyboard used to set the phrase do not work, try to dial this phrase in the search line of any browser, it will be able to correct the error and give out a grammatically correct result.
  • It remains to copy it (using PKM) and place in the console using the same mouse or combination of Ctrlv. You can do it in a different way-open any text and the method of copying the desired letters from it;
  • The search result will appear, we choose the right service from it, it will be the first in the list;
  • In the devices dispatcher we are looking for a “keyboard” branch, we open it and click PKM on an affordable device, selecting the “update drivers” item;
  • A window will open in which it will be proposed to choose an automatic search for a keyboard driver on the network or manual on a computer. Select the first option;
  • If the system gives a message that the drives are not required, just delete the current version by selecting the “Delete” item in the same context menu;
  • Windows will try to find a suitable driver for your keyboard and automatically install it;
  • If the attempt is unsuccessful, just reboot the laptop, the system will find a device without drivers during the periphery check and try to install them.

Updating the drivers can also be made with the help of specialized utilities, able to independently discover all obsolete drivers and change them to the latest stable versions. If, as a result of this step, part of the keyboard will not work, it is obvious that the reason is not in software problems.

The keyboard on the laptop failed: Reasons

What can be done to temporarily correct the situation

I want to start an article with what temporary measures can be taken in order to somehow type some symbols, press the necessary keys (which may be needed in the process of restoring performance).

  • -Connect a USB-keyboard. So that on any modern laptop there are several USB ports. By the way, if USB ports also do not work, then this is a rather bad sign, it may indicate the failed mat. fee;
  • – Call the screen keyboard. It is located in the section: control panel/special capabilities/center of special capabilities (see. screenshot below).
keyboard, does, work, laptop

1) Inattention/user ignorance

No matter how funny it sounds, but very often the keyboard “does not work” due to user ignorance.

For example, how many times they complained to me that the numbers on the keyboard have broken, that the dates are not entered, etc.D But the fact is that the digital keyboard works with the Num Luck closed key (by the way, there is often an LED on it or above it).

So, if this key is not pressed, when trying to enter the number from the digital keyboard. your cursor will jump, move, not react at all.

If you do not work numbers. be sure to pay attention to this key!

Note: Some laptop models include a digital keyboard only by pressing the key combinations: FN Num Lock.

By the way, one more point: applies to functional keys (F1, F2, F, 3. F12). On modern laptops, in order for any of these keys to work-you need to press the FN key besides it. Usually, this moment is configured in BIOS.

The screenshot below shows the “Advanced” Dell laptop. at the “Function Key Behavior” item, it is possible to choose how the functional keys will work:

  • in multimedia-cover mode (reduce/add volume, brightness, etc.);
  • or in the mode of ordinary functions (update the page, call a certificate, etc.D.).

BIOS laptop Dell. Selecting the operating mode of the keys

Under the keyboard keys, dust, dirt, crumbs love to accumulate very much, and indeed, over time, it is greasy from greasy hands, fingers even with rather neat users.

Because of this, part of the keys (usually everything starts with one or two) ceases to respond normally, you have to press and crush the force.

You can clean the keyboard (in my opinion) in three ways:

  • use special. A USB accessory, which can neatly and carefully collect most crumbs from the keyboard surface (see. screenshot below);
  • use special. Velcro, which when pressed on them fill the plane of the keyboard, and when you disconnect them, all dust and dirt remain on them;
  • You can blow the keyboard with a conventional vacuum cleaner (especially if it has a reverse mode), and then gently wipe it with a damp cloth moistened with soapy solution.

3) software failure, error when loading OS

If not a single key on the keyboard works at all (and you did not fill it, did not knock, etc.), then I hasten to assure you, in more than half of cases. to blame for. For example, a conflict of drivers could occur, at the stage of loading your OS or some kind of virus and t.D.

The easiest and most correct way is to try to restart the laptop to start. It will not be superfluous to enter the BIOS and check how the keyboard works in it.

Note: if you have a keyboard in BIOS (and what you enter it already talks about it). it means that you probably have a reason for the software.

In the case of problems with iron, the keyboard will not work anywhere: neither in BIOS, nor in Windows, nor in any other OS!

If, after rebooting the laptop, the keyboard does not work again (and the keyboard worked in the BIOS), try to roll back the system to the state when everything was in order. Below I will give a link to an article on the restoration of Windows.: The rollback can be made using a bootable flash drive without loading the main system).

If the restoration does not help (or you will not have control points for recovery), you can try to reinstall the system. I also recommend paying attention to the drivers, about them just below.

In general, usually, drivers on the keyboard are installed automatically during the installation of Windows. But sometimes the following problems are observed with them:

  • Some laptops have a several non.standard keyboard with additional. functions. and for its full work, special. Drivers. In their absence. the keyboard may not work in full mode;
  • A failure/conflict of drivers in the system could occur. Often this happens with USB drivers, on TV tuner, audio-drivers, etc.;
  • Perhaps the keyboard drivers themselves were damaged directly.

    Next, pay attention to the “keyboard” tab: open it. Opposite your device, there should be no exclamation marks, and indeed they should not be with other devices ideally (indicating the problem with the driver). An example of what a problematic device looks like.

5) acidification of contacts of the keyboard loop, damage to the train

If the previous steps did not help anything, and the laptop keyboard also does not respond to any of your presses. I recommend checking the train. The following happens to him, usually the following:

  • If you disassembled a laptop and turned off/connected the keyboard. it is possible that the train could simply not be tightly inserted into the nest. If this was the place to be, try to reconnect the keyboard;
  • It is also often damaged with a neat disassembly of the laptop (wiring in the train is quite thin and can be interrupted by one non.cautious movement);
  • Contacts of the train, or the nests in which he “sit down” could eventually oxidize and not give good contact. Try gently wipe them with an eraser (as a rule, contacts even begin to become lighter by eye, which means you removed the oxidized plaque).

On modern models of laptops, it is far from so easy to remove the keyboard: for this, most often you need to disassemble the entire device to the base!