Through Wi-Fi there is no connection to the Internet on a laptop, phone, tablet

The Wi-Fi is missing on a laptop and everywhere a red cross is the most common mistake. Although any user of modern devices ever experienced problems with Wi-Fi. Not a stable Internet (or even its complete absence) is usually very annoying, I want the problem to solve it as soon as possible, but it cannot decide on its own. you need to diagnose the problem and make efforts to solve it. Just today we will consider the most common problems of Wi-Fi Internet connections and ways to solve them.

If the Internet disappears via Wi-Fi, and there are no obvious signs of hardware malfunction (broken an antenna of the router, for example), and rapprochement with an access point to a distance of 3-5 meters did not help, you should proceed with the search for programmatic errors.

The mechanism of their detection is individual for each specific OS and gadget. And, nevertheless, in the case of the most popular devices, such as Windows laptops, smartphones running Android and iPhone, there are some universal recommendations that will help to find a programmatic reason for the lack of a signal with almost one hundred percent probability.

If your gadget is under the control of less popular OS, for example Symbian, Windows Mobile or some kind of “self-written Chinese axis”, it is impractical to conduct software diagnostics, since there are usually no built-in mechanisms for this, and the recharge will take much less time than “picking” in the software core.

Wi-Fi is there, but there is no Internet: what to do

In general, according to statistics, it should be noted that most of the problems with the inaccessibility of the Internet (when connecting to the Wi-Fi network) is associated with the settings of the router. But if you have other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network can go to the Internet [like the author of the question], then you should start with checking Windows settings.

Approx.: In addition to those cases when a restriction on the number of connected devices can be placed in the router settings (or there is a “white” list for specific MAC addresses).

In this case, if the Windows setup did not give results. Check the settings of the router (about them just below in the article).

Perhaps this is the first thing to start with. The fact is that often the previous settings remain in the settings of the network connection (which, for example, could be set in the store). And because of this, when you connect with a Wi-Fi network, the Internet does not work.

To get started, open the network connection tab (for this: click the combination of Winr, and in the “execute” window that appears, enter the NCPA command.CPL).

NCPA.CPL. viewing all network connections

internet, missing, computer, wi-fi, works

Next, open the properties of the wireless network (in English. It can be called “wireless”).

After find the line “IP version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” and open its properties (number-1 on the screenshot below).

Next, install options for obtaining IP addresses and DNS server automatically (these settings are suitable for most routers!).

Obtaining automatically IP, DNS / clickable

Save the settings and double.check the network.

The second thing I would like to pay attention to is antiviruses. Often, trying to protect your work on the Internet. They block access to many sites (or do not allow the browser to work at all until you allow this action manually.

How to fix Missing Network Adapter Problem in Windows 7 (Tagalog ) by using regedit

For example, this was how Norton Antivirus and Panda did when setting max. level of protection).

Therefore, during the setting of the network, I would recommend disconnecting the operation of antivirus and firewall.

If you have Windows 10 OS, then its arsenal has a good network diagnostics. Often, it helps if you do not eliminate the problem, so at least indicates the reason for its occurrence.

To start diagnostics: just click on the network icon in the triad, with the right mouse button, in the menu that appears, select the option “Diagnostics of malfunctions”.

Next, act according to the advice of the “Master”.

By the way, you can also open the Windows parameters, the “Update and safety/elimination of malfunctions” tab, find the “Network Adapter” in the list and start the disruption tool (see. screenshot below).

Elimination of networks of network adapter / Windows 10

Try using DNS servers that are different from your provider

It may become so that on your other devices (on which there is the Internet), excellent DNS servers from your provider are set in the settings.

As a result, they work, and specifically your new device. No. By the way, I note that the DNS servers of the provider are often inferior, for example, DNS servers Yandex or Google. Therefore, I also recommend trying to change them.

To do this, open network connections, then the properties of the adapter (in the previous step, it is described in detail how to do this) and try to use DNS 8.eight.eight.8 and 8.eight.4.4 (as in the example below).

Properties IPV4. Get IP address automatically, we use the DNS server from Google

internet, missing, computer, wi-fi, works

The interference of the provider

If you still have not solved the problem, contact the Internet service provider. The technical support service will be able to centralize whether everything is currently all right with your port and router.

internet, missing, computer, wi-fi, works

Before contacting the provider, make sure that this is not a general malfunction. If on the operator’s website you see several thousand messages about failures, this is probably a more global problem. Then, unfortunately, only one thing will help. to be patient. In this case, even the customer support service will not be able to help you. So there is no need to “stay on the line in anticipation of the response of the operator”.

Reload the network adapter

It happens that the Internet earns, you need to restart the network Inte Weight and get a new IP address. To do this, you will need to contact the “command line” Windows. Or rather, press Win R and select “Perform” in the window that has arisen, dial CMD, after which Enter.

It will turn your IP into four zero. But do not rush to worry, it’s completely normal. You just wiped your IP because you ordered the command line to delete it. To receive a new address, enter on the command line:

After that, click Enter. You will be assigned a new IP and the Internet will probably return. When an error message appears on the screen again, reload the PC and repeat the attempt.

Simple reasons

No matter how it is clear to everyone, but in practice it turns out that not everyone thinks about banal reasons.

If suddenly stopped working from a laptop

First-hand, look, whether the Wi-Fi module is included. On many laptops there is a special lamp with a wireless sign:

Accordingly, if the light does not burn or shines in red, then look for a Wi-Fi module circuit breaker somewhere on the housing:

It can be on the front or side panel, but on modern devices it is just a key combination, for example:

For reference, from standard combinations are known:

Well, this is so, in general, since it depends on the model, just look for the same drawn icon on the keyboard.

From simple, it still helps reload Windows or retico to Wi Fay.

If Wi-Fi does not work due to a router

Next, I recommend checking whether the router has earned first from the phone, and then from the laptop, It may turn out that something is wrong with your figurative computer, and smartphones have much less problem with Wi-Fi.

Check if the router works. Maybe somewhere the traffic jams were knocked out or turned off the light and it does not work stupidly. Or the power supply moved away from the outlet (smoke :)), the cat was touched, it does not matter. If it works, then reboot it: turn off, wait 10 seconds and turn on again. After 2-3 minutes, when the router loads, check whether Wi-Fi has earned on your computer/laptop.

If after the reboot it earned, but you have to do this several times a day, then most likely you need to look for a new router. Less often the reason for the provider or its settings. It is better to call first and ask why this is happening, name the router model. Maybe he will advise what their network will work best.

Make sure the services of the Internet provider are extended. You can just call or try to go to your personal account on the supplier website. If the problem is only in this, then their site will load. Of course it is necessary that this address be saved in bookmarks.

Wi-Fi will not work if you move far from the router. 10 meters is enough for problems to begin. This is if there are walls. And if not, then 15-20 meters may turn out to be decisive for most routers and laptopes. The quality of the wireless network is evaluated by the icon near the hour:

The error “no Internet access” via Wi-Fi on a laptop, although there is a connection

The mistake itself looks like in a screenshot below. This is the example of Windows 7, the 10th is displayed similarly. And instead of the “unidentified network”, the connection may well display normally.

Type of error when there is no Internet connection in Windows 10, 8, 7, but it actually is

The reasons why Wi-Fi writes “without access to the Internet”, although there is the Internet, maybe several:

  • Network drivers work incorrectly;
  • Network connectings are incorrectly configured;
  • “Breakdown” as a result of updates of the operating system;
  • There is a problem with connecting to DNS servers;
  • Improper operation of antivirus or other protection element;
  • Damage to system files.

Then you can continue the list for a long time, since the message “without access to the Internet” with its real presence may appear in principle because of anything.

By the way, this applies not only to the connection with Wi-Fi, but also to the cable connection (LAN). I tried both options and in both cases the error is present.

We are more interested in this situation, is it possible to leave everything as it is, because the Internet that is,? Or this leads to some problems and it is better to find a way to get rid of such a message.

I can definitely say that if there is at least some kind of mistake or message, even if everything works correctly, then this always means that somewhere in the system something will work wrong. Another thing is that there are real little things that you will never notice, and sometimes suddenly tangible “jambs” pop up.

For example, when the system wrote to me “without access to the Internet”, I ran into the following:

  • Could not enter his account in any of the standard Windows 10 applications (such as “mail”, “calendar” and the like), as well as to loaded from the store separately.
  • From Microsoft Store, no applications were downloaded at all due to error access to the Internet.

At the same time, the Internet worked impeccably! It would seem some kind of glitch.

Therefore, if you work everything that you use and no complaints arise to anything, then you can not correct anything. But I do not guarantee that you will not suddenly face a problem that is associated precisely with the message about the absent connection to the Internet.

And now to the methods of treatment and immediately say that sometimes one option can help, and sometimes a set of solutions. In my case, the 1st method with which I will start helped.

connection on a local network without access to the Internet, how to fix it through the register

You need to enter the Windows Register, check the parameter “EnableactiveProbing” and fix it if it is incorrect. The order is this:

  • We open the register itself, typing in the search “editor of the registry” or through the “execution” (Winr) command, typing regedit in it.
  • While in the editor, we go to the address Hkey_Local_machine \ System \ CurrentControlset \ Services \ Nlasvc \ Parameters \ Internet (you will see the folder folders on the left, we reach the “Internet”).
  • We look at what value the parameter “EnableactiveProbing” costs. If 0x00000000 (0), then you need to click twice on it with the left mouse button, put 1 and click OK to save. If the value has already stood = 1 or such a parameter is not at all in the desired folder, then we try the following methods of correction.

Righting the registry to eliminate the error “without access to the Internet” Windows 10, but the Internet is

After these actions, it is better to restart the computer and connect to the Internet by a new one through a Wi-Fi or wire. Check, most likely the problem was this and everything worked.

Option 2. check the integrity of files if there is no Internet connection in Windows 10, although it is

Since the cause of the problem in some cases may be damaged Windows system files and components of the system storage, you need to check all this.

Now there will be terrible teams for someone, but do not be afraid, because we only need to carefully gain them and no more.

  • Open the command line, and by typing in the search for Windows, clicking on the right button for the found option and selecting “Launching on behalf of the administrator”.
  • In the black window, carefully enter the Dism command.Exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth and click Enter on the keyboard for execution. Wait for its completion.
  • Clean the previous command and enter, then perform a new SFC.Exe /Scannow also wait for the end of the process.

The command line as an option for solving the error “no Internet connection”, although there is the Internet

Now we check whether the problem has not improved: we disconnect from the Internet and connect again.

Option 3. updating the connection cache when the Internet works, but writes “without access to the Internet

This option is also associated with the execution of commands in the console. Open it as described in the method above, if you have already managed to close and necessarily on behalf of the administrator, otherwise not all teams will be executed. We will need to introduce 5 pieces in order.

Be careful again when entering! After entering each, click the “Entering” key (aka Enter on the keyboard).

After this procedure, it is better to restart the computer. For reliability, so to speak 🙂 and check whether the message was lost “without access to the Internet”.

Option 4. renew, reinstall the drivers of network adapters

Outdated or simply incorrectly working driver can also cause a problem. Therefore, the first thing you should be sure of whether they are installed from the official site of the manufacturer of the device (t.e. the laptop itself or the company that has released the network adapter / motherboard, when it comes to a stationary computer).

Wifi Not Showing in Windows 10 Settings Fix Missing WiFi 2022 || Laptop/PC not connect Internet

Other reasons for the problems with Wi-Fi work

The above causes of problems with the functioning of the wireless network adapter are most common and they can be eliminated on their own.

It is worth noting that all these are programmatic ways to solve the problem that will be solved by installing, reinstalling or updating the device driver, as well as to carry out some operations with OS.

But often the problem with the operation of the wireless connection module lies in the hardware errors. What are these errors? These are problems that are directly related to the board itself, most often. its physical damage.

To eliminate such problems, you will need to disassemble the laptop. It is worth noting that such actions can only be performed in the case of certain skills in this area. If there are no such skills, it is better to entrust the work to professionals.

One of the most common physical damage is the unconnected antenna wire to the contactless communication module. Such a problem is found with laptops that were under repair or if their owner independently cleaned the cooling system from dust. In such cases, the antenna is sometimes simply forgotten, as a result of which the adapter will not be able to establish a connection even near the signal source itself. To eliminate such a problem, you just need to connect its antenna to the Wi-Fi module.

Sometimes the reason that Wi-Fi stops working is the usual overheating of the network card. Most often this is the result that the laptop is on a particular soft surface. The thing is that in the lower part of the device there are holes through which cold air that cools all computer boards enters inside. Blocking these holes, the system will overheat, which can lead to failure of certain components.

Another common cause of overheating of the device is dust, which can prevent the flow of cold air into the cooling system.

That is why, in order not to encounter such problems, it is recommended to clean from the dust of the laptop at least once for one year: in this case, it will be possible to avoid the repair of the portable PC as a result of overheating of its nodes.

In the most advanced cases, a wireless adapter may even burn out. In this case, only its replacement for a new. You can determine such a problem using a device manager in which the module will simply stop displaying. When trying to install the driver for a wireless network, there will be a message that the corresponding device is not installed in the system.

Drivers of a computer network card, shutdown LAN in BIOS

Without drivers, the network adapter will not work. They may be absent after reinstalling the system. A direct indication of this. there is no network card in the connection list. Less often the problem is caused by the fact that the adapter is disconnected in BIOS. What to do if there is no connection to the Internet:

  • In order to eliminate the problem, press Win R, perform Devmgmt.MSC “. Expand the item “Network Adapters” and find the network card and Wi-Fi adapter in the list-if one of them is absent, then it is disconnected in BIOS or has no drivers. In our case, the first is Wi-Fi, and the second is Ethernet.
  • Go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer, find your model, start loading drivers for the network card, install them. If you work with a regular PC, look for drivers on the site of the motherboard manufacturer.

If the drivers are installed, but the device is not displayed, you need to check the BIOS settings: